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Do you see a list of beauties over there?) Pay a particular attention to them, as one of these may be your destiny! SlavicGirl dating agency has created a new device to help lonely hearts unite in a most effective way! Intrigued already?) Hold on, we’ll tell you what the „most popular“ category means!


New rules for ladies

We always tell our clients that their success depends on themselves greatly. To show how much this is true SlavicGirl team decided to hand the keys to happiness to them! That is why we have set a unique scheme measuring ladies’ popularity. From now on a special bonus for our female clients boosts their activity on the site. This is meant to help you find a woman of your dreams in a most effective way. It saves your time and effort as well!


How does it work?

The number of winks and messages Ukrainian girls receive is measured on a weekly basis by a special tool on our site. The system also checks the lady’s activity and time spent on-line. All these factors influence and therefore the rate is formed. This smart rating is objective and sincere.


Is this list permanent?

In fact the list is changing week after week – depending on the girl’s current activity on the site. If a lady responds to the letters fast, chats regularly and answers the winks, she gets to this list. As a result, proactive women get more attention and more winks to answer, which boosts their popularity even more! For sure, the number of this group is limited. Therefore, other ladies have all chances to replace the ones that are on top now. Every “sleeping beauty” can become a princess one day! ;)


What is this for?

We want to reward our most active Ukrainian ladies by maximum chances to be noticed and find their love soon. Our aim is not keeping them on the site, but creating even more happy couples. This list also gives you an opportunity to find women genuinely interested in nuptial! We are convinced of necessity to judge about the agency by the number of success stories it has. We are sure that your love story will soon come true as well!


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