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Кharkov Women & Kharkiv Girls

Last updated on September 20, 2021

 Kharkov/Kharkiv is a city in the northeast of Ukraine. For certain periods of time from 1919 to 1934 and during the Second World War, during the second liberation of Kharkiv from German troops, from February 16 to March 10, 1943, Kharkiv was "the capital of Ukraine" and has still saved its metropolitan ambitions - and it has good reasons for it.

In the Article "Kharkiv Girls and Gorgeous Women"

The City Kharkov and the Women

  Kharkiv is at the top of the 200 biggest cities in the world, it has more population than Munic and can compete with Barcelona. Kharkiv has many squares and one – Freedom Square – is the hugest in Ukraine and one of the biggest in Europe. Kharkiv has a well-developed connection with other cities and parts of Ukraine, so it is easy to get there.

Prices in Kharkiv:

  • a cup of coffee - $ 2-3
  • а bottle of water - $ 0.3 -2 
  • an Icecream - $ 1-3
  • a beer - $ 1-5
  • food delivery - $ 2-3
  • traveling by taxi - $ 2-3 per 1km (depend on the car, weather, and time)
  • bus ticket - $ 0.3

Hotels in Kharkiv:

  The city is an industrial, cultural and educational center with plenty of Universities and good opportunities for youth. So you can imagine that the population there is mixed and you can meet many ladies there who come from different parts of Ukraine. So most Kharkiv women are educated, used to the high rhythm of city life, and communicative. 
  Women from Kharkiv are usually good at foreign languages, so it is easier for foreigners to meet them and to understand what type of personality has this or that lady. If you miss romantic moments with a beautiful lady, you can stroll along the cozy streets of the ancient city center. Houses of rich merchants of the beginning of the 20th century, old pavement, small shops, old churches, and tidy cafes will add mysterious and unforgettable moments to your date. 

Khrarkov Ukraine

Kharkiv City Tour

  You can start your walk right at the Station Sqwea, where there is a fountain, near which newlyweds like to take pictures. It is best to walk around the square in the evening when the fountain is illuminated. This fountain is one of the most visited places in Kharkiv among newlyweds, as is the Mirror Stream. And then you can see the Annunciation Cathedral, which is one of the most famous sights of Kharkiv. 
Across the Lopan River, you can rest in a public garden and enjoy a  Viewpoint
The further embankment, terraced square, and Lovers' Staircase. A little further sparkles with its golden domes the most beautiful Holy Protection Cathedral — Svyato-Pokrovsʹkyy Male Monastery.

Kharkiv City Tour

You should definitely take a walk along Sumskaya Street. Its beginning is old Kharkiv. Here is the Constitution Square - the famous Thermometer, violinist on the roof. Climbing up — the famous Mirror Stream and Victory Square are noticeable. Also, visit the Shevchenko Garden. After reconstruction, a number of cascading lakes are located here.
Then you can walk along Yaroslav Mudryi Street and Pushkinskaya Street, admire the architecture. You can relax on the shady alleys, explore the city from the Ferris wheel, have fun on the rides and ride a cable car.

Kharkiv City Tour

The cable car in Kharkiv was launched in 1971. Its route runs from the main city park to the Pavlovo Pole area. The total length is 1387 meters. The main function of the cable car is walking, but often city residents use it as the easiest way to the FED and KhAZ factories. The number of operating passenger cabins is 124. The height difference between the landing sites is only 12.3 meters, but during the trip, the passenger of the aerial road will visit heights from 8 to 26 meters above the ground. The total trip time will take about 18 minutes. The carrying capacity of one cabin is 180 kg, so no more than two adult passengers are allowed.

Meet Kharkov Ladies and Kharkov Girls

  Kharkov ladies are industrious, determined, and creative. They can easily achieve good results in any sphere they choose, otherwise, it is difficult to survive in such high-demanding surroundings. But they do not forget how to be beautiful, sexy, and spicy. You can try Ukraine Dating Online and talk to girls from Kharkiv online. They do not mind moving to another country if they meet their love but they will not be happy in the hut as they have seen a better life. Living in Kharkiv means enjoying wide streets, spacious parks, good jobs, and access to many kinds of entertainment, including sports, pools, opera, ballet, theaters. Kharkiv park named after Russian author Gorkiy is called Ukrainian Disneyland. So you have many places to go and have fun, alone or with your lady.
 Like many big cities in the east of Ukraine, Kharkiv has a mixture of Russian and Ukrainian backgrounds, most people in the streets speak Russian but all of them understand Ukrainian, love Ukrainian cuisine and history. So of course, Slavic women from Kharkiv know how to cook borsch and golubtzy, how to be independent like cossack's descendants, and loving like Roksolana’s.

Kharkiv Night Clubs and Bars

  • Kompass - address: Akademika Pavlova St, 150
  • Manhattan Bar - address: Darvina St, 9
  • Pintagon Live music venue - address: Danylevs koho St, 26
  • LF Club Live music venue - address: Kharkivs'ka embankment, 2/2
  • Holiday Bowling club - address: Haharina Ave, 43/2, 1 floor
  • Anjis Hall Friends and family rest - address: Peremohy Ave, 52

Restaurants in Kharkiv

  • 44 Favorite Place - address: Pushkins'ka St, 44
  • Starhorod - address: Lermontovs'ka St, 7
  • Montana - address: Nauky Ave, 39
  • Pushka-Myndal - address: Pushkins'ka St, 31
  • Nikas Restaurant - address: Universytets'ka St, 2
  • Shoti - address: Myronosytska St, 12
  • Familia - address: Skrypnyka St, 14А
  • Hanedan Turkish Restaurant - address: Str, Chernyshevska St, 12
  • Chekhov - address: Sumska St, 84/2
  • Mama Manana - address: Pavlivska Square, 20
  • Immigrant fine diner - address: Hrabovs'koho Ln, 4
  • Park Avenue - address: Hoholya St, 2А
  • Gorcafe 1654 - address: Konstytutsii Square, 2/2

Places To Meet Girls In Kharkiv in a Daytime

  Kharkiv girls are sure they live in a very romantic city, it has many places for socializing and plenty of opportunities for dating. Let’s make a small excursion and check the most popular places for meeting Kharkiv girls!

 Shevchenko City Garden

  There is a special legend that one can meet his love and good luck there;) Maybe you can feel special inspiration walking along its alleys and standing under huge oak trees that are hundreds of years old. Shevchenko City Garden attracts young people who want to have a breath of fresh air in the center of a dusty industrial city and enjoy bright flowerbeds in summer and spring. Such an atmosphere is a good backstage for a new romantic love story.

Kharkiv Opera and Ballet Theater

  'M.V. Lysenko' Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Do not think that is a banal place for those only who like opera. That modern theater is the center of informal cultural life. Dancing parties, fire shows, festivals, and exhibitions gather a big number of people together. Such a creative atmosphere makes it easy to get acquainted with new people and start conversations with those ladies whom you find interesting. By the way, Shevchenko Garden is nearby and you can turn your small talk into a romantic walk.

Skver Strilka

  Skver Strilka Kharkov women find the embankment of the river Lopan the most romantic place in the city. The legend says Kharkiv started there. Just married couples come there for their wedding photos. In summer you can rent a boat and invite the Kharkiv girl you like for a boat ride. This sounds very romantic, doesn’t it?

Art - Zavod "Mekhanika"

  If you do not like walks in parks and enjoying sites of the river and you choose the world of art and creativeness, you will appreciate this place. 
Art - Zavod "Mekhanika" is a kind of cultural and creative space, a park, a concert hall, a center of modern art, an exhibition center in the workshops of the former steam locomotive manufacturing of 19 century. This place is popular among musicians, architects, designers, sportsmen, theater-goers.

Travel to Kharkov

  You can fly to about 10 countries from Kharkiv’s airport so Kharkov ladies do not mind traveling on their vacations. But if you want to invite the lady to be your guest or share your trip with you, you should know that the lady will expect you to be responsible for all her trip expenses, including food and taxi to the airport. 
 You can notice a mixture in mentality as well. There are many ladies who have European views on relationships and take the family as a partnership, others are more into the traditional eastern view on the family when the man is a breadwinner and the woman takes care of the house and kids. 

Kharkov Women

Tips For Tourists & Expats

  Tourists are used to enjoying natural cheap and tasty Ukrainian cuisine. Unlike smaller towns, there is a number of refined restaurants in Kharkiv and you can satisfy your gourmet taste there (Chekhov restaurant, Pushka, Nasha Dacha, Nikas Restaurant). For ordinary meal  you can go to pizzerias, Puzata Khata, Bufet.

Public transport

Public transport in Kharkiv is represented by:

  • underground;
  • trams;
  • trolley-buses;
  • minibusses.

The price for one drive is 5-10 grivnas (in 2021). Nevertheless, a taxi service is more comfortable for tourists, especially if you avoid overcrowded places. 

Kharkiv malls

Kharkiv malls suggest different kinds of activities, including some sports ones and activities for kids. For example, you can play mini-golf in CityGolf (Sun Mall), go skating and roller-blading in French Boulevard mall, try carting in Atrium.

Architecture and buildings in Kharkiv

If you are interested in architecture, check the building of Kharkiv fire beanpole (1845), churches and cathedrals (the end of 19th century), such pieces of Soviet architecture like Opera House (1925), Kinokoncertna Zala "Ukrajina" (1960)

Best Places To Meet Girls In Kharkov

  When you are in Kharkiv you immediately feel the size of the city – much space, broad streets, busy traffic. The cultural and entertainment life of the city is not concentrated in one certain place. Going out in Kharkiv means choosing directions and moods. Such streets as Sumskaya and Pushkinskaya are popular among the guests and the citizens of Kharkiv for shopping and promenades. There are plenty of shops and cafes in the old buildings on Rymarskaya and one can have a small walk along the street and choose a cozy place for coffee and lunch. Night clubs are also spread around the city and you will have to use a taxi if you want to check several ones during the night.

  If the weather is nice, such parks as Gorky Park and Shevchenko Park turn into popular places to relax for young girls and students. In summer there are several beach clubs that organize outdoor pool parties. And of course, there are plenty of girls in the malls (French Boulevard, Ave Plaza, Karavan Mall, Atrium, Terra) in any season;)

Kharkov girls

Date Women from Kharkov

  Women from Kharkov have not any bad prejudice for meeting foreigners and creating relationships with them, they are more open-minded than ladies from the small towns. Also, because of the size of the city, you have more opportunities for dating as there are many single ladies in the city with a population of over one million and a half;)
  So, if you want to find your love and experience wonderful romantic moments in the big European city, try your luck with Kharkiv ladies;) And our team will help you to find those ladies who are worthy of your attention. You can choose a Ukrainian girl you want to meet before planning your trip and try to make a connection with her with the help of letters or chats. Or you can just arrive in the city and choose ladies who might be available for meeting you while you are there. Both ways of meeting Kharkiv ladies can be the start of your happy relationships with smart and gorgeous ladies from Kharkiv!

Kharkov Girls & Women Dating Agency

  If you want to meet stunning Kharkov Girls, Kharkiv Women Dating Agency will help you to find ladies who are single and eager to meet foreign men. International dating agencies are popular among Kharkiv women, ladies are ready to try this kind of dating in the hope to find a man who will be a vast improvement over the Ukrainian guys. So that is easy to choose ladies interested in meeting you in no time. But if you want to have successful dating, you really need professionals to give you advice about meeting ladies with whom you have good chances of creating a love story. 

  •   Kharkov Women Dating Agency works with Kharkiv ladies directly and knows about secret dreams and expectations of each one;) If you want to choose the shortest way to your happy marriage, choose the Kharkiv matchmaking service. If you are not sure about your matrimonial aims and think about meeting Kharkiv ladies like about interesting holiday adventure, try to meet several types of ladies to get the full bouquet of emotions and to understand what type of lady you are actually attracted to.
  •  Kharkov Girls are very different. As Kharkiv can be called the “student’s capital” of Ukraine because of plenty of possibilities for higher education, young people from all over Ukraine come to Kharkiv for studies and very often they stay in the city as it has better job opportunities than smaller towns. Its more than 40 private and state Universities involve foreign students as well, mostly from such countries as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Morocco, India, Nigeria, Uzbekistan. Though it is normal to see beauties with dark complexion on the streets of Kharkiv, still Slavic ladies are more interested in meeting and dating foreign men. 

Usually, active, communicative, and energetic ladies choose to live in the big city so you will not be bored with Kharkiv girls. They will suggest you skating, sightseeing, weekend trips, visiting theater and opera, shopping, walks, concerts, clubs, restaurants, and sports activities.  Be ready to enjoy every day of your stay in the city!

Kharkiv Girl

Frequently Asked Questions about Kharkov Women 

❤️  What Is Kharkiv (Kharkov), Ukraine famous For?

Kharkiv (Kharkov), Ukraine is famous for being an industrial, cultural, and scientific center in east Ukraine. It was also the capital of Ukraine at the beginning of the 20th century. Now you can enjoy wonderful big parks there, the biggest city square in Ukraine, a Modern Opera House, a mixture of German (the old center of the city was built by German architects) and Soviet architecture. Nowadays Kharkiv is the place for many street festivals like Impulse fest (music), Oktoberfest (for beer fans), Kharkiv Music Fest (classical music), and many others, including regular street food festivals. In winter there is a big skating rink in the central square of the city so you can remind your skating skills there.

❤️  Where Can I Find Women in Kharkiv (Kharkov)?

There are many places to go and have fun in Kharkiv. Gorkiy Park, Botanic Garden, Feldman’s eco-park, museums, cinemas, and pools. You can enjoy your time there and try to get acquainted with the ladies who spend their free time in the same way as you do. If you prefer to plan your dates beforehand, use local dating sites and matchmaking services. It is a modern and easy way to meet ladies who are interested in you!

❤️  Is It Safe To Go To Kharkiv (Kharkov), Ukraine?

Kharkiv (Kharkov) is the city with the best infrastructure in Ukraine. It is easy and safe to travel there and within the city. Underground, buses, trolleybuses, trams, and minibusses will take you to any part of the city. Streets have lights at night so you can enjoy late walks in the city center. If you worry about territories that were occupied with Russia - they are rather far from here and do not influence city life.

❤️  How Can I Meet Girls In Kharkiv (Kharkov), Ukraine?

Kharkiv is a city with plenty of students and young people seeking big-city opportunities. So it is easy to get acquainted with young ladies on the streets. If you are shy or interested in some specific age like ladies in their 30s, 35s, 40s, 50 years old - i.e mature ladies, try a special dating service - choose your future date on trusted dating sites or use a local matchmaking service - like We can help you to find your perfect Kharkiv date;)

❤️  Why Find Women in Kharkiv (Kharkov)?

Kharkiv is home to some of the most beautiful women in Ukraine. Many young women travel to Kharkiv due to its wonderful universities. Many will go to Kharkiv and gain their degrees before remaining there to begin building their life. You could be one of the building blocks in their romantic construction. If you are looking to meet beautiful, intelligent women then Kharkiv is the place for you to start your dating journey.

❤️  Where Can I Stay In Kharkiv (Kharkov)?

There are many wonderful hotels to stay in Kharkiv. Why not visit the Kharkiv Palace Hotel? Prices start at around $171 per night. There are many amenities including a pool and spa. With friendly staff and great service what’s not to like? You could also visit the Chichikov hotel for as little as $89 per night. Close to some popular landmarks such as Assumption Cathedral it is the perfect location for you to stay in Kharkiv. Maybe you could stay in Hotel19 for around $98 and base yourself just 3 minutes away from the Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Wherever you stay you are sure to be welcomed with open arms.

❤️  Where Can I Take My Date For a Meal in Kharkov?

Kharkiv, like much of Ukraine, is full of wonderful places to eat! Fancy treating your date to some Italian Cuisine? Why not visit Italyanskaya Redaktsiya for its cozy atmosphere and delicious food. With a range of pasta, soups, and pizzas and an average three-course meal costing 800 Hryvnia ($30) for two people, this is a little taste of Italy in the center of Ukraine. Maybe your date can take you to some traditional Ukrainian food at Sloboda. With a variety of traditional Ukrainian salads, fish dishes, and desserts and an average three-course meal for two ranging from 800-1000 Hryvnia ($30-$37) this is the place to go to experience true Ukrainian cuisine.

❤️  How To Win The Hearts Of The Women Of Kharkiv?

Kharkiv ladies are laid back and easygoing. All they ask is that you are honest, respectful and that you be yourself! They want to get to know the real you! During your date with your Kharkiv lady make sure you listen and show an interest in their lives. Mutual respect for each other is vital and the women of Kharkiv will love to meet a man who knows how to treat a lady correctly.


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