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Dating in Switzerland — Meet Single Women in Switzerland 2024. Chat with Girls from Switzerland

 Last updated on June 13, 2024

    Switzerland is a small country whose name became synonymous with richness and the highest quality. All the people know about its magnificent landscapes. The whole country looks like a mountain tale or like a never-ending tourist resort. Cheese, chocolate, watches, bank system, rich economy, mountain resorts — no matter what you are visiting this country for, you will find it. If you are looking for unforgettable adventures and you are looking for love and romance, you should surely choose this country as your next travel destination. By the World Happiness Report Switzerland takes third place on the planet. So, if people are so happy there, maybe it is a good place to find your own happiness and meet an amazing Switzerland girl?

In the Article "Dating in Switzerland"

Prices in Switzerland

     Switzerland is a rather expensive country. Just citizens of this country and those who work there can be proud of their salaries, so they can let themselves feel comfortable in their place. The level of unemployment is only 2,3%, so it can explain why prices are a little bit higher than in the countries around it. However, planning your trip, don’t worry: the most important is to understand how much you should take with you and check some prices beforehand. In Switzerland, you can use the Swiss franc, which costs 0,97€. As many people like to visit several countries visiting Europe, we provide you with the prices in euro as it has almost the same cost.

  • Coffee. Imagine yourself drinking your favorite hot drink and admiring Geneva Lake. In Switzerland, it is very popular to meet for a coffee at the end or at the beginning of the day, discuss some news, relax, and enjoy a warm drink and warm smiles. It can even be an idea for a date to meet in such a place with tasty drinks and desserts. It won’t cost too much for you. In a nice cozy café, a cappuccino will cost you around 4,60€. If you prefer espresso, the price will be cheaper, just 3,20€.
  • Water. The climate in Switzerland is very pleasant, but in summer it can be rather warm. In any case, if you feel nervous about the date, or you just need some water during the training in your hotel, you should know how much you should pay for it. It is much more reasonable to buy it in the supermarket, it will cost you just 1,20€ for 1,5 liter. Of course, if you are in a restaurant and you are waiting for your beautiful Swiss lady, it is not a very good idea to take this bottle with you.) In a restaurant, a bottle of good mineral water will cost about 3,60€. In any case, it is sure that water won’t be the most expensive thing on your Swiss traveling.
  • Light alcohol drinks. Switzerland took a lot from its neighbors. You will see there are a lot of good wines from France and Italy and they won’t cost a fortune for you. You can easily find a bottle of good wine for about 9-13€ in any supermarket. If you order it in the restaurant, the price will be more expensive, of course. If you and your date prefer beer, you also have a very big choice as there you will find a lot of local beer and the tastiest beer from Germany and Belgium. Local beer will cost 1,80€ in the supermarket and about 5,80€ in the restaurant. Importing beer will cost a little bit more: about 2.50€ in a supermarket and about 6€ in a restaurant.
  • Ice cream. What a good idea to invite your woman to an ice cream date! You can enjoy it in one of the cafes in the center or you can just buy two tasty desserts and walk by the romantic streets, in green parks or lake board. You will enjoy a tasty meal, you will spoil your lady and plus, it won’t cost you too much. The price of ice cream starts from 2,50€ and of course, it is better to choose at least a couple of flavors to make your own impression about a tasty Swiss dessert.
  • A meal in the restaurant. A romantic dinner is a wonderful departure from any relationship and it is an amazing way to come to closer relationships. In Switzerland, dating is a very important part. A nice restaurant and dinner for two with 3 plates will cost you about 97€ including drinks. Of course, everything depends on your dish choice and on the restaurant. If you wish to reduce the price, you can ask for advice in your hotel and say that you would like to visit a place with native inhabitants. Switzerland is a very touristic country and this is the reason why prices are rather high. Dinner in a restaurant for locals can save you about 20-30€.;)

Transport in Switzerland

     Transport in Switzerland can be considered one of the Must-sees. It may sound funny, but transport there is really very comfortable, exact and you can be sure to be on time on your Switzerland date. If you are traveling in the whole country and except for Swiss dating you are interested in visiting museums, you should think about buying a Swiss Pass. It is not the cheapest thing, but it gives you a lot of opportunities in the whole of Switzerland: free travel by bus, train, boats of the Swiss Travel System, free trams and buses in the cities, 50% on the mountain trains and free access to more than 400 museums. If you are going to stay just in one town, you will stay in the center, of course, you won’t use public transport so much, so you will just need to use one of the modes of transport which are more comfortable for you. You buy one ticket and you can use it for any kind of transport. After the pass, it is available for 60 minutes. So, if you change bus to the tram and then to the boat, don’t beep it several times.:)

  • ⏩  Trains. The most popular public transport if it is necessary to go from town to town is the train. One of the reasons for its popularity is well-planned. It is a breathtaking feeling when you take a mountain train and you can admire the absolutely magnificent landscape while you are getting to your mountain resort. The price depends on the area and distance.
  • ⏩  Bus. In big cities buses will take you when you want where you need, just don’t forget about universal tickets.) It is necessary to know that there are day buses, 27 lines, and night buses Noctambus, 12 lines. One ticket for an adult person costs 3 CHF (a little bit less than 3 euros). No matter how many times you need to change transport, it is available for one hour.
  • ⏩  Trams and trolleybuses. They are less frequent than buses, just 4 and 6 lines, so, before using them, take a look at the transport map and work schedule. You can make it on the official site of the Geneva transport system Uniresco. By the way, if you know that during the day you will need to travel a lot, you can make a profit by buying a Day card which costs 10 CHF or a Day card at 9 AM, it can be used only after 9 AM (price is 9 CHF).
  • ⏩  Water transport. Yes, in Geneva it is possible to enjoy water traveling for a very low price. You should just buy two universal tickets and invite your lady to join you. It can be so great: warm coffee, Geneva Lake, a comfortable boat, you and her. Discover Geneva this way, it will be much better and much more romantic than a banal date in a café.
  • ⏩  Taxi. Of course, if you prefer a personal driver who will drive you quickly where you need, a taxi is the best way. It is more expensive, of course, but you will surely get it in time for your date. It starts from 6,30 CHF with 3,20 CHF for every kilometer (if you take a taxi at night, the price for one kilometer is higher — 3,80 CHF). If your date ends late, don’t forget to propose to your lady to call a taxi for her and pay for it. This way you will show your café and you will impress her with generosity.

Hotels in Switzerland

     One of the most important things in traveling planning is to choose the right place to stay. Even if you are coming to another country for three days, the right hotel can make your travel one of the most pleasant in your life or make it absolutely horrible even in the most beautiful place. Switzerland has so many variants to propose that it is more than possible to get lost in them. Of course, a lot depends on the place where you go and on your opportunities. We do not give you information about the prices of chalets in famous skiing resorts, but we just analyze some good variants in the most popular Switzerland tourist destination-Geneva. If you go to Zurich, prices will be about the same and we don't speak about it just because Zurich is more popular for business trips. Geneva successfully combines business and tourist sights and it is just an amazing big city where it is more than possible to find love and romance. So, take a look at nice Geneva hotels and choose carefully as you can invite your Geneva girl on a date in the restaurant of your hotel.

  • ✅  Staying in Geneva doesn’t cost anything like flying to the moon and back. Though it is a tourist city in a rich country, you can find amazing hotels for the middle price. When you are in Les Armures hotel, you feel like a king at once as if you are in a luxury building of the 17th century. There at once, you will feel the great atmosphere and charm of old Europe. It has a great situation, just 700 meters from the center and it is comfortable to get from it to the best sights or go on a date with a charming Swiss girl. However, if you stay in this place, you don’t need to go far away, invite your woman to join you in Café Les Armures and she will be glad as this place is very popular with local inhabitants and very recommended to all guests of the town as it’s the oldest and the most reputed coffee house. Don’t worry, in this hotel, you will have all new comfort: Satellite TVs, air conditioning, internet, and marble bathrooms. So, feel like a king just for 436€.
  • ✅  If you prefer to stay in luxury reputed places you should take a look at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix. It is almost impossible to find a hotel which is closer to the center, it is just 200 meters from it. So, you won’t waste your time on the way to the best sights, museums, and shops. The price is higher than in the previous variant, it will cost you 924€. The hotel is situated on the shore of Geneva Lake and you will have the possibility to enjoy this amazing view. On the other side, rooms look at Montblanc square, so all guests will be charmed by the view. All the rooms are well equipped with a mini bar, coffee machine, air conditioning, and flat TV, and they are designed with taste and elegance. Fitness club and 24h room service are for your service to give you a feeling of ideal comfort.
  • ✅  Not all the best things in Geneva are in the center. If you like to keep in contact with nature and you are not afraid to spend some on getting to the center, La Reserve Genève Hotel & Spa is just created for you. Yes, it is almost 5 kilometers from the center. It is situated in a picturesque park and it can spoil you with indoor and outdoor pools and 4 restaurants and a bar. As you can guess from the name, all guests can enjoy saunas, hammams, spas, baths, 17 treatment rooms, and a fitness center. So, you have all opportunities to come to your date well prepared.) Rooms don’t cost too much for such a service, 582€, and for this price you get really a lot: all modern comfort, air conditioning, TV and internet. If you worry about how to get to the center, the station is 300 meters away and in 12 minutes you can be in the center of Geneva. But if you travel in summer you can amazingly surprise your date. Invite her to join you in one of the restaurants and at the end of the date, you will be transferred to the center by boat (and it is absolutely free service). A romantic trip by the boat after dinner…her heart will surely melt.

Maybe you have the wrong impression that Geneva has only expensive hotels for rich tourists. Absolutely not. Take a look at a couple of places of very good level, which will surprise you with their price.

  • ✅  Do you want to feel like being on a cruise staying in Geneva? It is not a problem. Hotel-boat Floating Boat-Bnb is a place for people who want to have an excellent location, excellent view, and all the romance of Geneva. There is no fitness center or enormous rooms, but restaurant services are possible in the lounge, so, if you wish you can organize a really unforgettable date for you and your Switzerland girl. The price for the room on the boat is 257€ and you have the bonus of the best location, right in the center, and a feeling of privacy.
  • ✅  Switzerland in general and Geneva, in particular, offer a lot of hostels for tourists who are not too focused on comfort. The prices are very comfortable and they start from just 43€. However, sharing a room with other tourists is not too comfortable. If you wish to have certain privacy and comfort, but you prefer to spend your money on something else, you should take a look at John Knox Center. This hotel offers individual rooms with a private bathroom just for 77€. The hotel also provides guests with a restaurant, free parking, and a garden. Geneva International airport is just 2 kilometers and United Nations is 1,6 kilometers. Going to the center won’t take too much time, Geneva Lake is 3,6 kilometers, so, it is a very good budget variant to stay in Geneva.

Women's Demographic in Switzerland

     Switzerland is a great country. The most surprising in it is how easily and peacefully in a small place can live people of different nations and nationalities. 50,4% of all these people are females. So, you can easily meet the woman of your dreams in Switzerland. 25% of all the people in Switzerland are foreigners who temporarily live and work there. So, don’t be surprised if you meet a beautiful African or elegant Asiatic Swiss girl.) Dating a Swiss woman or Swiss girl you should remember that this nation is basically concentrated on work and well-being. It is important to show your seriousness from the beginning. Also, as a rule, you shouldn’t wait for a Swiss woman to make the first step in a relationship as they are mostly very conservative. Mostly it is easier to be involved in a relationship with a Switzerland woman if you come to dating slower, from simple communication as friends, and then only you are coming to classic dating. However, good news! As Switzerland is a very multi-cultured country, women here are very open-minded and they are positively looking at the possibility of relationships and marriage with foreign men. By statistics, 36% of all marriages in Switzerland are registered between a Swiss woman and a foreign man, which is a rather high percentage. So, you can be sure that you can easily become one of these happy men.) And if you are looking for amazingly beautiful and family-oriented women, you should pay attention to one Ukrainian woman who lives in Switzerland. According to official data, about 6 thousand Ukrainians live in Switzerland and more than half of them are women. After the beginning of the war conflict in Ukraine, this number significantly increased and you can meet a lot of Ukrainian single girls in Switzerland.

How to Meet a Woman in Switzerland

     As we previously told, Swiss women and girls are rather conservative and at the same time, they are open to relationships with foreign men. Some local inhabitants even state that a foreign man has much more chances to attract a Switzerland woman than a native one. Swiss women are often concentrated on work, but they never forget about active social life, so meeting them is rather easy. Just keep on reading and you will see some practical advice about how and where to meet beautiful Swiss singles.

  1. ❤️ Online. This way of dating becomes more and more popular and it is not surprising why. The daily life of an average Swiss woman is built this way: Morning routine, sport, work, her hobby (if this is a going out hobby, mostly she knows the people who she is doing it with), little rest in the evening, and sleep. On the weekend there are meetings with friends, and family, some going out, but in all situations, they are spending time in usual and comfortable surroundings. Being rather conservative, Swiss women like stability in everything including relationships and they prefer to come to dating knowing more or less well the person. Online dating gives you the possibility to communicate before the meeting, know each other well, and when you meet you can already feel like good friends. Of course, reality is not the same thing as the virtual world and there will be some moments of getting used to each other, but these moments quickly disappear if you have a really good understanding between you and your Swiss woman. So, before you travel it is a very good idea to join one of the international dating sites and meet there your beauty.
  2. ❤️ Night club. Meeting a beautiful stranger in a nightclub is one of the popular variants of dating. You should be rather confident in yourself and not too shy to approach a woman as mostly she is not going there alone but in the company of friends. So, if you even meet your girl there, you should be ready to meet her friends at once which is a little bit more complicated than meeting just a single girl. Plus, in such places, it can happen that you meet a woman who is interested in short-term relationships. If you are looking for something more serious and stable, perhaps a club is not the best place for you.
  3. ❤️ Doing sport. Switzerland women very often like a healthy lifestyle and they take care of their beauty and health. The fitness club of your hotel can be a good place for meeting charming women. This way has a lot of benefits. 1. You will surely meet a woman who you have a lot in common with. 2. It is easy to start a conversation just by asking for advice (even if you are a professional sportsman, ways of training can differ in different countries). 3. You will surely meet a woman of a certain social class 4. Most women who do sport have good health 5. It is easier to come to closer relationships after just a couple of such meetings in a sports club. In Switzerland, it is also highly recommended to do hiking. If you prescribe in one of the groups, you will have a lot of new impressions, emotions and you will meet a lot of new people, including charming girls
  4. ❤️ Charity participation. Women of all countries adore men with big hearts. Switzerland women are very socially active and they often participate in different charity events. It is up to you to choose what is closer to your character, saving kids from cancer or dying street animals. In any case, you will show the beauty of your soul, you will do something very important for the planet and you will meet amazing women who are willing to change the world for the better. Such activities make people closer to each other and plus, you can be sure of the wonderful moral qualities of your Swiss women.
  5. ❤️ Art and any kind of hobby. No matter if you came to Switzerland for work, tourism, or dating, don’t forget about your pleasures and this way can lead you to meetings with amazing women who you have a lot in common with. If you like sport- go to a sports club, sport event, do skiing, hiking, or anything you like. If it is just jogging in the morning, it will give you meetings with a lot of nice girls. If you like culinary- don’t hesitate, to ask your hotel if they can recommend any courses or master classes with degustation, excursions to the caves, or any other culinary activities. If you like art- Switzerland can offer you a big number of museums and there you can meet not only tourists but local women who find inspiration and relax this way. Just get pleasure from life and your journey in Switzerland and this country will offer you a lot of meetings which can change your life.

Ready to Chat with Girls? Look at the Page "Girls on-Line" Or you may want to meet Blond Girls, Brunettes, Redheaded Ladies, or Ladies with long hair.

Free Dating Sites vs Paid Dating Sites

     As we previously mentioned, online dating is becoming more and more popular. This way you are finding singles who are willing to be in relationships, you can stay anonymous, and you can do it no matter when and no matter where. Nowadays there are so many sites and applications, it is so comfortable to use them and communicate with your favorite girl. Plus, you can communicate not only with one woman. If in reality, it is not a very good idea to meet several women at the same time, online dating can give you the possibility to communicate with several women and it is absolutely normally accepted. You can meet people from different countries, and people of different cultures and as our world is so great and various, this is so attractive, to meet a woman who can give you not only romantic emotions but who can make you culturally richer! If you are shy or you just don’t have time for traditional dating and searching for your love, the online world is opening for you a door to happy relationships and endless opportunities. However, in such various dating sites and dating apps it is possible to get absolutely lost: which one to choose? Who can you trust? Let's analyze which apps are popular in Switzerland, how dating sites work, and which one to choose, a free one or paid one.

The most used and most popular dating apps in Switzerland are:

  • Bumble
  • Badoo
  • Youmee
  • Lovetastic

It is sure that dating apps are comfortable to use, however, if you have serious intentions, it is better to use the service of dating sites as even the best Switzerland dating apps cannot provide you with all the services that international dating sites can. You should pay attention exactly to international dating sites as when you travel in Europe, it is not too reasonable to focus on one of the countries as Europe is absolutely open space and you don’t need to limit yourself in search of love. Who knows, maybe your woman is waiting for you in France or Italy, very close to Switzerland. By using international dating sites you don’t limit your choice by theoretical borders. So, which site to use, paid or free?

  1. ⏩ True information. On free dating sites registration is more than simple. There are almost no rules and you can call yourself any way possible. You can set any information about you, any age, country, or city. Nobody will check if it is correct or not. It gives a feeling of adventure and freedom. But you risk communicating not with a beautiful girl from Switzerland, but with an old man from China. On the paid site you also can use nicknames, but for the administration, you give your real name. You should mark your real age and your real country. Of course, paid sites are not policemen and they won’t demand documents, but as a rule, you should provide them with your real information. As for women's profiles, they are all checked (including documents). Paid sites check them to be sure that a woman is free, not married, and her real age. So, on paid sites, you can be calm about the information in women's profiles. By the way, there also won’t be the surprise of 4 hidden kids).
  2. ⏩ Safety. All the people are afraid to be lied to or scammed. Unfortunately on the internet, there are thousands of scammers and just people who made the Internet their place of earning money. On free dating sites, you can meet a lot (really a lot) of such people. Everything will start well, you will be glad to communicate, you will start a kind of relationship, then, you will hear a sad story of mom’s illness (kid’s illness, burned home, broken leg, and so on) and you will be asked for help. Very often people agree to help. Not because they are silly or not careful, but just because such frauds on the net are very professional. On paid dating sites you are protected from such people. On every serious dating site, there is an anti-spam policy. To be sure of your safety, please, take a look at
  3. ⏩ Services. Serious dating sites provide you with a big number of services: text and video chat, writing letters, sending photos, sometimes even little videos, gift delivery, meeting organization, matchmaking service, romantic tours organization, and organization of the meetings. You can be sure that your lady will get a gift from you at a time that is comfortable for her and you will get photos of her happy smile. You can address the administration at any time and they will consult you. If you want to see the administration on Skype with video, it is also possible as serious dating sites have absolutely nothing to hide. One such dating site is and to find out more take a look here

 Free dating sites mostly offer you nothing except chat. Not too inspiring, right?:)

⏩ Understanding. The most important in communication is understanding. It is important at the beginning of relationships. Of course, now there are translation programs and they work well if you are communicating in one of the popular languages, like English and Spanish, for example. There are mistakes, and some phrases can look absolutely silly, but it is possible to understand each other more or less. But if your beauty speaks one of the languages you don't use too frequently, it is better to address the service of professionals. On paid sites, you get the service of translation and this way you avoid any misunderstandings with your woman. As in Switzerland, there are four official languages, you should think about how to understand your perfect Swiss girl.

It is possible to talk a lot about the pros and cons of paid and free dating sites. The most important thing that most people do not like is the idea that nobody should pay for love. On a paid site you don’t pay for love, but for professional service. Plus, you are free to choose what services you need and which you don’t need at all.

Matchmaking Services in Switzerland

     Matchmaking service is a particular service for people who want to have results as soon as possible and who don’t have time or desire to do routine searches. When you are on any dating site, you can see hundreds of beautiful women. On good sites, there are search engines that help you to meet women who you need (for example, women from 30 to 35 y.o. or just blond women if the hair color of your beauty is important to you). However, even then the choice is often too big. Plus, you cannot be sure if a woman matches you. The advantage of the matchmaking service is that the matchmaker knows all women in person. You just need to tell what kind of woman you like (energetic or calm, focused on work, or a family woman who doesn’t want to work in the future, with or without kids, and so on). All your appearance demands also count. Matchmakers can advise you which women they would recommend to you and you should listen to this advice as most matchmakers are highly professional people with good psychological skills. And very often you can meet a woman in your life very easily. In the same way, you can just not notice her while looking at profiles as the perfect woman for you is not always the most beautiful, but the one which makes your heart beat like crazy just when you are looking at her smile. So, don’t wait too long. Being happy is more pleasant than being lonely. Take a look here and keep going toward your dream.

Switzerland is waiting for you. It promises you adventures, amazing rest, and, just if you wish, a lot of romance and love.


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