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Dating in Urban Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 2024. How to Find a Girlfriend in Urban Honolulu? Meet Single Girls and Mature Women in Urban Honolulu

Last updated on February 8, 2024

   For most people, Hawaii means paradise and is always associated with palm trees, surfing, bright local culture, and volcanoes. However, not too many people understand that the capital of Hawaii, — Honolulu, is an amazing urban city with a population of more than 350 thousand people. All the time we tell “Urban Honolulu” to underline that we are speaking exactly about the city. However, the Honolulu agglomeration is much bigger and it counts more than a million people. For Hawaii islands, it is an impressive population. As you understand, not all people work in the sphere of tourism and real Honolulu life doesn’t consist of eternal beach dancing. Most tourists come to Honolulu, as it is not only the capital, but the biggest airport which accepts planes from the entire world. They come to the hotel and do not see the real life of this amazing city. If you wish to meet local people, know them better, and understand their life and culture you will be absolutely charmed as this combination of Pacific native culture with the modern American lifestyle created something absolutely unforgettable.

     People living in Honolulu are very hard-working and more than friendly. Even if they have thousands of problems, they never forget to smile and they win the hearts of all the people with this positive charm. Hospitality is in their blood, and all foreigners feel at home. However, the real treasure of Honolulu is not beaches or temples, not fertile lands, or an amazing climate. A real treasure of Hawaii's capital is the women living there. Historically people from different countries and continents came to live in this paradise and this is the reason why women there have unforgettable features and bright unusual beauty. If you wish to find love in this paradise, read this article till the end and you will get some very useful information about how and where you can meet a beautiful single Honolulu woman and how to win her heart.

In the Article “Dating in Urban Honolulu, Hawaii”

Dating Culture in Urban Honolulu, Hawaii

     Such a unique place as Honolulu has preserved a lot of native traditions that do not exist in other places. If you plan to date a girl from Honolulu, you should know the dating culture to avoid uncomfortable situations. Yes, of course, it is and it has been a US state, however as it is a Pacific island, you can see a lot of unusual and weird things. Read some tips which can help you in your Honolulu dating.:)

  • Try to be as positive as you can. Aloha spirit rules absolutely for all Hawaiian inhabitants. They are so rarely sad, upset, or bored that it can seem strange. They accept life with a special philosophy and they don’t like to be sad. Even if you have a lot of problems in your life, you shouldn’t hide them from your girlfriend but try to talk about them without tragedy or drama. Or at least, don’t tell her about all of your problems at once or she will think about you as a very negative person. Plus, a sense of humor is extremely important for them in relationships, and don’t be surprised if sometimes your local beauty makes funny but a little bit silly jokes. Just making each other laugh is natural for Honolulu’s inhabitants.;)
  • Be ready to spend almost all the time outside. Living in paradise influenced mood and lifestyle. Warm weather all the time, beaches, hiking trails always at your disposal… Of course, local people don’t like to stay at home and they enjoy everything that nature gives them. They truly don’t understand the people who spend all the evening at home. Plus, you should love water. Even if you cannot swim, the most important thing is to get pleasure from it. Otherwise, it is better not to come to Honolulu. Of course, if you don’t go there by business. In any case, if your goal is to meet a beautiful Honolulu girl, you should be rather sporty. At least you will need to walk a lot, spend days on the beach and dance (at least sometimes) in the evenings in the city.
  • Bring her flowers. When you come to Honolulu (or maybe if you haven’t been there before you surely saw it in the films), people welcome you like dear guests and give you garlands of flowers. Hawaiian nature is so rich and multi-colored! People get used to decorating themselves and their homes with flowers. Flowers play a very big role in local traditions, customs, religious rites, and, of course, in dating. Honolulu women have worse admiration and you should express it by giving her flowers. If you want to really impress her, it is better to read the meaning of some flowers and give her a gift with the meaning.:) By the way, you shouldn’t always buy it, you can do a morning walk and just find some beautiful flowers in the fields. Just be attentive and read the list of permitted flowers. There are just unique sorts that are protected by the law.
  • Don’t hurry up. Life in Honolulu is rather intensive, like life in any big city… However, in comparison to all the other big cities, the people there are very relaxed. If your girlfriend comes a little bit later, don’t judge her. It doesn’t mean a lack of respect or anything like that. Girls there used to come to the dates a little bit later because of two reasons. First- she gives you the possibility to think calmly about her. Second- girls there like to be beautiful. As you understand, beauty and sweating because of hurrying up cannot be combined.:)
  • Dress in a relaxed way. If you are a professor or lawyer, if you got used to dressing officially and in your wardrobe, you have just official suits, going to Honolulu it will be necessary to change your habits completely. Even making business people dress in a very casual manner in this amazing city. Warm climate made people change their look to fashion and fashion almost doesn’t exist there. Everything is good which is light, natural, and matches you. There are many people who are almost all the time dressed in swimming suits or just wear shorts all the time. So if you come to the date in a suit- it is sure that the local girlfriend won’t understand it.

Ready to Go Out with Your Date? It's Always Better to Know the Prices in Urban Honolulu

     Honolulu is a port, both sea and airport, which joins Hawaii with the world. It is in 2% of the best places for living in the world and millions of tourists come there every year. As you understand, prices can be a little bit high for certain goods. However, is it so important if you see such beauty everywhere around you? We give you the prices for the most important things that you will need and you will be able to plan your budget.:)

  • Coffee. What can be more magnificent than drinking coffee and looking at the sunrise? It looks really like a dream if you can share such moments with somebody special.:) Most of the hotels offer coffee facilities, however, if you want to drink coffee after morning jogging in one of the beach cafes or restaurants, you will need to pay about 5,5$ for an espresso and about $6,25 for a cappuccino. Or, if you feel hot, you can choose the tastiest coffee with ice cream. Yummy.;)
  • Water. How to discover the island without a bottle of water with you? It is a must to always have it and it is better, of course, to buy it in the nearest supermarket. A 1L bottle will cost about $1,65. If you feel thirsty in a café or restaurant, well, the price depends highly on the class of these restaurants. In Honolulu there are options for any budget, but as you understand- closer to the beach- higher prices. The average price for water in the restaurant is about 2,5$. If you prefer Pepsi or Coke, you will need to pay about $2,38.
  • Beer. People coming to Honolulu often prefer to drink tropical cocktails and of course, you should also taste them. If you prefer fresh beer, you will need to pay about 7,45$ for good craft beer in a local pub. Pubs in Honolulu are often untypical and mostly they look like Pacific cottages or cabins on the beach. It is necessary to go to one of them at least once to feel their relaxed atmosphere. If you just adore beer and you wish to take it in the supermarket and enjoy it on the beach, it will cost you about $3,15.
  • Lunch in a non-expensive café. Of course, not all the time you will eat in luxury restaurants. Sometimes it will be necessary to eat in some little cafes when you go hiking with your girlfriend or you will take something from a fast food restaurant with you before going to explore nature. A lunch in a non-expensive café will cost about 15,5$ and you will be able to taste the great local cuisine. Be ready to try new dishes! The lunch menu from McDonald’s or equivalent will cost about 12$. As you can see, the difference is not too big so if you have time, it is better to enjoy good local food.
  • Dinner for two in the restaurant. If you come to Honolulu with romantic goals, of course, you should invite your girlfriend to romantic restaurants with tasty meals and beautiful views. An average dinner with a middle-range wine, salads, entrees, main dishes, coffee, and dessert will cost about 77,7$. It is a good price for dining with your Honolulu beauty.:)

Now you know what to expect from the prices in Honolulu. It is time to think where to stay to make your traveling maximum pleasant and comfortable and where you can invite your beautiful Honolulu girl.:) Go on reading and we will share with you some useful information!

Hotels to Stay Before Your Date in Urban Honolulu

     If you think that Honolulu can offer you only luxury hotels where a room costs your monthly salary, it is a little bit wrong. This amazing city has different variants of staying and we will give you information about different kinds of accommodations. Choose the one that is closer to your taste and budget. In any case, your vacation will be more than great if you prepare everything beforehand and think about the details.:)

  • Aston Waikiki Beach Tower is a 5-star hotel of the highest class. All the suits offer a fully equipped kitchen with fridge, microwave, toasters and so on. All the suits have a sea view and from the morning you will have the desire to smile looking out your window. In this hotel you can get everything that you need: outdoor swimming suit, hot tub, jet spa, BBQ grill area, open-air dining area, billiards, fitness club, and yoga classes. Of course, daily housekeeping service and transfer services are offered. Imagine how it should be to invite your lady to dine with you at your hotel and grill tasty meat for her. She will be impressed.:) Prices there start from 1007$ and you can be sure that it is impossible to be closer to the sea.;)
  • If you wish to stay in a 5-star hotel but would like to pay less for your room, one of the excellent options is The Kahala Hotel and Resort. This hotel offers guests 4 restaurants and a full-service spa. People appreciate very good service, a calm location, and very tasty and beautifully served breakfasts. They also propose a spacious Veranda with live music, a cocktail area, 2 swimming pools, a fitness center, and a transfer where you need. The rooms have variants of ocean view or mountain view, but in all of them, you have a big TV, iPod docking station, and modern bathroom with everything that you can need. A very good variant for 541$.:)
  • If after reading two previous points you think that Honolulu is too expensive a city to stay in, don’t worry. If you don’t mind living in a room with somebody else (by the way, it can give you a new experience and help you to meet new people), there are different hostels with no expensive prices. One of them is the Polynesian Hostel Beach Club. It is situated just 150 meters away from the beach and a bed there costs only 54$! Yes, staying in Honolulu paradise can be not expensive at all. In the room, there is a TV and you can also use barbecue equipment and laundry facilities. For every room, there is a private bathroom. It is situated right near Honolulu Zoo, so if you plan to visit it, it can be a good option for you.
  • If you don’t mind living a little bit further away from the beach (not too much, just 450 meters), you can stay in a good hotel for a reasonable price and you won’t need to share a room with somebody. Waikiki Malia offers guests an outdoor pool, hot tub, and elegant rooms with a kitchenette, fridge, microwave, and stovetop. You have a bathroom with all the necessary toiletries, ironing facilities, and a hairdryer. Fitness center and dry cleaning services are at your disposal. Prices start from 200$ and it is an amazing price for all this comfort.
  • One of the hotels that offer you “like celebrity treatment” is Trump International Hotel Waikiki. They offer a full-service spa and outdoor hotel with dining service. You can invite your local girlfriend to swim together and then have a romantic dinner, isn’t that great?:) All the rooms are very elegant and spacious with an Italian marble bathroom. In the suits, there is an additional TV in the bedroom. You have an amazing view and balcony where it is so pleasant to drink coffee in the morning. In the hotel, there is a special lounge with a wide variety of cocktails and even a liquid breakfast option. Feel like a king for 467$.:)

The Most Popular Restaurants For a Perfect Date

   You can stay in any hotel, but for successful dating, it is necessary to know some nice places that will be appreciated by your beauty. And of course, you should also know where you can eat without risk to your health, right?:) Honolulu offers an enormous number of cafes and restaurants. Take a look at our list, but be sure that this city can offer you much more.:)

  • If you love tasty meat, one of the best places where you can enjoy amazingly grilled meat is Stripsteak Waikiki. Many people state that this is the best place and they propose a really big range of tastiest steaks, salads and desserts. All the dishes look like a masterpiece of high cuisine and neither your stomach nor your eyes won’t be hungry. By the way, they have rather a big territory so you can easily come there even without reservation, however on the weekend it is better to reserve the table.:)
  • Many people think that the best cuisine is French cuisine. If you also share this point of view, the restaurant that you should visit is La Mer. Dining rooms in classic style and an impressive ocean view create a really great atmosphere. Plus, every table is decorated with flowers and candles. Your girlfriend will appreciate it. Cuisine is super tasty there and you won’t be disappointed with the dish choice.
  • Tommy Bahama Restaurant and Bar is a place that offers you a wide range of food and cocktails. You can dine inside or enjoy the fresh ocean wind on the opened terrace and admire the palm trees that surround the restaurant. What is amazing about this place is that on the roof there is a lounge (rooftop bar) and there is live music. Maybe it will be the perfect place for your first dance with your Honolulu beauty.
  • Of course, coming to Hawaii you wish to taste some local dishes, right? One of the best places where you can try them is Orchids. This restaurant offers a wide range of seafood and dishes made with local recipes. They have Vegetarian, Vegan, and gluten-free options, so, if you have any special diet, there you will find a lot of tasty dishes which will be good for you. Of course, they have great ocean views and a lot of plants for decoration which creates the impression of being in a beautiful garden. It is a very good place for a date at any time of the day.
  • If you wish to feel like in the Southern tale, you should go to the restaurant Azure. Decorated with Spanish motives, it breathes with ancient charm in a modern package.:) You can choose an inner dining room or terrace, but in any case, a romantic mood is guaranteed. A lot of candles, tasty and beautiful meals, a big range of vines — they have everything for making your date successful. Don’t forget your good mood and credit card.:)

Honolulu has more than a thousand restaurants and cafes and it is sure that you will find a lot of places to enjoy good food from different countries of the world. The most important thing is who you share your food with and the smile of your girlfriend can make even the average meal the best in the world. If you didn’t find your beautiful Honolulu woman, let’s take a look at what kind of women you can meet in this paradisiac city!

Women Demographics in Urban Honolulu

     Coming to Honolulu you will be surprised by the variety of people that you see around you. Of course, many of them will be tourists from different countries. Urban population counts a little bit more than 350 thousand people and there are 49,7% of women among them. As you understand, you have a very big choice of Honolulu single women. As for the racial background of the local population, there are most people of Asian origin (52,6%), then, almost 19% belong to two or more races, 17,3% are white people and 8,1% are Hawaii native or other Pacific islanders. There you can also meet rather a lot of charming Latin women 7,2% of all the women population. In Hawaii, women look very positively at relationships with people from other countries as such marriages are very common there. And tolerance is something so natural there. People never look with surprise at multi-racial couples, so, if you admire women with exotic beauty, Hawaii is the place where you can easily find your happiness. What you need is just to be a good guy.:)

      If you live in another country and you dream of installing in Honolulu, it will not be too difficult to make it. About 27.5% of the population are foreign-born, so, as the other people did, you will also be able to! If you dream of meeting a girl with a higher education, you should know that 38,4% of the local population have a bachelor's degree or higher. It means that in the right places, you will easily find a good smart girl. Later in this article, we will share with you the list of places where you can meet local beautiful single women for marriage. Honolulu people believe in marriage, 55% of adult people there are married. But, as you understand, other people are free, which makes your chances of achieving happiness rather big. The median age of local people is 43 years. It is a wonderful age for serious mature relationships and women in this age are wonderful, with charm, character, career, and a lot of love to give. Go on reading and we will tell you where to meet these girls!

How to Meet Beautiful Girls or Single Women in Urban Honolulu

There are many sights which are covered with tourists. We tried to find attractions that are popular with both tourists and native inhabitants. Coming to Honolulu, of course, you should pay attention to local girls, but if you fall in love with a beautiful tourist, why not? At least it is not too important from which country your beloved will be, right? Honolulu has an enormous count of attractions, but as local girls are very active, be ready to spend a lot of time outside!

  • Diamond Head State Monument is a crater of a sleeping volcano that all the people who come to Hawaii should visit. Well, honestly it is relatively sleeping, so you can even feel the heat and strength of volcano power. Not only tourists come there. Sporty girls who like hiking adore this place and it will be easy for you to start a conversation with a beautiful Honolulu girl. Ask her about native legends or what other places she could recommend and you are not strangers anymore. Just don’t forget to invite her to a cocktail later.:)
  • If you are looking for a girl who loves history and if you are a man who prefers cultural rest to hiking, go to discover Iolani Palace. Girls like everything connected with castles and monarchy, plus, you will be able to know a lot about the time when Hawaii wasn't a US state yet and when it was a kingdom. They have a very rich collection and the palace is wonderfully restored. Royal heritage is waiting for you. If you worry that in such a place you can only meet tourists, there are girls who work there.:)
  • Waikiki Beach is a top attraction of Honolulu and almost all the people in the world have heard at least once about this famous beach. Even if you don’t surf, you should see the birthplace of this sport. And if you wish to learn how to do it, join one of the groups and you will meet a lot of charming women who also do surfing. Or you can just offer a cocktail to a beautiful woman in one of the beach cafes, or talk to a woman who sunbathes or swims near you. Choose any of the choices, all of them will be good if you don’t forget to smile.:)
  • Women like to take photos and feel like stars of the film. This is the reason why you can meet many women near Manoa Falls. Of course, for you, it will be also interesting to see one of the most picturesque falls of Hawaii where water falls from 150 feet high. Ask one of the local girls to take a picture of you and also propose your services as a photograph!
  • What can be more romantic than walking together in the cleanest and clearest water and watching the little fishes passing by? Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve joins admirers of nature from the entire world. Just don’t forget to look around you and not only at the beauty of fishes and corals. The same way as in any place in Honolulu, you can start a conversation by asking a girl to take a picture of you. Or you can ask her anything. Or you can impress you with your knowledge of some fish types. However, for that, it will be necessary to prepare and watch some Discovery films.:)
  • If you prefer smart women, you can find them in Bishop Museum. It is a romantic place by itself as it was founded in honor of Bishop’s wife, the last Princess of the Hawaii royal family. There you will see so many artifacts that it is possible to get lost. You will be able to see a lot about the natural history of Pacific islands, cultural collections, and many expositions. Pay attention to girls who are working there or who come on an excursion. It is sure that only smart women will be interested in visiting such museums.   

It is true that you can meet the woman of your dreams everywhere. You can meet her in your hotel, in a café, in a zoo, if you decide to go there or on any beach. Most importantly, be polite, gentle, and sincere. If it is YOUR woman, it is sure that feelings will start from this meeting in paradise.

Online Dating Sites and Dating Apps in Urban Honolulu

     When you come to the city where the year looks like summer vacation, where people relax, rest, and entertain all the time it is necessary to understand that many of them came to have rest with their families/girlfriends or boyfriends/kids/parents and so on. Even if you see a beautiful single girl on the beach, it is not sure that she is really single and there is no 2-meter-high man who is watching her (his wife) from the nearest café. You can be lucky and meet a really single girl or you can get into an unpleasant situation. Of course, who doesn’t risk not drinking champagne, but why should you risk it if you can avoid all this stress? Prepare your perfect Honolulu date and try online dating!

This way of meeting somebody has become even more popular than traditional dating. Maybe it can seem strange, but this way has a lot of advantages. Take a look at our list and you will see that you can meet beautiful Honolulu women without making too much effort.;)

  1. Geographical freedom. In traditional dating, if you live in San Francisco, you usually date women from San Francisco. If you live in Italy, you meet Italian women. However, what if you always admired Latin women or beautiful Ukrainian girls? Nowadays with online dating, there is nothing easier. You choose the necessary dating site and you start communication with the women from the country that you always wanted to visit. If you dream of meeting Honolulu women, you just write “date Honolulu single women” in the search bar and you will see different variants of local dating sites or international dating sites that have clients in the necessary area.
  2. Big choice of profiles. Any site offers you a lot of profiles and you should just start a conversation with a woman that you like. Or you can try to communicate with some women. We just highly recommend you do not exaggerate and do not communicate with more than 5 women at the same time. In online dating it is normal to communicate with some members as it is not the same as in real life, however communicating with many women you can easily get lost in information, who is who, children's names, and so on and you can scare away a woman who can be the one for you. It is better to start communication with some members and then, focus on one or two who you will meet in real life.
  3. Comfort of communication. In online dating, you can communicate with women no matter where and no matter when. If a woman doesn’t answer you at once, it is OK, she can be busy and there is nothing terrible in it. The most important thing is that you can communicate from home, from the car, from even at work, if you can let it go by yourself. Dating sites often have good search engines and you can choose the age, height, and even hair color of women who you would like to communicate with. If age is a normal criterion, we don’t recommend too much focus on hair color as women can easily change it.:)
  4. Security. In such cities like Honolulu (well, actually it is possible in any big city) you can meet not very honest women. There are situations when you can meet a beautiful woman and then, drinking some cocktails go to her. However, the next morning you can wake up with a terrible headache and with no money and documents. Unfortunately, such cases are not rare and you should be very careful in resort cities. When you communicate via a dating site it is also important to protect yourself and choose the site that checks clients and who can protect you and your pocket. Free sites are good, but unfortunately, they don’t control the clients.
  5. Absence of unpleasant situations. When you meet beautiful girls on the street she may not be too interested in communicating with you. You can be more than attractive and confident, but she can be busy or be in a relationship or hurry up or be after a painful divorce. There are so many obstacles that can separate you from the woman of your dreams. Online dating is an amazing way to meet somebody as ALL the people who are there, men and women, want to communicate, flirt, and meet somebody. It is always the right place and right time. Even if she seriously communicates with somebody and you get a polite refusal, you accept it easily as virtual relationships are like a game. If the game is over, you just restart without any sad feelings, and after a couple of minutes, you win! We mean that just in several minutes you can find a beautiful girl who dreams of meeting a guy like you!

If you wish to meet a girl from Honolulu, it is better to prepare your traveling beforehand. Join a dating site 2-3 months before your possible travels (it is not a very good idea to start communication with women knowing that you won’t have any vacations during next year) and start communication with women who you would like to meet in real life. Then, focus on one or two members whom you have the best connection with and tell them that you can come to meet them in a month. It will show your seriousness and you will be able to meet a girl of your dreams without looking at her on all the Honolulu beaches. It is so pleasant when somebody is already waiting for you, right? Take a look at the list of the sites which are popular in Honolulu:

  • eHarmony
  • Zoosk
  • Silver Singles
  • Elite Singles
  • Slavic

     When you choose a dating site, be very careful. You should choose a dating site that has not only a big number of profiles but which offers you different kinds of services as you deserve the best level.:) If you wish to know what kind of services can be proposed, take a look at page Our Services. Good dating sites can guarantee your security with an anti-spam policy which is very important nowadays and they also have very clear rules and prices. What is also more than important is testimonials of real people. If you don’t see any photos of real people (videos are even better) and if you see only photos of models, you cannot trust such sites. Take a look at our page of Success Stories — on the website Slavic Girl meet more than 700 couples. As you understand, some people are too shy to send us videos.:) Choose a dating site that you can trust and let yourself fall in love with a serious and beautiful girl who also dreams about happiness like you!

Matchmaking Services in Urban Honolulu

      Honolulu is a city that joins traditions and modernity. One of the most traditional and at the same time the most efficient way of meeting somebody is matchmaking. This service helps to find a person who can be the best match for you. When you meet beautiful women on dating sites, you cannot know their character. Of course, all women write some words about themselves, however, you cannot be sure if you match each other. Matchmaker knows all the clients in person and, after communicating with you and listening about your life, your goals, and your demands to your woman, he or she can recommend some profiles of women who can match you perfectly by character and lifestyle. If you choose this service of online dating, you don’t need to scroll through eternal pages with profiles and photos. First, it can seem interesting and funny, but after some days you get tired of eternal profiles of beautiful women and in such a mood you can not notice or ignore a woman who can really be your soulmate. If you address a professional matchmaker, you avoid this risk. The most important thing is that you should choose a matchmaker that you can trust completely. In Honolulu there are a lot of agencies and matchmakers, however, it is better to choose a person who works on a dating site. This way you can start this search even before you come to another country and when you travel, you can be sure that at once you will meet the woman of your dreams! You can order a free consultation and ask all your questions about the Matchmaking service on the page Matchmaking.

Honolulu is a place on our planet that you should surely visit! This city can give you a lot of new feelings, new adventures, and new meetings! If you wish to meet a beautiful single Honolulu woman, start to prepare your happy traveling to Hawaii right now!



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