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Frequently asked questions
Contact Us
  • I am a bit skeptical, why should I trust you?
    We have 23 years of matchmaking experience, more than 750 happy couples created a family using our help, we provide no financial support to our female clients. All our ladies are real, seriously searching for a life partner and have been personally interviewed by our team.
  • Why Slavic wife?
    For many years Slavic women have rightfully held the first place as best wives, partners, and mothers… Why? They are good-looking, wonderful cooks, family is always their number one priority, and they search for long-term relationships. They also find time for self-development, keeping fit, and taking care of themselves. One can’t ask for a better mate.
  • I search for a much younger lady, will it work?
    Our aim is to make your search most productive. So we usually recommend an age difference of up to 15 years. This way the lady can appreciate your maturity, decency, and responsibility and yet you both find many common interests and goals.
  • I get lots of messages from different ladies. Are they all really interested in me?
    Our ladies are interested in finding a life partner as soon as possible. So they do not hesitate to show initiative in their search. If you receive many letters from the ladies, it means you have a good profile, and it is the reason it attracts attention.
  • Why are all these beautiful women willing to leave Ukraine? Can't they find a man there?
    According to the demographic situation in Ukraine, there are more women than men. Being family-oriented, it’s just natural each of these women wants to have a husband. If a woman hasn’t found a good local man, she doesn’t mind looking broader. After all, foreign men are known here for being caring, supportive and loving.
  • Is there any way you can verify the ladies on your site?
    All the ladies on the site were personally interviewed by us before registration, we checked their passport data, and marital status and made sure they were not in a relationship. We regularly see our ladies in the office in person and verify that their search is still actual.
  • How do I know the lady is real and wants to meet me?
    The best way to get rid of any doubts is to see the lady in real life. Personal meeting is great, but there are faster alternatives!) Using the video chat service you get to see each other in reality, experience the personal meeting, observe her emotions while you communicate and of course discuss the future plans together!)
  • How can I show the lady I am really serious about her? OR How to win lady's heart?
    Slavic woman is used that the man shows initiative, care and attention when he tries to win her heart. All kinds of small surprises and gifts assure the woman that you are courting her. Do not forget about it on her Birthday, your wedding date, Woman’s Day and other important holidays. Take a look at our extensive list of presents. We will be happy to organize a Gift delivery to gladden your lady.
  • Me and the lady got to know each other... what's next? OR How soon should I come to meet the lady in reality?
    Certainly, there are no universal rules for all relationships. Whatever you do, you must both feel comfortable about it. But our hint is - only a real meeting will show you if she is the one you’ve been searching for. So, if you really like the lady, don’t delay it and plan your visit. We are always glad to share with you our useful travel tips. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and order a Romantic tour service.
  • Should I concentrate on one lady or do I need a plan B?
    If you feel like you already know the lady deeply, you have communicated on video chat and you feel certainty that it will work, then concentrate your attention exactly on her. But if you still have some doubts and would like to avoid any risk, it is not bad to have a plan B. You can find some useful tips of how to organize it using our Individual matchmaking packages.
  • Is it safe to travel to Ukraine?
    Traveling to the south of Ukraine is absolutely safe, we have men from different parts of the world traveling here regularly. They all find this region peaceful, comfortable to stay at and easy to get around. To guarantee your safety completely you may also use Romantic tour service.
  • I want to get direct contact with the lady, how can I do it?
    You can send a request for the contact details of a particular lady through the site, it costs 200 credits. However, we do not recommend this, as purchasing contact information doesn’t guarantee successful relationship development. In case you and the lady have already got to know each other well (you have used the services of correspondence, chat, video chat, and gift delivery for a total of 500 credits), then you can get the contacts of the lady for FREE. Additionally, you can ask for the lady’s contact details during the personal meeting.
  • How and when do I get bonus credits?
    We are happy to gladden our active clients with special gifts on special occasions: filling in a profile after registration; your birthday; Christmas day; or agency birthday. You are free to use bonus credits for communication on the site with the ladies you like. Being an active user helps you deserve even more ;) And don’t forget about 5 min of FREE chat with any lady you’ve never contacted! This feature is activated automatically after you make a credit purchase.
  • What do I need to know when I enter into communication with site members?
    1) it is forbidden to upload photos and images of a pornographic nature to one’s profile, as well as insulting the honor and dignity, and religious beliefs of site members; 2) it is forbidden to exchange contacts through messages and chat on the site, as well as video chat. We stand for the contacts exchange to take place without pressure and by mutual agreement, and this should be a measured decision of both participants; 3) it is forbidden to offend the honor and dignity, as well as the religious beliefs of site members in correspondence or text chat.
  • What if I like a much younger lady, will this work?
    Our recommended age difference for a couple is up to 15 years. When choosing to be in communication with a lady, who is younger, than him 16 years+, the customer is taking sole responsibility for this action and the result of it. If relationship does not proceed/succeed due to any reason in such a case, agency is not reviewing any claims.

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