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Dating Blog
Zodiac Compatibility. zodiac-compatibility-19I.jpg
22.11.2020 22:30

Zodiac Compatibility

A horoscope compatibility can be a good help in a couple's relationship. This doesn't mean that the prospects for a romantic union depend on the percentage
Entering Ukraine during COVID-19 pandemia. entering-ukraine-during-covid-19-pandemia-fjQ.jpg
08.11.2020 14:35

Entering Ukraine during COVID-19 pandemia

New Reality - New Rules but We Are Always Ready to Help You That is obvious our lives have changed dramatically because of COVID-19. It may happen so
5 weddings in Sept/Oсt 2020!. 4-weddings-in-september-Zj1.jpg
26.10.2020 13:18

5 weddings in Sept/Oсt 2020!

We are happy to announce that we have 5 weddings announced in September 2020! 3 couples have already made their vows, the other ones are planning
Travel restrictions are out of date!. travel-restrictions-are-out-of-date-D76.jpg
02.10.2020 14:27

Travel restrictions are out of date!

At the moment it looks like traveling to Ukraine is possible. The official term of previous traveling restrictions was ending at 00:00, September 28, 2020..
Good news about traveling to Ukraine!. good-news-about-traveling-to-ukraine-15a.jpg
12.08.2020 12:20

Good news about traveling to Ukraine!

We are very thankful to those courageous men who visited our office in July! Their sincere desire to meet the girls they were writing to helped them to
Ukrainian borders are open again!. ukrainian-borders-are-open-again-TU7.jpg
16.06.2020 16:46

Ukrainian borders are open again!

At last! Good news! Though the situation with COVID-19 in Ukraine was not critical and the country had a low number of infected people, we followed
Overcome coronavirus with Love! ❤. overcome-coronavirus-with-love--6Kw.jpg
24.03.2020 19:31

Overcome coronavirus with Love! ❤

Dear customers, we receive lots of questions these days about the situation in Ukraine and the possibilities for traveling and meeting Ukrainian ladies.
How to marry a Russian woman. -how-to-marry-a-russian-woman-58U.jpg
18.03.2020 09:19

How to marry a Russian woman

When we talk to our clients and ask them how they found us, the most common answers are “I realized that I want to marry a Russian woman after I
March, 8th is coming!. march-8th-is-coming-pim.jpg
05.03.2020 16:55

March, 8th is coming!

Maybe you have never heard about this holiday, but it makes Slavic women wait for spring more impatiently. ;) For more than 100 years this day has
16.02.2020 11:41

Valentine's greetings from SlavicGirl team

Dear Friends, St. Valentine's day is a special event for our whole team. It is the day when we recall the love stories created in our agency