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Lovely Women from Odessa

Odessa Women


City by the sea 

Odessa is a magnificent city, charming and unique. It has a spirit of ancient times keeping legends of famous battles of the past. The architecture in the city center is sophisticated and brings pleasure to those discovering it. Several municipal beaches are available for tourists willing to sunbathe and swim in the Black sea. In only 1-hour taxi ride, there is a beautiful fortress wonderfully kept since XIII-XV centuries. There is definitely something special in that all!

Odessa Women

An international airport and seaport make the life pace in the “pearl-by-the-sea” more tensed than in other cities. This makes it a city of great opportunities, but also high rivalry. Being influenced by the city people are a bit different here: Odessa Ukraine women are proactive and self-determined, more stiff and hot-tempered. They may be more demanding, but they know what they want and what to suggest a man.

We are at your service

We have recently established a second office in Odessa with our local representatives ready to offer dating services for you. They would be glad to meet you at an airport and provide you with a transfer to your hotel. Our staff is competent to organize your personal acquaintance with Odessa woman in a cozy restaurant and help you with purchasing flowers for her. One hour interpreter’s service is included. Try to talk online with a woman from Odessa before your visit Ukraine, so your visit will be more exciting for both sides.

Why to meet Odessa Girls or Women?

Unlike many online dating sites, we insist on personal meetings to find out whether you and the lady are good together. There is a wonderful opportunity for you as you don’t need to drive to another city after the flight to Ukraine. There are lots of interesting places to satisfy every taste: parks, restaurants, clubs, museums, beaches, etc. Moreover, it takes only 3 hours to get to Mykolaiv, where our head office is. You may meet dozens of single women there!

Best Places To Meet Women In Odessa

Odessa Women

If you wish to invite a lady for dinner to a nice place take a look at our list.

Restaurants, Night Clubs and Bars

Steam Bar - address: Hrets’ka St, 20
Shkaff Pub - address:  Hrets’ka St, 32
Assol Restaurant - address: Arcadia Beach, Trasa Zdorovya
Mick O’Neills Pub/Restaurant - address: Derybasivska St, 13
Granat Restaurant - address: Katerynyns’ka St, 1, Prymors’kyi Dist
Atlantic Hotel/Nightclub/Restaurant - address: Henuez’ka St, 24А
Ibiza Beach Resort/Nightclub/Restaurant - address: Arcadia Beach, Central Alley
Itaka Beach Resort/Nightclub - address: Arcadia Beach, 4 (Left Wing)
Palladium Nightclub - address: Italiis’kyi Blvd, 4
Morgan Club - address: Zhukovs’koho St, 30
Park Residence Nightclub/Restaurant - address: Frantsuz’ky Blvd, 85
Ministerium Nightclub - address: Hoholia Street, 12
Fancy Room Nightclub - address: Frantsuz’ky Blvd, 54/23

Beaches in Odessa

Odessa Beaches - best place to meet Odessa Women

You definitely can choose a walk on the beach as a good option for a day or evening date.
The most famous beaches of Odessa are:

✓ Arcadia Beach
✓ Dolphin Beach
✓ Lanzheron Beach

Odessa Women

Opt for Odessa Women!

Men say that women are special here. Typical Odessa woman is enterprising and knows how to stand up for herself, she knows what she is worth and cares about her appearance at every age. They are tender and feminine on the outside but have a manly mind. Give a chance to Ukraine girl for the creation of family and you will not regret! ;)

Odessa women

Frequently Asked Questions about Odessa Women

❤️ Where can I find Odessa Women?

Odessa is a big resort city in the south of Ukraine. In summer it is overflowed with tourists so the entertainment industry is well developed. You can choose your favorite way of spending free time and get acquainted with ladies in the process.

❤️ Is it safe to go to Odessa, Ukraine?

Yes, it is. Just follow common safety rules - choose the central district of the town for living, do not boast with money in your purse and do not drink alcohol with strangers at night.

❤️ How can I meet Women in Odessa, Ukraine?

You can choose ladies you would love to meet on our site and we will take care of details.

❤️ What is Odessa, Ukraine famous for?

The list is really too long;) Seaport, beaches, museums, food markets, churches, humor, beautiful girls, perfect summer weather, sunshine, opera house, fishing, theaters, parks, kite-surfing, tasty Jewish and Ukrainian cuisine, boat tours, seafood and we can keep reciting...
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