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About myself
I consider myself as an optimistic,easy-going,cheerful person.My friends say I have a good sense of humor and it is never boring with me.I am quite socaible and talkative,active and energetic. I have a quick and inquisitive mind. I have a compassionate heart and bright soul. I strive to create, create beauty around me. Positive, I can inspire. I strive to create an atmosphere of trustiness and celebration (smiley) I strive to learn something new and interesting. I like to unite people, friends. But I also value solitude, respect the boundaries of another person. Avoid manipulative, toxic relationships. Believe in true love!
About him
I am here to find my true and only one love. I am looking for a decent, with the right values of life, intelligent, wise, with a warm heart person. Mature psychologically, able to care, take responsibility and love and accept love.