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Dating in Weston, Florida 2024. How to Find a Girlfriend in Weston? Meet Single Girls and Mature Women in Weston

Last updated on June 13, 2024

     How do you imagine an ideal place for vacations? Of course, it depends on the personal taste of every person. However, many of us would say “palm trees, gold sand, water, waves, wonderful climate, good restaurants, and, of course, beautiful smiling women”. Weston is a young city, a part of the Miami metropolitan area and it presents the picture of an ideal place for vacations. This city is an extremely pleasant place to live in. It is beautiful, calm, and surrounded by water. There you will feel like a little part of paradise and this is a wonderful place for looking for love as Weston is breathing with romance and relaxation. If you dream of spending your next vacation in a charming place with a subtropical rainforest climate, if you wish to enjoy the beauty of nature, but you don’t want to spend your time in big expensive cities, if you dream to meet a lovely Southern American single girl — come to Weston and you will have very big chances to meet your love there. However, for that, it will be necessary to read this article till the end and use certain tips in order to meet your charming single woman from Weston.

Weston is a place that is very easy to get to as it is situated only 30 miles away from Miami, so if you would like to visit both these places, there is nothing easier.;) This city is more than attractive for searching for a soul mate as people there believe in love and family values. Plus, if you have always dreamt of a hot brunette girl, you should surely go to this place. In Weston, most of the population has Hispanic origin and it influenced local traditions, habits, and of course, the special beauty of women there. Go on reading and we will give you a lot of advice about how to spend the best vacations in your life, how to find the right woman for you, and how to win her heart.:)

In the Article “Dating in Weston, Florida”

Dating Traditions in Weston, Florida

     Dating somebody from another country or another state is always an exciting adventure. If you dream about a beautiful Weston girl, you should know some particularities of this city and of Florida State. There is nothing too scary, don’t worry. However, there are some moments to take into consideration.:)

  • Remember the local climate. Even if you like hot weather and think you can perfectly deal with it, remember that the heat can be different. In Weston, the heat is very humid, and going to this beautiful place you should take light clothing from natural materials. It is sure that you want to look good on a date with a beautiful local girl and you don’t want to be sweating all the time and destroy all the good impressions about you. Except for light clothing, take a shower several times a day (not because you are dirty, just to refresh), and don’t use too much perfume. In hot conditions, it can have a bomb effect. But not in a good way.
  • Love doesn’t know age in Weston. If you think that you are too old to find your love, forget about it! In Weston, there is a rather big percentage of senior marriages. Plus, mature women in Weston are unlike the typical grannies.:) Local mature women are often beautiful and sporty, they like to walk, play golf and swim. They know how to enjoy life and they don’t avoid parties.:) If you dream to meet your beautiful senior woman, Weston is an amazing place for that. Just be yourself and feel younger than you are. Age is just a number in your documents and you should let yourself do some crazy things.:)
  • It is OK to take your time. We don’t mean that you should stay in your hotel room and enjoy the life of a turtle in the box. Just in Florida in general and in Weston in particular, the climate is very warm almost all the year. This way all the people living there are constantly in a “summer” mood. So, if your girlfriend comes a little bit later to the date, don’t worry and don’t think that she doesn’t appreciate you. Just all the people are relaxed there and they do not hurry up.:) By the way, it doesn’t mean that you should be late for your date!
  • Party mood. People in Weston like to organize parties near the pool, parties in the garden, and just parties no matter where. Mostly they happen on the weekend and it is more than possible that on the second or the third date your girlfriend can propose to you to join her at the party organized by one of her friends. Just be very attentive! Even if it is OK for you to drink some beer, wine, or any other alcohol and after that, you feel good in your state or in your country, in Florida, you can easily lose control and get into unpleasant situations. Don’t forget about the heat which influences all the people and sometimes have fun with cocktails without alcohol. This way you will impress your lady much better than getting drunk.:)
  • City or nature. All the Weston girls can be theoretically divided into two categories: those who like to spend dates in nature and those who like to have fun in the town. You will easily understand what your girlfriend likes. Try to organize your dates according to her preferences and if she adores calm beaches, sunsets, golf or hiking, doesn’t propose her go together to the nightclub. She will just think that you are too different. If you have absolutely opposite likes, maybe it is better to meet somebody else as Weston girls can compromise on small things, but they always stay faithful to their love of nature or… to city life.

Prices in Weston

Weston is a beautiful place. And of course, like in all beautiful places, prices can be a little bit higher than in other cities of the United States. However, if you compare it with Miami prices, of course, Weston will seem a very nice and not too expensive city. People living in this charming town mostly have rather high salaries and they easily let themselves enjoy life in this palm-tree paradise. Take a look at our list of prices for certain goods to be able to plan your budget and relax completely during your romantic trip.

  • Coffee. Though Weston has a warm climate, in the morning, when everything is breathing with freshness, it is so great to enjoy fresh coffee with excellent aroma and taste. It will wake you up and it will help you to get into the right state of mind. In Weston it is better to take it on the open terrace of cafes, look at the waking up city, and who knows, maybe you will notice a charming woman who will answer your smile. Cappuccino costs about $4, if you prefer espresso, you will need to pay about 3,2$. Take your time and enjoy your favorite morning drinks!
  • Water. In such a hot and humid place, of course, it is impossible to live without water. Local sellers understand it well and don’t make a profit on such important things. Taking water in the supermarket is much cheaper than ordering it in the restaurant, so, it is better to always have a bottle with you. A 1L bottle will cost you just $0,67. If you are waiting for your girlfriend in a café and you feel thirsty, you will need to pay about $2 0,33L. If you prefer Coke or Pepsi, it will cost you about $2,52. Don’t forget to drink enough liquid and enjoy your hot vacation.:)
  • Beer. On hot days, which means almost all the year, local people avoid too strong alcoholic drinks. They prefer cocktails or beer. Going to a nice pub you can enjoy a warm atmosphere and taste some local sorts. Pub beer will cost you about 5$ which is not too expensive for a refreshing drink. If you want to have some beer in the supermarket and have a kind of picnic with your girlfriend, it will cost you about $2,87. Just don’t forget to take some snacks with you.)
  • Lunch in a non-expensive café. Local cuisine is something that you should surely taste. Many local cafes are famous for homemade food and owners are proud to offer you various and tasty food. Lunch in such a café will cost about 24$. If you hurry up and you do have not too much time to enjoy lunch in a nice café, you can always address one of the equivalents of McDonalds. There, lunch will cost you about $9,5. Of course, quality is not the same, but sometimes we need to take something quickly and run to the meeting with a charming local singleton. Right?
  • Dinner for two. Even if you like to have original and various dates, a classic romantic dinner for two is always a good decision. You will have the opportunity not only to eat but also enjoy warm calm conversation, get to know each other better, enjoy a romantic atmosphere, sometimes even dance, and surely- get closer. Of course, restaurants and prices there are very different, but in general, a dinner for two with entrees, salads, wine, dishes, desserts, and coffee will cost you about $79,5. A wonderful evening with your charming lady deserves it!

Hotels in Weston

     Now you know how much you will need for lunch, dinner, and some daily expenses. The next very important point in any traveling planning is where to stay and where to have a meal. A good hotel will give you the necessary comfort and additional pleasant services and the right choice of restaurants will help you to make the right choice when you organize your date. The wrong hotel and wrong restaurant can give unnecessary unpleasant emotions and make your trip much worse than you hope. So, take a look at our little list and choose hotels and restaurants that answer your tastes and needs.:)

Weston is not a business city. It is a good place for living and for spending their vacations. It is also a very good place for finding beautiful girls and just enjoying life. This is the reason why there are just 4 hotels in Weston, but all of them offer a good level of comfort and a palm tree view.:) There are other variants of the hotels nearby (really very close) and we propose it to your attention.

  • Residence Inn by Marriott Fort Lauderdale Weston is a good clean hotel that offers you not only comfortable rooms, but also a fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, and hot tub. All the rooms have flat TVs and a work desk. You can also use the service of dry cleaning and laundry. All the guests are fond of their tasty breakfasts.:) You can invite your girlfriend to enjoy the evening on the patio and the evening near the fireplace is exactly what is necessary for romance. Prices in this hotel start from 162$
  • If you appreciate a good location during your trip, it is better to stay at Courtyard by Marriott Fort Lauderdale Weston. This hotel offers guests elegant stylish rooms with big flat TVs, coffee and tea facilities, and a mini-fridge. After a long walk, it is so pleasant to relax in the heated outdoor pool or hot tub. If you like to be in shape, you can do sport anytime in a local fitness center. If you worry about where to take food, there is a 24-hour shop at your disposal where you can always take fresh salads or sandwiches. If you have to work, they also provide you with a good business center with the latest news and information. Prices start from 146$.
  • If you prefer a good classic hotel with a laconic calm design and all the necessary modern equipment, you should stay in Hampton Inn Weston Fort Lauderdale. It also has a very comfortable location. It is situated just 6 minutes drive from Weston Town Center with all the shops, restaurants, and places for walking. In the rooms, you will have a microwave, fridge, flat TV, and a separate living area. Of course, it also offers a swimming pool, breakfast buffet, and business center with meeting rooms. So, if you have to combine the search for love with some business in this region, it is better to stay in this hotel. Prices for a living start from 140$.
  • If you plan to stay in Weston longer than a week, it is better to stay in a hotel that reminds you of a comfortable warm home, right? Exactly this way TownePlace Suites by Marriott Fort Lauderdale Weston. It has not only an excellent location but spacious suites with an equipped kitchen (by the way, your girlfriend will appreciate it if you cook something, especially for her. Girls adore it when a man can cook). There are separate living and sleeping areas, which is very good if you plan to invite guests, with flat TV with HBO channels. Outside you can enjoy a swimming pool and BBQ area. Prices start from 141$.
  • If nothing from the previous hotels impressed you, take a look at AC Hotel by Marriott Fort Lauderdale Sawgrass Mills Sunrise. This is an elegant modern hotel with an amazing lounge zone, terrace, restaurant, and bar. It is a good location for business as there is business center luggage storage and a safety box for visitors. You will have a choice between buffet and continental breakfast, by the way, guests state that both options are fresh and tasty. If you cannot live without sport, you can do it in a good modern fitness center of the hotel. It is situated about 10 kilometers away from Weston, however, what is 10 kilometers if your beauty is waiting for you there? The price for the room starts from 168$.

Restaurants in Weston

    Now it is your turn to choose a place where you can enjoy a tasty meal and where you can invite your beautiful Weston girlfriend. Take a look at our little list and be sure that all of the proposed places have the right atmosphere for dating.:)

  • As you understand, in Florida it is necessary to enjoy tasty and fresh fish and seafood as no matter where you are, the beach is never too far away. Flanigan’s Seafood Bar and Grill is the place where they perfectly combine seafood dishes with tasty American food. The open terrace gives an amazing view of the water, sea decorations add a romantic atmosphere and you have the impression of being on a real ship. This place is a good option for the first date as there you won’t feel nervous, plus, there you don’t need to wear smoking. You can be yourself and enjoy the tasty dishes and smiles of your lady.
  • If you are looking for traditional romance combined with tasty food, you should invite your beauty to Ceviche Arigato Restaurant. The cuisine is really varied and on the menu, you will be able to find Peruvian, Latin food, Sushi, Seafood and a lot of Vegan and Vegetarian salads. So, if you or your girlfriend prefer Vegan or Vegetarian food, this place is right for you. Plus, a beautiful interior with white naps and calm lightning will perfectly create a romantic mood.:)
  • If you don’t like pretentious places and you are fond of Italian food and pizza, don’t miss Zona Blue Weston. This is a place with a specialization in Sardinian food and pizza which is made exactly like in Italy. A calm elegant design with blue points makes visitors relax and enjoy the home atmosphere there. Many people state that this place is the most Italian in the whole Florida state. Well, it is up to you to go there with a charming Southern girl and see if it is true. If you like seafood, people highly recommend octopus.:)
  • If your lady has time to enjoy breakfast with you, one of the most recommended places for breakfast is Weston Diner. Yes, there is something strange in it and of course, this is a good place for lunch and dinner. However, visitors are really fond of breakfasts there and if you don’t know where to invite your girlfriend for breakfast, propose to her to go to Weston Diner and laugh about this situation. Prices there are very “friendly” and the food is tasty and beautifully served. What else to wish for?:)
  • If you like original places or at least places with specialty and not just mixed food from different countries, propose your woman to go together to Cheese Course. Of course, we recommend this place only if you like cheese. They have gluten-free options, so you can not worry about gluten there. Try together tasty fondue and sweet desserts. There is just one negative point. This is a popular place, so sometimes it is necessary to wait. Go there if you have enough time to enjoy your evening.:)

Now you have an impression of where you can stay and where you can eat alone or with your charming lady. However, if you haven't met her yet? What kind of women can you meet in such a lovely place as Weston? Go on reading and you will learn some interesting facts about women living in Weston, Florida.

Women's Demographics in Weston

     First of all, you should know that there are more women in Weston than men, which makes it already a very positive place for your search for love. There are 51,6% of women in Weston and with a population of more than 68 thousand people it means that you can meet a lot of women.:) By the way, it is also an ideal place if you are fond of beautiful Latina women. There are more than 54% of Hispanic or Latin population in this city, 30.5% of white and 6,85 of black people living there. In Weston, you can meet a lot of beautiful women with Southern features which make it a very good place for your love search.

As statistics state, in Weston 71% of all the households are married couples living together. It is a rather high percentage in comparison to the other cities. If you think that it makes this city not too comfortable for your love search as all the good women are already married, you are a little bit wrong. In such places, it is much easier to find the right woman for marriage. Even though it seems that there are fewer free girls, these girls are family-oriented and they believe in love and marriage, which is much more important. They see happy couples around them and they also want to create families. In such cities like Weston, it is easier to find a girl for marriage than in big cities where there are more free girls, but the sense of their life consists of a successful career. By the way, though women in Weston are family-oriented, they don’t forget about work and personal development. 52% of all the people living there have a Bachelor's degree and almost 29% have a Master's degree or higher. If you dream of meeting a smart and well-educated woman, you have a very big chance to meet her in Weston. If you think where it is possible to meet such a woman, read the next part of our article where we will give you some advice and ideas of where you can meet a woman of your life in Weston.

How to Meet Single Girls and Mature Women in Weston

     Weston is surely a calm city, a very pleasant for live. You won’t find their wild cabaret, but you will find there a lot of nature spots, wellness and spa centers, and family places. We prepared for you the list of places where you can meet beautiful single women. We don’t suggest that you look for her in a spa, however, even after reading this list you should understand that you can meet your love in any place, even the most unusual one. Like local Water Cigar Bar, for example.:) Everything depends on your tastes when you meet a woman in the theater or in a sports club that you like, it means that you already have something in common and it is always easier to start a conversation.

  • If you love nature, walks, and sports — nothing can be better than meeting your future wife in one of the beautiful Weston parks. You can choose between Emerald Estates Park, Library Park, and Peace Mound Park. All of these places are very beautiful, and relaxing, with areas for making sports and with areas for kids to play (if you don’t mind meeting a single mom). If you see a beautiful single woman, don’t hesitate, to ask her about park history or how she trains, or what other places she can recommend and the conversation has already started.
  • Baru Urbano is a place that is very popular with local inhabitants. They come there to eat something, drink and… sing. The atmosphere there is very relaxed and funny. Even if you don’t sing at all, don’t worry, there are a lot of people who can’t sing, but who do it with pleasure. If you make an attractive girl smile, it is already a big step in her heart. If you sing well… you have enormous chances to make her heart melt.:)
  • Florida is known for its numerous reputed golf clubs. Even if you don’t play well, we would recommend visiting the Bonaventure Golf Club. Some people say that golf is mostly a men's sport. Not at All. There you will be able to meet a lot of single women who come there to relax and play with friends. It is better to go there on the weekend. During the working week, there are not too many people there. If you don’t know how to attract her attention, just ask her to take a photo of you near the waterfall and then, invite you to refresh with a cocktail together.:)
  • Weston is known by airboats and local people also like to have fun this way. It is not just an attraction for tourists. If you like extreme at least a little bit, try to join a group and do Ride the Wind Private Airboat Charters. You will have a lot of emotions and after this trip, invite a beautiful single woman who makes it also to discuss impressions and drink something fresh in the evening. When people share strong emotions it is already a very good beginning!
  • The next point is good if you believe in God and if you wish to meet a woman with strong moral values. St. Katherine Drexel Catholic Church is open to all visitors and the pastor always welcomes new people coming to this church. Maybe it will seem strange to look for a woman in such a place as a church, but remember, during the centuries young people met each other this way. Where else to find a really good woman who can be a good wife and mother of kids? Probably not in a nightclub.:)

The list of possible places where you can meet the girl of your dreams can be much longer and, as we previously wrote, the most important is to be active, visit different local sights, participate in organized events, visit concerts, and just keep your eyes and mind open. A girl of your dreams can work on the reception of the hotel where you decide to stay.:)

Online Dating and Dating Sites in Weston

     So, you decided to come to Weston and meet a wonderful woman, a girl who can become a part of your life and make you happy. You sit in a café/ play golf/ sing in karaoke/ walk in the park and suddenly you see HER. You approach, ask her to help you with getting somewhere or you ask anything and instead of shining eyes you see just politeness and a total absence of interest. In real life, it is more than possible to meet a person who is not interested in relationships, who is too busy, who thinks of her problems, who has a boyfriend, and so on. It is sure that probably in the other circumstances she could answer you with a smile and shining eyes, just like you imagined, but right that time, she can run to her ill mother and she can just not notice your charisma and good manners. So many times people do not continue communication just because of the wrong place and the wrong time. What to do in this situation? The answer is more than simple! Try online dating and if you really wish to meet a single girl from Weston, numerous Weston dating sites and Weston dating apps will be more than happy to help you.

If you think that there is something wrong with online dating, take a look at the list of advantages of this wonderful way which allows thousands of people from the entire world.

  1. Comfort. Usability. Online dating is a constantly developing sphere and if before it was necessary just to write letters on the computer (before that you could hear about the agencies where people wrote letters by hand, yes yes, such way has become popular not too long time ago), now it is possible to communicate in written chat, video chat, make video conference with or without translation. Of course, coming at once to video conversation demands certain courage. It is much easier to start with sending each other winks and smiles, then sending little messages, then writing a couple of letters, and continuing in text chat. After that, when you feel that you are both interested in each other, it is the right time to see each other in a video conversation. But in any case, it is so simple! You should just register, fill out your profile, and send smiles to beautiful women waiting for answers from them! You can do it at home, in transport, drinking coffee during your break or even at work (if your boss is not too strict of course).
  2. Popularity. If you think that online dating is only for very shy people or for people who cannot find somebody in real life, you are absolutely wrong. In the entire world, people understand that this way has become more than popular, and online in the chat, you can meet amazing women. They really look like models, they are kind, sensitive, sexy, and smart. They are often successful in business and they often have so much love to give! Why are they on the site? All people have their own reasons, but very often after a sad experience, people try to avoid sad emotions and disappointments. Online dating helps to know the person before meeting this person in real life. This way you can understand better the character of the person and you can understand if you can be together or not. Of course, it is impossible to find it out for sure, personal meetings and chemistry are very important, but in any case, it helps to increase the chances of meeting really the RIGHT person. This is also the reason why on the sites there are so many men. Plus, online dating is so popular because you can meet people from different parts of the world and it is so exciting, right?)
  3. Security. Online dating is safer than dating in real life for both men and women. Women are protected as they do not risk meeting the wrong man with a wife and 4 hidden kids (of course, only if both, man and woman meet on a serious dating site where there is control of the client’s documents). Both men and women can be sure that they meet exactly with a person of this age and of this appearance. And they can be sure that the person who they communicate with is free. However, we underline that only communication on good dating sites, sites with good reputations, and success stories, with anti-spam policies can guarantee security in these questions. If you join just any popular dating app where registration and almost all the services are free, of course, you can meet the wrong people. So, it is up to you to be careful, never send money to the person who tells you sad stories and also be very careful if a woman doesn’t send you daily photos where she is with family, in training, with her dog and so on. It is very possible that she is not too real. Security is one of the reasons why we recommend you join the site which can guarantee the safety of your pocket and the calmness of your heart.;)
  4. More possibilities. When you start to date somebody in your town, of course, it is absolutely normal that you don’t date other women, right? Online communication gives a little bit more freedom. Before your meeting in reality you can calmly communicate with some women. By the way, it is even better, to be honest and not hide it. This way you don’t place yourself or your online girlfriend to the borders and your communication and interest develop naturally, without pressure. If you decide to meet several girls from Weston, there is no problem with it. Just be polite, and honest and plan your dates well. Of course, after the first date, it will be necessary to make a choice. However, very often it is very simple as then, your heart will tell you which girl made your heart beat faster and who you see more as a good friend. By the way, dating several women is not the only possibility. As we said before, when you date in real life, you are limited by your usual circle of people. Online dating gives you endless opportunities and you can meet a girl from any country, any state, and any continent. She can have any color of skin and any eye color. Also if you feel shy about your age, you should know that online dating doesn’t have any limits (of course, it is necessary to be older than 18), and you can meet your love at any age. By the way, mature dating is often more successful than dating people of 30.:)

Going to Weston, prepare your traveling beforehand not only by taking a plane ticket. Register on one of the international dating sites (it is better to choose the one with a good reputation) and meet your lovely Weston girl before even coming there. It is so pleasant to know that somebody is already waiting for you there! Take a look at the list of some popular dating sites and dating apps that are used in Weston:

  • eHarmony
  • Silver Singles
  • Zoosk
  • Elite Singles

Yes, you could see absolutely right, we are very proud that we also help people to meet each other in such a charming place as Weston, Florida. And is a dating site that works only with carefully checked clients. If you wish to know a little bit more about it, take a look at the page About Us.

Matchmaking Services in Weston

     A good dating site always proposes to customers different services in order to make their communication with women the most comfortable, the most pleasant, and the most efficient. Matchmaking is one of the best services that can be proposed in online dating. This service is very popular for people who wish to find their love as soon as possible. Very often if you work too much and you have no time and no desire to look at eternal profiles of beauties (yes, in the beginning, it can seem interesting, but later, it makes you tired and nervous and you can easily miss a right woman), it is better to turn to the professional matchmaker. Matchmaker will ask you to answer several questions to understand your character and what kind of woman you wish to find. As you understand there are physical parameters, but there is character and lifestyle, which are much more important for family life. A girl from a big city who is used to parties and who works in a beauty salon does not have too many chances to be happy with a guy from the farm, even if he has a very big heart. Of course, there are exceptions, but very often it is important to have a common vision of life. Matchmaker knows personally all the clients and he or she will help you to search by your criteria. Matchmaking service works perfectly and this is the reason why this service is so popular in Weston.:) To find out how it works, read the page Matchmaking, or order a FREE online consultation and give all of your questions to your personal matchmaker with international awards.:)

Weston really looks like a paradise. However, paradise is the place where you are loved and happy. Use the tips from this article and find your happiness, no matter where it is waiting for you! 


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