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Traditional Catholic Dating 2024 — How to Meet Catholic Singles Online

Last updated on May 26, 2024

  Catholic online dating has become popular nowadays. That is a good chance to find a partner who has the same views on faith as you and who was raised in the same Christian tradition. About 10% of Christians in Ukraine are Catholics. So you can try to find your perfect Catholic lady among the ladies on our site. We do not announce to be a just Catholic dating website only but we are happy to perform a special page with Catholic singles to make your search faster and more pleasurable. 

Traditional Catholic Dating

In the Article "Traditional Catholic Dating — Meet Catholic Singles Online"

How Catholics (Should) Date? Is Dating Allowed in Catholicism?

    The union of man and woman is sacred and blessed by God. But this doesn’t mean we are not responsible for our choice of partner! Dating in Catholicism means you are ready for family life and you are looking for the person who will be your wife (husband). If you are not ready for a serious commitment, you shouldn’t start dating at all. If you are ready, dating will help you to find the person who will match you and who you are ready to spend your whole life with! 

    The culture of dating is somewhat lost nowadays, let’s think about common rules of decent behavior while dating. Firstly, you should know that there are several phases of growing closer to your date.

  • ⏩  The first phase includes getting acquainted with your date and checking if you are both interested in future communication. That is normal when you start dating many people in this phase – on dates you get to know yourself, you get to know people, what is important for you and for others, and step by step you will understand what type of person you are comfortable with. Usually, by the third or fifth meeting, you know if you are attracted to this girl or not. If you are not, respect your time and the time of your date – just say that she is a great person, but you’d prefer to continue your search. It may sound not pleasant for you both but it gives you many advantages later - being honest is always better - and you both do not become emotionally bonded to the wrong person.
  • ⏩  In the second phase, you know that your date is interesting for you and you are ready to spend time getting to know each other. But you still need time to get sure about the possible future together. You can still keep seeing several girls though each of them needs more time and energy from you now. You find out not about the good sides of each other only but also about shortcomings. This will be a mistake to start sexual relationships during this phase. Bright sexual impressions can keep you blind to reality and you can miss many “red flags” you will not be able to stand later. 
  • ⏩  The third phase is having exclusive relationships. Here you are ready to make a proposal to your lady, you know she is not perfect but you accept her personality, with good and bad sides and you are sure you can make her happy. Of course, you can’t date anybody but your spouse now. 

 Do not think somebody will get your love for you — ask the lady you like to date you!

Catholic dating

Catholic Singles

    Catholic dating purports to date the lady if you have serious intentions to create a family with her. Traditional Catholic singles have high moral qualities, they appreciate family life and loyalty is a must in relationships for them. This doesn’t mean you should marry the lady after the first date. But this means you should be ready for the responsibilities of family life and not have the intention to hurt the woman and play with her feelings when you start dating her. 

Even so it is right for husbands to have love for their wives as for their bodies. He who has love for his wife has love for himself” Ephesians  5:28

Traditional Catholic Singles

How to Find Your Perfect Catholic Match?

    How to recognize the lady you will promise to love and protect? You should understand the strong and weak sides of the character and try to find the lady who is not perfect but the one who matches you perfectly. Your Catholic date should know your attitude to family life and to vows and share it, the decision to get married should be a conscious choice of both partners. In that case, the wedding service turns into a mystery of marriage and protects the flame of love in the hearts of the partners during difficult times all unions face sooner or later. So while choosing your lady, pay attention to her human values such as kindness, patience, optimism, gratitude, and sincerity.

Catholic Match

Catholic Online Dating

    Do not hurry to make your commitment but we want you to understand that virtual communication without meetings in real life that lasts more than a year is an illusion. Try to make friends with several ladies online but only meeting in real life can show up which one can be your future wife. 
    The Catholic church in Ukraine understands the importance of marriage and the difficulties young people might have while starting relationships. So usually there are special Catholic courses, lectures, and face-to-face conversations priests organize for Catholic singles. That is great when your future spouse can get advice and more information about the Christian family there, rather than discussing the subject in other places. 
 We want to draw your attention to the fact that Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union and any religion was against the law then. There were very few priests and they worked underground. Under such conditions, Catholic priests could give the Eucharist or perform a funeral service for Orthodox and vice versa. This tradition still works well. Any Christian can go to a Catholic or Orthodox church and get help there or take part in the ceremony. And of course, marriages between Orthodox and Catholics are recognized by both churches. 21st century teaches us to concentrate on the essence and accept different forms of the event. If it happens that the lady you fall in love with is not Catholic but Orthodox, stress what is common for you both — you are both Christians. Your mutual respect will help you to accept any small differences in ceremonies you might have.
   Of course, there are Catholic churches in Ukrainian towns, this can be interesting for you to visit them because of their unique architecture and old age, though the Catholic community has more influence in the west of the country. Catholic and Orthodox churches use different calendars and that is the reason Ukraine has 2 dates for celebrating Christmas (December, 25th and January, 7th) and other religious holidays. 

Traditional Catholic Dating

Traditional Catholic Dating Website

   Ready for more interesting facts about Ukrainian culture and the Christian life? Want to be happy in family life and have a loyal and devoted Slavic wife? Start your search for Catholic matches with us!

A well-designed profile is the key to success. The users don't see the other in person, therefore they evaluate bright profiles. Below are some helpful tips for creating an attractive profile.

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Creating a Profile on a Catholic Dating Site: Increase Your Chances

Online Dating Profile Tips – the Dos and Don'ts

✅  Pictures. The main picture or avatar — this is the first thing that people pay attention to. This is why it is imperative that the photo is of high quality, bright, positive, and shows your best side. 
✅  Traits. Your profile should include a list of traits that, in your opinion, are defining in your character. Feel free to write about unusual interests (for example, love for sand painting), perhaps it is for them that your soul mate will find you.
✅  Positivity and honesty. It is much better to focus on something positive, but not to embellish your character or lifestyle too much.
✅  The purpose of the acquaintance. Some are looking for a serious relationship through dating on the Internet, and some are looking for just communication for one evening or friendly meetings. This is undoubtedly worth pointing out.
❌  Bad quality or old pictures. You should not get carried away with Photoshop: heavily retouched photos will raise suspicions that you are hiding serious flaws.
❌  Short description. Don't write there like in a work resume. Try to make it interesting, and unusual, and avoid clichés and annoying quotes like “I’m hard to find and easy to lose”.
❌  Lies. Do not come up with something that doesn't exist, hide the existence of a relationship or a past marriage. But there is no need to complain about the feeling of loneliness and helplessness either - people do not like whiners.
❌  You shouldn't waste time on registration and communication in the service for easy flirting if your goal is marriage. This rule is self-explanatory. However, how to choose the one that is suitable for serious intentions in the variety of services? We advise you to read reviews on the Internet — this is usually good enough.

Adjust the profile periodically

Interests can change, as can the purpose of dating. Do not forget to update your page, and add actual photos.

Catholic Date

Catholic Singles – Find a Serious Relationship with Us!

    Finding a good wife is a serious project. If you are looking for a beautiful loyal lady — we are ready to introduce you to stunning Ukrainian ladies. Christianity is the main religion in Ukraine and is represented by many confessions, Catholics and Orthodox are the most numerous. So that is still easy to find a Ukrainian girl with strong faith and family values. 

    Some Catholic Singles worry about using dating sites in their search for true love. There is no contradiction between your faith in Divine Providence and online meetings. Well, a dating site is just a modern tool to get acquainted with other people and everyone uses it according to his goals. You are still responsible for your choice and for following your moral beliefs. But with the help of our experienced matchmakers, you can spend less time finding your only one and be sure to get honest feedback from the girl you start dating. We have witnessed many small miracles of falling in love. And they didn’t depend on us, we just made the scene decorations ready for them;)

First Date Tips for Catholic Singles

    So you have found someone you would like to invite on the first date but you want to make sure that you conduct yourself appropriately and in line with Catholicism. Below are a few tips for you to consider prior to your first Catholic date.

  • ✅   Before your first date begins, pray for your date and for yourself. You can pray that you and your date will have a joyous, fun date and that this may be someone you would like to get to know better. Pray to both of your guardian angels and to Saint Raphael, the patron saint of happy meetings.
  • ✅   Don’t spend your date on the phone. Make sure to listen to your date and keep your phone away at all times during the date, unless you are exchanging phone numbers. Unless you receive a phone call that is an emergency during your date be sure you do not answer it. If this is the case, excuse yourself and head to another area to take the call. Unless it is a real emergency you will not need to take the call and you should focus on the wonderful person across the table from you.
  • ✅   This may sound strange but don’t wear a watch. Unless you have time constraints that cannot wait or your date has specified needing to leave at a particular time why should time be an issue? Spend your carefree time getting to know the person opposite you, listen to them and discover your unique journey without clock-watching. Be present at the moment rather than focusing on how long you have been on the date. If the date is going well, keep it going, if not then, respectfully, end it.
  • ✅   As Pope Benedict was often known to say, we all need to learn the art of living. This includes the discipline of dressing up and making an effort. Preparation is key. Possibly get your haircut beforehand and wear something nice, unless your first date activity dictates you wear something more casual! While dressing to impress definitely helps with first impressions make sure you do not go over the top. Find a good balance and make sure that you feel good, confident, and ready to embark on your first date.
  • ✅   Chivalry is key. A first date does not need to be expensive or flashy. It could be as simple as meeting for a coffee, a walk in the park, or a visit to a museum. You both may also enjoy heading to a beautiful Catholic Church followed by a cup of tea at a cafe. Make sure you open doors for her, carry things for her, pull out her chair, and show her the true gentlemen you are.
  • ✅   Notice all of the positive qualities in your date rather than focusing on any potential negatives. Don’t openly criticize her character or personality, especially on the first date. Your data may be fighting battles you have no idea about and will appreciate your understanding. Give her genuine compliments, laugh, have fun, and use kind language throughout. Most importantly, enjoy your first date together!

These are just some of the many different tips for you to consider when going on your first date. Most importantly ensure you show your date the utmost respect, listen carefully to all she has to say, and be honest throughout.

Questions and Answers about Traditional Catholic Dating

❤️  Where Can I Meet Catholic Singles?

The most common way to meet your future Catholic wife is to attend events your church organizes. But if your community is a bit small or you do not like any Catholic singles there, you can try some other ways. Do not be afraid to talk with singles outside the church: in shops, cafes, cinemas, or online. Dating websites may help. And the results of online dating are impressive as you immediately find yourself among people who have the same goal – find their partner. But of course, Internet dating includes additional risks. Just compare online dating with dating in real life. You can’t trust the girl whom you meet at once. You should check if her intentions and goals are serious and sincere. You will not propose to the girl you are seeing for the first time in the street, will you? So take your time and start communicating with several ladies whose profiles you like most. Their answers will help you to understand their wishes. And of course, choose the site with trustful history, good feedback, and really successful love stories.

❤️  Is There a Traditional Catholic Dating Website?

Yes, there are Catholic dating sites and also nearly all dating sites have a question about religion in the profiles of men and ladies. So you can easily check if the woman you like is Catholic or not, even without asking additional questions, just have a look at the lady’s profile. When you are looking for a Catholic woman from another country, do not forget that local and cultural particularities will still influence her views on faith and they will not be 100% the same as yours. Take such differences as the source of enriching each other. "For divisions are necessary among you, in order that those who have God's approval may be clearly seen among you" 1 Corinthians 11:19

❤️  Can a Catholic Date a Baptist?

There are no legal restrictions or prohibitions on inter-denominational marriages. In such cases, obstacles can arise only from families, friends, and close associates.

❤️  Can a Catholic Date a Non-Catholic?

Be sure that the girl you want to date is honest, sincere, and kind. This will be enough to start with. Maybe with time, she will start sharing your views on faith, maybe not. But surely she should respect what you believe in. If your partner respects you, she will respect your faith.

❤️  Do You Have to Convert to Catholicism to Marry a Catholic?

There is no obligation to convert to Catholicism for marrying a Catholic person, but there are nuances. The Catholic Church provides for permits for mixed marriages. Such permission can be given by a bishop.

❤️  Can You Have a Catholic Wedding if One Person isn't Catholic?

For a Catholic wedding, at least one person in the couple must be Catholic and must apply to the bishop for permission.

❤️  How Long Should Catholic Couples Date Before Engagement?

Though there are examples of happy long marriages that were registered after 2 days of dating, you should be ready and aware that you are dating a real woman who is not perfect. It takes time to know the dark side of your future partner. 3 – 12 months will be good enough to find out if you both are ready to stand each other's bad mood and compromise when you have different views on the subject. If you are not sure this lady is yours even after 12 months of dating, this lady is not yours actually.

❤️  Where Can I Find Single Women for Serious Relationships?

You can meet Single Women from Ukraine on Take your time, talk with ladies online, or visit Ukraine and we will arrange a date for you.


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