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We are proud to present our happy couples!
Success Stories
Fabien (France) and Daria. fabien-france-and-daria-s34.jpg
17.02.2024 13:21

Fabien (France) and Daria

Daria and Fabien met on website in the spring of 2021, and in the summer they already had their first date. The lady registered on
Denis (Australia) and Natalia. denis-australia-and-natalia--TP1.jpg
01.06.2023 16:26

Denis (Australia) and Natalia

Natalia registered on the site in early 2022, just a few weeks before the war. When the Russian invasion started, her native city Kharkiv was one of the
Barry (Canada) and Oksana. barry-canada-and-oksana-66n.jpg
20.04.2023 20:04

Barry (Canada) and Oksana

Barry noticed Oksana on a dating site in October 2021. After a certain number of letters, he invited her for a video chat. Oksana is a teacher of English,
Edwin (Great Britain) and Natalia. natalia-and-edwin-great-britain-xM1.jpg
06.06.2022 13:49

Edwin (Great Britain) and Natalia

Sometimes time and pain make our feelings stronger… This love story began at the end of 2018 when Natalia and Edwin started writing letters to
Chulokh (Dubai) and Anna. anna-and-chulokh-dubai-P1q.jpg
02.02.2021 14:03

Chulokh (Dubai) and Anna

When you know what you really want, Universe meets your wishes… Anna and Chulokh really knew whom they wanted to meet and their desire to achieve
Travis (North Carolina) and Tatiana. tatiana-and-travis-north-carolina-66Z.jpg
18.11.2020 20:42

Travis (North Carolina) and Tatiana

She is calm, balanced and positive. He is cheerful, lively, reliable, and decisive. Aren’t they a great match? :) Tatiana was in search
Beat (Switzerland/Latvia) and Svetlana. svetlana-and-beat-switzerlandlatvia-r2G.jpg
09.11.2020 16:10

Beat (Switzerland/Latvia) and Svetlana

This love story proves that love has no age and when you are retired, you can start enjoying a new life and new love!  Back in 2018 Beat, the citizen
David (New Zealand) and Ioanna. ioanna-and-david-new-zealand-P78.jpg
26.10.2020 13:33

David (New Zealand) and Ioanna

Love story of our newly-weds started in May 2020 when David wrote his first letter to Ioanna. They both were not very optimistic about Internet search.
Harry (Netherlands) and Karolina. karolina-and-harry-netherlands-461.jpg
02.10.2020 11:55

Harry (Netherlands) and Karolina

Congratulations to our just-married couple Karolina and Harry! No limitations caused by COVID-19 and delays with their wedding could not stop them
James (England) and Irina. irina-and-james-england-Mly.jpg
27.08.2019 20:32

James (England) and Irina

Irina started her search through the SlavicGirl Dating Agency in fall 2015. When she stepped to the agency she was a single mother of two grown twins:
George (Germany) and Nataliya. nataliya-and-george-germany-64K.jpg
08.08.2019 12:55

George (Germany) and Nataliya

One chapter starts a long novel. Meet our new couple Nataliya and George (Germany). Their love story started in a usual for us way – with writing
Manfred (Germany) and Victoria. victoria-and-manfred-germany-636.jpg
20.06.2019 20:53

Manfred (Germany) and Victoria

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful lady Victoria. Her prince Manfred has found her profile on the site and started to write to her. Of course, he