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Geeky & Nerd Dating 2024 — Meet and Chat with Geeky Singles

Last updated on January 11, 2024

Smart is the new sexy!
    Developed intelligence definitely makes a person a more promising, interesting partner, which is why smart people are so attractive.
It's amazing how attractive a man's mind is to a woman. Moreover, it's not about the IQ of a man, or encyclopedic knowledge, not even about university education. Rather, it attracts a passion for knowledge, a man's desire to discover new things, to understand the essence of things and events. The mind, as an instrument of owning the world, is what excites the female imagination. It is important that she be interested in talking to him, arguing, and listening to his opinion. 
As for the sense of humor, it is an important component of sexuality, closely related to intelligence.

In the Article "Geeky & Nerd Dating"

Online Dating for Geek and Nerd Singles

    Dating sites are the perfect instrument for most types of people to make changes in their marital status;)). But while some people suffer from the limits of online conversation and have trouble with using sites, geeky singles are in their element!

Geeky Dating

The Best Geek Dating Site

    Do you want to find the best geek dating site? That is the one you like! There is no sense to look for a special dating site for nerds and geeks as they can use any site they register to the fullest! Their attentive and sensitive approach helps them to notice small details in the behavior of their penpals so that is impossible to take advantage of them! They can always find a girl with the same life attitude even among thousands of girls’ profiles. 
Also, first acquaintances in geek online dating don’t cause so much stress and worries as face-to-face conversations. Most geeks are clever, sensitive, and attentive people who are concentrated on their inner world and feeling. In other words, they are introverts — and such type of personality has many advantages. Geeks are loyal and devoted to people they know for a long time but usually, they have difficulties with finding new friends. Being an introvert is great and has many advantages but often meeting new people or joining a new company can turn into a nightmare. So looking for a new partner online is a great decision. They can choose people carefully and take as much time as they need to start talking, they can think a lot before answering and easily avoid people they do not like. 

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Best Geek Dating Site

Geeky Dating

    Geeky dating starts with exchanging letters where you can ask any questions and discuss any topics you both are interested in. When you find the field you can speak about for hours, a video call and meeting in real life will not sound so stressful and will turn into a pleasant event you both will be looking forward to with a sweet premonition. Our site can provide you with such a service and help you to find your nerd girl. 
So as you see geek nerd dating became so easy — thanks to those geeks who invented the Internet and computers - now everybody can enjoy such a wonderful side-effect of those inventions and never stay lonely unless he wants to.
 We recommend you make a list of the qualities you are looking for in the girl and then choose the one which sounds the most important to you. For example, you are looking for a pretty, kind, smiling girl who loves biology and doesn’t have kids. Can you imagine you are happy with the kind smiling girl who loves Maths and has a small kid? Such preparations will help you to understand that your perfect girl can be different from the perfect image of her in your brain but you will know for sure what features or aspects are too important for you to compromise. Having such a list, you can ask our matchmakers for help and the members of our team will suggest you see the profiles of girls that have a high percentage of matching your expectations. You can choose one of our Individual Matchmaking Packages and get all kinds of help and support you might need. 

Geeky Singles

     If you prefer to surf the Internet yourself — read the girls’ profiles carefully, especially the paragraph where she describes her hobbies — they will tell you more about her character than her self–description. When you decide to write to the girl, ask her questions but not too much in one letter — 2-3 questions a letter will be good. Otherwise, she can take your curiosity like pressure and you will get short yes/no instead of her life stories;))) If you get a negative answer from the girl, do not be upset. It means you are one more step closer to the girl who is waiting for the smart, kind, and caring geek you are! Are you with us already? If not, join here 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Geeky Dating

✅  Do begin showing an interest in her fandom. It is almost certain that she will be involved in some sort of community and it will be important to them that you understand. If you do not know much about her particular interest DO start reading into it!
✅  Do be involved! Give her compliments. Just because she focuses more on a role-playing game (not those) rather than her make-up it does not mean she won't appreciate being complimented! Everyone loves compliments and flattery sometimes!
✅  Do share your passion! She will definitely be keen to let you know her passions and interests so make sure you reciprocate. This could show you both that you have similar interests or open her eyes to something she might really enjoy!
✅  Do be open-minded. Remember that any romantic partner you find does not have to share every interest that you have. Remember, it is the person that makes us smile, laugh, and feel warm inside that we want to find, not just someone who also loves Harry Potter. Put differences aside and look for the real person.
❌  Don’t try and insult her fandom (whether knowingly or accidental). While you may not completely understand there is no reason to put it down. If you object to her interest or fandom in any way then do so mildly, or not at all (!), so as not to hurt her!
❌  Don’t worry or freak out if they don’t understand your fandom! Appreciate that we are all different and have different tastes. If romance blossoms this could be the one thing you do not do together, which is definitely no emergency! It’s good to like different things.
❌  Don’t use any shared passions as a reason to compete. Dating and finding romance is hard enough without you competing over who has the most Comicon outfits. Use it to grow closer together and discover new things as a pair!
❌  Don’t think you can dress in anything you feel like and not worry about appearance because ‘looks aren’t everything. First impressions are everything and she will notice your effort. Remember…you wouldn’t go to a job interview or Comicon inappropriately dress so a date is no different.

Geeky Dating Chat

Frequently Asked Questions about Geeky Dating

❤️  How Do I Find a Geeky Girlfriend?

As well as you, a geeky girl would prefer sitting at home to a noisy party so that is not easy to catch her in the overcrowded spaces. You can find her online, surfing on the same sites as you, or being subscribed to the same you-tube channel. That clever member under funny nick actually can be the girl you are looking for. If you do not want to play in the "guess who" game for months, try special dating sites. Yes, the dating site for nerds and geeks will work well;) Do not be afraid of paying for membership on such sites. Unlike talking on free sites you will know that the girl there is 1) single right now, 2) wants to change that.

❤️  Where Can I Find a Nerdy Girlfriend?

In the library — that would be the right answer to this question 20 years ago. Now, when your laptop or smartphone can insert more than a library, social contacts are usually minimized. But even a nerdy girl understands one day that is better to have somebody who will not mind bringing tea to the computer or discussing news of the project she is working on. More likely she will register on one of many dating sites then. Now your task is to recognize her there. Check the list of the hobbies girls usually mention in their profiles and be ready the girl will judge you by how you act, not by what you say. Yes, nerdy girls are too smart to fall in love because of nice words only.

❤️  How Do Nerds Flirt?

If you are flirting with a nerd, please, remember — usually they are shy. So do not think their emotionless face or avoiding eye contact is a sign they are not interested. Try to start an easy friendly conversation to make them relaxed. If you make them laugh – this will be perfect:) If the nerd likes you he/she will try to make something pleasant for you or help you with something. Take this as a compliment even if this can look a little bit strange. Their calm face is only their way to protect themselves from the cruel world, you will find a tender, loyal and sensitive heart!

❤️  Why You Should Date a Nerd?

Have you ever tried dating a nerd? Dating a nerd has many advantages! Let’s check some!

1) They do not pretend they are clever because they are clever! So they often can give you advice that can change your difficult circumstances or solve your task.

2) They are loyal — usually because they are too busy chasing new facts to spend time chasing new love.

3) They are grateful for your attention and care.

4) They do not like fighting and avoiding conflicts. If you can keep your emotions under control a sincere conversation with them can change their attitude toward the issue you fight about.

5) They will respect your decisions, your hobbies, your friends, and your parents and will help you to see and understand your emotions better. This makes them masters in relationships. Do you remember — that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Try to choose your partner with your heart also, not only with your eyes!



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