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Dating in Los Angeles 2024. Chat with Single Ladies in Los Angeles — Meet Single Girls and Mature Women In LA. Date Ideas in Los Angeles

Last updated on June 1, 2024

    LA., Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is a Southern California city and the center of the United States film and television industry. With the famous Hollywood sign, studios such as Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers, and the famous Walk of Fame thousands of people flock to the city every year. With a population of just under 4 million people, you will be able to find your single angel here. The L.A. Lakers call this city their home and have a worldwide following of fans. Los Angeles is the 2nd largest city in the United States and is ethnically very diverse.

    Los Angeles has some beautiful beaches and hidden gems that you will want to explore with a date and begin writing your very own romantic history. Los Angeles is also home to many of the rich and famous so it is not surprising that singles choose to start their dating journey here. There may even be the chance of meeting a famous single Los Angeles lady. Why not look for your single angel in the City of Angels? Who knows….you may even find a famous singleton in LA! Read on to find out more.

Dating in Los Angeles

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Transport and Airport in Los Angeles


So, it’s decided, you are going to book your visit to the amazing Los Angeles. You’ve begun researching hotels, date ideas, and how much visiting the area will cost you. Now you need to know how to make your way around the area and how best to arrive in Los Angeles! Read on to find out more about the transportation on offer in Los Angeles.

Dating in LA


  • ⏩  Metro. There are nearly 200 different lines in the Metro Bus System. With local, rapid, Express, and bus rapid transit services you will find it easy to make your way around! Metro Local (which is orange) stops regularly along major streets throughout the city. Metro Rapid (which is red) offers fewer stops but has special transponders that cause the traffic signals to favor the bus (!). The Metro Express (painted blue) travels along with the freeway systems with reduced stop services. The Metro Silver Line and the Metro Orange Line (both bus rapid transit) connect South Bay to Downtown, North Hollywood, and Warner Center. A single fare will cost you as little as $1.75!
  • ⏩  Metro-rail costs the same as the buses and is a good way to travel around Los Angeles but make sure you think carefully about which stop to depart at!
  • ⏩  Car. The best way to travel around Los Angeles is by car. Many visitors do not want the hassle, or expense, that comes with hiring a car so that leaves one choice……a taxi! The basic fare for a taxi averages at around $3.50 and you will pay around $2.50 per mile for your journey. While taxis are a more expensive way to travel many prefer this method as it is far more direct than most others!
  • ⏩  There is one major airport in Los Angeles which is the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The airport welcomes flights from many different countries all over the world as well as numerous domestic flights. Regular transfers are available which will make all the difference when traveling to Los Angeles.

Ready to Go Out? Be Prepared: Prices in Los Angeles

    Anyone going on a date knows that they need to be fully prepared when it comes to paying for things. There is nothing worse than being on a date and not having enough money! Whether heading out for a date or preparing for your meanderings around Los Angeles it is important to know how much cash to have in your pocket! Read on to find out more about the prices of some of the things you may want to buy during your visit, or date!

  • ⏩  Coffee Los Angeles is well known for its mild to hot climate. Even so, you may still want to get a caffeine boost, or take your date out for coffee! A regular cappuccino will cost you, on average, $4.80. Prices will vary depending on whether you are visiting a chain or an independent coffee shop. Prices are also dependent on what you order! You and your date can get to know each other better over a cup of coffee without breaking the bank!
  • ⏩  Bottle of water With temperatures reaching highs of 84 degrees Fahrenheit you and your date will need to re-hydrate! In a restaurant, you will pay, on average, $2.20 for a 330ml bottle. However, if you and your date are out and about and need some much-needed water then you will pay around $1.80 for a 1.5-liter bottle. Keep hydrated while saving those pennies for the date itself!
  • ⏩  Beer Heading out for drinks?  You will look to pay around $7 for a pint of domestic beer or $8 for a 330ml bottle of imported beer in a restaurant or bar. A bottle of mid-range wine will cost around $13.50. It is important to note that prices for spirits and cocktails will vary depending on what you order and where you are drinking! You and your date can enjoy something a little stronger without worrying about the cost!
  • ⏩  Meal Everyone loves a classic so it is almost a certainty that you and your date will head out for dinner at one of Los Angeles' amazing restaurants. A three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant will cost around $80.00 (prices tend to range from $50 to $120). It is reassuring to know that you and your date can head out for a romantic meal without needing to take out a small loan!
  • ⏩  Ice cream What could be better on a Los Angeles hot day than getting an ice-cold, cone of sweetness? Everyone loves ice cream and there is no shortage of wonderful venues to purchase delicious ice cream. Prices do vary but on average you will pay $6+ for a well-loaded cone. While this may seem a little pricey they are so delicious that it is worth every cent!

    So, now you are well prepared and armed with some of the basic prices you will need to get the basics in Los Angeles. Now you know how much money you may need to get yourself what you need during your visit. Whether you are heading out for dinner or picking up something to eat on the move you are sure to find what you are looking for at a very reasonable price!

Hotels in Los Angeles

    If you are planning on visiting Los Angeles in search of love or planning a visit with a date then you will need to find the perfect place to rest your head(s). Read on to find out more about where you can rest, rejuvenate and prepare for your upcoming date.

Dating in LA

  • ✅  The Hoxton, Downtown Los Angeles — You will be surrounded by views of old theatres and stores along Broadway. The rooms have many features such as air-conditioning, flat-screen (and cable) TVs, and private bathrooms. The hotel itself also has many amenities that will make your stay perfect. A variety of swimming pools, restaurants, and a bar/ lounge are the cherry on the cake. Prices start at around $206 per night and this is a wonderful place to stay. 
  • ✅  Palihotel Westwood Village — This beautiful historic building has 55 rooms is a blend of classic and contemporary design. Rooms are air-conditioned and have flat-screen TVs and complimentary toiletries. The hotel has free WiFi, a laundry service, and a concierge to help with all of your needs during your stay. Prices start at around $250 per night. Click here to find out more and book your visit!
  • ✅  Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills — The name is known worldwide as being one of the best hotel chains there is. LA is no different. With 255 rooms, balconies, and views of the gardens, this hotel is beautiful. The rooms boast a minibar, air-conditioning, and a private balcony. The hotel's amenities seem endless but include a heated pool, a wonderful restaurant, a fitness center, a spa, and laundry services. The Four Seasons has everything you could need when visiting Los Angeles for around $600 per night. 
  • ✅  One of the best value hotels in Los Angeles is The Hollywood Roosevelt. The hotel is separated into two sections — The Tower Rooms are more suited for business visitors as they have larger work desks. The Cabanas is a stone's throw from the Tropicana Pool Cafe which is open until 2 am. This section is more suited for visitors looking for a more lively Hollywood experience. Rooms are air-conditioned, and include a minibar and flat-screen TVs. The hotel boasts a Nightclub, heated pool, spa, and restaurant. This hotel will meet every need for as little as $200 per night. 
  • ✅  The Hilton Los Angeles/ Universal City — This four-diamond facility has over six acres of beautiful landscapes in the Hollywood Hills and incredible views of the sparkling Los Angeles. This hotel is described as providing a sophisticated experience and a superior level of service. The Hilton now also boasts a gold award, given by Green Seal, for environmental lodging. Each room has a refrigerator, flat-screen TV, and air-conditioning. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, fitness center and spa, coffee shop, and a wonderful buffet. It is also important to note that there is often evening entertainment on offer, be sure to check out the hotel's website prior to visiting to find out what this entertainment could be! Prices start at $260 so click here to find out more and book your first, or next, visit!

Attractions and Date Ideas in LA

    Planning the perfect date can be a complicated process as there is so much to consider! What will we both enjoy? How much will it cost? Where can we go? You can find all of these answers and more with a quick search on the internet. There is no reason to fear planning your next date. Below are some of the best date spots in Los Angeles for you to consider.

Dating in Los Angeles

  • ✌  Take your date to admire incredible sunsets that are mirrored in the still waters of the Venice Canals. This quaint, charming area is full of romance and will certainly help you win your date's heart. Want to add that little romantic extra? Surprise your date with a Gondola ride in Long Beach. Bring the romance of Venice to your date as you stroll along the Venice Canals, hand in hand. You could even bring a romantic picnic for you and your date to enjoy as you watch the sunset.
  • ✌  With the Downtown skyline as your backdrop, lush greenery all around you, and lotus flower beds nearby the Echo Park Swan Boats are extremely romantic. Venture here on warm summer's eve and see the swans illuminated as the city lights waltz across the dark waters. One hour on these beautiful, illuminated swans is only $11 per adult. This is definitely a beautiful way to help your romantic feelings blossom.
  • ✌  The Hollywood Bowl is famous all over the United States, and the world, and could be the perfect venue for your date. Catch an outdoor concert or take your own picnic and drinks to the exterior park. Check online to see what concerts are coming up.
  • ✌  Griffith Park Observatory — Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, you are unable to gaze at the stars inside at the moment but this is still an incredible date venue nonetheless. The views of the city from the outside are breathtaking, especially at night. Maybe you and your date are feeling a bit more active? Why not visit during the day and explore the park hiking trails that offer plenty of scenic spots to take in the view, have a picnic, or find romance?
  • ✌  Looking for a dating classic with a slight twist? Why not take your date to Il Cielo for a romantic meal? Authentic Italian cuisine served with Japanese flare is the perfect romantic spot. Your taste buds will be treated and so will your eyes as you take in the scenic night sky. Let your romance sparkle as you watch the twinkly stars.
  • ✌  The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens offer impeccable scenery all year round. Unfortunately, the indoor areas are currently closed but this shouldn’t stop you from visiting. You can access all this wonderful area has to offer for $25 per adult. You and your date can immerse yourselves in floral beauty and culture while falling in love with each other.

   These are just a small taste of what Los Angeles has to offer in terms of possible dating venues. If we were to list all the possible date venues where you would need a good few hours to read through them all! A quick search online will open your eyes to the wonderful venues you and your LA single could visit! Make sure you remember to consider your date's interests and arrange a date that you will both enjoy!

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Single Ladies in Los Angeles

     Los Angeles is an unforgettable town that is unlike the others in the USA. It is not because of size, relief, climate, or the fact that this city is the birthplace of Hollywood. The population of Los Angeles is like the climate of this place. Half of the population has a Hispanic origin and there you have many more chances to meet women with hot temperaments. What is really appreciated there is honesty and conscience. If you want to meet a Los Angeles girl you should forget that you are shy and approach the woman of your dreams without fear and doubts. Almost 40 percent of the LA population is foreign-born (if tell exactly, 39.7%). So, as you understand. LA women are all tolerant and open. They look very positively at relationships with men from other countries. However, though dating in LA can seem rather easy, we can give you a couple of tips that can help you to meet the woman of your dreams.

  • Don’t play the role of somebody else. Many people come to Hollywood and they are completely sure that they are already superstars. LA women mostly want to meet with “normal” men and are tired of self-concentrated beginning actors. They will appreciate a true person who thinks about her and not only about himself. Meeting a woman in LA tell her frankly about your tastes, goals, and habits and it is sure that there will be a woman who will appreciate your honesty. Don’t hesitate to ask her where to go in her town (even if you studied all the trip recommendations). This way you will know better her tastes and the way how she likes to spend her free time.
  • Don’t judge people. Most women in LA got used to living in a big city. It means that they accept normally that all people have their own particularities and own vision of life. Even if you have very conservative views, show her your tolerance in all the questions. If you see two girls with blue hair in front of you, it is better not to say how weird they look and that it is so stupid. Who knows, maybe your stylish sexy LA girl has a little sister with the same crazy hair. In LA people like to look “unlike the others”, so, be ready to train your tolerance and sense of tact. On the other hand, it is always better, to tell the truth about your life and not tell her stories that you crossed the USA by bike in your young years if you didn’t make it a reality. Try to impress her with your attention to her and not with imaginary achievements.
  • Serious intentions. Women in LA, despite all their independence and freedom, want to be in serious relationships (maybe not a marriage, but they rarely look for relationships just for one night). Even if you don’t wish to meet a woman for all your life, don’t hurry up with conclusions and with such statements. LA can give you a meeting that can change your life and if you didn’t think about family before, maybe you just didn’t meet the right woman before. Though honesty is the best policy, it is better not to tell at once “I look for a girlfriend for these 14 days that I will spend in LA” as you can easily change your mind by meeting the right girl.
  • Attention to her family. Mostly in the USA women don’t hurry up with introducing a boyfriend to their family. In LA probably you also won’t meet them sooner. However, as many girls in this town are not natively born there, there are really many women who left their parents in another city, state, or even in another country. Subjects and questions about family are always welcomed as LA girls often miss their parents. Of course, if you see that your questions are not too pleasant, it is better to avoid them. However, as a rule, such attention to her feelings and family will show her that you think and care about her. 

Places to Meet Girls and Women in LA

   You may be the sort of person who is more than happy to walk up to a complete stranger and introduce yourself. This approach takes a lot of nerve to find the right place to show this is sometimes a difficult decision to make. Below are just some of the many, many places you could meet your very own angel.

Dating women in LA

  • The Los Angeles nightlife centers around the Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard area. This has been a hot spot for meeting other singles for decades and houses some very trendy, upbeat areas. You may find romance in Warwick Lounge, Sound Nightclub, or Hollywood Club Crawl as you sip exotic cocktails and dance the night away.
  • One of the most popular ways to meet women is the many, beautiful beaches. Venice Beach, Malibu Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Santa Monica Beach are the main hot spots. You are sure to find gorgeous LA singles when visiting any of these beaches. A simple hello could be the start of your romantic journey.
  • Laughter is the best medicine and making people laugh is a very attractive trait. Why not laugh your way to love and romance at one of Los Angeles's many comedy clubs such as The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, or the Hollywood Improv. You and your future date could find common ground and share a love before realizing that romance is going to develop.
  • There are other areas such as museums, art galleries, and other public spaces where you could meet like-minded single women. Discuss an artist's techniques or a historical artifact and begin writing your own history together.

Meeting someone is as easy as walking by the Venice Canals or discussing a celebrity at the Hollywood walk of fame. Find your LA angel in the city of angels. Maybe you are looking for someone with a different background? Maybe a beautiful Ukrainian lady? The Ukrainian population of Los Angeles is estimated at 34,000 so you are sure to find your Ukrainian angel in Los Angeles!

Restaurants & Bars in LA

address: 4901 2nd St, Long Beach 
Modern taverna serves up classic American comfort food in an intimate space with walls of glass.

address: 4420 Lakeside Dr, Burbank
Stalwart spot serving up steakhouse standards amid dark wood & leather booths, plus live music.

address: 6667 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood
Waiters serve classic American fare & martinis to diners in red booths at Hollywood's oldest eatery.

address: 189 The Grove Dr, Los Angeles
Semi-upscale chain for classic Italian fare served family-style in a relaxed, polished space.

addresses: 278 Los Cerritos Center, Cerritos; 1623 W Katella Ave, Orange; 16310 Beach Blvd, Westminster; 172 W Hillcrest Dr, Thousand Oaks; 3525 W Carson St, Torrance; 
Relaxed, lodge-chic chain serving global comfort fare, including stir-fries, pot roast & pasta.

address: 3333 Bristol St Suite #2802, Costa Mesa
Rotating menu of seasonal American dishes alongside international wines in an upscale setting.

address: 544 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles
Downtown landmark presents a wide array of delicately prepared seafood in a relaxed, elegant space.

address: 1760 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles
Hipsters fill up on heaping plates of homestyle comfort grub plus cocktails on the big heated patio.

address: 440 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach
Open & airy eatery serving Californian comfort fare like fried asparagus spears & blackened halibut.

address: 1025 E Ball Rd #101A, Anaheim
Sophisticated mainstay features farm-fresh, seasonal steak & seafood meals in an elegant interior.

address: 30970 Russell Ranch Rd, Westlake Village
Locally sourced seafood, wine & beer in a semi-upscale space with an oyster bar & nautical theme.

Dating in Los Angeles

Online Dating in Los Angeles

    Meeting a woman in a nightclub or in a shopping center is not easy or comfortable for everyone. Some people are not comfortable with talking to a complete stranger or prefer to establish a friendship from a distance, to begin with. There are four popular online dating websites or apps in Los Angeles like (and throughout most of the United States). 

Some people feel there is a stigma attached to online dating. This could not be further from the truth and below are just a few of the positives to finding romance using an online platform.

Dating in LA

  • ⏩  One of the most positive aspects of online dating is that you can spend time getting to know each other before meeting in person. You can use this time to discover if you have similar interests, personalities, or dating goals. Questions are the main point of conversations during those initial dating times and online dating provides the perfect platform for this. This will be time well spent when you get to arrange your first date as you will already have some topics of conversation!
  • ⏩  We’ve all been there sitting with someone and neither of you says anything. Is there anything worse than an awkward silence? Many people feel more confident talking via emails or instant messaging, especially in the beginning. Provide yourself, and your potential date, with the opportunity to find out about each other without the added pressure of looking at each other across the table!
  • ⏩  It can be very difficult to let another person down when you feel a romantic connection is not being made, especially when you have to do it face-to-face and witness their reaction! Online dating provides the ability to do this, amicably, and part ways without bumping into each other.
  • ⏩  Chat with more than one person without worrying about offending others. Dating more than one person in "real life" is definitely frowned upon but chatting to different people online is commonplace (and advised by love experts!). Many people in the online dating world are talking with numerous people before meeting face to face to give themselves ample opportunities to find the one. Who knows? You may find a very good friend even if a romantic connection is not made. It is definitely a good idea to keep your options open before deciding upon that special someone and online dating provides you with the perfect platform to do this without upsetting anyone!
  • ⏩  It is likely that you have very particular features and personality traits that you are looking for in a Los Angeles date. Online dating websites are full of singles of all different age brackets, religions, ethnicities, and interest types. They also have a variety of different physical appearance types that you can filter to find your perfect physical match as well as personality type. No matter what your ‘type’ you are sure to find them on an online dating website. They will also help you refine your search so that all of the singletons you talk to fit what you are looking for!

  So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself online, register for a free trial, and begin your online dating journey in Los Angeles and you may find your very own angel!!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating in LA

✅  DO give yourself a chance at finding love by keeping your options open. In LA you can find love via dating apps or in person. Do use a healthy mixture of both and you will find dating in LA to be very successful!
✅  DO be understanding and give second chances. If your LA lady is nervous on the first date she may come across as rude or not interested. This may not be the case and she may need to feel more relaxed. Give her the chance to show you who she is!
✅  DO make sure you are present in the moment and put your phone away! LA women may be known for their love of the mobile phone but this does not mean they want you to be attached to it when you should be paying attention to them! Put it down and listen!
✅  DO be respectful. Yes, Los Angeles women are beautiful but that does not mean that you can treat them as possessions. You need to be polite, respectful, and charming. This does not mean you have to pay for everything but opening doors and pulling out chairs are acts that go a long way! This also means respecting her decision to pay her half, don’t argue….at least not at first.
❌  DON’T take a Los Angeles woman’s laid-back and chilled-out attitude as a sign of no interest or weakness. While many LA women are laid back by nature they are still dedicated and loyal and, if you are the one, will never let you down.
❌  DON’T take control of the date and make it all about you. LA women are laid back but this does not mean they only want to hear about you, your life, and your dreams. Make sure your dates are two-way streets and that you both have the chance to show who you are.
❌  DON’T give everything away at once. If your LA date is serious about finding love she will not be interested in your financial status or what car you drive. Be honest and open without revealing everything about yourself immediately. Enjoy learning about each other gradually!
❌  DON’T focus purely on appearance just because Los Angeles women are beautiful. This is important for both of you! You need to find a woman who has the qualities you are looking for, intelligence, sporty, etc rather than just a woman who is beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a mental connection is better than physical one.

Dating During Covid-19 in LA

Dating in LA

    Covid-19 has been such a powerfully negative part of our lives for almost two years now and it has affected every aspect of our lives, most notably dating, as we have been unable to go and meet people in the same way as before. Restrictions are being lifted or eased all over the world and traveling is becoming easier. However, you still need to make sure you are fully informed of any restrictions when traveling, whether domestically or internationally. Below is some information regarding Covid-19 that you may be interested in if you are planning a trip to Los Angeles.

  • ✅  Nearly all travel restrictions to the area were lifted in June this year as over 68% of LA locals, aged 12 or over, are fully vaccinated and over 75% have received their first dose.
  • ✅  In response to the Delta Variant, there is a new requirement in Los Angeles (and the rest of the United States). Patrons and employees are now required to provide proof of vaccination for the city's indoor dining, fitness, and entertainment venues. This would include restaurants, nightclubs, concert halls, museums, theaters (movie and performing arts), bowling alleys, casinos, fitness centers, coffee shops, and all other forms of indoor dining.
  • ✅  Testing three to five days after arriving in the City of Angels is recommended to travelers that are not fully vaccinated.
  • ✅  To enter any part of the United States you will need proof of a negative test result taken within three days prior to your flight's departure or provide proof of full vaccination.
  • ✅  Wearing face masks is recommended although not mandatory in many places. However, wearing a face mask is Federal Law when entering LAX’s terminals, on-ground transportation, and in-office buildings. Ensure you follow this properly as failure to do so could result in entry being refused or facing a penalty.
  • ✅  Many venues have hand sanitizing stations for your use to keep you and others safe.

    The many tourist spots and popular places are keen to continue welcoming visitors at all times and are doing their very best to ensure that all visitors, and employees, are safe and have an enjoyable experience. If we work together against Covid we can all help create a safer, positive environment.

    The City of Angels is a beautiful, famous part of the United States and is definitely a destination that should be on everyone’s list of places they must visit! With beautiful scenery, gorgeous women, and amazing beaches you are sure to want to visit again and again. So, stop reading and start booking your visit to Los Angeles, you will not regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions about Los Angeles Dating 

❤️  How Do I Meet People in LA 2022?

There are two main ways for this to happen. First, you could get out there at hot spots in Los Angeles and start talking to people! This could be hiking, classes or the gym, volunteering or quite literally walking down the street. is another fantastic tool for people looking for like-minded others to get to know and spend time with. Search for your desired event, trait, etc, and away you go!

❤️  How Can I Find a Date in Los Angeles?

Just like meeting someone for friendship, finding a date is very important. You could meet your future love at an exercise class, at a bustling nightclub, or while taking in the sights and sounds of Los Angeles. However, many people now opt for using online dating as a way to search for romance. eHarmony, Elite Singles, and Zoosk are just some of the popular apps for you to find your very own angel in the city of angels.

❤️  Where Can I Meet Cute Girls in LA?

There are many places to meet cute girls in Los Angeles as they are all beautiful! However, if you are searching for a potential date then look no further than the White Horse Lounge, The Mint, or Shorebar to meet beautiful, LA women. It is also well-known that many gorgeous women grace the sands of Malibu beach. You are sure to find many beautiful women here!

❤️  Is Dating Better in LA or NYC?

In truth, both are extremely good areas for dating. However, many residents of LA would suggest that the dating game is far better in Los Angeles! With picnic dates being an all-year-round possibility, never any snow to trudge through and much better scenery it definitely appears that Los Angeles has the upper hand!

❤️  Where Do Single People Go in LA?

In short, singles go to the same places couples do! Many singles will visit the beach, head to places of culture, go out for dinner, and head into the incredible nightlife that Los Angeles has to offer. There are many places that seem to attract a more single clientele such as Club Tee Gee, The Bungalow, and Blind Barber. You are sure to find many singles in LA if you keep your eyes open!

❤️  Where Do Athletes Hang Out in LA?

Most athletes seem to focus on training and eating healthily. Therefore you are more likely to find the athletes of Los Angeles at the beach (running or tanning! ), at the gym, or eating at one of LA’s healthy restaurants. Many athletes may also like to visit sports bars so if you are an athlete looking to find other sporty types these would be the places to start!

❤️  Where do Celebrities Hang Out in Los Angeles?

Celebrities are just like you and I…..but famous! They like to visit all the usual places we do, the beach, restaurants, art exhibits and bars! However, you are unlikely to bump into a celebrity in just any old place! In Los Angeles celebrities tend to head for The Ivy Bar, Bar Marmont, or Katsuya. However, you may even spot them if you head over to Hollywood Boulevard. There are even bus tours and canal tours for celebrity spotting!

❤️  Why Is LA so Popular?

Los Angeles has lots of sights to see like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, The Getty, Griffith Observatory, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Universal Studios Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier, TCL Chinese Theatre, The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, more museums and art galleries, dozens of which are located in downtown, on Gallery Row.


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