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Slav girl and Ukraine girl dating.Slavic girl with long hair


According to Freud, woman's long hair informs the opposite sex that she has good genes, good health and is able to give birth to numerous viable offspring. Do you agree that all is so prosaic?)


Beauty standards

People have admired women with long haircuts in all centuries. They are told to be charming, sweet and feminine. Many pieces of art depict unearthly goddesses, noble dames, high-ranked ladies with different hairstyles for long hair. The standards of body beauty changed one another, but long hairstyles remained an eternal classic.


Symbolism of long hair

Fairy tales and Bible stories tell us that hair length has some certain magic, it concentrates the life power of an owner and keeps him/her healthy and strong. Among Slavic folks long hair is also a symbol of beauty, femininity, closeness to the nature. They say that hair “records” everything what happens to us. That is why ladies who decide to start a new chapter of their lives often begin with cutting their hair short.


Why long-haired women attract men?

By Carl Jung’s definition a long-haired woman is the image embedded in our subconscious from birth, transmitted at the genetic level. The first woman on Earth, Eve, had no idea what a haircut was. She had long hair, which was much more important than just a natural decoration. Her hair served as a kind of veil, by which she wrapped the children, protecting them from the cold and creating a kind of energy protection against all the bad.


Wonder-women are all around ;)

Many women do not have enough time for themselves because of raising their children or working. Attractiveness and femininity takes a back seat to them, so they cut their hair. They sacrifice their beauty for the sake of other, more important goals. Ukrainian women and Russian ladies know how to combine their household chores with taking care about themselves. They manage to look gorgeous being housewifely at the same time.


Modern feminine haircuts

Throughout the centuries Russian and Ukrainian women have used many hairstyles for long hair including regular braids, pinned hair, a milkmaid braid and a french braid. They also like wearing long weave hairstyles which guarantees a very tender look. Nowadays most Slavic girls do their hair up or wear long hair loose. In 2017-2018 years natural look is on top.


Be proactive!

Dive in our catalog of long-haired beauties and try to catch your golden fish who will bring your desire of being happy to life! ;)



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