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Manchester Dating — Manchester Date Ideas. Meet Women in Manchester.

  With a population of around 2.75 million, Manchester is one of the busiest cities in the northern part of the United Kingdom. Known throughout the UK as the birthplace of new ideas and a celebrated center for the arts, media, and higher education, Manchester should definitely be on your list of places to visit in the United Kingdom. It is the commercial and cultural capital of Lancashire and its status is growing year on year. Manchester is one of the biggest influences on music in the UK having unleashed the famous rock bands Oasis and The Stone Roses. Manchester is also home to one of Europe’s most successful football clubs, Manchester United, who often field world-class players in front of thousands of fans.

  Manchester is sure to hold the key to finding the woman of your dreams. With the Ukrainian population of the United Kingdom estimated at one hundred thousand people, it is a certainty that many will live in the fifth-largest city in the UK and you could find your Ukrainian romance in the city of culture.

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Airports in Manchester

   ✈ Planning on whisking your special someone to exotic places from Manchester? Flying in to find the woman of your dreams? You will need to know about Manchester Airport.

  • Situated just 13 km outside of Manchester City Centre it is easy to travel to and its close proximity makes traveling to your Manchester hotel quick and simple.
  • Manchester airport accepts flights from (and flies to) over 100 destinations making it easy to travel to your dream destination with your dream date!
  • There are many different transfer options available to make getting to or from Manchester airport as stress-free as possible.

Prices in Manchester

Whether cuddling up in a cozy cafe for a coffee, keeping yourself well hydrated, or buying delicious ice cream for you and your date on a hot day we all need refreshment from time to time. Manchester has many different places for you to buy yourself a drink or a sweet treat.

  •   Coffee. Whether visiting a big chain coffee shop like Costa or Starbucks or taking yourself to a small coffee shop the price of a cup of coffee is nothing to worry about! The average price of a coffee is £2.86 with this rising depending on your choice of fuel! You and your date could enjoy a hot drink and a delicious cake without needing to take out a loan!
  •   Bottle of water. Just looking to pick up some water while you and your date explore the Castlefield canal or embark on a day of retail therapy? For as little as 13p a bottle you can save those pennies for the more exciting things Manchester has to offer.
  •   Beer. Looking for something a little stronger? The average price for a pint of beer is £5.33 and with a glass of wine costing around £5, you and your date can enjoy your favorite alcoholic drink at a reasonable price.
  •   Ice Cream. Exploring Manchester on a hot day and requiring some much-needed ice-cold sweet treats? For as little as £2 you and your date can enjoy a delicious ice cream while walking along the canal or on your way to the beautiful cathedral.

  Looking for something to eat? With so many restaurants and cafes situated in Manchester, it is easy to find a place to eat a tasty meal at a price that suits any budget! Search the internet and you are sure to find your perfect eatery!

Hotels in Manchester

Booking where you will rest your head each evening is possibly the most vital aspect of any trip! Having somewhere to properly get ready for your date is extremely important. Below are just a few of the different hotels in Manchester:

  • ⭐  The King Street Townhouse is set in an Italian Renaissance-style building dating back to the 1870s and overlooks Manchester town hall. Some of the many amenities are a fitness center, spa, and hot tub. This 4-star hotel is luxury personified and the perfect place to prepare for your perfect date or to book a return visit with your date. With prices starting from £197 per night you live the life of luxury while finding your special someone.
  • ⭐  Situated just outside of Manchester is the 5star Lowry hotel. Featuring an extensive fitness center, spa, and hairdressers as well as a bar and restaurant this hotel couldn’t be better. Meet your date for drinks in the hotel bar before heading into Manchester for your romantic evening.

Traveling on a budget? No problem! Manchester has many wonderful hotels for those looking to save their pennies to spend on their date!

  • ⭐  The Niu Loom offers rooms for as little as £49 per night and is very artistic in its approach. Often drawing inspiration from the creative world this down-to-earth hotel is the perfect base for those traveling to Manchester.
  • ⭐  Maybe you’re planning to visit with friends and go on double dates? Situated near Piccadilly station is the Staycity Aparthotels buildings with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms apartments. With an on-site gym and the Staycafe serving food and beverages, this could be the perfect place for you and a romantic connection to revisit where it all began. Two adults can stay here for as little as £72 per night.

Everyone has different ideas for where they would like to stay when visiting Manchester. Have a quick look online and find your ideal base!

Transportation in Manchester

  Knowing how to get around is vital in the dating world. There is nothing worse than Googling taxi numbers or waiting at the bus stop wondering if you’ll make it to your date on time. Luckily, Manchester has a variety of different transport options to ensure you and your date get to your romantic location as soon as possible:

  •   Buses in Manchester run throughout the day. A Manchester PlusBus ticket will give you and your date unlimited travel around the Greater Manchester area for just £4.20 a day per adult. Staying in Manchester a little longer? The same ticket costs £14.60 for a 7-day pass which works out at just £2.92 a day! There are many different bus services running within the city center and further afield. Always check before you travel! Heading out on the town for the night? There are many night-buses that will get you home safely. Also, don’t’ forget the city sightseeing buses that you can hop and off all day.
  •   Tram. Fancy something a little different? Hop on a tram and for 1 day anytime travel you only need to pay £2.70 per adult or for a single ticket, £1.40.
  •   Taxis are a little more expensive but you do get quick, direct travel. Prices vary but are average taxi fare in Manchester will be in the region of £15-£20.
  •   Train. Traveling to your romantic rendezvous by train is also another option. Ticket prices vary depending on your start point and destination. There are also Rail Ranger tickets which allow you to travel as much as you want outside peak times for £7.20
  •   Walk! There is so much to see in Manchester you and your date could take a stroll to your destination and who knows? Maybe you will find a hidden gem along the way such as Rodnya, a Ukrainian/ Baltic food shop!

However, you decide to travel make sure you plan ahead. It is always wise to check bus timetables, taxi availability, and train times in advance to ensure you and your date miss a single second!

Manchester Attractions & Date Ideas

  Many big cities are known for their winding streets, hidden gems, and incredible tourist attractions. Manchester is no different and is home to some of the UK’s most interesting, and amazing, places to visit...

  •   Castlefield - this historic area is the ideal place to take your date. Find out about the cities history while discovering your date's past at the same time. Take a walk along the quaint old canals and observe the amazing canal boats as you learn more about your new romance. Castlefield also contains lovely Victorian houses and a reconstructed Roman fort which is sure to spark many interesting conversations. As if this wasn’t enough Castlefield is also home to an art gallery containing contemporary art and the Bridgewater Hall. Many different musical and dramatic acts have graced the hall's stage and the amazing Hallè Orchestra also resides here. Enjoy the romance of the orchestra as you create a romance of your own.
  •   Looking to engage in scientific discussions with your date or explore the world of the industry together? Journey down to Liverpool Road and head to the Science and Industry museum. This is a museum is on the site of the world's oldest railroad station. Taking you and your date on a historical journey from the age of the Romans through to the Industrial Revolution and to the present day is definitely the perfect starting point for you both to create your own history. One of the most amazing aspects of this museum is the collection of vintage Manchester-made cars, including a very rare 1904 Rolls Royce.
  •   Manchester cathedral is a beautiful, grand building boasting some amazing architecture. It is claimed that the Manchester Cathedral has the widest nave of any cathedral in England. This incredible cathedral has been center stage in the city’s history for nearly 600 hundred years! With admission being completely free (although donations are always welcomed and appreciated) you and your date can explore Manchester’s religious history together or with the aid of a guide who is there on most days.
  •   If you or your date are football fans you have to visit Old Trafford, home to the famous and very successful Manchester United. Greats such as David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and George Best have all graced the pitch with their presence and have walked the halls. You and your date can do the same with a stadium tour. A tour can cost as little as £25 per adult and it is recommended that you pre-book. You can buy your date a little Fred the Red (Mascot) in the Megastore and visit the Red Cafe together for a drink. Maybe you could visit on match day and hear the roar of 70,000 passionate fans while you create some passion of your own.

There are many, many more places to visit and areas to explore in Manchester that you will leave wanting to plan your next visit as soon as possible!

Meeting Women in Manchester

  Visiting Manchester will definitely help you find the love of your love! With its growing population, it is becoming easier and easier to meet new people. Being one of the largest cultural centers in the United Kingdom you are sure to find women from all walks of life. But where? I hear you ask! Read on to see just some of the places you could meet the woman of your dreams!

  •   There are many parks in Manchester, especially around the outskirts of the city. You and your future love could lock eyes over the beautiful lakes at Heaton Park or maybe try and feed the same squirrel at Longford. Maybe you and your future date will share a joint admiration of the incredible fountain in Piccadilly Gardens. Use your love of open, green spaces to find your future love.
  •   How about engaging in an interesting discussion over an artifact in one of the many museums? Discuss the 1904 Rolls Royce and decide where you would go with each other in such an amazing car. Maybe you could meet while finding out about the history of football and decide on a match to go to to find out if you are a match for each other.
  •   The Manchester art gallery is the perfect place to meet your art-loving future date. Take in the pre Raphaelites as you discuss artistic techniques and discover your shared love of art.
  •   Manchester is definitely known for its music scene and what better place to meet your future romantic band member than at a gig you both enjoy. Dance the night away at the Bridgewater Hall, AO Arena, or O2 Ritz. Discover your shared love of music as you discover your love for each other.

  There are many, many places you could bump into the love of your life. From dancing to the same song, throwing a peanut to the same squirrel or reaching for the same bottle of water….love can be found anywhere.

Dating a Girl Online

  Life can be so hectic at times that many of us are don’t have the time to meet the one in a bar, club, or public area. In the last 20 years, the dating game has become a lot easier. All it takes is just the click of a button and you could find the woman of your dreams! With the city of Manchester’s population growing year on year it can be said that many will be utilizing online dating. Location settings provide us with the unique opportunity to find that special someone who isn’t at the other end of the country! Some of the positives of online dating in Manchester are:

  • Chat and get to know each other before meeting face to face. You can use this time to see if you have similar interests which will come in handy when arranging your first date!
  • ✌ No awkward silences on the first date as you will already have a few topics to talk about.
  • ✌ Not feeling that romantic connection? Did the conversation dry up? You can part ways easily and amicably while continuing your search.
  • ✌ Chat with more than one person without worrying about offending others. Many people in the online dating world are getting to talk with numerous people before meeting face to face.
  • ✌ Refine your search - most dating sites allow you to make your searches quite specific. Looking for blondes will help you. Looking for a history buff? You can find them for you! Looking for that Ukrainian love story? They will surely do the job! It could not be easier to find exactly what you are looking for!

  Online dating provides you with the perfect platform to find your special someone without the pressure of the face-to-face dating scene. Whether using free sites or the more secure paid sites you are sure to find romance in London via the online dating world.

Dating During Covid-19 in Manchester

  Covid-19 has been such a big part of our lives for the last two years and has had a very negative impact on many people. It is extremely important that we all stay as safe as possible and keep those around us safe. Manchester is no different and the venues within Manchester have all played their part to ensure that tourists and locals alike are kept as safe as possible. Below are some of the measures put in place to ensure you are as safe as you can be during your visit.

  • ✅  Covid-19 has been such a big part of our lives for the last two years and has had a very negative impact on many people. It is extremely important that we all stay as safe as possible and keep those around us safe. Manchester is no different and the venues within Manchester have all played their part to ensure that tourists and locals alike are kept as safe as possible. Below are some of the measures put in place to ensure you are as safe as you can be during your visit.

  • ✅  Cleanliness - all venues work hard to ensure that rooms, tables, etc are kept as clean as possible. They are sanitized regularly and deep cleaned after each use. Cleaning stations are also available for you to sanitize your hands upon entering or leaving a venue.
  • ✅  Face coverings - while they are now optional in the United Kingdom many venues will prefer guests to wear face coverings (unless sat eating) while in close proximity to other guests.
  • ✅  Staff - all staff take regular Lateral Flow tests and respond accordingly. They also sanitize themselves regularly and wear face coverings to ensure the safety of all guests.
  • ✅  Vaccines - the majority of the adult population of Manchester, and the United Kingdom, have had both vaccines and are therefore less likely to catch or transmit Covid-19.

   All appropriate measures are being taken in accordance with government and scientific advice to ensure that all visitors to Manchester are kept safe and the spread of Covid-19 is minimal. Updates on these measures can be found on official government websites and are updated regularly.

  So, what are you waiting for? Manchester is definitely the place to be if you are looking to find that special someone. Dive into the world of dating while exploring one of the fastest-growing, influential, and culturally accepting cities in the United Kingdom…Manchester.