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Beautiful Ukrainian Women

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Are you here to meet Beautiful Ukrainian Women? We are happy to introduce you to our wonderful ladies! SlavicGirl agency is Ukrainian marriage agency with a long trustful history. We work with Ukraine singles who want to change their lives and find their soulmate abroad. Our lady-clients are Ukraine single women, mainly from the south of Ukraine. They are not top-models (even if they are true beauties!;)), they are teachers, nurses, shop-assistants, pensioners (yes, we work even with Ukrainian brides over 50!) who dream to find a good caring man and start a long-lasting relationship with him.

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Why Ukrainian Women so Beautiful?

Beautiful Ukrainian Women

- What? They are not models? Then why Ukrainian women so beautiful?

Women of Ukraine are famous all over the world for their beauty and delight many men. Ukrainian women are a combination of bright appearance with a strong-willed character, which allows them to be self-confident women. Of course, Ukrainian women have certain traits that set them apart from other nations - brown eyes and dark thick hair, as well as attractive shapes and a magnificent bust. Well, a typical Ukrainian woman would rather miss her breakfast and dinner than her visit to the hairdresser. That is in Ukrainian dating culture - the lady attracts the man with a nice appearance and fit body and then, when he is interested, reveals the mystery of her soul. Traditional family values are still strong in Ukraine so girls are taught to be beautiful and feminine from their childhood.

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Where are the Most beautiful Ukrainian Women?

Beautiful Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian girls are beautiful even without makeup, but emphasizing beauty is an obligatory rule. However, excessive and vulgar makeup is not typical for Ukrainian women. Girls have long been famous for their skills and creativity, as well as natural homemade cosmetics. One of the favorite beauty products in the arsenal of Ukrainian woman is blush.
Women in Ukraine prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle and play sports. A toned figure is a must-have item on the list of every beauty. Of course, a visit to the gym and fitness classes are prerequisites for keeping the body in good shape, but at home, Ukrainian women like to prepare creams from natural substances that maintain skin elasticity and give it smoothness.

The most beautiful Ukrainian woman is the woman you are in love with, no matter what part of the country she is from!

But we have the list of top cities to meet Ukrainian women for you!

1. Kyiv – is the capital of Ukraine. So transportation is easy, sightseeing is great and you can feel the atmosphere of the country and meet ladies from different regions there. Also Kyiv is situated in the geographical center of Ukraine so you can reach any other parts easily.

2. Odessa - it is a big seaport, southern unofficial capital. People are more open and emotional there. So Odessa girls are easy to get acquainted with and they make all decisions faster. That is a southern type of character.

3. Mykolayiv (Nikolaev) – one of 3 regional centers of the south of Ukraine. If you are tired of the busy capitals, time to relax here. Correlation between male and female populations in Nikolaev leaves many ladies single. So in spite of the smaller size of the city, it has the biggest number of ladies who are interested in international dating services.

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Ukrainian Woman to Marry

Beautiful Ukrainian Women

- A beautiful Ukraine woman wants to find a good man, great, I am a good man. How can I know she is sincere?

We often hear such doubts. Can you trust a Ukrainian woman? Well, the right question is if you can trust a woman;) Of course, that is not easy - to start trusting again after a painful experience in your past. But love is worth taking such a risk, what do you think? From our side we guarantee that ladies on our site are not married and do not have romantic relationships with the man. We check this very carefully before taking their questionnaires.

We have worked in this sphere for 20 years already, so we had the privilege of being friends with the families we helped to create for years. And the husbands of Ukraine brides 8 years later after the wedding are still as happy as the day they met them;)

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Pros and Cons of Marrying a Ukrainian Woman

Beautiful Ukrainian Women

Marrying a Ukrainian woman has many advantages. We asked men who have already found their Ukrainian love to give their list of pros. These are the reasons why Ukrainian wives are so special.

The main difficulty of such marriages is finding each other! The man has to travel to Ukraine and find time and finances for dating ladies before meeting his love.

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How to Marry a Ukrainian Woman

Ukrainian Women

Many men start looking for a Ukraine girl for friendship. But one day they find their Ukraine girl number one and want to marry her. Also beautiful Ukrainian women think that official marriage is the evidence of man’s love, that is an important step in relationships.

Getting married in Ukraine is possible if you have papers to show you are not married to somebody else at the moment. If you want to register your marriage in your country – check the laws of your country, they can differ.

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Questions and Answers about Beautiful Ukrainian Women

❤️  Where are the most beautiful women in Ukraine?

There are several types of ladies ’ beauty. We sincerely believe that each man has his standard of woman’s beauty in his head and these standards are very different. In that way, each of us can find a partner and be happy. So you should understand what type of lady. It happened so historically that the southern part of Ukraine had a mixture of different nationalities and types of beauty. So that it is easier to find the lady who will touch your soul there. There are 3 main cities in the south - Odessa, Mykolayiv(Nikolaev), and Kherson. You can start your search by checking ladies there. By the way, our agency works with ladies from Nikolaev and Ladies from Odessa

❤️  How can I marry a Ukrainian woman?

All our lady-clients believe that the main reason for getting married is falling in love. So the first step of getting married Ukrainian lady – winning her heart. In our tradition ladies wait for first active steps from the man. Usually, they prefer the man who is caring and determined. We suggest you start corresponding with several ladies, choose 2 or 3 you have a special connection with, and come to meet them. That is impossible to fall in love without meeting in real life. After talking to ladies face to face you will understand who will be your future wife;)

❤️  How can I meet Ukrainian women?

You can get acquainted with Ukrainian women with the help of dating sites like, start talking to them, fix the time, and the place of your meeting. Another option - you can come to Ukraine to a certain town or several towns, come to the local office of a dating agency and organize meetings with ladies from this town. The address of our office in Mykolayiv (Nikolaev) you can find here
Some agencies also organize special parties where men can meet ladies they might be interested in.

❤️  What is it like to date a Ukrainian woman?

It is always an exciting adventure. When you meet the lady from other cultures, with different backgrounds, traditions, and ideas about relationships, that is always a challenge. And usually it is very rewarding as that difference can be a source of enriching each other. Try this new experience – maybe it will become an unforgettable start to a new life full of love and happiness! Join here to start.

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