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Dating in Gilbert, Arizona 2024. How to Find a Girlfriend in Gilbert? Meet Girls and Mature Single Women in Gilbert.

Last updated on June 4, 2024

     On the South from the heart of Arizona, closer to the Mexican border you can discover an amazing town Gilbert. One of the most quickly developing cities, it attracted more and more people. It is not surprising why as it is one of 25th the safest cities in the United States and an extremely pleasant place to visit. “Hay Shipping Capital of the World”, “Clean, Safe, Vibrant” — this town can be called in different ways, but all the people agree, it is worth seeing it. By the way, maybe you will be surprised, but in 2008 it was ranked as one of the best places to live in the USA! The population of this city is almost 270 thousand people and there you will be able to enjoy not only charming parks and nice weather. This city can offer you a lot of places of interest and if you decide to have a pleasant vacation, don’t hesitate, it is a very good place for your voyage. There you will be able to relax and enjoy nature while staying in the town and plus, you will be able to enjoy a wonderfully warm and pleasant climate. Of course, if you don’t like heat, it is better to come there in spring or autumn, but in general, it is a great place to discover in any season. If you are looking for personal happiness, it is also the right place to visit as women there give the example of charming Southern hospitable women. They are educated and smart and at the same time, they remember how to be good wives and good life partners. If you are looking for a real Southern girl from the United States, come to Gilbert and you won’t be disappointed. In this article, we will give you certain tips which will help you with the organization of your trip and which will help you to win your local girlfriend’s heart.:)

Dating in Gilbert

In the Article “Dating in Gilbert, Arizona”

Dating Culture in Gilbert, Arizona

      If you wish to meet a girl with strong moral values, strong character, loyalty, and charisma, you should come to Gilbert. These people know what family means and they do appreciate marriage. So, if you want to have just a romantic flirt or you want to find a sexy girl and spend a week or two without any serious plans for the future, this place is not for you. Girls from Gilbert are more serious about relationships and this is a good place for men who are tired of being alone in life and who want to find a partner for life. Like in any place, there are some dating traditions that can be not too important in the other places, but which become super important there. Take a look at our little list and take this advice into consideration before going on a date with a local girl.

  • Don’t say anything bad about her land. All the places on our wonderful planet are unique. Well, some of them are a little bit more unique than others and it is sure that the inhabitants of Arizona, and especially of Gilbert believe that their city is one of the best places in the world. They have certain reasons to believe so as this city has been very highly ranked as one of the best places to live in the USA or one of the best places for family life. So, if anything seems to be not so perfect, it is better to not criticize this thing too much. Yes, it can be very hot in summer, they can have hurricanes or heavy storms, but accept it with humor.
  • If you are not a sports fan of the Southern team, you will have to be. Gilbert is situated very close to Phoenix and very often people from Gilbert go there to have fun, visit the theater, or… a sports game. Gilbert is known as a place where many people have good education levels. So, going to University or college, people get used to supporting their university or college sports team. No matter what kind of sport you prefer, before going on a date it is better to know at least something about your girlfriend’s tastes or at least, where she studied. If you support her favorite team “enemies” it will be a strong lack in her eyes.:)
  • Give her questions about her family. In some states often family is not the best subject for the conversation. People are often focused on work, hobbies, and their own lives. In Gilbert, people are very family-oriented and even if your girlfriend lives alone, she surely keeps tight relationships with her family. It is OK for them to call each other rather often to each other and know what happens in each other’s lives. So, don’t hesitate, to ask about her family and listen with attention. It can give you keys to her heart…
  • Be a little bit old-fashioned. We mean that it is better to be old-fashioned in the meaning of manners. Of course, as for clothing, it is necessary to be yourself (on the date a better version of yourself) and we don’t recommend avoiding smartphones. But Southern girls will appreciate it a lot if you open the door for her if you help her to take a seat in a restaurant if you come with a little bouquet of flowers or chocolate. Act with her like a gentleman. It is still in Southern character. This way you will show that you care about her and that you want to treat her like a woman, like a lady, and not just like a friend.
  • Be on time. It is good advice for any date, however, in Gilbert girls highly appreciate their time and they don’t like it when somebody is late. By the way, the distance to go anywhere is determined in time and not in miles or kilometers. So, don’t be surprised if you hear all the time “This restaurant is just 10 minutes from there”. Well, it is a local tradition.:)
  • Learn a little bit about her town. Gilbert is not the oldest town, however, it has a lot of particularities. For example, there are a lot of holidays and traditions that do not exist in other places. For example, local singles are not too focused on the 14th of February. Why? People celebrate Arizona Statehood Day and this day is very important for the people. However, it is necessary to admit that in any case this day couples invite each other to restaurants, make proposals, and give each other romantic gifts.:) Just speaking about your love for a local girl, don’t forget to also give her a little gift or cake with the symbol of Arizona.

Prices in Gilbert

      As we previously wrote, Gilbert is a very popular city for living. Well, prices there are called mostly high, however, people mean prices for living, rent, and so on. Good news! Prices for food are rather average, so, going to Gilbert you don’t risk leaving absolutely all of your money. We will give you certain prices for important essential things, so you will be able to plan your budget.

  • Coffee. It has really become a modern drug and it is no wonder why. It is so pleasant to start the morning with a hot drink and feel like energy starts to run through your body. Of course, it is more than possible that you can drink coffee in your hotel, but if your goal is to meet a local girl, it is better to socialize for the maximum. So, if you like coffee, don’t close yourself in your hotel room, go out and drink it in a local café. This way you will have a big chance to meet your beauty, invite her to drink coffee together and don’t forget to take her phone number.:) Cappuccino will cost about $5,25 and the espresso — $4,10. Choose your favorite drink and enjoy!
  • Water. In such a hot place like Gilbert, it is absolutely necessary to have water with you. Even if you come there in winter. Water is absolutely not expensive there, one liter of water in the supermarket costs just 0,45$. If you take some water in the restaurant, it will be necessary to pay about 1,3$ for 0,33L. Of course, the price depends on the café or restaurant and on the water that you prefer. In any case, going for a walk, don’t forget to take a bottle with you.
  • Beer. It is a very popular drink, especially on hot summer evenings. Many local inhabitants like going to pubs to taste different sorts of beer. Who knows, maybe your girlfriend also likes it, so, it can be a good idea for the date (OK, maybe just for the first date). In a nice pub, you will need to pay about 4$. If you just want to enjoy a beer in your hotel room, local beer costs about 2,85$ for 0,5L. Of course, if you prefer to only import beer, it will cost a little bit more.:)
  • Ice-cream. Ice cream dates are very popular in Gilbert. When people are not completely sure if they are friends or already someone more for each other, they invite each other to a local little café for ice cream. In summer it is especially pleasant and popular. Prices are different in different cafes, but you can be sure that such a date is not expensive at all. Ice cream for two with water or coke will cost you about 15 dollars.
  • Lunch in a non-expensive café. If you are coming to your Gilbert girlfriend and even if you plan to spend all the time with her, sometimes she will have personal affairs, so, you will need to eat alone. A good lunch in a little café will cost you about 18$, but you can be sure that local food is very tasty, with homemade traditions. If you don’t have too much time and you need to eat something very quickly, fast food like Mcdonald's will cost about $7,8. It has less of a local charm, but it is much quicker, and plus, the menu is almost the same in the entire world.:)
  • Dinner for two. When you organize any romantic trip, you should surely plan some warm dates in a pleasant atmosphere. At the beginning of a relationship, you can invite her to lunch, but when the relationship develops, it is time to think about a romantic dinner for two in a nice place. Later we will give you the list of the best romantic places, but in any case, you can be sure that prices are very comfortable. A dinner for two will cost you about $50. Of course, we mean average prices for dishes and the average range of wine. If you wish to spoil yourself and your woman with something special, take a little bit more money with you.:)

Hotels to Stay Before Your Date in Gilbert

     It is so important to find an excellent place to stay. Why? Of course, Gilbert is known as a very pleasant and safe place, however, when you choose a hotel, it is important to choose not only a comfortable place but also a place with a good location. Plus, if there is a restaurant there or a swimming pool, it can be an idea for one of your dates. Take a look, please, at the list of good hotels to stay in and choose the one which you like most. As Gilbert is extremely close to Phoenix, don’t be surprised to see the word Phoenix in the name of certain hotels.

  • One of the best hotels in the opinion of the visitors coming there is Holiday Inn Express& Suites — Gilbert — East Mesa, an IHG Hotel. This hotel includes everything that a person may need during the trip, no matter whether it's a romantic or business one. If you like to stay in comfort, have excellent service, do sports in a fitness center right in a hotel, swim in an external swimming pool, and enjoy an outdoor lounge with BBQ, this place is right for you. You can invite your girlfriend to enjoy a hot tub or sunbathe on the sun terrace in summer. If you need to do some work, a business center is at your disposal. Of course, all rooms have a nice design, flat TV, toiletries and safety deposit box. Prices start from $191.
  • If you prefer to stay in a hotel that is not too far away from the airport, however, you like to enjoy calmness and comfort, you should take a look at Tru by Hilton Gilbert. It is situated just 7 kilometers away from the airport and there you can relax in well-equipped rooms with a private bathroom and flat TV. In the hotel, you will be able to enjoy a tasty continental breakfast, have drinks in a snack bar and, if you wish, even play billiards there. Prices start from $170 and visitors highly recommend a good location for this hotel.
  • Residence Inn by Mariott Phoenix Gilbert looks like a hotel from the Eastern Tale. Surrounded by palm trees, with comfortable lounge space and an outdoor swimming pool, this hotel is very attentive to visitors’ needs. All the rooms are spacious, with a sitting area, work desk, and sofa. If you like to cook for yourself or at least you would like to have such a possibility, all the suites have fully equipped kitchens. A fitness center and a hot tube are also at your disposal. Prices start from $230. If you plan to visit the Arizona Museum of Natural History and Hale Centre Theater, this hotel will perfectly match you.
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Phoenix/Gilbert is known as a hotel with an excellent level of service for a reasonable price. They propose free transfers (the airport is also not too far away from it, just 8 kilometers away). In the room, all the guests have a fridge, microwave, coffee makers, and large TVs. If you join business goals with romantic ones, this hotel will give you the opportunity to work in comfort and organize meetings in the business center. After work or after walking with your lady, you will be able to enjoy a hot tub or swim in the outdoor swimming pool. If you wish to bring your relatives some souvenirs, there is even a gift shop. Prices start from $186 and for this money, you will get a really good level of comfort.

Restaurants in Gilbert

     Gilbert is able to surprise you with very tasty food. People living there mostly have a good income, so, there it is popular to dine out not only to celebrate special occasions but just when people want to taste something unusual or when they want to have a tasty family dinner. The list of possible places in Gilbert can be much bigger, however, we give you some tips about possible places for a date. Take a look and of course, choose regarding your taste.:)

  • Rancho de Tia Rosa is a charming local place with good Mexican food. Mexican decorations and building style will give you the impression of being in a real Mexican rancho, covered with hundreds of beautiful flowers. The atmosphere is very positive, friendly, and romantic, especially on warm evenings. Mexican food is very popular in Arizona as Mexico is more than close, so, a local girl will appreciate your invitation to this place. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes and you will be able to find something to your taste even if you are not a fan of Mexican food. However, you should understand that this place is rather popular, so, on the weekend it can be a little bit noisy there.
  • If you want to drink something fresh after a long walk with your girlfriend, and especially if you like tasty tropical cocktails, you should come to Keg Steakhouse + Bar. This place offers you a really large choice of drinks which you can take inside or on an outdoor terrace. The design of the restaurant is elegant and your girlfriend will surely like this place. Of course, you can not only eat there but also spoil your stomachs with tasty meat, fish, fresh salads, and desserts. All the dishes are beautifully served, so we recommend this place for your date, even as important as the first one.
  • If you or your girlfriend like seafood, you should surely eat at least once at High Tide Seafood Bar& Grill. You can choose places near the bar which is joined to the kitchen, so you will be able to see how your dishes are cooked for you. If you prefer simple talk and enjoy conversation with your beautiful girl from Gilbert, you can choose a quiet place. In any case, all the people state that the food is excellent and you won’t be disappointed not with the taste, nor with the smell.:) Just be attentive, portions are big, so, it is recommended not to hurry up with commanding a lot.
  • The South is a particular place in the USA and if you wish to feel its real atmosphere, you should taste good American food. Joe’s Real BBQ is exactly a place with Southern character. Where else you will eat near the real tractor?:) Maybe it sounds not very romantic, however, this restaurant has a particularly charming atmosphere and if you feel nervous before the date, it is better to choose exactly such a place, warm and charismatic, and not a pretentious super club where you won’t feel comfortable.  Of course, we recommend this place not because of the tractor. Visitors are always satisfied with the quality and quantity of food. You should taste fresh local meat.
  • Almost all the people in the USA state that the best BBQ is in Texas. Probably it is really so, but many people state that the best BBQ out of Texas is exactly in Gilbert. If tell exactly, in Caldwell County BBQ. If you like meat, don’t miss this place. It is a good place especially if you like to eat outdoors, In the evening this grill bar is decorated with hundreds of lights, so, don’t worry about the atmosphere, it will surely be romantic.

No matter what kind of food you like or when you decide to come to Gilbert, in summer or winter. Any place will be perfect if you are not alone, but with a girl who looks at you with admiration in her eyes and who is making you the happiest only because you are together. How to find such a woman? And what kind of women you can meet in Gilbert? Go on reading and you will know the answers!

Women's Demographic in Gilbert

     Gilbert is a quickly developing town and a very popular place to live. People in Gilbert do appreciate family and this city has been called one of the best places in the USA for family life. About 60% of all adult people there are married. However, we don't think that it is difficult to find a good free woman there. You have absolutely the same chances to meet your happiness as in the other place. Maybe in Gilbert, your chances are even higher as women there are very family-oriented. As for the women population, they represent everything the best that you can find in the American South- positive attitude, strong, but loyal character, faithfulness, and hospitality. There are 50,7% of women in Gilbert, so, you can easily find the perfect woman for you. The median age for women is 35 years which is the perfect age for relationships. There is also a very interesting fact about Gilbert and the women living there. In this town, there are a lot of people with a very good education. 45% of all people have a college degree or higher. If you wish to find a smart girl, this town is the right place for that. As for race, most of the people there belong to the white race, about 70%. If you dream of finding a hot Hispanic girl, you have a rather high chance of meeting her there as there is about 17%. You can also meet some Asian girls, but they and other races are not so numerous there. In any case, love often doesn’t choose a partner's skin color. The most important is to open your heart and come to Gilbert in search of love.

How to Meet Girls and Single Women in Gilbert

     When you come to any place with tourist goals, everything is very simple. You just follow your likes or you visit the most popular places which are recommended by the tourists who came there before you. When you are coming to any place with romantic goals or when you come anywhere with business goals, but you wish to find a single girl there, it is absolutely another thing. As you understand, local inhabitants don’t go all the time to admire the same places of interest which are popular with tourists. We want to recommend some places in Gilbert where you can easily meet local girls who go there to have a rest after work or spend the weekend. Many of them are also popular from a tourist point of view. So, take a look at our little list and choose places that answer your interests as it is highly important to meet a girl who you have something in common with.

  • Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is one of the most popular places for local people. They come to have picnics, admire birds and nature, beautiful girls do sport there… If you like to meet the girl of your dreams and you like sports, go jogging there in the morning and you will meet a lot of charming girls. If you like calm walking or taking photos, just ask her to take a photo of you with birds or bunnies. Yes, there are a lot of bunnies who are jumping all around. It is sure that you will look very cute in the photo and girls like cute guys.:)
  • If you like theater or any performances, the best place to meet girls with the same interests is Hale Center Theater. It is a perfect place as it is not very big and you will be able to see perfect performance from any place. As the number of seats is not enormous, it is easier to start a conversation with a charming lady sitting near you. Of course, if she is alone or with friends.:) Ask her opinion about the performance and then, don’t forget to invite her to have a drink after it. Nearby there are a lot of nice little cafes and restaurants.
  • Saturday offers you a particular possibility to meet really a lot of local women at the Farmer’s Market. It is situated in Downtown Gilbert and what is perfect about this place- it is not an ordinary market. It is a place with street music and artists, numerous street cafes, nice restaurants, and various places for shopping and distraction. ALL! The people of Gilbert are coming there on Saturday for rest, shopping and just walking with family. So, you can go there to do a little shopping for yourself and your friends and ask for advice from any beautiful woman who attracts your attention.
  • If you are a religious person, or at least you like classic architecture, you should surely visit St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church. It is a very spiritual place that is worth seeing. Many local people go there on the weekend, especially it is popular to go there on Sunday to listen to the mess. Of course, it is not the best idea to start flirting during the mess, but after it, why not. At least, you will surely know that your new girlfriend has strong moral values.:)
  • If you like smart girls, don’t hesitate to meet your girlfriend at Southeast Regional Library. There you can relax and read what you like in numerous sitting areas. And it is a very good place to meet a good local girl. The library is very popular with local people, and many of them go there to read journals without subscribing. So, pay attention to women who share your likes and ask their opinion about anything which is interesting to you.

All the places that we mentioned are very popular with local people. However, of course, you can visit the Observatory or Gilbert Historical Museum. They are more popular with tourists, but you can also meet your perfect woman there. Just pay attention to women who work there if you dream to meet a single beauty from Gilbert.

Online Dating and Dating Sites in Gilbert

     If in Gilbert there are so many married people, how do they meet each other? Some of them are lucky to find their match at work, some of them know each other from childhood, and some- meet via friends. However, more and more people meet each other via online dating and such a way is not surprising nowadays. All the people are now using smartphones and the Internet, so why not meet local beauty even before going to Gilbert? This way you can come to this town already to your girlfriend. Of course, if you are a very confident man and you like “hunting” girls in reality and not in the virtual world, you can find a girl in the places that we advised in the previous part of this article. However, if you are a shy person, or you don’t have time for that, or you are afraid to be rejected, or you dream of meeting someone serious, or… There are a lot of variants of this “Or”, but it is certain that online dating has a lot of advantages. You won’t need to look for her walking by the streets, drinking coffee in local cafes, or admiring ducks in the park. Online dating gives you the opportunity to meet the perfect girl from Gilbert without going out of your home. However, there are some very important recommendations which will help you to make it in the right way and avoid unpleasant mistakes.

  • Choose online dating only serious dating sites or apps. Now there is an enormous choice of dating apps and dating sites. The best variant will be to choose an international dating site with a good reputation, numerous services, and success stories. Maybe there will be paid services, but you should be sure of what you are paying for (the payments page should be clear and administration should give you free consultations regarding your payments at any time). Such sites or apps should give services to the organization of the meetings. If the site doesn’t organize meetings, it means that they don’t have serious goals and they don’t check clients. Checking clients is always made for your protection. So, be careful and choose only sites with anti-spam policies that protect their customers.
  • You should choose women more or less of your age. Even if you are an extremely attractive man and you feel in your 50 to 25, unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that a girl of 25 years will be sincerely interested in you and not in your pocket. Just be reasonable. The normal recommendation of age range is 15 years. If the site doesn’t make such a recommendation… something is wrong. Dating sites should help people to find their perfect match. Very rarely do exceptions happen, but as a rule, with a big age range, people cannot be on the same wave. If you wish to find a woman who will match you perfectly, choose women who are 15 years younger or less. At least you are looking for a partner and not for a daughter, right?:)
  • Take care of your “normal” profile. If you have serious goals, your profile should be complete. Very often sites encourage members to complete it, add photos, answer all of the questions, and give certain bonuses to such members. If you don’t have time to complete your profile, do it a little bit later, but don’t leave without a photo or without any information. A serious woman cannot seriously accept a man who doesn’t even have time to write his age or the place where he lives. When you choose your photo, please, choose the right one which shows you from a better side. Don’t place a photo where there are 30 other people with you (from your sister’s marriage, for example, even if you look great there), your old photo (made more than 5 years ago), or a photo of you naked. Keep a photo from the beach to send her privately and later, when your communication will be more or less personal.

  • Remember information about her. In online dating, it is normal when you communicate with some members. It is OK before your meeting in person. Of course, if you meet with all the women whom you communicate with, it will be necessary to make a choice, but very often it happens naturally. But though online communication gives you such freedom, it is very impolite if you confuse information about your girlfriends. So, don’t communicate at once with too many women. 5 are more than enough. And of course, if you are not sure of her daughter’s name, check it in her profile or in the chat history.

  • Don’t start serious communication if you are not going to end it. If you seriously decide that you want to meet a girl, be happy with her, and create a family or at least a couple, you should be ready that after certain communication, about 3-4 months, you will need to meet. For that, you should be ready to come to see her. So, if you know that this year you won’t have any vacations, maybe it is better to start your search a little bit later when you will be able to invest your time into relationships. If you wish just to flirt online and have pleasant communication, it is better to tell from the beginning that you don’t plan personal meetings soon. At least it will be honest and any woman will appreciate honesty. Who knows, maybe she will be adventurous enough to come to you?:)

​Ready to chat with single women? Just join the dating site and open a chat window.

There are several sites that are popular in Gilbert. Take a look at this list, however, choose the one for you with attention. You deserve the best service and the best woman in the world. If you wish to find one of your dreams, take a look, please, at this page Maybe she is waiting for you there?

  • Match
  • Zoosk
  • OurTime
  • EliteSingles

Yes, our site is proud to be one of the sites which are recommended in Gilbert in general and Arizona in particular as we help people from different countries to find their happiness.

Matchmaking Services in Gilbert

     Matchmaking is one of the oldest and most reputed ways to find the woman of your dreams. On any dating site, there are hundreds of profiles, and very often it is not easy at all to find a woman who really matches you perfectly. You risk meeting a lot of beautiful women who contact you first as they are bright and confident, but it doesn’t mean that they will be able to make you happy. All the people are different and it is easy to notice the brightest girls on the site. However, what if your personal happiness is a beautiful, but quiet woman with a warm smile who likes your profile, but who is too shy to contact you? Maybe in a photo session, she wears a long dress and you don’t notice her as she is not bright enough. It is very sad to lose a woman who can be the love of your life just because on the site you didn’t notice her, right? If you choose the Matchmaking service, you have a much better chance to meet a woman who matches you as the matchmaker knows personally all the clients and can propose to you profiles of women who have the qualities that you like. Of course, appearance is important, however, character is much more important. Matchmaker saves your time and saves your heart from disappointments. If you wish to have the best results as soon as possible- this service is for you. In Gilbert, you can address professional matchmakers as this way to find love is popular there. However, we would recommend you choose a matchmaking service on an international dating site. This way you will have a bigger choice of profiles and plus, and you will get the service of real professionals with international awards.:) To know more about it, please, take a look at this page Matchmaking Services

Gilbert is a perfect place for family, for discovering real Southern character, for admiring beautiful parks and landscapes, and… for meeting attractive Gilbert women.:) If you still think, about going there or not- don’t hesitate. This place is able to open you to a world of new impressions and new feelings.:)


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