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International Dating
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International Dating Site

 Do you think it is worth trying international dating? Then you should know about its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s make a small review of popular thoughts about international dating and check if they are true.

In the Article "International Dating Site"

International Dating Online

  •   International dating or online dating is good for young people only.  -  Not only. Of course, that is easier for young people to change the country and make new friends, get used to a new society and find a new job. But so many women 45+ and men 55+ have found their new love and have created international families with the help of our international service! Love all ages yield surrender!
  •  International dating is for rich people only. - False. If the man marries a woman from another country and expects her to move to his country, he should understand he will be responsible for his family financially. It usually takes time for the lady to learn the language and get papers that will give her the right to work in the new country. But marriage is always an expensive and long-termed project, even if you marry a lady from your town. If you are ready for marriage financially, bringing the woman from another country will not be critical for your budget. 
  • International dating sites make business and do not care about the feelings of the people  -  International dating sites are a new kind of service and yes, that is business.  Any kind of business can provide you with good quality service or with a low-quality one. Quality business cares about its clients. A serious international dating agency is proud of the success of its members. But yes, people pay money if they use the service. Can you imagine sewing a suit,  buying bread, going to the hairdresser without paying for service? If you want to have a high-quality service it means you are ready to pay for it.

Overseas Dating Site

  •  Overseas dating sites are full of frauds and scams.  -  Well, that is not a problem of dating sites only. That is a problem of the whole net. Some people use the net as a tool for changing our world for the better, others – for cheating people. There are common rules of Internet safety, follow them, carefully check the sites you are going to register on and report about any attempts of scam to help other people avoid troubles. 
  • Kids born in international marriages are the smartest.  - We do not know if that is true but we are happy to see the photos of the kids born in the marriages of our former clients. And they are really cute!

If I date a Slavic woman from another country and she has a kid, this will be a problem for her to move to my country.  From the experience of our clients, we know that that is easier for kids to adapt to a new country and new life than for grown-ups. If your lady trusts you and is confident in your feelings, care, protection, she will be ready to give you a chance to start a new life not only for herself but for her kid as well. 

International Dating Site for Serious Relationships

  •  That is difficult to find an international dating site for serious relationships -  We guarantee you that is that kind of site. If you are not our member yet, read more information about us and start your search with our help!
  • Women on international dating sites are not serious – well, we often hear such words from our lady clients as well – “All men on the dating sites are not serious”. Both statements are false. If you had a sad experience in the past, this doesn’t mean all people are the same. Telling such words to the person of the opposite sex you make him/her defensive and block positive exchange with him/her.  That is not a good start in your search, is it?
  • I can find my partner in another country without the help of dating sites.  -  Yes, you can do that. International dating sites just make your search more comfortable, faster, and more efficient. 
  • I do not need to come to the lady’s country, I can invite her to my place and we will start a happy life together.  -  That is a very risky attitude! A mature lady will not make such a decision without meeting you in real life and spending some time with you.  

If you have more questions or doubts, or you can add more phrases about international dating you often hear -  share them with us

Discover International Dating with Us

  Our site was specially created for international dating, we help singles to meet their love all over the world. The success of a small local dating agency many years ago we grew from inspired us to work harder to make our service available for more people.

  We are proud to have an individual approach and reliable private service for our members. It doesn't matter what country you live in - if you want to meet delightful Slavic ladies for serious relationships, we are here to help you. Differences in culture, habits, views on life, routines will enrich your own life and the life of the lady you are dating with. Such new exciting impressions will add romance and adventure to your life and will help you to become more accepting, decisive, and wiser - and in general, will make you happier!

  Meeting foreigners online is a good way to sneak out from the dull cycle of the home-work-home circle. By choosing our professional help, you will start an interesting communication easily with less effort from your side!

International Dating

Frequently Asked Questions about International Dating

❤️  What is the Best International Dating Site?

The signs of the best international site for you: 1. It is safe and protects your personal information 2. You can be sure that the ladies on the site are checked before registering and the site guarantees they are not married and they are sincerely interested in seeking a partner abroad. 3. You can book a video conversation with the lady you choose and be sure of your mutual interest in each other 4. You can contact the site administrator and get your answer within 24 hours 5. The site has feedbacks with photos and videos of successful love stories. We will not boast, but our site meets all these requirements! Join now and start your search with us!

❤️  Are International Dating Sites Legitimate?

It depends on the site. Carefully check information about the Terms and Conditions of using the site, make sure that the site has a safe connection, and protect your private information. If you are a citizen of the USA, it is important to use the site that abides by the rules of the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA), otherwise, you can have troubles later, while making papers for marriage.

❤️  What is an International Dating Site 90-day Fiance?

If you are an American and you date a foreigner, you can invite your date to visit the US with the help of K-1 visa – which allows the noncitizen to live in the USA for 90 days. You must wed during this period or the noncitizen must leave the country after 90 days. Some other countries also have possibilities for a fiance visa, but with little bit different conditions. To get such a visa for your date you should prove you do have romantic relationships with the noncitizen, show photos from your meetings, and impress officers in the Embassy with your excellent knowledge of habits, dreams, and features of each other. If you get acquainted with the help of an international dating site that abides by the rules of the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA), this will be easier to prove your sincere intentions to the embassy officers.

❤️  What are Dating Sites for Serious Relationships and Marriage? is a dating site for serious relationships and marriage. If you are interested in meeting ladies from Slavic countries, try our honest service! This site grew up from the international dating agency Slavyanka, situated in the south of Ukraine. We check every girl who applies for our membership to be sure of her sincerity and honesty. We are happy to help people from other countries find each other. Change your life for the better! We hope to add your STORY to the page Success Stories very soon!