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Dating in San Ramon, California 2024. How to Find a Girlfriend in San Ramon? Meet Single Mature Girls & Women in San Ramon

Last updated on February 8, 2024

     American girls and women are known in the entire world for their strong and independent, but funny character, for their beauty, and for their extremely bright energy which attracts men. If you decide that you don’t want to be single anymore and you wish to meet a beautiful singleton from the United States, there are magnificent places, where many single women are looking for a family. San Ramon, which is situated only 55 kilometers or 34 miles from San Francisco, is a town very easy to get to. However, this place, saving its particular Southern character, is not as noisy and huge as the famous San Francisco, but it can give you all the comfort that a big town can. Just in San Ramon, you will have a very big advantage. There people are not running from home to work and from work to home. They know how to stop and enjoy life. They appreciate family values and work is not at the center of their universe. In such a place it is much easier to meet a beautiful girl looking for love and a relationship as girls in such towns still believe in love and romance.

     San Ramon is a place where it is necessary to enjoy a calm life, good food, play golf, and of course, warm communication with local people. They are simple and friendly and if you are looking for a girl with really serious values and a kind heart- it is a perfect place for dating single Southern women. Go on reading this article and you will know how to win the heart of local beauty and about some important things if you plan a romantic (or even business) trip to the charming San Ramon.

In the Article “Dating in San Ramon, California”

Traditions and Dating Habits in San Ramon, California

     Even the name of San Ramon tells that this town is historically connected with Mexico and the Spanish language. This town, with a rather big population of more than 85 thousand people, could give you an unbelievable impression of being in contact with nature even when you are in the heart of the town. Of course, like in any other town or region, it is necessary to know some dating habits and traditions to make the best impression on your date.

  • Be ready to impress her. San Ramon girls are bright and shiny, they got used to swimming in the ocean of admiration as they deserve it. But it means that you should be ready to impress your girlfriend. Now with cars or expensive watches. But it will be necessary to avoid cliché and be at least a little bit original. A romantic dinner with candles is good, but don’t make every date like that. Making picnics, hiking, museum discovering, a little traveling, inviting her on midnight walks, and even going to the nearest brewery can be a good idea. But just don’t make every day with you the same for her. Well, at least, in the dating stage of your relationship.
  • Take care of her comfort. It should be this way in any other state, but in San Ramon, where the climate is approximately the same, girls are very sensitive to any weather changes. If a girl from another state won’t notice that it is 5 degrees colder than usual — a California girl will feel almost frozen. Just be a real gentleman, notice it in time, and propose your jacket. Or, if you are on the restaurant terrace, propose to her to go in and warm up. Just be a little bit more attentive to her needs.
  • Be ready for competition. Girls from San Ramon like taking care of themselves. They are attentive to their appearance and they often look magnificent. Of course, with such women, it is necessary also to take care well about your look. Of course, don’t forget to be yourself, but going to visit a girl from this place, take with you not only ordinary clothing but something which can present her with a better version of you. Be ready also for a little competition in everything. A girl from San Ramon can easily invite you to join her on the tennis court, skating, swimming, doing yoga, and so on. Let her win, OK, at least sometimes.:)
  • Be tolerant of typical local weaknesses. People from San Ramon and the whole of California adore their state and they are completely sure that it is the best. If you come to San Ramon from another state, just smile and don’t try to kill all the people around you if they don’t like your state and adore their land. It is just their deep belief and it is necessary to tolerate it. They are sure that they have the best beer only in their state and the best weather only in their state. Of course, all the California sports teams are the best. Don’t worry, you will be able to show your girlfriend everything the best of your state or your country later and probably, she will fall in love with the things that you adore.

  • Always positive, always smiling. This is the feature of San Ran inhabitants and of all the California State. They got used to smiling even in sad times as they don’t like to bother other people with their problems. Don’t think that your girlfriend is not too smart if she smiles all the time or that she doesn’t have any problems. If you tell her about sad moments of your life, don’t think that she is not touched by them or that she doesn’t cry with you. Just San Ramon’s girls need a little bit more time to let you get emotionally closer to her and her smiles are just a way to hide her real emotions. Be patient and she will open her sensitive soul.

Prices in San Ramon

     Probably San Ramon is not the most popular destination for tourists, however, this town is known for its excellent quality of life. This quickly developing town is in 4% of the most expensive cities in the world. And people living there don’t suffer from it at all as salaries there are also rather high. Of course, we don’t mean that high prices can be the reason why it is necessary to avoid San Ramon. Just take a look, please, at the list of some important things that you will need to buy to be able to plan your budget.

  • Coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and even in hot San Ramon people have a habit of starting the morning with a cup of hot tasty coffee. Some people prefer to take it at home, from a good coffee machine, but some of them like to have their favorite drink in a nice local café. We would recommend you to enjoy it the same way as you can easily meet in such a little café girl of your dreams. Just smile at a local singleton and invite her to enjoy coffee together. The most important- be smiling and don’t forget to invite her to the walk or even at once to the date if you feel that between you there is a special energy. A cup of cappuccino will cost you $5,4, espresso will cost about $4,2. So, don’t hesitate and enjoy it in a café and not in your hotel room.
  • Water. Water in San Ramon is essential. It is true that to discover the best things in this town, it is necessary to walk a lot and for that, it is better to always have a bottle of water with you. 1L of water in the nearest supermarket will cost you about $1,88. If you order water in the café or restaurant, of course, the price will be higher and it will depend on the place and on the water that you prefer. Pepsi or Coke in the restaurant will cost you about $3,1 for 0,5L. Don’t forget to take a bottle with you when going to the park for jogging, maybe you can propose it to a local girl who forgot it?:)
  • Beer. In San Ramon people know how to enjoy life and relax in the evening. When it is hot, many local inhabitants like to drink fresh beer in the evening. There are a lot of nice pubs with a cozy atmosphere where you can invite your San Ramon girlfriend. A beer in a pub will cost you about $7,1, but you will be able to taste local sorts and compare them with your favorite ones. It can also be a place where you can meet a local beauty who came to relax there with friends. If you just wish to have a calm evening in your hotel and watch a sports game, beer from the supermarket will cost you about $3,2, depending on the sort that you prefer, of course.   
  • Lunch in a non-expensive café. If your girlfriend is a little bit busy and she cannot spend all of her time (which is absolutely normal), sometimes you will need to eat alone. Or, if you are just in the process of searching for your charming singleton, it will happen even more often. If you wish to take something very quickly and you don’t mind eating in fast food places, like McDonald’s, a lunch menu will cost you about $9,55. If you prefer to have a good quality fool lunch in a café, be ready to pay about $27,7. However, for this price, you will get a really good lunch, made at home.
  • Dinner for two. Though girls from San Ramon like unusual dates, of course, it will be necessary to invite your lady at least sometimes to romantic dinners. At least it is so pleasant to have a meal in a good restaurant and enjoy nice music, tasty food, and her smiles. A dinner for two with middle-price wine, salads, dishes, dessert, and coffee will cost you about $80. Of course, the price will depend on your dish choice. Later we will give you a list of nice places where you can go with your beautiful girl from San Ramon.

Hotels to Stay Before Your Date in San Ramon

One of the most important things, when you plan a trip, is where you will stay. The right hotel choice can make your voyage more pleasant or terrible. As California is a trendy destination, San Ramon can offer you hotels of good quality that will answer all of your needs. By the way, prices are very comfortable.;)

  • In the heart of San Ramon, you will find Hyatt House, San Ramon. This elegant hotel is situated just 300 meters from the center. Well, it is really difficult to be closer to the center, right? It is very comfortable as mostly it is better to meet in the center and then, make your plans together with your girlfriend. This hotel offers guests a hot tub, fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, and BBQ space. Plus, you don’t need to go too far away to have dinner as there is a restaurant right in your hotel. All the rooms have a kitchen, air conditioning, toiletries, hairdryer and of course, flat TV. Prices start from 243$ for a night.
  • If you prefer to make a little economy and save your money for dates with your girlfriend, you can stay in Extended Stay America Suites-San Ramon- Bishop Ranch- East. Don’t worry, you won’t stay out of town on the ranch, you will also be in the heart of the town. It is situated only 600 meters from the center and it proposes an entire studio with bathroom and large double bed just for 139$. It is a perfect place if you plan a long trip. All the kitchens are well equipped, so you can surprise your girlfriend with your dishes one day. In the hotel, they can offer you additional pillows, laundry, and ironing facilities. You can even enjoy swimming in an outdoor hotel, just don’t forget to invite your woman to join you.:)
  • If you like an excellent level of comfort and for, it is important to stay in a spacious studio, it is better to choose San Ramon Mariott. You even don’t need to leave this luxury place as there you can organize a perfect date. They propose a good Grill restaurant where you can enjoy tasty local meat and a big choice of craft beers and wines. You can relax with your girlfriend on the patio space and look together at the fireplace, what can be better for a date? Several evenings a week you can watch their entertainment shows and after, who not to relax in a hot tub? Of course, it is a program not for the first date, but when you have closer relationships.:) The price is 312$ for the night.
  • Sonesta Select San Ramon is also one of the good variants for longer stays. Air-conditioned rooms with microwaves, coffee makers, and flat-screen TVs will make your stay comfortable. In the hotel, you can use a fitness room, outdoor swimming pool, and on-site café. All the staff are very friendly and they are ready to help you with different questions, such as guest launderette and dry cleaning. The hotel is in a nice area, not far from the center, but offers hiking opportunities. The price is 177$ per night. 
  • One of the excellent variants is Residence Inn, San Ramon. This hotel provides you with a very good level of service, clean and spacious elegant rooms. If you like to stay fit this place is right for you as they have a fitness center with very good modern equipment and after your training, you can relax in a hot tub or outdoor pool. In the accommodation, you can use the kitchen with full equipment, including a dishwasher. Of course, all the rooms have Wi-Fi connection, flat TV and in the morning a breakfast buffet waits for you. Prices start from 243$.

Restaurants in San Ramon

     Perhaps you have already chosen a place which sounds perfect for you. Now it is time to think about where to go for dinner with your woman or where you will be able to enjoy a tasty Southern meal. A lot of restaurants offer guests an outdoor terrace, which is so pleasant for sitting on a warm summer evening. Take a look at our list and you will find something interesting for you.;)

  • Primavera Ristorante is a traditional Italian restaurant that offers various tasty meals in the best traditions of Southern food. Friendly staff, large portions, and an elegant interior will create a necessary atmosphere for your date. There you will find great food as all the guests find it more than tasty. A good place for a date or just for enjoying local fresh food.
  • If you adore meat and for you, a good dinner is a tasty steak, you should go to Brass Door. It is a nice place with a simple atmosphere, so you and your girlfriend will feel relaxed there and nothing will interfere with enjoying good American food. As it is a steakhouse and bar, it offers a large range of drinks and cocktails.
  • In San Ramon, people adore Mexican food and this food there is of very good quality. You can invite your girlfriend to C Casa and she won’t be disappointed. Just be careful, portions are rather big.:) People especially recommend their salads and hand-made tortillas. This place is known as a good place for people with a special diet as they have a good gluten-free menu and vegetarian choice of dishes.
  • If you like Japanese food and you cannot live without seafood, you can enjoy dinner in Sakura Japanese Cuisine. Many guests describe the food there as “fantastic” and underline that they use real crabs in rolls, and all the ingredients are fresh and tasty. The atmosphere is nice and friendly and, there are big TVs, so, if your girlfriend likes sports, you can propose to her to have dinner and watch a game together.;)
  • The Slanted Door is another place with Asian food, just its specialty is Vietnamese cuisine. They have a nice shadow patio where it is so enjoyable to have lunch on a hot day or dinner on a warm evening. If you wish to discover Vietnamese food of good quality or you already like it- this place is for you.

However, maybe you will agree that the most important thing is not where you are and what exactly you eat, but who you are with. A good company can make even an average dinner the best in the world. If you plan to come to San Ramon in search of a single woman, you should know what kind of women you can meet there, right? So, take a look at a little piece of statistics.:)

Women's Demographics in San Ramon

     San Ramon, a quickly developing town, has a population of almost 86 thousand people. Interesting fact, the women population is exactly 50%.:) But what is even more interesting is the fact that this town is ultra-multi-racial. Yes, unlike other cities, you have very big chances to meet a beautiful Asian girl as the Asian population in San Ramon is about 47.8%. So, if you are from the United States, and you dream of having relationships with Asian girls, you don’t need to cross the ocean, it is enough to go to San Ramon, California. There you can meet a lot of white girls, about 36% and about 8% Hispanic or Latina women. In any case, this town is very special and you need to come there to feel its atmosphere.

In San Ramon you can meet a lot of charming women who are not only warm and charming, but who are also very smart. More than 70% of the population have a Bachelor's degree or higher, so, if you look for a smart wife- this place is your chance. Plus, it is a perfect place for mature dating as the middle age is about 41 years — the best age when a woman is active, beautiful, and self-sufficient.

Now take a look at the list of the best places where you can meet local girls looking for love.:)

How to Meet Girls and Single Women in San Ramon

     It seems to be not too easy to meet girls in another town. However, some places are especially popular with local inhabitants and where you can meet a lot of charming women. Everything you need is to notice the one and a little bit of confidence and good luck.

  • Girls from San Ramon love nature and sports. It is a common hobby to do some hiking on the weekend and one of the best places for making it is Las Trampas Regional Wilderness. There you can enjoy different paths for hiking or horse riding. Just pay attention- this place is a piece of wild nature, so, taking water and some snacks is a must. How to meet a local beauty there? It is easy. Many girls do sport there on the weekend, so you can just ask her to take a photo of you with beautiful scenery and start a conversation.
  • Of course, not all girls adore hiking. If you are looking for a more glamorous lady, it is better to look for her in City Center Bishop Ranch. It is a popular place for shopping, walks, meetings with friends, entertainment, and food experiences. There you will find numerous shops, a center for kids' entertainment, a lot of restaurants and cafes, a picnic environment, an area with a big screen for watching sports games, and so on. Just wait for your destiny in any café and invite her to drink coffee together.:)
  • If you like golf or don’t like it too much, in San Ramon there are a lot of golf clubs and areas where people can rest in nature and enjoy this game. Visit a Canyon Lakes Golf Course& Brewery or San Ramon Golf Club. In the first place, you can not only play golf but sit in a nice restaurant and enjoy amazing views. The second place is known as a nice place for beginners for the low price. Just go there on the weekend. If you decide to play during working days, you risk not finding any girls there.:)
  • Where to find a good girl for family relationships? In a nightclub? Hmmm, probably not. But going to Dougherty Station Library you can meet nice local serious girls who go there to take books, socialize, and spend calm time. If you don’t mind meeting a woman with a child or children, it is a perfect place to meet a serious girlfriend as there is a center for playing for kids while mums are choosing books. If you like reading- try this variant.
  • If you are active, you like skating and you wish to find a girl with the same likes, you can visit The Golden Skate. It is a center where people come to have fun alone or with family, skate with friends, or learn to do it. Even if you are a beginner, don’t hesitate. It will be even easier to meet a girlfriend if you are not a super professional. If you fall, don’t worry. Making a woman laugh is already the first step to her heart. Just notice the most beautiful woman and if she answers your eye contact, ask her to help you.)

Online Dating in San Ramon. How to Choose a Dating Site or App

     It should be a real adventure to come to another town, discover its streets, and sights, meet different people there, and try to meet a woman who can be your love. However, how can you meet there the one which you can fall in love with and who can fall in love with you? What to do if by nature you are a shy person and starting a conversation with a stranger is a really difficult task for you? What to do to avoid meeting with the wrong person? Online dating is created exactly to help people to meet each other, and to find the right person for you without even going out from home. Online dating has a lot of advantages. Take a look at some of them and maybe you will decide to find the woman of your dreams online and only then come to see her in San Ramon.;)

  • More chances. When you live in your usual circle, you do have not too many chances to meet love. Of course, if you are lucky enough you can meet her going out from the supermarket, but usually it is not so easy to find somebody if you communicate with the same people every day and when you do the same actions every day. Going to and from work it is not too easy to find a woman who is also interested in relationships. Dating sites give you the possibility to meet women who look for romantic relationships and there you can see a lot of profiles. So, your chances increase.
  • Comfort. When you try to meet somebody in real life, it is sure that you should make certain efforts. You should go to public places, dress well, be courageous, and start a conversation, then, it is necessary to do something unusual or pleasant to attract her attention, invite her to walk or dinner, and so on. When you just start online dating, everything you need to do is just fill out your profile and find some photos which show you the best side. Then, you just relax, watch profiles, and send smiles and conversations start automatically as women on the sites often answer positively on the smiles sent to them and sometimes they start conversations. Plus, you can be no matter where, no matter when, and no matter which T-shirt in.:) However, you should understand that one day there will be a moment of real meeting and you will need to make certain efforts.
  • Freedom of communication. It can be a part of the comfort of online dating. If in daily life you should find time to meet somebody (which is often not too easy if you work hard and if you have a lot of other things to do), online dating is for you when you wish. It is normal to answer the letter not at once when you get it, but in 5-6 hours or even in one day when you have more free time. Of course, if you are interested in good results, it is better not to make a woman wait for your letter for weeks.:) Plus, there is also one important part of freedom. In daily life, you should date one woman. In online dating it is OK to communicate with some girls and only after personal meetings make a choice. It is important to be honest with each other and you should also understand that this is a two-sided road.:)

  • Right place and the right time. Very often when you meet a woman on the street, you can fail just because it was the wrong place and wrong time. Imagine that you quickly run to your mom as she calls you and asks to urgently repair her door as it is closed and she cannot go out. You hurry up and suddenly you meet a nice, friendly, sexy woman who smiles at you and asks where a good restaurant not far away is. It could be a chance to continue communication, you could show her this restaurant, continue the conversation, and… But you don’t think about romance and you are in a hurry. In real life, such situations happen more often. When you are on a dating site, no matter what, even if it is midnight, it is always the right place and right time. All the women that you see online in the chat can communicate and they want it. So, don’t hesitate, just give a sign of attention to a woman whom you find attractive and this is already a big step to starting a romantic relationship.

  • Protection. Unfortunately, when you come to another country, no matter if you visit a rich country or a poor one, you risk finding undesired adventures. In popular nightclubs, you risk meeting “professionals”. We don’t mean prostitutes, no. Just beautiful girls who start conversations with foreign men, spend time with them, ask for expensive presents, create images of relationships, and try to earn maximum money from this relationship. And it is not the worst variant as sometimes such girls work with men who can steal all your money or even hurt you. We don’t state that you should avoid traveling to other countries or avoiding foreign girls. There are a lot of advantages to relationships with women from other countries. However, it is necessary to make it via a site with a good reputation. All the clients are checked on such a site and they can guarantee your security. They have an anti-spam policy and this way you are protected from such stories. So, enjoy online dating, but do it thoughtfully!

It is always better to address a good dating site, so, a site with various services, success stories, and testimonials of real clients. Such a site should help you not only to build relationships but also to meet in real life. Without real meetings, such sites are useless, right? At least, you want to be happy in real life and not just in the virtual world. If you wish to see what kind of services a good dating site should propose, take a look here.:)

It is better to choose an international dating site in this way to have a bigger choice of profiles and a good level of service. However, the biggest site is not always the best one, so choose the one that you can trust. As for the popular dating sites in San Ramon, people often choose the one which is closer to their needs. Take a look at the list of popular dating sites in San Ramon:

  • Match
  • Elite Singles
  • eHarmony
  • Zoosk
  • Christian Mingle

Some of them are based on belonging to an elite profession or higher education, and some of them are based on faith, but we would advise you to choose a universal site where you can meet different kinds of women and not just women of certain categories.:)

Matchmaking Services in San Ramon

     Matchmaking is one of the best services that a dating site can give you. Of course, it is so pleasant and exciting to look at profiles and photos of beautiful singles, start a conversation, wait for an answer… and then find out that your beautiful lady is already in a relationship with another man on the site and they actively discuss the meeting. Or find out that your characters are different as in profile it is not too easy to describe yourself perfectly, right? You can adore dogs and dream about a big family and two kids. She can have one child from the first marriage and does not wish any kids in the future. It is a normal process when you meet different people and you have a lot of meetings before you meet exactly the one that makes your heart beat faster. But all this process takes a lot of time and all the dating services cannot guarantee you to find happiness at once from the first date. Matchmaking service can make your search much more efficient and make it much quicker. This service is for you if you work a lot and you do have not too much time to spend on dating sites. This service is for you if you just wish to find your woman as soon as possible. And finally, this service is for you if you are a shy person and you would like to get help from a professional who will help you most delicately.

     Matchmaking service is popular in San Ramon as people living there are fond of traditions and family values. Matchmaking is one of the oldest ways to find somebody. To find out how it works in detail take a look here and give any questions that you wish during a free consultation:

     Just don’t think that matchmaker can give you a ready wife.:) And don’t think that somebody can choose for you. Matchmakers can just help you with the first, the most difficult stage of online dating. But the most pleasant things such as first contact, making video conversations, and dating in real life depend only on you and it is great as you won’t miss the best things in starting a long-term happy relationship.

     San Ramon is a magnificent town that you should surely visit. And if you wish to find the girl of your dreams, it is better to prepare your trip beforehand and try online dating. Take a look at the chat page of our site. Maybe your queen is already waiting for you there?))


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