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girls with long hair


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girls with long hair


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 Dating Girls with Long Hair — Meet Single Girls with Very Long Hair.

Long Hair Dating Websites 2024

Last updated on Avril 9, 2024

     According to Freud, a woman's long hair informs the opposite sex that she has good genes, good health, and can give birth to numerous viable offspring. Do you agree that all is so prosaic?)

Girls with long hair

In the Article "Girls with Long Hair"

Is Long Hair a Sign of Beauty?

   People have admired women with long haircuts for all centuries. They are told to be charming, sweet, and feminine. Many pieces of art depict unearthly goddesses, noble dames, and high-ranked ladies with different hairstyles for long hair. The standards of body beauty changed one another, but long hairstyles remained an eternal classic. Beauty experts tell that hair length is genetically inherent, so not all girls manage to grow an enviable head of hair, even following all the instructions of hairdressers. 

  • ⏩  Girls with long hair are becoming famous bloggers on Instagram. Wherever the girls pose - against the backdrop of the sea with seagulls, majestic architecture, or exotic nature — subscribers appreciate the spectacular appearance. It is worth noting that in addition to a luxurious head of hair, girls with long hair often boast a model figure. 
  • ⏩  The girls with long hair keep their blogs about beauty, fashion, and art, and there they also tell how all their lives they were shy about their hair, trying to somehow cope with them. And only in adulthood, girls accepted their natural features, stop straightening their hair, and braiding them in pigtails, which quickly attracted the attention of fashion photographers and glossy publications. Now, on their blog, girls stand up for natural beauty, urging you to love and accept your hair, skin, and body as nature gave them to you.

Girls with long hair

What Does Long Hair Symbolize?

    According to the definition given by Carl Jung, a long-haired woman is the so-called "archetype", an image embedded in our subconsciousness from birth, transmitted at the genetic level. The first woman on Earth, Eve, had no idea what a haircut was. She had long hair that was much more important than just natural adornment. Her hair served as a kind of blanket with which she wrapped the children, protecting them from the cold and creating a kind of energy protection from everything bad. According to Freud, long hair in a woman tells the opposite sex that she has a good gene pool, good health, and can bear and give birth to numerous viable offspring. When a man looks at a long-haired girl, on a subconscious level, he gives her an assessment as a future mother for his children, she seems to him more attractive than girls with short hair. By cutting her hair, a woman herself deprives herself of one of the main sexual identifiers.

    Fairy tales and Bible stories tell us that hair length has some certain magic, it concentrates the life power of an owner and keeps him/her healthy and strong. Among Slavic folks, long hair is also a symbol of beauty, femininity, and closeness to nature. They say that hair “records” everything that happens to us. That is why ladies who decide to start a new chapter of their lives often begin by cutting their hair short. 
Lady's long hair unconsciously shows the man that the lady is healthy and feminine and awakens his male nature. There are still many young as well as mature ladies in Ukraine who choose long hair as their style. In the Ukrainian historical tradition, the long hair of the unmarried girl showed her purity and virginity. Girls made braids and decorated hair with ribbons. A flower crown with ribbons is still an element of the national costume. When the girl got married she still had long hair but then she had to hide it under a headscarf. Of course, this tradition was gone years ago and now men can enjoy the view of wavy or straight flowing hair no matter what age or status the lady has. There is one more tip about long hair - it is very hot to wear long flowing hair in summer. So when you have a first date with the lady in summer, do not feel disappointed when she comes to the meeting with a ponytail or has her hair in a bun. Instead, you can imagine how sexy and intimate she will look undoing her hair for you.

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Girls with very long hair

Why Is Long Hair Attractive?

    By Carl Jung’s definition, a long-haired woman is an image embedded in our subconscious from birth, transmitted at the genetic level. The first woman on Earth, Eve, had no idea what a haircut was. She had long hair, which was much more important than just a natural decoration. Her hair served as a kind of veil, by which she wrapped the children, protecting them from the cold and creating a kind of energy protection against all the bad.

    Very often long hair is the main decoration of a girl. It attracts, delights, and seduces. Of course, we are only talking about beautiful, well-groomed, shiny hair. It enhances the girl's natural beauty better than cosmetics or any accessories. A girl with long hair does not need bright pretentious makeup, she knows that she is beautiful without a thick layer of powder and eyeshadow. In addition, everyone knows how difficult not only to grow long hair but also to take care of it day after day.
    Men are crazy about long hair, and this is unlikely to ever change. Believe it or not, according to the results of one study, when men were asked to choose: go on a date with a girl stranger with fourth breast size or with the owner of luxurious hair, 60% of respondents chose a girl with beautiful hair. Men prefer feminine and well-groomed young ladies, and long hair is one of the main symbols of femininity and sexuality.

Girls with long hair

Advantages of Long Hair and Disadvantages of Short Ones

Advantages of Long Hair
✅  Easier to do styling for every day. Long hair - heavy hair, there are look neat, they do not frizz, do not stick out. Washed, dried, combed, sprinkled with a light styling product - and you're done. Their hair is beautiful and neat. It may take too long to dry your hair for a long time, but to suffer from styling, doing bouffants, to get upset because of one sticking out strand - this will not happen.
✅  No need to visit the hairdresser every month. Long hair should be trimmed once every 2-3 months. And that's all. With long hair, you will not be able to save on hair dye and care products, but you will significantly reduce your haircut costs.
✅  Long hair is less messy. Long hair is said to keep it looking fresher and longer, especially if you like to pull it up in a high ponytail or bun. Even if your hair is loose, you do not need to correct it during the day, touch it with your hands, or smooth it. Moreover, the sebum secreted by the scalp is distributed from root to tip, and as a result, long hair becomes dirty a little more slowly than short hair
✅  The fashion for long hair is constant. Long hair is always relevant. Yes, there were times when women did not wear loose hair, but they always did beautiful intricate hairstyles and weaved long braids. Long hair is beyond the competition — despite the volatility of fashion trends, a woman will always be proud of her luxurious curls to the waist.
Disadvantages of Short Hair
❌  What about the short ones? A short haircut will test your patience every morning. Drying them is easy, but getting short hair to lie exactly how you want it to be is another matter entirely. Of course, in a hairdressing salon, the stylist will make the perfect hairstyle that suits you very much, but can you repeat it at home? Not a fact at all.
❌  What about the short ones? Five to six weeks will pass and your hairstyle will lose its original appearance. The trendy bob will disappear, and the hair will begin to resemble an unfinished bob.
❌  What about the short ones? And although many girls are used to washing their hair every day, regardless of hair length, frequent washing of short hair is not a whim, but a necessity. They get dirty very quickly, and sometimes perfectly clean hair in the morning looks stale and unkempt by the evening of the same day.
❌  What about the short ones? To be honest, in the 30s of the last century, bob and hairstyles a la garcon were more popular with girls than long hair. But then the fashion for them went away. In one year, all women of fashion had their hair cut short, and in another, they again began to convulsively grow their hair.

Wonder-Women with Long Hair are All Around ;)

    Many women do not have enough time for themselves because of raising their children or working. Attractiveness and femininity take a back seat to them, so they cut their hair. They sacrifice their beauty for the sake of other, more important goals. Ukrainian girls and Russian ladies know how to combine their household chores by taking care of themselves. They manage to look gorgeous being housewifely at the same time. On our dating website, you can meet single girls with long hair from Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Kryvyi Rih, Rivne, in the USA: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, in the UK: London, Manchester, Birmingham, in Ireland.

Girl with long hair

Girls with Longest Hair in the World

Girl with the longest hair Nilanshi Patel

Girl with longest hair Nilanshi Patel

  • ⏩  Teenage girl Nilanshi Patel from India's Six-Foot-Long Hair broke her record and entered another Guinness World Record for having the “Longest hair in the world.” 

Girl with Long Hair ​Lianne Robinson

  • ⏩  Lianne Robinson

​Girl with Long Hair Daria Gubanova

Girl with long hair Daria

  • ⏩  Daria Gubanova or, more correctly, Russian Rapunzel. Daria has beautiful and thick wavy hair that ends in the ankle area. The girl says that she has not cut them since 2003, but the strands are in very good condition.

​Girl with Long Hair Tatyana Gordikova

  • ⏩  Tatyana Gordikova is also a beauty from Russia with long wavy hair. The girl assures that she has not cut her hair in more than 8 years.

Girl with Long Hair ​Katya Longhair

  • ⏩  Katya Longhair - is the girl's nickname on Instagram. Katya is a coach with gorgeous 1.5-meter-long red hair. Such a bright head of hair looks amazing and suits a very well to this beautiful girl!

​Girl with Long Hair Anastasia Sidorova

  • ⏩  Anastasia Sidorova is a beauty that delights with her luxurious long red hair! Anastasia does a great job of caring for her gorgeous hair and tells her Instagram followers how to properly care for their hair.

​Girl with Long Hair Elena the Beautiful

  • ⏩  Elena the Beautiful is another famous blogger with long hair. Elena writes about her hair, which is already a little over a meter long and helps to choose the right shampoos, conditioners, and other care cosmetics.

Girl with Long Hair ​Lyubov Tishchenko

  • ⏩  Lyubov Tishchenko is a graceful blogger from Kharkiv, Ukraine. She delights fans not only with her beautiful figure but also with gorgeous long hair of the color of coffee with milk!

Girl with Long Hair ​Rin Kambe

  • ⏩  Rin Kambe is a long-haired Rapunzel from Japan. Without a doubt, Rin deserves this title as her hair is shorter than her toes!

Girl with Long Hair ​Annmarie

  • ⏩  Annmarie is a girl blogger from America. The girl is engaged in active jogging, participates in marathons, and has beautiful brown hair.

Modern Feminine Haircuts

    Throughout the centuries Slavic women have used many hairstyles for long hair including regular braids, pinned hair, a milkmaid braid, and a french braid. They also like wearing long weave hairstyles which guarantees a very tender look. Nowadays most Beautiful Ukrainian Women do their hair up or wear long hair loose. In 2020-2023 years, the natural look is on top.

Be Proactive While Date Long Hair Women!

    Today men have forgotten how to conquer women. As soon as some woman attracts a man's attention, he just starts with cliches: "You are so beautiful!", "Why are you alone?", "Let's go somewhere", "I'm not like the others." Surely many women have heard this more than once. It sounds fake and insincere, but for some reason, it is now so accepted. 

Perhaps it is Worth Remembering 7 Forgotten Ways to Conquer a Woman.

  1.  BE SINCERE. ​Be yourself. You don't have to act as if she is some object that you are trying to conquer. Treat her like a woman whose respect you are trying to earn. Try to understand her better. Just like you, she works, thinks, plans something, and somehow builds her life. Show interest in all aspects of her daily life.
  2. BE CONFIDENT. Confidence manifests itself in your words, and even more in your actions. A woman hears it in a man's voice, sees it in his eyes, and feels it in his movements. She will feel it immediately, even without words. Although life is always full of obstacles, do not allow yourself to concentrate on the thought that you may lose her. Instead, be proud of the way you feel about her. Let her have no reason to look for someone else. If you are tormented by insecurity and jealousy, you will achieve only that you push her away from you. You will ruin every chance of building a healthy relationship. So stop worrying about other men. There will always be someone more handsome, smarter, and more successful than you. If you think about it all the time, you will never be happy with yourself. 
  3. BE SPONTANEOUS. The older we are, the more structured our life becomes. Every day has been planned, and in most cases, we do not have enough time to do everything. Take a break from this crazy schedule and allow yourself a little spontaneity. There is no need to schedule a meeting — just call her and offer to go, for example, to the mountains to meet the sunrise, or to walk around the city all night, or take her to her favorite show or a jazz concert. There is a whole world around us that you can discover for yourself outside of any schedule. The best moments in life pass by themselves, and we cannot predict them. Standard dates are a bit boring, so come up with something more original.
  4. SHOW RESPECT. Men often forget that a woman should not be treated like a “boyfriend”. She deserves a different attitude. First rule: never swear with her, and don't say hurtful words — it's disgusting. Would you like to have someone talk to your daughter like that? Hold the door in front of her, and help her seat at the table by pulling a chair. You create the connection that will fuel your passion. And then sex is no longer just sex, but something much more. She will be encouraged to be so respected and her desire will only grow stronger.
  5. BE INTERESTED IN HER. Intelligence is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. Try to learn something new every day, and deepen your knowledge in the area that interests her. When it becomes a part of your life, you can dream together, make plans, come up with your future life and turn your ideas into reality. Give meaning to your conversations. Talk about what motivates and inspires you.
  6. BE PATIENT. As you know, you drive quieter — the further you will be. Women find patience sexually attractive. You seem to be saying: I'm ready to wait because you are worth it. It is important to remain sincere and honest, show respect for her, and value her as a woman. Then, perhaps, you will receive a long-awaited prize. And if not — so be it, that's okay too. Every moment of life is our experience, we should not discard it.
  7. BE A MAN. The world is full of men living without passion and purpose. They don't want to be vulnerable and therefore are afraid to open up to a woman. They seek out the most attractive women and try to subdue them by posing as someone they are not, only to be used and abandoned when another, equally beautiful, appears on the horizon. Sometimes they come back and swear that things will be different now.

Dive into our catalog of long-haired beauties and try Ukrainian Dating to catch your golden fish online who will bring your desire of being happy to live!;) 

girls with long hair

FAQ about Girls with Very Long Hair and Long Hair Dating

❤️  I Always Dreamed to Date a Long Hair Girl, Do You Have Special Long Hair Dating?

In our agency, we register ladies with different hair lengths and hair colors, ages, and weights. Our only demand for the lady is to be sincerely interested in building relationships with foreign men. But here, on this page, you can see only profiles of long hair beautiful girls because long-hair-girl romance has a special influence on many men.

❤️  My Friend Married a Long Hair Beautiful Girl from Ukraine, I am Also Looking for a Wife. Are Girls Here Serious?

Our agency has been successfully working for more than 15 years and we register ladies only after talking to them in person. So our managers refuse ladies who don’t seem to be serious.

❤️  Are There any Very Long Hair Dating Sites You Can Recommend?

We can recommend you deal only with dating sites that have a reliable reputation. Every month we register new long hair girls, so keep checking this page.

❤️  How Can I Contact the Long Hair Girl From This Page?

Click on the photo of the long hair beautiful girl, and choose if you want to write to her, chat with her, or wink at her. You will get a short registration form, register on this site for free, and start communicating with your long-hair beauty.

Girl with long hair


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