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Dating Ukrainian women and cute slavic girls.Cute girls from Mykolaiv


As you know, our head office is located in Mykolaiv. This city is a home-town for hundreds of beautiful ladies! These tender, sweet and caring women are very family-oriented. They are longing for serious and loving relationsip. But, why there are so many singles here? Let’s find out!


Th history of the city

Mykolaiv territory is a perfect place for shipbuilding which was noticed by the duke Potiomkin in 1789. He desired to create a powerful fleet and brought lots of shipbuilders here. The place was so strategically good that a whole city was founded to support the shipyard. Attempting to make the men stay in the city the duke ordered to bring hundreds of the most beautiful women from nearby villages.


Lots of single beauties

All the Ukraine single girls were lined up and then the grooms would come up in a line to the ladies standing in front of them. According to another version, the process of choosing a life partner was a game of catch-up: a man chased a woman and led her to the chapel. But if no one managed to catch up a woman, then she had right to choose a life-partner herself.


Why are they single?

In former times there were 4 functioning shipbuilding plants in Mykolaiv. They gave work places for more than a half of the citizens. After the shipbuilding in the region was stopped, most men simply left. According to statistics the number of single ladies in Mykolaiv nowadays is 10 times higher than the number of men. That is why women use dating sites to search for men abroad.


Their personality

Ladies from Mykolaiv have distinctively calm and mild character. They love romance and don’t like everyday dramas. They search for reliable and honest men ready to create a family. Charming Ukraine women love being treated like ladies. If you come for a date with flowers, you will show yourself as a real gentleman. Flowers in Ukraine are not an expensive gift, you may find something to please your companion.


What they want

Mykolaiv Ukrainian ladies want to find love and genuine relationship. She wants to create a family, for having a caring and gentle man beside her. The primary desire of a Ukrainian girl is to take care about the house and children. Ukraine woman respects herself and her life partner very much. This is a modern girl with the life view and family values similar to your mother’s.


Increase your chances

Visiting a girl from Mykolaiv is a wonderful opportunity to meet more beautiful ladies as our managers may arrange multiple dates for you. This will increase your chances to find love and your future life partner. Ukrainian girls are open and sincerely willing to create a family. They will be glad to have an opportunity to meet you and go for a date with you.


In conclusion

Be sure to get acquainted with several girls from Mykolaiv if you plan multiple dates – this will increase chances for success. Well, good luck! SlavicGirl team is always here to help you!

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