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Dating in the Netherlands 2024 — Meet Single Women in the Netherlands

Last updated on January 11, 2024

     Netherlands or Holland, a small country of rare beauty attracts millions of tourists. Before Coronavirus, more than 20 million people came there in 2019. If you compare it with the population of the country which is just 17 million, it is really impressive. Fields of tulips, unusual architecture, ancient and modern mills, famous museums, romantic channels, night lights of never-sleeping Amsterdam, and a driving atmosphere of freedom: in the Netherlands, every person will find the way of entertainment he is looking for. For some people Holland is strongly associated with the tastiest cheese, some people will see beautiful mills in their mind, and some — will think of once about some habits, that are forbidden in most countries, but legal in the Netherlands. But in any case, this country charms attracts, and promises unforgettable impressions. It is sure that it is worth seeing. And who knows, probably exactly during your next vacation you will meet an amazingly beautiful single woman from the Netherlands who will make you happy.

In the Article Dating in the Netherlands:

Prices in the Netherlands

      It is so important to feel comfortable while traveling, no matter if this is a business trip, dating trip, or just touristic traveling. In any case, it is necessary to be prepared for all circumstances and planning is a very important part of any voyage. So, let’s take a look at some prices in the Netherlands just to understand what you should be prepared for. Prices can differ a little bit depending on the place where you are, however, we propose taking a look at prices in the capital, Amsterdam as you can not only admire beautiful sights, but you also have big chances to meet a lot of beautiful women there.

  • Coffee. It should be so pleasant to enjoy a tasty warm drink while walking in morning Amsterdam. The price depends on where you take your favorite drink and on its type. A cappuccino in a local cafe will cost 2.90€ and Espresso will cost about 2.10€. So, you can not worry about the price and just enjoy a delicious drink. By the way, any coffee is much tastier if you share it with a beautiful Netherlands woman.)
  • Water. Though the Netherlands has a pleasant and not too hot climate, any person needs some water. If you feel nervous about the date or you are waiting for your Netherlands beauty, water won’t cost too much. In a cafe or restaurant, it will cost you about 2.10€. Of course, if you meet in the square or near one of the picturesque channels, it will be much more reasonable to take a bottle of water to the supermarket. A bottle of 1,5 liters will cost you just 0.66€.
  • Beer. Traveling to Holland, you should surely taste local beer. The Netherlands is known for its good beer and, you can also try very fresh Belgium beer as these counties are so close to each other. Variety will surprise any demanding tourist. It is also a very good idea to the date. You can ask your lady if she likes beer and if she knows a nice pub and what mark she could recommend. In the supermarket, you can buy local beer for just about 1€ a bottle of 0,5 l and imported beer will cost you about 1.70€. The price in the pub will be higher, however, it is better to take a local beer there, which is made exactly in the pub by an ancient recipe with family secrets.) Local drinks will cost you about 5€ and import one 4€.
  • Ice Cream. In the Netherlands dating, it is more and more frequent that singles to meet in a small cozy cafe for ice cream. It is a tasty, pleasant, and not expensive way to get to know each other better and have a nice talk in a comfortable place. No matter if it rains or not, Netherlands girls and women adore cold sweets. From 2€ you can enjoy various flavors. Most ice cream cafes offer vegan and non-gluten menus.
  • Meal. Classic Netherlands dating, like in any other city in Europe, is still going together to a cafe or restaurant to have a meal and enjoy conversation and company with each other. Prices depend on the choice of your dishes and wine. It also depends on the restaurant. However, in a nice middle-class restaurant, it will be about 75€ for two people for 3 dishes and drinks. You can choose one of the various romantic places and enjoy your Dutch dating.

Transport in the Netherlands

    Travel planning can work without prices to transport. At least, you should know well how to get to your Netherlands date. Being on time is a must and the first way to show your seriousness and respect to the lady you are meeting with. The best thing about public transport in the Netherlands is that you pay only once, according to your needs and you can use all kinds of transport for free, without additional payments. So, one hour of public transport will cost you just 2,8€, one day of free traveling 7,5€, two days- 12€, four days- 21€, and a week- 32€. For this price, you can use the bus, tram, and metro.

  • Bus. The Netherlands is known for its amazing architecture and unusual streets. However, as in many countries, bus networks are various and developed. 55 lines will surely help you to get to your date in time. Just don’t forget to scan your ticket and don’t forget that the usual buses go at 00.30. If your Netherlands date is so successful that you are going to your hotel after that time, don’t forget that there are night buses, but they are more expensive and they should be paid separately from standard tickets.
  • Tram. Netherlands trams are comfortable and they represent a very good way to get to your date on time. The most important is to check beforehand which one is going close to your place of the meeting. Then, you just take a tram and enjoy your trip.
  • Metro. In most big cities of the Netherlands, there is a metro, which is included in the common public transport system. In Amsterdam for example, there are 4 metro lines of 120 kilometers with 52 stations. Surely you will find the necessary one among them. By the way, why not propose to your Dutch lady to meet near one of the metro stations? It can be the romantic start of your common journey.)
  • Bicycle. Yes, yes, you have read absolutely right. In the Netherlands, bicycles are the most popular form of transportation. Bicycles are one of the visiting cards in the Netherlands and even near big corporations you won’t see luxury cards, but you will see bicycle parking for 50000 bicycles. So if you want to look like a Netherlands citizen and not like a tourist, you should buy one(it is not expensive at all) or rent a bicycle.
  • Taxi. Of course, like in any other place, a taxi is a very comfortable way to get where you need. Of course, this way of transport is more expensive. The Minimum price for a taxi is 7,50€. It includes the first 2 kilometers. The cost is 2,10€ for every kilometer. As almost all the meetings and all the sights are situated in the center, a taxi won’t cost too much. And don’t forget to propose to your beautiful Netherlands girl to pay for a taxi for her. She can refuse, however, as a real gentleman, you should take care of her safe and comfortable way to get home.

Hotels in the Netherlands

     One of the biggest parts of any well-planned trip is finding a good hotel. It depends on your traveling goal, of course, however, in most situations people prefer to stay in the center. In the center there is most of the entertainment, in the center, you can feel more protected and secure if it is a business trip, it is very probable that most of your meetings will be in the center. If you travel for pleasure, one of your goals is to meet Dutch beauties, it is especially important to stay in the center as all potential places for meeting them are in the center. The Netherlands is a popular tourist destination, so it can offer you various hotels that will surprise you with the service and good level of comfort.

  • One of the most luxurious hotels in Amsterdam is Hotel BOAT&CO. It is a 4-star hotel with a lot of awards. All the apartments have a modern design, flat-screen TV, climate control, and room and concierge services. Most rooms have an amazing view of the waterfront, a shower fully equipped kitchen, and a unique design. The hotel can pamper its guests not only with restaurants and bars, but also with gym and wellness center saunas, and different kinds of baths including food baths. The hotel answers all guests’ needs and desires: those who like yoga will have classes with stunning views of the water, guests with electric cars will be able to charge them at any time, and if you like museums and excursions, they will be organized for you just by one word. Prices start from 180€ and for this price, you get a really luxurious rest. There is just one inconvenience: this hotel is not easy to get into as very often all rooms are reserved, so, it is necessary to reserve an apartment there beforehand.
  • Boutique-hotel De Ware Jacob is known not only for its comfort and service but mostly for its amazing location. Staying in this place, you should never worry about coming anywhere in time as you are just in the center. This hotel is very close to famous museums, so you can invite your Netherlands lady to the Van Gogh Museum and impress her with your art perception. Or you can invite her to join you in the Heineken Experience museum and after the beer, the museum check your knowledge in a nice pub. No matter what you prefer, the De Ware Jacob Hotel is not far away from this place. Of course, all rooms have the necessary comfort like climate control, a TV with satellite channels, a nice bathroom, and a coffee machine. Every morning you can enjoy your continental breakfast and then train in the fitness center. The prices for the room start from 230€ and it is an amazing price for such comfort and location.
  • If you take care of your budget and at the same time you want to have comfort, security, and a good location, one of the best choices can be Holiday Inn Amsterdam Arena Towers. It is situated in one of the most dynamic areas of the city and offers guests well-equipped rooms with flat TVs, minibars, walk-in showers, tasty breakfasts, and room service. In the hotel, there is a café, lounge area, and Lobby restaurant of good quality where you could invite your lady. All this comfort will cost you just 113 €.
  • Amsterdam is not a city that is created only for rich tourists. It is possible to find a comfortable place for less than 100 € and it is not a hostel. Jazz in the City Amsterdam is situated a little bit far away from the center, however, this hotel has all the necessities for comfortable staying: spacious rooms, flat TVs, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a modern design. Public transport will take you to the center within 15 minutes and the price is just 89€. If you are young and you accept the possibility of having neighbors in your room, Amsterdam can offer you a lot of nice hostels for even lower prices
  • No matter what kind of hotel you choose, the most important thing is that you will be in the wonderful country of the Netherlands where all the wildest dreams become reality. If you dream of finding your Dutch love, don’t hesitate, to continue reading our guide on how to make it easier and what to expect on the way to your dream.

Women's Demographics in the Netherlands

      The Netherlands' population is not too big, just a little bit more than 17 million people. There is also a high level of balance between the men and female populations. In most countries, women 's population is significantly bigger than men one. In the Netherlands, it is 49,6% of men to 50,4% of the women population. According to non-official data, there are a lot of Ukrainians who live and work in the Netherlands (more than 5,000 people). After the war conflict in Ukraine, this number became much bigger and most women and children left the country. So, if you are looking for a Ukrainian girl or a beautiful Ukrainian woman, you have a rather big chance to meet her in the Netherlands, especially in big cities. It is also important to remember that the Netherlands is visited every year by a very large number of tourists. The Netherlands accepts as many tourists as the native population, so you can meet women of any nationality. Just keep your eyes open and remember that you can meet your love in any place: museum, park, boat excursion, just on the street borrowing your umbrella.

How to Meet Single Women in the Netherlands

     Even if your traveling goal is far away from a romantic one, you are single, you are lonely and you wish to change it, just keep reading and maybe some ideas will help you to find the Dutch lady of your dreams.

  • Online. Internet or online dating is becoming more and more popular. Most people are very busy and they just do not have the possibility, time, or energy to go out to look for a beautiful stranger who can be (or not be) a potential partner. Online dating there are several advantages and we will talk about them later. Just now it is necessary to take into consideration that the Internet or online dating is very popular in the Netherlands and if you wish to have good results, you should think about it before planning your trip.
  • In museums. In such places, you can see mostly tourists from different countries. If you are an open-minded person and the nationality of your future partner is not too important to you, a museum is a good place to meet singles. Plus, you will surely meet a lady with the same interests, it will be easier to start a conversation if you are looking at the same exhibit and surely, you will meet a rather intelligent woman who is investing her time into self-development. This way has a lot of advantages, however, there are also difficulties. If you meet a charming woman from a faraway country, you risk being involved in a long-distance relationship with all its pros and cons. Long-distance relationships are not bad at all, however, it is necessary to understand them. To find out more about it, take a look at the following article
  • In nightclubs. If you are confident enough to start a conversation with a beautiful stranger you can try your luck in numerous nightclubs in the Netherlands. In this country, you will enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere of freedom, and Netherlands girls and women know how to have fun and enjoy life. The advantage of such a meeting is that you can have fun together, come to a closer relationship and you can see the “real face” of your Netherlands girl (if she drinks or not, if she smokes or not, what exactly she drinks and smokes). However, in such a place you risk finding a woman who is not interested in a long-term relationship, but who prefers just a short and passionate relationship. If you are looking for something more stable and solid, this way is not for you. Plus, in a nightclub, you can meet a very beautiful woman, however, you cannot be sure of her intelligence and deep inner world. Plus, be very careful, in nightclubs you can meet “professional” beauties who meet with men just for profit.
  • Doing sport. A healthy lifestyle is more popular nowadays. It is certain that all men want to meet a woman who takes care of her health and body. If you also like sports it will be easy for you to start a conversation with a beautiful stranger during your morning jogging or in a fitness club. You already have a common hobby and common vision of your health, so, don’t hesitate. You can ask how long she does sport if she follows any special technique, how often she does it, and so on. Discussing your way of doing a sport you can ask your new girlfriend to show you a sports bar or sports café and invite her to have a meal there. Everything else depends on you.)
  • Romantic variant. The Netherlands in general and Amsterdam, in particular, have specific glory. If Paris is associated with romance, Amsterdam is mostly associated with something not very legal and with women of the ancient profession. It is not fair at all. Netherlands women are charming and they are also very romantic. Even if you are not looking for a Dutch girl, you can easily meet a beautiful woman who, like you, came there for a vacation. Take an evening cruise by the Amsterdam channels and you won’t be disappointed. It is not expensive at all (prices for such cruises are mostly about 15€), you will see the beauty of night Amsterdam with all its lights and… Just keep your eyes open. Women adore such cruises and evening lights mirrored creating a very special and romantic atmosphere. Plus, there are some evening cruises that offer not only beautiful scenery and excursions but light food and drinks. So, just imagine you, her, water, and hundreds of lights. It looks like the beginning of an amazing tale and you can make it true.

Free Dating Sites in the Netherlands vs Not Free Dating Sites

Best Netherlands dating apps

     Meeting a woman in the Netherlands can be very easy or not easy at all, it depends on your vision of the situation and on certain luck. Let’s imagine the daily life of a woman who lives in the Netherlands and who is not especially looking for a man. She can dream about relationships, be ready for it, and secretly wait for her prince charming… but in daily life, your princess can be very busy and just miss you in a crowd. Or she can notice you, but be too tired after work, or hurry up to a meeting with her friend or sister. There are so many everyday obstacles in the life of every person and very often we just do not notice people around us, even very interesting, even beautiful, even those who can be ideal partners for us. Modern life has become so busy and intensive that more and more people prefer to meet each other online. This way has a lot of advantages and according to statistics in the Netherlands, more and more people use dating sites and dating apps to find each other. There are special sights for those who are looking for communication, and friendship, but mostly these sites and apps are created to help people to meet each other with romantic goals. So, what are the best Netherlands apps that help men to find their women? There are:

  • Tinder
  • Badoo
  • Happn

Most people use Tinder, 62% of all users. So, if you prefer to use a dating app, this Dutch dating app can help you meet a charming Holland woman.

However, if you wish to have support in your search if you have serious goals and you are not just looking for communication and easy romantic relationships, it is better to address the dating site. It is important to remember that in the Netherlands you can meet not only a Dutch woman, but a woman from any other country who works there or spends her long vacations, so, it is much more reasonable to use an international dating site in your search. Nowadays there are so many sites that it is not easy at all to choose the right one for you. The first and most important difference between dating sites consists of payment. Some dating sites are free, other sites demand some payment for their services. Let’s analyze which one is better.

Free Sites vs Paid Sites

Free sites:

  • It is very easy to become a member of such a site. You mostly don’t even have to fill out your profile completely. You don’t need to place your photo there (a picture from the Internet will be more than enough, or even with no photo). There are no special rules to follow, you just register with a couple of clicks and you can communicate. Such easiness is so attractive! And you should understand that it is so easy for all people, so you can communicate with anybody: people of all nationalities, social statuses, and cultures. There are no limits. Is it good or bad? On one hand, you are absolutely free to do anything, communicate with who you want to, say anything, and do anything. On another hand, people can do absolutely the same to you. So, very often on such free sites communication can be unpleasant: offensive, abusive, brutal, and so on.
  • You don’t need to pay. Yes, of course, it is very pleasant if you avoid payment. All people want to have something for free. Propos in supermarkets proves it every day. However, the same analogy to the supermarket, you come there to buy bread and you go out with the full bag and no bread in it. The same thing is true with free sites. You come there to meet a nice young (or not very young) girl, communicate with her, start a relationship, and then, if everything goes well, meet in real life. When you come to a free dating site, you risk surfing among people who are not looking for the same way of communication as you. Very often people are there just for fun. Some people are bored and they simply entertain themselves there. You risk having just unpleasant communication which wastes your time and gives you only bad emotions. What wins the site in this case? You are watching advertising, you make the site more popular by your participation, and in reality, you use (buy) its product.
  • It is nice that you can give yourself only the information that you wish. You can hide some facts about yourself or change them. Well, actually, if you are 55 y.o., but you feel like 45 y.o., why not write this age? However, this medal also has two sides. Some people like to be a person who they are not in reality. So, by communicating with beautiful Sarah from San Francisco you can talk to teenage Stefan from Hamburg. In such an affair as online dating, it is always better to be honest, if you have serious intentions, of course. If your goals are not too serious, free sites can be a good solution.
  • Security. Using free sites you should be very careful, much more careful than on paid sites. When you are using free sites, you should understand that there are a lot of people who can use them for not very honest affairs. So, be very careful, don’t help people there with your money, no matter what kind of sad stories they are telling you. We are sure that you have a kind heart, however, in 99.9% of cases such as asking for money are scammers who make their own profit. They are not controlled on free sites, so you should be very reasonable. When you are communicating with a nice lady, don’t hesitate, to ask her for daily photos, ask her about her family, share family photos, and ask for a video conference. A real woman won’t refuse, for her, it will be also interesting to see her hero.)
  • Understanding. On international sites mostly there are programs of translation that help people to understand each other. It seems to be easy and it is not a problem to translate even manually phrase by phrase your communication via Google. But… doing it all the time can be long, complicated, and boring. Plus, automatic translation works well if you translate from English to one of the popular languages, like French, Spanish, or German. There are mistakes, but it is possible to understand each other. However, if your lady speaks Russian, Ukrainian, or one of the rare languages, the translation will be worse. Sometimes you will meet situations when the sense of the phrase is absolutely opposite. It is better to avoid such situations, especially at the beginning of a relationship when you try to understand each other to the maximum and build something serious.

Paid sites:

  • What are you paying for? Some people prefer to say that they don’t need to pay for love. Of course not. Nobody needs to have paid “feelings”. When you are using paid sites you are paying for their service and nothing else. On such sites, there is a team of professionals who can and who voluntarily will consult you at any time that is comfortable for you.
  • Security. All your data is well protected. When you register, you give information about yourself, when you make payments, it is made via safe international pay systems and any personal information cannot be given to other people. The same system protects clients. Women also usually use nicknames, but their data and matrimonial state are carefully checked, on such sites, you cannot meet a married woman or she cannot hide that she has 4 kids.;)
  • One more security step. Dating is such a delicate sphere. Any person can have doubts if a woman is sincerely interested in him or she is interested in his position, money, or she is just willing to have fun. On paid dating sites it is almost impossible. Women are so carefully checked that they can have only serious intentions. A woman who is just less serious won’t make all these efforts: filling out all the papers, making and then giving her certificate about family status, professional photo sessions, and several consultations. All the clients are warned about the appropriate behavior and anti-scam policy. So, here you can be calm about the seriousness and reality of women, your money, and that anybody can use you. Very good beginning, isn’t it?
  • Understanding. Mostly on paid dating sites translation is made by professional translators. Any language, even a very exotic one will be translated properly and you avoid a lot of misunderstandings about what is so important in relationships.
  • Various services. Usually, on such sites, you can have a lot of services: consultation, translation, gift delivery, text chat, video chat, meeting organization, even traveling organization, dating tours, and matchmaking services. To find out more about it, go to Slavic Girl Dating Site.

Matchmaking Services in the Netherlands

     If you strongly desire not only to meet a nice charming woman but wish to find an ideal partner who will perfectly match you, it is better at once to address the professionals. Matchmaking is getting more and more popular as it is the best way to have absolutely amazing results in a short time and this way you don’t waste your time, emotions, and money on the people who are absolutely not for you. Matchmakers know customers in person and usually, it is a person with good psychological skills. Listening to your needs, desires, lifestyle, and all your potential demands, she will make a list of potential partners and will organize some meetings or video conferences. After that, you discuss the results and from the list, you choose just 2 or 3 potential partners and see how relationships develop between you. You don’t waste your time running the mirages and all the work is made for you. You just need to relax and enjoy the exciting process of dating, romance, and waking up feelings.  Have a question? Ask Matchmaking Experts.

The Netherlands is a land that combines a lot of ancient and modern features. There you can enjoy many things and every person will find there something particular, from art galleries to beer fests, from the most unusual museums to drive night clubs. If you are looking for romance, you will find it there for sure! So, just don’t waste your time and book tickets.)



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