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Live Video Date — Meet Singles in Video Chat

Last updated on March 10, 2022

In the Article "Live Video Date"

  Have you tried a live video date yet? With modern technologies, it is easy to make a video call to any place on earth connected to the Internet wire. You can talk to your parents, to your friends, solve your working issues but also you can try video chat dating. It can work well when you have only started looking for the girl who will get your full attention as well as when you have already made your choice and you are talking to the lady you plan to meet soon.

  • ⏩  In the first case, your first live video date can help you to choose the girl you like most of all among several possible variants (of course, a video call date can’t replace meeting in real life but this can be a good way to understand whom you really want to meet in reality).  
  • ⏩  In the second case meeting on video-date can add bright memories and exciting emotions to your communication and help you to shorten your waiting for real-life meetings. Although, if there is a big-time difference between your country and the country of your future spouse, letters will still play the main role in your communication, you both can always agree about having a video call date at least one time a week. 

Video Date

Video Chat Dating

    We can’t but mention that during lockdown live video date was the best way for our clients not to give up and keep searching, waiting for better time and future travels. Intensive video chat dating encouraged some of our clients to propose even before meeting women in real life!!! We do not recommend you make such life decisions though without meeting your lady and spending some time with her but to our big relief this time it worked well. (Congratulations to our happy Australian couple!)
    Nevertheless, some of our clients still find it difficult to start video chat dating. And others have made the wrong conclusions that the girl must have a video date with them anytime they want. Let’s talk about how to make everything work in a perfect way!
    There are 2 possible variants of live video date — when you organize the video date with a certain lady beforehand and when you stay online and give random calls to girls who are online. 

So, when it is better to book the video date beforehand:

  • ⏩  you are in a long correspondence with the girl and you want to take the next step in developing your relationship;
  • ⏩  you are planning your visit to the lady and you have doubts if this woman is worth your efforts;
  • ⏩  you write to several girls and you have difficulties choosing the lady to concentrate your full attention on.

Video Chat

    To organize the video date contact site administration. If you need an interpreter, mention that. If you have correspondence with the lady, ask her opinion about the best day and time for such a meeting. More likely, the lady will have to go to the agency for such a date.  In any case, she will take this as a real date and will make efforts to look great for that meeting – she will go to the hairdresser, put on her best clothes and will be with makeup to impress you;) So make your own efforts to get ready for the video date – do not forget to dress and to shave before it;) Of course, after making such preparation, the live date can’t last less than 30 minutes. Some couples prefer video chats to write letters and choose them as the main mean of communication before and after meeting in real life. Others prefer letters exchange. You can’t know which way will work better in your case without trying both. 

When you stay online and give random calls to girls who are online

  • ✅   That is a good way to get acquainted with the girl whose profile you like.
  • ✅   You can make sure that girls on the site are real.
  • ✅   While chatting you get to know who is who quicker than when you write letters.
  • ✅   It works well when you are communicative like talking to other people and you have enough time for trying again and again.

    You do not have to make special preparations for video chat but giving calls to the ladies when you lie on the bed half-naked is not a good idea. Do not forget that you should ask the girl if she wants to switch on her video and if she wants to receive yours. Even if the lady is online now, this doesn’t automatically mean she is in the right mood for a video date, especially if she has midnight on her watch. In that case, you can invite her to have a video call when it is comfortable for her, meantime you can exchange phrases without using the camera, most of the chat rooms have such options. 
     As you see, modern life suggests so many ways and forms of courting the lady that you can choose the one that you find more comfortable and appropriate for achieving your goals and completing your needs. We are sure, you will succeed in finding your love!;))) You can always contact us and ask any questions you have. We do not stop in developing our service to make it effective and the one that brings joy;) Have you already joined us to start your life-changing search? 

Join here now and get a bonus to start your communication with girls!

Video Date Ideas

Make your lady smile and laugh, surprise her and she will never say “no” to you;)  

Here are some ideas our clients used to win the heart of their ladies. 

  • ✌ Be ready to show your pets while you have your video date. Most of the ladies will find that sweet.
  • ✌ If you can play any musical instruments, you can play a short (that is important!) piece of music for her.
  • ✌ Show her your apartment or your house, or your garden. All ladies are curious about your surrounding even if they do not ask.
  • ✌ Ask her questions about her life, mention members of her family (kids or parents), and send them hellos.
  • ✌ Do not be greedy with compliments about her hair, dress, and face. The lady got ready for the video date with you, that is pleasant for her to know you noticed her efforts to look beautiful.

 Do you have more ideas on how to impress your lady? Share them with us;))

Video Chat Tips

8 Tips for a Video Dating 

If you want to make your video dating pleasant and inspiring, use these tips.

  1. Start video dating when you are in a good, humorous mood. Ladies can feel your energy even through the screen.
  2. Smile.
  3. That is good you talk about your life but do not forget to ask some questions about your lady’s life.
  4. Plan to have enough time for a video date (not less than 20 minutes) and be in time for it.
  5. Be shaved and dressed in tidy clothes.
  6. Do not make fast decisions and suggestions during the call, take your time.
  7. If the lady is shy she may seem cold and not interested during the call, make her laugh to reveal stress.
  8. There are ladies whose main love language is hugs and touches.  In that case, it might be difficult for her to make long calls. Do not be upset with that trait of character, later you will be rewarded with a very loving and sensual partner.  If you like that lady, make an effort to understand and respect her needs and try to organize a real-life meeting the sooner the better.

How To Go on a Video Date

 The very first condition -  you should have a good Internet connection and enough time for a video date so you will not be in a hurry and you will not worry about your working issues or road safety issues. As for our site, to start a video date, you should.

  • ⏩  Join our site.
  • ⏩  Choose the girl you want to talk to.
  • ⏩  Make sure you'll not run out of credits in the middle of your conversation.
  • ⏩  Go on the girl’s profile. There we have a magic button “Video chat me”. Press this button. Now you can choose the day and time you will propose to this girl to have a live video date. When you press “send”, the girl will get informed about your suggestion. She can confirm it, reject or suggest another time or a day.
  • ⏩  Do not miss your live video date!;)

What to Talk about on Video Date?

  The important thing to remember when it comes to building relationships is that most girls will like you if you start to show genuine interest. Asking for their opinions, experiences is a great starting point.
   Sometimes ladies feel upset after the video date as men talked about themselves only, trying to impress the women. But from her side, it looks like the man is selfish and not interested in her life.

  • ❌  But do not try to turn your video date into a job interview, ask too many questions, and give no information about yourself.
  • ❌  Do not start hard discussions, do not ask lady too personal questions that might be painful – like what has happened to her previous relationships, why she does not have kids if the color of her hair is natural and so on — leave them for letters or for meeting in real life.
  •  ❌  Do not talk about politics — this topic can take all time of the date, while your main goal is to impress the lady and to become closer to each other. After you get familiar with the habits, hobbies, and interests of each other, start talking about dreams, desires, and what you might do together. If you like the lady and how the conversation goes on, speak about the future – when and how you both want to keep talking. In any case, do not forget to thank the lady for her time and her efforts to come to the live video date. 

Here are some questions to wake up imagination during a video date

  1. ✅   What is your favorite movie (cartoon)?
  2. ✅   What kind of ice cream do you like?
  3. ✅   Are you a jealous person?
  4. ✅   What dish did your father(mother) like to cook for you?
  5. ✅   What do you do to show your anger and irritation?
  6. ✅   Which sound in the world is the best for you?
  7. ✅   What is your dream job?
  8. ✅   How will you spend your perfect vacation?
  9. ✅   What is the best present for you?
  10. Is there a dream from your childhood that came true?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Video Dating

✅  Do make sure you dress appropriately, and yes make sure you wear trousers! While you are only meeting via webcam/ phone it is still important to make a good impression and this includes dressing appropriately!
✅  Do make sure you are yourself! Just because you are chatting via a video call does not mean you need to act like someone you’re not. Being honest about who you are as a person is vital, whether meeting in person or via video chat, so start as you mean to go on. This does not mean you need to wear a tux but dress appropriately!
✅  Do ask open-ended questions that require more than one word as an answer. Asking questions such as ‘what is the biggest risk you have ever taken’ provides your date with the chance to tell you a bit of their life story which will lead you to talk a little about yours. Keep the conversation flowing!
✅  Do make sure your date can actually see you. Position yourself in a neutral, light area of your home so that your date can see you clearly. Your video date will be put off if you are sat in the darkness and she can only just make out your outline from the glow of your phone!
❌  Don’t act like an interviewer! This is not a chance for you to ‘grill’ the lady and find out all you can. Don’t bombard her with questions about her life and history. Keep the conversation open and two-sided!
❌  Don’t have your camera off! While this may seem obvious it is important that we mention it. You will both be nervous and you may feel that having your camera off will help you settle the nerves. However, if you do this, especially for too long, it will give the wrong impression to your date and could prevent romance from blossoming.
❌  Don’t try to be ‘naughty’ or ‘sexy’. A video chat is not an opportunity to realize some fantasies. This includes making insinuating comments or jokes. You might think you are being funny, interesting, and cheeky but you are more likely to put your prospective date off from talking with you again…and you don’t want that!
❌  Don’t hide your true feelings, especially if you feel a connection is being made. Make sure you tell them how you feel, kindly, rather than ghosting them completely. Don’t lead them up the garden path either, if you feel a connection isn’t there…say something!

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Date

❤️  What is a Video Date?

Video date is a new kind of romantic date that has appeared quite recently but has already established itself as a good reason to make an acquaintance and move the meeting into reality.

❤️  What is the Best Video Date Website?

If you want to find a serious video dating website, follow your intuition and common sense. Check the site you want to use: if the connection is safe (it should start with “HTTPS”); if the site has its postal address and contacts; if there is feedback from real clients with photos and videos; if your personal information and contacts are protected from other members. These simple safety rules will help you to avoid possible disappointment and troubles in the future. As for - we are proud to share with you so many romantic stories of our clients. We respect the choice of those happy couples who decided to keep their success in secret – but this world always needs more happy smiles, we are grateful when you are ready to share them with us. We also follow the rules of the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA), which, along with the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, is designed to protect women from potential abuse. And of course, your personal information is also protected and we never reveal it without your permission.

❤️  How to Have a Video Date?

If you have booked the video call date beforehand, please, check your time difference again, that is a very common mistake. That would be very disappointing to call the girl and find out she left an hour ago. Check your Internet connection and make a test call if needed. If you and your lady do not speak the same language, the agency interpreter will help you. Do not refuse this service when it is available even if you are confident you can talk to your lady without an interpreter. Using foreign languages on video is more difficult than in letters or during meetings in real life. So, you are in front of the computer – you can see your lady and she can see you. Start with a smile!

❤️  What to Wear for a Video Date?

Are you the man who doesn’t care about stupid clothes and appearance? Haven’t you shaved for a month and you think that is sexy? Are you wearing the same T-shirt for 10 years because it is comfortable? We are sure you are a smart, intelligent, and cheerful man who is humorous, strong, and generous. Your friends and your mom know you really are. But, the lady you are going to talk to is not aware of your fantastic personality yet. All she will have is a video date with you. So, better do your best to shave, comb your hair, and put on a nice shirt that suits you. Do not forget your trousers or jeans because sometimes ladies and gentlemen want to see the whole figure of the person they talk to and your lady can ask you to stand up;))) Having your first video in underwear, not the best idea;)

❤️  What is the Easy Way to Start Conversation on Video Date?

Video date is very similar to a face-to-face conversation. It is difficult to predict how it will go on. With one person you will feel you are a guru of wit, with another you can go down into awkward silence. Of course, the lady you are talking to, is also excited, especially if that is your first conversation. Start with compliments and jokes, this will help you both to relax.

❤️  How to Make Great Impression on a Fist Video Date?

An experiment conducted by Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov shows that all it takes to form first impressions is tenths of a second. And that further communication does not significantly change this impression (but can increase confidence in judgments). Whether we like it or not, judgments based on facial appearance play a role in how we are treated and how we treat others.

❤️  Why You Need Video Call Before a Date?

When you are about to be ready to travel to see your lady, a video call can make such a decision easy. You can ask your lady to have a live video date with you. The lady who is interested in meeting you will be able to find time in her busy life and spend these 30 minutes with you. That video call will help her to understand her sympathy or its absence too. Some people find it stressful to have the first meeting as a virtual meeting. Of course, both of you can be excited and worry about the result of your video conversation. But if you have a video call before dating in real life, you can avoid the first awkward minutes of facing each other, instead, you know whom you are waiting for and can start your first real date like people who know each other well. Sometimes with the help of video dating people understand, that they are not attracted to each other. Well, this means they have saved their time, energy, and efforts for their true future partners.

❤️  What are the Best Phrases for First Video Date with a Girl?

If you are lost and not sure what to say to a girl when you first meet online, you have two options. To navigate the situation, train communication skills and learn to get acquainted, or use ready-made template phrases. Here are a few of them: You are so charming that I completely forgot what I wanted to ask you. I was so staring at you that I forgot to introduce myself. Can we try again! Do you believe in love from the eleventh sight? There are at least two people who are lucky today. And this is us. Smile, please, otherwise it's so dark outside.


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