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International Dating Site 2024 — What is the Best International Dating Agency?

Last updated on May 21, 2024

International Dating


An international dating site is a website where users from different countries, sometimes even continents, cultures, and nationalities, register for dating and personal relationships. On an international dating site, users meet and communicate online via chat and video chat, and later schedule meetings.

Do you think it is worth trying international dating? Then you should know about its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s make a small review of popular thoughts about international dating and check if they are true.

In the Article "International Dating Site"

International Dating Online

"Is International dating or online dating good for young people only?"

  • — Not only. Of course, that is easier for young people to change the country and make new friends, get used to a new society and find a new job. But so many women 45+ and men 55+ have found their new love and have created international families with the help of our international service! Love all ages yield surrender!

"Is International dating for rich people only?"

  • — Nope. If the man marries a woman from another country and expects her to move to his country, he should understand he will be responsible for his family financially. It usually takes time for the lady to learn the language and get papers that will give her the right to work in the new country. But marriage is always an expensive and long-termed project, even if you marry a lady from your town. If you are ready for marriage financially, bringing the woman from another country will not be critical for your budget. 

"Are International dating sites make business and do not care about the feelings of the people?"

  •   Not a good one. International dating sites are a new kind of service and yes, that is business.  Any kind of business can provide you with good quality service or with a low-quality one. Quality business cares about their clients. A serious international dating agency is proud of the success of its members. But yes, people pay money if they use the service. Can you imagine sewing a suit,  buying bread, and going to the hairdresser without paying for service? If you want to have a high-quality service it means you are ready to pay for it.

Public Opinion

  • Sociological polls reveal that 35-40% of respondents do not believe in interethnic relations and marriages, considering them less durable than mono-national ones.
  • From 15 to 20% of the respondents are sure that all marriages are the same, regardless of whether the spouse is of the same nationality or different.
  • And from 30 to 35% of respondents are sure that interethnic relations and unions are a positive phenomenon, and such a family is more durable than a “homogeneous” one, which is confirmed by the data of numerous sociological studies, surveys, and the population census.

Psychologists, on the other hand, are sure: it does not matter, one-national relations or multi-national ones.

    The well-being, harmony, and strength of a family depend only on the members of this family: on the ability to forgive and forget offenses, on tolerance and patience, openness to new experiences and respect, on warmth and fullness of feelings, trust in each other, a serious attitude towards the family and partner, responsibility, mutual affection, and love.

International Dating

7 Rules to Get Acquainted on the International Dating Sites

 Virtual Dating for Full-Fledged Relationships It's a Reality

     According to statistics, more than a third of dating occurs online. Online communication erases any distance and social barriers to create truly strong alliances. The circle of potential acquaintances is no longer limited to the place of residence and work: those who previously would hardly have walked the same street — can meet and get married today.

    There is also a curious phenomenon: analytics confirms that couples and families formed on international dating sites break up and divorce less often than those who met traditionally offline. Experts from the University of Vienna have found an explanation for this: firstly when meeting online, people communicate not only because of their appearance but also because of how interesting it is to talk to each other. And secondly, couples who have met on dating websites and in applications can more easily endure separation and recognize their partner without being tied to the environment.

    We found out that it is possible to hope for serious communication online. So, how to build communication if your goal is not flirting and meeting without obligations, but a permanent relationship that can develop into marriage?

1. Great Profile — 50% Success

    Do you want to weed out the seekers of easy romances and relationships without obligations? Please fill in your profile correctly. Avoid graphomania, cliché quotes, negative messages, and false intonations. Imagine that you are telling a new friend about yourself, giving her a short but honest resume on the topic of your character, hobbies, priorities in life, and some values. You don't need to spread too much thought either - leave the details for private communication with a specific subject. Dozens of photographs, especially in a negligee, are unlikely to attract persons for a serious relationship. To indicate your intentions and not waste time on unnecessary candidates, it is enough to post 2-3 portrait-type photographs: keep in mind that users should be interested in studying your profile.

2. Live Conversation

    Within 3-7 days, insist on communicating with the video.
There are supporters of virtual flirting and lovers of lengthy correspondence - behind this, any scenario can be hidden, except for what we need. Those who are not ready to communicate live and meet are not ready for more serious steps. On top of that, you can learn a lot about a person by voice too.

3. Stay With Chosen Positioning

    Remember the main rule of online dating: you are not obliged to explain your refusal to anyone, and even more so to prove your interest. 90% of applicants for communication (not burdensome, of course) on the very first day ask to send additional photos, and even better - in some kind of piquant attire. On the second day, they already declare their love and ask to come to Turkey for a joint vacation "Don"t you trust me? " The rejection of such a "tempting" offer is usually followed by a violent and aggressive reaction. Block such acquaintances immediately. You have set boundaries and you have a right to expect respect. If a person is not ready to wait and presses on you, this is an alarming signal that communication should not be continued.

4. Video Date

    The correspondence has been going on for a week or two, you managed to find out in general terms what your partner is, felt mutual interest, found out your intentions — it's time for an online date.

5. Don't Wear Masks

    The mask, in our case, (not a medical mask) is an internal manifestation, often a defensive reaction. Try to be yourself in an online meeting, not to impress. People like sincere, real, somewhere direct persons with whom it is pleasant to talk.

6. Listen to Your Inner Voice

    In trying to build relationships, we often rely on reason, because according to all criteria, the candidate meets our wishlist: attractive, successful, beautifully caring, with a wonderful family. But there is some "but". Something does not yank, there is no feeling of butterflies in the stomach and an aching feeling of melancholy at the end of your meetings. Don't ignore this voice, it never deceives. This is your life, you need to live with this person, do not agree to be content with your "shortcomings", they will not make both of you happy. This person may be beautiful in every way, but not who you were looking for. Feelings have no place for logic.

7. Take Your Time

    No matter how overwhelmed by emotions, do not rush into the pool with your head. Do not rush to get closer, try to get to know each other better. Compatibility in bed is also important, but your goal is a different kind of intimacy, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. This takes time and trust in your partner. Continue to communicate in different ways: not everyone knows how to be frank in live communication, it is easier for someone to confess something in a letter.

International Dating site

International Relationships and Marriages. Pros and Cons

Find out what advantages and disagreements can arise in the relations of different nationalities

✅  1. Cultural differences and inconsistencies bring variety to relationships, making them richer, brighter, and more fun. Partners can discuss their expectations in advance during important events and holidays, in order to avoid hidden grievances and misunderstandings. It may be the best solution to take turns in the cultural celebrations. Or maybe only one or specific events are important and one of the partners will gladly spend the rest holidays according to the other one's traditions. If all of the events are important and it's difficult to choose the vital one, a couple may prefer to celebrate the holidays twice or combine the traditions.
✅  2. When you are in an international relationship - it's yours and your only choice. True friends will be happy for you, if you enjoy it, they will share these feelings. Such moments like a litmus paper may help you see better your surroundings, and recognize sincere friends or envious acquaintances. With relatives (especially older ones), it may not be so smooth. But with time, they are likely to get used to it and likely change their minds.
✅  3. According to psychologists, interethnic marriages teach social tolerance and the ability to treat with understanding the representatives of different nations, contributing to the improvement of relations between countries and ethnic groups. Thanks to such families, legal conflicts between countries are more and more discussed and resolved, mutual interest in the culture and history of the culture of another nation is growing, and social cooperation is stimulated. It is clear that the number of international marriages has increased significantly over the past decades and continues to grow.
✅  4. Usually, after the process of choosing a country of residence, preference is given to a place with better opportunities, a decent job, good education, and a safe future for children. Before moving, it is worth discussing in detail with your partner all the nuances that will be affected by everyday life and emergency cases. It is important to know the language at a sufficient level, to know the rights and obligations, to be aware of political events, and to understand how the medical and law enforcement system works.
❌  1. This is a discrepancy between cultures, traditions, customs, and approaches to education. It is because of these differences that various disagreements may arise, up to and including conflicts. Usually, such aspects of everyday life are important as the daily observance of rituals and customs, culinary traditions, as well as religious rites. These differences may take on particular importance not only during all kinds of fasts and major religious holidays but also during the organization and celebration of a wedding, at birth, and the upbringing of children. In other words, arguments appear with any positively or negatively significant life events.
❌  2. Often international or interethnic marriage meets with misunderstanding and condemnation. Not only neighbors, but colleagues, friends, and unfamiliar, distant relatives can also reproach, discuss, gossip, and look for insincerity, and material benefit from one or both representatives of the couple, who decided to officially legalize the romantic relationship. Quite often, even relatives and friends, people from whom you most expect support, oppose the union.
❌  3. Some ancient nations (such as Armenians, Georgians, and Jews) may be present customary to instill a sense of national pride and fear of assimilation, the belief that it is extremely necessary to create a family inside own nation. Moreover, many representatives of such ethnic groups to the present time, in the era of globalization, are sure that it is extremely necessary to communicate in everyday life exclusively with their "fellow tribesmen", so as not to lose their identity, bright distinctive national features and not to replace, dilute, not to lose in the fusion of their customs and traditions.
❌  4. Another disadvantage concerns those who live in different countries. In such a family, at least one partner has to face not only a new mentality and way of life but also a fundamentally different legal framework and healthcare organization. Difficulties for a young family can arise at different stages of life and development, starting from the very beginning. From an organizational point of view, it's quite a trouble to move to a permanent place of residence in another country and obtain a visa, residence permit, or citizenship.
  • ⏩  Often, the language barrier plays an important role in a new place of residence. It is no secret that many wives and husbands of foreigners, “cut off from their roots,” miss home, relatives, and friends left in their homeland, favorite places, and even, however banal, familiar food products. Of course, compared to great love, these are all small things. But life is made up of such grains. It will be a good idea to keep video chatting with friends and family, and it is also possible to make new friends and acquaintances.
  • ⏩  A special point in these relations is the issue of children born in interethnic unions. If such a marriage is on the verge of collapse, then the real difficulties begin. Often, a spouse who comes from another country is less protected, and legal norms place him/her in a tight legal framework. When considering which of the parents the common children will live with, quite often the wishes of the children or parents are not taken into account, but only the interests of the state. To avoid serious problems and lengthy lawsuits is better to negotiate with the family taking into account primarily the interests of the children.

Overseas Dating Site

  • Are Overseas dating sites full of frauds and scams? — Well, that is not a problem of dating sites only. That is a problem of the whole net. Some people use the net as a tool for changing our world for the better, and others – for cheating people. There are common rules of Internet safety, follow them, carefully check the sites you are going to register on and report any attempts of scams to help other people avoid troubles. 
  • Kids born in international marriages are the smartest. — We do not know if that is true but we are happy to see the photos of the kids born in the marriages of our former clients. And they are really cute!

If I date a Slavic woman from another country and she has a kid, this will be a problem for her to move to my country.  From the experience of our clients, we know that that is easier for kids to adapt to a new country and new life than for grown-ups. If your lady trusts you and is confident in your feelings, care, and protection, she will be ready to give you a chance to start a new life not only for herself but for her kid as well. 

International Dating Site for Serious Relationships

  • ⏩  That is difficult to find an international dating site for serious relationships — We guarantee you that is that kind of site. If you are not a member yet, read more information about us and start your search with our help!
  • ⏩  Women on international dating sites are not serious — well, we often hear such words from our lady clients as well – “All men on the dating sites are not serious”. Both statements are false. If you had a sad experience in the past, this doesn’t mean all people are the same. Telling such words to a person of the opposite sex makes him/her defensive and block positive exchange with him/her.  That is not a good start in your search, is it?
  • ⏩  I can find my partner in another country without the help of dating sites.  — Yes, you can do that. International dating sites just make your search more comfortable, faster, and more efficient. 
  • ⏩  I do not need to come to the lady’s country, I can invite her to my place and we will start a happy life together. — That is a very risky attitude! A mature lady will not make such a decision without meeting you in real life and spending some time with you.  

If you have more questions or doubts, or you can add more phrases about international dating you often hear — share them with us

Discover International Dating with Us

    Our site was specially created for international dating, we help singles to meet their love all over the world. The success of a small local dating agency many years ago we grew from inspired us to work harder to make our service available to more people.

    We are proud to have an individual approach and reliable private service for our members. It doesn't matter what country you live in - if you want to meet delightful Slavic ladies for serious relationships, we are here to help you. Differences in culture, habits, views on life, and routines will enrich your own life and the life of the lady you are dating with. Such new exciting impressions will add romance and adventure to your life and will help you to become more accepting, decisive, and wiser - and in general, will make you happier!

    Meeting foreigners online is a good way to sneak out from the dull cycle of the home-work-home circle. By choosing our professional help, you will start an interesting communication easily with less effort from your side!

International Dating

Frequently Asked Questions about International Dating

❤️  What is the Best International Dating Site?

The signs of the best International site for you:

1. It is safe and protects your personal information.

2. You can be sure that the ladies on the site are checked before registering and the site guarantees they are not married and they are sincerely interested in seeking a partner abroad.

3. You can book a video conversation with the lady you choose and be sure of your mutual interest in each other.

4. You can contact the site administrator and get your answer within 24 hours.

5. The site has feedback with photos and videos of successful love stories. We will not boast, but our site meets all these requirements! Join now and start your search with us!

❤️  Are International Dating Sites Legitimate?

It depends on the site. Carefully check information about the Terms and Conditions of using the site, make sure that the site has a safe connection, and protect your private information. If you are a citizen of the USA, it is important to use a site that abides by the rules of the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA), otherwise, you can have troubles later, while making papers for marriage.

❤️  What is an International Dating Site 90-day Fiance?

If you are an American and you date a foreigner, you can invite your date to visit the US with the help of a K-1 visa – which allows the noncitizen to live in the USA for 90 days. You must wed during this period or the noncitizen must leave the country after 90 days. Some other countries also have possibilities for a fiance visa but with little bit different conditions. To get such a visa for your date you should prove you do have romantic relationships with the noncitizen, show photos from your meetings, and impress officers in the Embassy with your excellent knowledge of habits, dreams, and features of each other. If you get acquainted with the help of an international dating site that abides by the rules of the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA), this will be easier to prove your sincere intentions to the embassy officers.

❤️  What are Dating Sites for Serious Relationships and Marriage? is a dating site for serious relationships and marriage. If you are interested in meeting ladies from Slavic countries, try our honest service! This site grew up from the international dating agency Slavyanka, situated in the south of Ukraine. We check every girl who applies for our membership to be sure of her sincerity and honesty. We are happy to help people from other countries find each other. Change your life for the better! We hope to add your STORY to the page Success Stories very soon!