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Short red hair on lovely girl for marriage.Red-haired women



A girl with red hair attracts attention. The nature has gifted her with an unusual hair color, the color of gold, the most valuable metal; or the color of the sun – a vital element for life. As George Martin claims, “sun-kissed” ladies have unique and outstanding look. Redhead beauties are indeed noticeable and different. So, what do we know about them?


Different from the others

In childhood red-haired girl can experience a lot of mocking from peers. This makes her more resistant for critics. This is usually a simple jealousy due to breaking of a usual pattern. Freckles often add a touch of charm to their extraordinary traits. Spring generously gifts red-haired people its “kisses” and keeps them untouched throughout the year. With the time flow such lady gains femininity, and if she is lucky to have green eyes – a heart-breaking look is guaranteed.


Unusual personalities

Red hair is an unusual, though, very bright and beautiful feature among Ukrainian ladies. The ancestry of these women is probably among the Scandinavians. Being often treated as “different” from the childhood red hot women become even more different in their views, hobbies, and career choice. That is why beautiful redheads in most cases are creative personalities connecting their lives with some kind of art.



A redhead girl is energetic, creative, seems to be happier and luckier than the others. Undoubtedly, destiny favors her, presents her not only with the bright appearance, but also with beauty, talent, interesting people in her life, one of which can be you! Hot redheads are creative, for sure, in relationship as well ;)


Middle ages

In ancient times in many European countries red-haired ladies could feel their difference not only in childhood when human beings do not differ much in their personalities and mind, but also in adulthood. Red-haired people were treated differently. In Middle ages it was unsafe to have red color of hair and to be beautiful at the same time. People told that such ladies had unearthly abilities and evil minds. Such ladies were treated as witches and were severely killed.


Modern times

These days we know that all the rumors were only a reason for social jealousy and there is no factual ground for such treatment. In present we find red-haired women successful, housewifely, loving and attractive. It’s worth mentioning that in Middle ages the genes of the most beautiful ladies were lost forever. Only in those countries, where the attitude to such ladies wasn’t hostile, there are still lots of women with such unusual look. Among such countries are Ukraine, Belarussia and Russia.


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