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Winter wishes from SlavicGirl team. winter-wishes-from-slavicgirl-team-1E5.jpgDear friends! Winter is a magical time for everybody - time for making wishes and seeing them come ...
We are finalists at “iDate AWARDS – 2019”!

Welcome to SlavicGirl



My name is Elena. As an owner of the SlavicGirl marriage agency I am honored to welcome you on this site!

While you are reading this there must be many thoughts crossing your mind… is this genuine? Will I give it a shot? What can they give me? And how are they different from many others?

Yet if you read this, I believe you have a purpose, hope and decisiveness to cross the finish line. I would be glad to uncover to you the secrets of our success which made it possible for hundreds of happy couples get together.

My agency was born not as a business idea or economical aim. It appeared from a big hope to help my best friend who lost her belief in love and “happy story”. Our story started many years ago - in 2000, the era when people were just starting to step into progressive international dating world as we know it now. :)

I am pleased to say that my friend got married to an American man. :) Once the happy couple announced about their nuptial, other friends and the friends of friends rushed in willing to take their chances in search of love, marriage and happiness. And this is how, without loud advertisements or professional help, SlavicGirl marriage agency started growing fast simply by word-of-mouth.

Back in the time we had our doors open for everyone who wished to change their life... However now I must carefully review and approve each new profile in the office of our agency while having a personal meeting and conversation with every beautiful girl.

Through the years a small friendly team of just a couple of people turned into a big family of professionals in different languages and spheres as we are now. We are ready to assist you in English, French, German and Italian. You will get a reliable customer support service, personalized approach and professional advice.

I can firmly state that the real, best, and the most sincere Ukrainian ladies and Russian brides are waiting for you here. And who knows, maybe one of them is your second half, who is just waiting for you to find her!

Our motto is "We are born to make you happy!". Take a chance and meet the love of your life on slavic-girl.com!

Kind regards,



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Home. s-JUe3.jpg
Todd and Victoria (USA)

Single friends and relatives of the Slavic Girl marriage agency staff know how professional our team is. Therefore, they often use our services in their search for love. The happy marriage of Todd and Victoria is an example of an excellent work of our team! We are proud to make our close people happy and wish our amazing couple from USA many wonderful years together!

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Home. s-48g7.jpg
Anna and Mark Davis (USA)

Anna came to the Slavic Girl marriage agency in search for love. She was so bright that Mark fell in love with her at once. And his feeling was mutual! Inspired by their success Anna and Mark decided to create their own dating site, Dream Connections, which we are proud to have a lasting successful cooperation with. More to say, this outstanding couple recently started to fund an orphanage "Solnyshko" in Mykolaiv. They have so much love to share!

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Home. s-vPk3.jpg
Natalia and Angelo (Italy)

Angelo had been visiting Ukraine several times while searching for his special lady but still wasn’t lucky to find the One. He chose to date Natalia by recommendation of the Slavic Girl Agency manager as he had no correspondence with the lady before. All was arranged and the first meeting was wonderful! Natalia fell in love almost immediately when they met each other.

As it often happens, some obstacles should have appeared for the couple to examine their feelings...

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Home. s-jxqx.jpg
Nina and Barry (England)

Barry was having a correspondence with a lady on a marriage site. He was thinking of getting married with her. But the lady was not actually ready to move to another country. After all, Barry understood that this relationship will not work.

Nina was also willing to find her love soon and to create a strong and tight-knit family with her man. She came to the Slavic Girl marriage agency when she had a son already. Soon she got acquainted with Barry...

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Home. s-85Ii.jpg
Oksana and Cyril (France)

The correspondence with Oksana was not long before Cyril decided to come to Ukraine. He was planning to meet several ladies except Oksana who was on top of his list. After the very first meeting Cyril understood that no other ladies interest him as Oksana was the one he was searching for!

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