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Dating in Poland — Meet Single Women in Poland 2024. Chat with Girls from Poland

Last updated on January 11, 2024

     Poland, one of the biggest states in Europe, always attracted thousands of tourists. No matter what city you are visiting: bright and never-sleeping Warsaw, ancient and mysterious Krakow, or industrial and modern Gdansk, you will never be disappointed. Or it is better just to enjoy the developed transport system and visit all the interesting places in this amazing country. By the way, there are sights and cities which can really surprise you a lot. For example, Wroclaw and its “old town” situated on 12 islands conceded by the number of bridges only to Venice, Amsterdam, and Hamburg. Poland can surprise you with unusual tasty cuisine, world-famous museums, and an extreme combination of civilization with wild nature (by the way, forests take up a third of the whole territory which is rare in Europe). Amazing nature, from romantic sunsets on the Baltic Sea to the wild severe beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, promises unforgettable impressions. Ancient cities with historic monuments and castles are ready to tell you their stories. Attractive women of amazing beauty are known throughout the whole world for their family values, hospitality, and native charm. Just the last point is already a significant reason to buy a ticket to Poland and start an amazing adventure called Poland Dating.)

In the Article “Dating in Poland”

Prices in Poland

     Poland is known as one of the countries of the European Union with rather low prices. It doesn’t mean that everything is absolutely cheap, however, prices will pleasantly surprise you in comparison with its Western neighbors. Coming to Poland you should make a currency exchange as though this country is situated in the European Union, it uses its own currency, PLN (Polski Złoty). The currency for June 2022 is about 4,30 PLN for 1 USD and 4,60 PLN for 1€. Take a look at prices and be sure that traveling to Poland is not only very pleasant but rather cheap.) To make the comparison easier we will provide you with the prices in 3 variants, PLN, USD, and Euro.

  • Coffee. Almost all people adore coffee, especially in the morning. Going out of your hotel it should be so pleasant to sit on the terrace of one of the small cafes on the ancient street, admire the gothic (or modern) architecture, and smile at a beautiful Polish single in front of you. Yes, dating women in Poland can start for you as easily as this little scenario). For your favorite drink, you don’t need to pay a fortune. Espresso costs just 7.40 PLN or 1.70 USD/1.60 €. Little price for warm pleasure, right?)
  • Water. The Most important thing you should never forget about is water. In Poland, all the prices are very comfortable and the price of water is no exception. If you like jogging in the morning or you go to a fitness club even when you are traveling or you just discover a city on foot, don’t forget to go to the nearest supermarket if you take a bottle of mineral water with you. It will cost you just 2,10 PLN or about 0,50 USD/0,43 €. If you feel thirsty in the restaurant, don’t worry, it won’t cost too much. For a bottle of good water of 0,33, you will pay 5,50 PLN or 1,30 USD/1,20 €. So, stay hydrated for a low price.
  • Beer. Historically Poland is closer to her other east-Slavic neighbors and beer is a more frequent light alcohol drink than a glass of wine here. Of course, on the date, you can buy a bottle of good wine on your Poland date, but in this case, it is better to choose one of the foreign wines. If you or your Polish lady prefer beer, it is better to taste a local drink. Poland is a country with a rich history and some recipes are saved from ancient times. Of course, if you take beer in the supermarket, it will be much cheaper. You can enjoy local drinks for only 3,40 PLN or 0,80 USD/0,74 €. If you are conservative and you prefer only one favorite mark, it will cost you 4,90 PLN or 1,10 USD/1,05 €. If you want to invite your Polish date to one of the famous pubs, of course, beer will be a little bit more expensive: 10 PLN or 2,30 USD/2,20 € for a local drink of 0,5 l or import beer of 0,33 l. In any case, while visiting Poland you should at least taste it to make your own impressions.
  • Ice-cream. More and more people invite each other on a date to a small café to drink together coffee, or tea, eat a nice dessert or ice cream. This way you can talk in a pleasant atmosphere before walking together and such a date won’t cost you a moon. Or if you decide to meet with your Polish beauty in the park, after a walk it is nice to invite her to enjoy ice cream, especially on a hot summer day. Ice cream will cost you about 5-7 PLN or 1,20-1,50 USD/€. Price will depend on your area if it is a tourist place or not, and if you take cold dessert in a café or you just buy it in one of the street food areas and you continue your walk. In any case, you should spoil yourself and your Polish beauty with tasty ice cream.
  • Meal. In Poland, there are a lot of places where you can take something fast to have a meal. In big cities, you can see a lot of little cafes with Asian food. In such places, you can take a meal for just 20-30 PLN. However, if you want to enjoy really good food or you want to impress your Polish date, you should go to one of the nice romantic restaurants. There, a meal for two will cost you about 150 PLN or 35 USD/32 €. Not too expensive at all for a romantic dinner for two, right?)

Transport in Poland

     The transport system in Poland is well-developed and if you are planning to visit several cities, it is important to know how to get to the place where you wish. Especially if you are meeting a charming Polish woman or Polish girl, you should know how to be on time on your date as being on time is the politeness of the kings.)

You should know that in most cities you have universal tickets which can be used for different kinds of transport. One ticket will cost you 3,60 PLN, if you know that you will need to come back, it is more reasonable to take a “long ticket” which is available for up to 90 minutes, it costs 4,40 PLN. If you plan to spend a long day with your Polish girl and you are planning to visit many places of interest, it is better to take a ticket for 24 hours, the price will be 15 PLN. And last, if you come to Poland for work or you wish to spend a long vacation, you should think about a ticket for a month. It will cost you 110 PLN, but you will be able to use all the public transport without limits. You can buy the tickets everywhere where you see ZTM. Now, please, take a look at certain information about transport in Warsaw as the capital is the most visited place (they have a kind of touristic competition with Krakow, the historic heart of the country).

  • Bus. You should know that Warsaw is separated into two zones. The cheapest ticket can be used only on one of them, so, be careful. If your Warsaw beauty lives far away, it is better to buy the ticket for 4,40 PLN, in this case, you will surely get where you need to without any problems. The bus system is very varied and you will be on time where you need to go. However, there is an obstacle. As Warsaw is a very big city, in the morning and in the evening you risk getting into traffic jams. If you need to be on your date in time (of course, you need, it is not good to make your lady wait), it is better to use another transport
  • Tram and metro. There are two metro lines in Warsaw and all of them are situated in the first zone. So, if you are choosing the metro, you don’t need an expensive ticket, the cheapest will be enough. We united trams and metro as trams have special areas, so, they drive rather fast and they will lead you to the place that you need with the same speed as the metro, plus, you avoid all the traffic jams. There you are also using a universal ticket and you should beep it at the beginning of your way.
  • Suburb trains. They are also a part of public transport in Warsaw and you can use them with the same tickets. If you wish you walk in nature, you can invite your woman to join you to have a picnic out of town. Just don’t forget to come back at night as coming back by taxi from the suburbs will cost you a lot.)
  • Taxi. Of course, it is a more expensive way to get where you wish, but as the price for the taxi is not as expensive as in most European capitals, you can spoil yourself and your lady with this service. The start of the journey costs 8 PLN or 1,90 USD/1,70 €. The kilometer will cost you 3 PLN or 0,70 USD/0,65 € per kilometer. If your date is so successful that it is finished late, don’t forget to propose to your Polish beauty to pay for her taxi. This way you will show your care and generosity.)

Hotels in Poland

     Choosing the right hotel for you is a very important part of any journey. In Poland, you can choose a super comfortable hotel for a very low price. As we don’t know if you plan to visit only the capital or if you are planning to see several cities in Poland, we recommend you to take a look at some nice places in Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk as these cities are the most visited.

  • Warsaw Mariott Hotel is known for its amazing placement, just in the center, and for a luxury level of comfort. For a rather comfortable price, just 135 €, the guests will get an elegant room with flat TV, air conditioning, and a panoramic view of Warsaw. You can enjoy doing sport in a known fitness center and then, have a rest in a sports bar called Champions. Who knows, maybe you won’t need to look far away and you will meet your Polish beauty there. The hotel also offers you several restaurants and bars, a swimming pool, a sauna, and a casino. So, you can have rest and enjoy any way you prefer for a rather low price.
  • Warsaw can spoil the visitors even for lower prices and Poland is an amazing place for tourism which doesn’t cost too much. Motel One Warsaw- Chopin is exactly what you need if you like to be in comfort for a rather low price. Plus, this hotel has a very good location. You can be sure to get a comfortable room, bathroom, flat TV, climate control, free Wi-Fi, parking, continental breakfast, and other services. All the guests admire the wonderful location as the hotel is situated near the best Warsaw places of interest like the Pilsudskij and President Palace. You can invite your girl to meet right in the center and enjoy the beauty of the town together. Price will pleasantly surprise you as you get all these benefits just for 56 €.
  • What is great in Warsaw is that you can enjoy staying in a very good hotel for a very nice price. InterContinental Warsawa Hotel or IHG Hotel is waiting for you. Except for standard services, it proposes a wellness center for guests on the 44 and 45 floors. So, you can take care of your health and beauty while admiring the great view. Why not invite your Polish girl to join you for the séance of bathing and watch the Warsaw panorama (of course, this is an idea not for the first date)? However, for the first date, you can easily invite her to one of the hotel's restaurants which offer dishes of Polish and international cuisine. The guests of some rooms can use a business lounge with several services. So, if you combine romance with business goals, this hotel won’t leave you disappointed and you can enjoy it for 139 €.
  • Krakow is often called the most visited town in Poland and if you like the history and an atmosphere of mystery, you should surely visit this town. Sky Hotel Krakow is situated just 300 meters from Galeria Krakowska. Right in the hotel, you can use the service of excursion organization, food and drinks delivery, restaurant, bar, and fitness center. The rooms are modern and comfortable and for just 66 € you are getting an amazing space for your rest with a TV, bathroom, climate control, refrigerator, cattle, and so on. As the hotel is perfectly located, you can easily invite your Polish woman to join you on the walk by the Alley of Lost Souls or any other popular place in the center.
  • Holiday Inn Gdansk is situated on the island 450 meters from the Long market. One of the best locations in the town, with beautiful views practically from all the rooms, restaurant Sky on the 8th floor with a terrace — all it makes Holiday Inn a very good choice for any traveler. If you combine your romantic or tourist visit with business, you can use a business center with a computer, printer, and scanner. Every morning guests are spoiled with a good breakfast with a large choice of dishes. Even if you want to do sports at night, a fitness club is open at any time. Prices start from 105 € and for this price, you get really a lot. Visit Gdansk, the pearl of the Baltic Sea, and maybe your love is waiting for you there.

Women's Demographics in Poland

     The Polish nation suffered a lot in the 20th century and became even stronger than before. Of 38 million people in Poland, 97% of them are Polish and only 3% belong to other nationalities. Most of them are Ukrainians. Even before the war in Ukraine, some people came to work in Poland, and now, according to statistics, more than 3 million Ukrainians temporarily live in Poland. So, if you are looking not only for Polish dating but also for Ukrainian dating, now Poland is the best country to do it.

      Polish women are known for their moral values. They, like Ukrainian women, preserved a lot of traditions and they are mostly religious people. A lot of holidays have a religious background. If you come into a relationship with a Polish woman, you can be sure that her family will accept you with a lot of hospitality. Polish women appreciate family most of all, so, it is almost sure that even if you meet a free Polish girl on the street, she will hope for a serious relationship. Of course, every woman is particular, but as a rule, Polish women are very good wives and mothers. Dating women in Poland shouldn’t forget about their families and traditions and though Polish women accept positive relationships with foreign men they need to save strong relationships with their families after leaving their country. Despite their traditional values, Polish girls are well-educated and hard-working. They do not place careers in the first place, however, Polish girls are modern, active, and full of charm and charisma. Any man can just dream about such a life partner and you can be one of the lucky guys who win the heart of Polish beauty.

How to Meet Polish Women and Polish Girls

     So, you have bought your ticket, you planned your trip, and you decided which cities you want to visit and what sights attract you. You came to Poland, exchanged money, and rested in your hotel after traveling…. What next? Will you be alone in such an amazing country? If you follow some advice, you won’t be lonely in any country and if you prepare for your trip to Poland beforehand, you can find there not only a beautiful country with a lot of places to see, but you can find there your only one who will give you the happiness you have always dreamt about. So, where do they hide, free Polish beauties? Take a look at our list of the places where you can find them.)

  • Online. The best variant when you plan your Polish dating trip is to meet girls online before your journey. Online dating in Poland is becoming more and more popular as in this country, as well as in others, people are very often busy at work and they simply do not have any possibility to meet other singles in their daily lives. So, they use dating sites or Polish dating apps to find love. When you wish to meet somebody, it is necessary to leave your usual circle of communication and if you wish to make it in an efficient manner, it is better to go to a place where you can meet thousands of singles who wish to create serious relationships or family. There you have a big chance to meet the girl you are looking for.
  • In a Fitness club or sports bar. Polish girls are active and charming. They take good care of their health and beauty. So, staying in a hotel with a good fitness club, you have big chances to meet not only tourists but Polish singles who come there to train. This way has a lot of advantages. First of all, Polish girls will see that you are a serious and sporty man). Then, you meet a girl whom you already have a lot in common with and you can easily start a conversation with her: ask her impressions about this club, sports nutrition, technique, and so on. Then, why not invite your charming new friend to the sports bar in the evening?
  • In a nightclub. This way can be called a traditional one as very often singles meet in the nightclub. This way has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that in the club, in a relaxed atmosphere, it is easy to meet singles, start conversations, invite them to dance, and come to closer communication. The disadvantage is that it is necessary to be rather confident and also girls do not surely look for something serious there. Of course, you can be lucky enough to meet your future wife in the club. However, you cannot be sure that a beautiful charming angel that you see with a glass of wine wants to have a family, and kids, she has a deep inner world and a lot of interests.
  • In art galleries/historical museums/operas and so on. This way of meeting girls depends on your personal hobbies. If you like sports, visit a sports event. If you are fond of theater, go to the theater (yes, it will be in the Polish language, but be sure that such a brave foreigner will surely attract the attention of a Polish girl sitting near you, plus, you can ask her some parts that you do not understand). If you prefer rock concerts, go there (just buy a little bit more expensive tickets if you don’t want to be surrounded by drunk men instead of rock beauties). If you like culinary, go to a culinary master class. Most importantly, at such events look around and when you see a nice girl, don’t hesitate to start a conversation. The most important thing is that you have something in common with this girl, so it will be easy to find something to talk about. If she is not lonely and at home, she has a husband waiting for her, it’s OK, you have just a new friend in your life, try next evening).

Free Dating Sites vs Non-Free in Poland

     So, after thinking well you decided that it is a nice idea to try Poland dating. However, now it is necessary to choose what is better to use, a dating app or dating site, and which one will be better for you, free or paid. First of all let’s find out what is better for you, a dating site or a dating app. By statistics, many singles in Poland are using international dating apps. They are very simple to use and they have a very big benefit, there you can meet people from different countries, which is really very important when you are speaking about Europe where borders are rather relevant. We prepared for you the list of the best dating apps in Poland:

  • Tinder
  • Badoo
  • Jaumo
  • Hoop
  • Kiss Kiss

To statistics, Tinder and Badoo were downloaded more than 58 and 46 thousand times only in March 2022. So, you can imagine how many people are using them. They are very popular in many countries and they are easy to use as your phone is always with you and these apps give you the possibility to chat at any time. If you compare what is better, a dating app or a dating site, it is necessary to understand what results you are planning to have. If you are just looking for communication and you just want to find a girlfriend do not be lonely (or even just simply want to chat with somebody without the intention of meeting in real life), a dating app is created just for you. Of course, there is a chance that you meet a woman who is also seriously interested in you, you meet and everything will happen like in a fairy tale, but these chances are not too big. Mostly when people want to meet a partner for marriage, they join international dating sites. There you have the same benefits, they can be used via computer or via the phone, but they have much more services to propose and they carefully check their clients. Most such sites can offer not only real-time chat, but also the service of writing letters (yes, it can sound old-fashioned, but this way you can express your thoughts calmly without hurry and you can wait for a beautiful letter in return from your beauty), they propose gifts delivery, romantic tours service, video calls organization, translation and interpreting from and to different languages, matchmaking services, dating organization and even organization of your traveling. So, this is the reason why most when people want to have good results in their romantic search, very often they prefer to register on a dating site with a good reputation. However, the sites are so numerous, some of them are pleasantly free, some of them not… which one to choose? Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of both of them.

Non-Free Dating Sites

  1. Price. Any paid dating site doesn’t control your pocket. You are the master of the situation and on good dating sites, there are always free services and paid services. You are free to choose exactly the service that you need. We advise you to look with attention at the page with prices and decide what exactly you wish. If you decide to concentrate on the chat, communicate this way. If you wish to exchange letters, write letters. If you want to have a quick good result, just use a matchmaking service or come to the country on a Romantic tour. This way you make a real economy of money and time and you have a very big chance to get good results. If you wish to take a look at what such pages look like, please, check here:
  2. Freedom. In the same way, as on the free sites you can choose any pseudonym which can describe your personality or mood, you are free to communicate with any members and stop communication when you are with them. However, on paid sites members are recommended to use true data about you. Paid sites mostly take care of their reputation and for them, the best result is when people meet each other, fall in love, and marry. It shows the results of their work and they are interested in making their members happy.) And there is less freedom, it’s true. You cannot send naked photos and such photos cannot be sent to you, people cannot abuse you, ask for money, and use brutal words in a language. Well, sometimes freedom limitation is not too bad, right?
  3. Safety. We already mentioned that the limit of freedom is good in this meaning. You can feel safe as you can be sure that the people you are talking with look exactly the same way as you see in the photos. They have the same age, the same family status, same number of kids. Women are carefully checked on paid sites and such sites often have anti-scam policies. If you wish to know more about it, please, take a look here: You can be calm not only for your money but also for your heart. Women on paid sites have serious intentions and they sign several papers. They provide documents about marital status and they are obliged to report any changes in their personal life.
  4. The comfort of using. Paid sites mostly use their money for eternal self-development. First of all, they have a good team of translators. You can be sure that you will perfectly understand your lady and that language won’t be a problem for you. They create and offer new services, and promos, so, very often you can spoil your lady with a nice free present. Nice feeling, right?). Plus, you can always count on the professionals working there and you can give them any questions any time and any way which is comfortable for you. For your money, you get really a lot and you can always count on support, advice, and consultation.

Now it is your turn to decide which choice is better for you and what goals you are following. In any case, listen to your heart and don’t forget about your safety!

Matchmaking Services in Poland

     Matchmaking services are becoming more and more popular as this way you are getting personalized assistance in your search for an ideal life partner. If you wish to get the best results and you don’t want to waste your time, it is really better to contact a professional matchmaker. The most important thing is to understand well what exactly you want from your future wife and tell honestly about your wishes. Also, it is necessary to tell about your life, work, and habits as city girls cannot be happy on the farm even if you have love between you and a woman who adores kids and cuisine cannot be a good partner for a man who is concentrated on work, just they are too different. Matchmakers are mostly people with a very high level of psychological skills and it is better if you follow his or her advice as the matchmaker knows personally all the clients and can advise you on a very good match even if physically this person doesn’t seem ideal for you. The work of any matchmaker has a goal to make customers happy and the result of successful work means many happy marriages. Ask your matchmaker about them and this way you will see if you can trust this person. If you still thinking about what application, site, or matchmaker to address, take a look at some speaking results:

      Poland is a country with beautiful nature, beautiful traditions, and people with beautiful hearts. Women, there are warm and charming, they won’t leave your heart indifferent. So, take a look at the Polish and Ukrainian beauties in Poland and start to prepare for the most exciting traveling in your life!


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