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Dating Over 30 — Meet Single Women Over 30. Chat Rooms for 30-Year-Olds

Last updated on March 4, 2024

  Well, that would be strange to have the mind and brains of a teenager when you are in your 30s. Have you noticed that your life has changed a lot? That is a natural process of wise nature, pushing us to perfection;) So do not feel sad about the years that are gone, appreciate the advantages of the age you have now. 

In the Article "Dating Over 30 — Meet & Chat with 30 yo Singles"

Dating Women Over 30

    Yes, dating women in their 30s is different. Something became easier, something – harder. 
Over 30s dating is easier as you now have more control over your emotions, more picky and rational and this means it is harder to take advantage of you. Dating over the 30s can be more difficult as usually mature people have the sad experience of broken relationships before - surely, such experience has made you wiser but also there can be trust issues. You can be afraid of possible pain and do not let your date take her place in your heart because of such fears. This issue is very typical if you try dating in your 30s after divorce. But you know, those people who have faced bad times, later appreciate life's presents more, and crisis not only teaches us severe life lessons but stimulates our personal development. 

dating over 30

  • ⏩  Anyone left in 30 without a couple is likely to have experienced some kind of misfortune: the partner left, cheated, or died. But it's time to leave the past behind. You shouldn't talk on a date about how your ex cheated on you for three years, and you didn't notice until everything became completely obvious. Forget about it! Everyone has their own skeletons in the closet, but this is not a reason to put them in the public. Yes, your past made you who you are now, but it does not define the present and the future. Instead, focus on what is happening right now and where you are going.
  • ⏩  When you go through a series of unsuccessful relationships, a natural defense mechanism kicks in: if you do not let people close, they will not be able to hurt you. But if you avoid closeness, you won't be able to find a match. When the time comes and you meet a person with whom you will have reciprocity, remove the protection. Be vulnerable. If you are worried about this, tell yourself that everything will be okay. You know it will.
  • ⏩  It's easy to get bored and sad after 30: you have had so many failed relationships that you no longer believe in a different outcome. It's important not to give in to negative thoughts. If you think it won't work, it will not work. Try to think positive. Don't show your frustration when you meet a new person. You don't know how things will turn out, so give it a shot. Also, avoid being overly candid. On a second date, you better shouldn't say that you want three children and have already chosen their names. That definitely can scare everyone away.
  • ⏩  When you're in your 30s, it's easy to get hung up on things that you still don't have. You are not married, you do not have a wonderful home and children. It's okay to want it all. But it is not worth every new acquaintance to arrange interrogation with prejudice in order to understand whether he is worthy to become the father of your children. Have fun and get to know the person better. If you're not having fun in a relationship, it's meaningless regardless of age. Relationships don't have to be work and depression. They should be filled with joy, care, and love - either at 23 or at 46.

What Women Think In Their 30s 

  • ✌ When you are in your 20s, one red rose and champagne can be the reason to create a family. Well, even the phrases “you have beautiful eyes” and “I've been waiting for you all my life” perform just well. In your 30s, the courier with amazing lilies is not a surprise at all. No, it's magical, of course, but ... A huge bunch of greens for salad or fruits from the grocery store will make your day.
  • ✌ When you are 20 — it's so much easier. When a man is telling her: "I'm tired of being perfect for everyone, I want to be perfect only for you, baby" — and she melts, he's so gorgeous! 
  • ✌ Earlier, in her youth, the girl might like it when the guy sometimes disappeared. It's mysterious and exciting. But after 30 a woman doesn't notice someone who is gone. And someone who makes every single thing difficult, and the one who disappears without any notice. When you are older, you don't want to solve such puzzles.

Dating over 30

Now, in your 30s you know yourself so well that you can feel the wrong person by the first line in the chat, you guess the incompatibility from the first word.

  • ✌ In her youth, a girl wants her boyfriend to admire, how she can do everything, no worse than men. And after 30 she needs a more down-to-earth man: so he can make a decision, fix the lock, and open the bank.
  • ✌ In her youth, a girl wants a guy to take her to an ultra-modern place, but now in her 30s, she is terribly attracted by the offer: "Let's go and have a tasty meal. " And so sexy when a man is cooking dinner, even something very simple. Even navy-style pasta, not to impress, but because she loves it.
  • ✌ In her youth, a girl likes fashionable guys, but later fashionable ones are alarming. Especially if they are in jeans-tights and with a forelock. Impudent. Brr. Closer are those in clean cotton clothes. Soft clothes are so nice to hug. 
  • ✌ Instead of old attractive scum, tender fathers touch the heart. Instead of perfectly shaved — bearded and with tattoos. Instead of sparkling ones, those who are ironic. And also those who live with mom no longer seem cute.
  • ✌ Previously, those who say: "Sex is not the main thing" — were considered polite princes, and now it causes serious suspicions ...
  • ✌ Sexy, when it is fun and simple, sexy when a person is smart, sexy when he is not offended, and when he is honest, it’s very sexy. Even loyalty among aphrodisiacs soared to the top with age. And if a person is close to the goal of raising grandchildren, then there is generally fire!
  • ✌ All sorts of little things like "he walking around the house in socks and underpants", somehow ceased to be so striking. 
  • ✌ One thing has not changed: it's still romantic and fun to hug on a bench in the park. True, you have to come with your blanket and expensive wine. And then call a taxi, because driving drunk at our age is not sexy at all.

Dating over 30s

Chat Rooms for 30-Year-Olds

Dating Profile

  • ⏩  If earlier love relationships were preceded by great knowledge about another person, now there is enough information in the profile. In fact, it is important to define for yourself what is important to you: and briefly describe this information in the section about yourself.
  • ⏩  Often, both men and women on a dating site in the section about themselves indicate their height and weight, sometimes - the sign of the zodiac, marital status. On average, men are interested in attractive girls, while women are looking for handsome, stable, confident men in the same way. In general, there is nothing new here: the majority are looking for masculine and feminine models in the same way as they did in the newspapers a century ago.

Profile Picture

  • ⏩  In 2017, there was a lot of talk about researching the "perfect photography" for a dating site. This is a crisp, high-contrast, good-resolution photo that shows the user with prominent eyes and a smile, with the upper third of the body visible. These are natural and very understandable criteria. Of course, a smile attracts attention: such a picture will gain more likes on both Instagram and Facebook too. Close-ups and mediums are more commonly used. But this is generally the case for pictures today. That is, this is a study that simply scientifically confirmed the known facts.

Chat Advice

⏩  Gestures, like intonation, and facial expressions, are non-verbal means of communication at the age of 30 and at any other age.

  • ✅   Show the other person that you are open to conversation. It means, don't constantly look at the phone, don't cross your arms or legs, and don't look down at the floor.
  • ✅   Straighten your back and shoulders, show that you are confident, but not tense.
  • ✅   Moderate gestures will help to attract the attention of the interlocutor.
  • ✅   Get rid of the habits of touching your hair, fidgeting in your chair, and twisting the handle in your hands. Don't forget - your chat partner looks at you and evaluates every action.
  • ✅   Make eye contact, and be open and friendly. Use eye contact wisely. It is enough to adhere to time intervals of three to five seconds. A gaze can scare the interlocutor or even embarrass him. At the same time, the complete lack of eye contact speaks of your disinterest in the conversation.
  • ✅   Take note of the person's thoughts. If you support the other person's point of view, express and show your agreement.
    Only after that, indicate the moments where it seems to you that he is wrong. Thus, you can easily win over any person.
  • ✅   Praise the other person. Sincere compliments and attention will delight your interlocutor and lower the communication barrier.
  • ✅   Do not engage in dangerous topics. These include, for example, politics, religion, and others, where feelings meet with the faith or worldview of a person.
  • ✅   Pay attention not only to the person's speech but also to his or her non-verbal behavior. If you see that your argument is annoying or makes the interlocutor aggressive, it is better to turn the conversation to another topic.

Expert Advice for Dating in Your 30s

   It is no lie that dating in your 30s feels completely different from dating in your 20s! It is a shame that this feeling is out there but below is some advice for how to ensure that dating in your 30s is a successful and enjoyable experience. Read on to find out more and start your 30s dating journey now!

  • ⏩  In your 30s you will have probably had some different experiences, especially romantically. You can use these to make sure you are clear, namely with yourself, about what you want and what you are looking for. While physical attraction is important you must make sure you focus on inner traits such as personality and core values. Focus your energy and attention on the good features you are looking for and you will begin spotting singles who possess these traits!
  • ⏩  When creating a dating profile be honest about your intentions from the outset. If you are planning to get married, have a family, and settle down then do not be scared to write it on your profile! While this may be seen as a brave and bold move it will advertise the sort of relationship you are looking for. Having your heart's desires on your profile will invite those with similar hopes.
  • ⏩  Make sure you are open to dating someone that is not your usual type, you never know where it might lead you! This is why you should focus on someone's inner traits rather than just basing your attraction on appearance. Stay clear about the values and personality traits you are looking for and remain open about appearance, height, ethnicity, etc. and you will find romance!
  • ⏩  You may start thinking that you urgently need to find love because of being in your 30s, the clock is ticking mentality. This thought process piles on the pressure and that can make the dating world a daunting place. It is key to remember that love has no end date, no expiration. Take the pressure off yourself and focus your attention on doing everything you can to encourage all the things you want in the right partner. Just trust in the process and that it will happen when it is meant to!
  • ⏩  Who hasn’t heard of the dating rules? Waiting a few days to call or not being the one to make the first move are just a couple of the ‘rules’ you need to completely get rid of! These rules can get in the way of finding true romance. Every situation is different so ditch these rules! The only rule you should be following is not to wait for the perfect person because we are all, by nature, imperfect.
  • ⏩  This is possibly the hardest piece of advice to follow but….be confident. Smile at that attractive stranger or message that interesting person online and boost your confidence. Increasing your confidence will make the dating game more enjoyable and, in the long run, easier.
  • ⏩  While most of the dating world takes place online these days it is important to remember that you could still meet the perfect partner in the offline world. With increased confidence, you should find it easier to strike up a conversation with a stranger and start your journey to finding true love. A healthy balance of online and offline dating is definitely recommended.
  • ⏩  One of the most important pieces of advice you can be given is to listen to your intuition when dating in your 30s and at any age! By your 30s you will have many dating and relationship experiences that can inform your decisions later in life. In the past, you may have worked really hard on a relationship that should never have happened. There could have been many red flags that you ignored in the hope that the relationship would work. Now is the time to pay attention to that gut feeling and ensure you don’t waste your time and energy on someone who is not right for you.
  • ⏩  Don’t focus on the past. It is highly likely you have suffered heartbreak in your 20s, whether being ghosted, cheated on, a messy breakup, or even going through a divorce. These experiences guide us later in life and inform our decisions. Focus on the here and now, your future, and leave the exes in the past. Your ex is an ex for a reason so allow happiness to enter your life! This is also important during dating. Don’t talk about your ex or past relationships….especially during the infancy of the relationship.
  • ⏩  Make sure you are honest from the outset. A lot of people, understandably, put up a natural barrier due to past relationships. It is important to be yourself and allow yourself to be vulnerable. If you do not let anyone in, you will never find the one. This may make you feel anxious but you should embrace this. If it doesn’t work out then it was not meant to be!
  • ⏩  Age is just a number! Does it really matter? When dating in your 30s it is much more acceptable to date a wider range of ages. Rather than focus on age, you should make sure you are both at the same level in terms of maturity and visions for the future.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to be yourself, be honest, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Enjoy the process, relax and you will find true love. If a connection isn’t made straight away, do not worry! Good luck. 

Dos and Dont's Dating in Your 30s

✅  Be clear about your intentions…with yourself! Before you enter the dating world make sure you think about the qualities you are looking for in a potential date. Some people find it useful to list the qualities they desire and keep this with them when exploring dating profiles.
✅  In your thirties it is important to not stick to your usual type. Maybe that is why you have not had much success in the past. Be more flexible and try to look beyond the physical aspects! Find someone on the same wavelength!
✅  Be open to new ways of finding a date. The dating game has changed, don’t rely on one way of finding a date. You could try using dating apps/ sites, social media, a hobby class, or even a coffee shop! Keep your options open!
✅  In our thirties we may have suffered heartbreak a few times which can leave us guarded. Be more hopeful than guarded. Having hope will prevent you from blocking your way to finding happiness and true love. Allow your heart to hope, be optimistic, and be spontaneous. Open your heart, let someone into your life and you will find yourself on the path to finding true romance!
❌  Don’t focus too much on age! While some people will have an age bracket in mind, others believe that compatibility and understanding are more important. It is important that you find the right balance and don’t limit yourself to finding love with only one age range in mind!
❌  Don’t hide your intentions. It is important you make clear what you are looking for. If you are looking for commitment make sure it is known. Being honest avoids wasting time for everyone!
❌  Don’t date because you have to! Some people mind themselves under pressure from friends and family to find someone. This sort of pressure can cause you to enter into something that you are not ready for or looking for.
❌  Don’t play games. We all know the games some people play — Not calling after the first (or any) date, not calling them first, or waiting for the other person to ask you when arranging the next date. This way of ‘acting cool’ will not help you make a connection. Of course, you must remember….do not get too excited and call many times a day!

Tips for Dating Over 30s

 Some tips may help you to overcome your fears and inspire you to seek your love.

1. Take Your Time

   Do not try to start dating the next day after your divorce. You will not be able to choose the proper partner as you are still overwhelmed with negative emotions. And the wrong partner will only bring more mess to your life. Whether it's been a month or 6 years after you broke up with your partner, you can't be sure you're ready for a new relationship. Of course, you are not ready! Especially when it’s unpleasant to even think about a new romance. But, as soon as the thought of dating comes to your mind, you should think about the time to start chatting. After all, even if your first experience turns out to be terrible, you can take a step back and wait a little longer.

   Remember that your fears are normal, because you have experienced a great shock and, quite possibly, will experience it again. Nobody forces you to jump into the pool with your head. “Start gradually. Go to a meeting with old friends, accept an invitation to a party ... "

2. Try Not to Be Demanding

  • ⏩  Of course, all of us want to find a special match. But to find a perfect princess you should be a perfect prince yourself. Are you? People shouldn't be together just because they see each other as more or less acceptable options. Such a relationship will be unhealthy and will not last long. However, you shouldn't wait for the fairytale prince either. You are not perfect, so stop looking for the perfect partner.
  • ⏩  Make a list of the qualities of a future partner and who exactly are you looking for. A partner for life? Or one nightstand? Or maybe just a person with whom it will be pleasant to spend your leisure time? The idea is that you have to consciously decide what kind of relationship you are looking for. It would be right to share your goals with a potential partner.

3. Be Honest but Do Not Trust Blindly

  • ⏩  Don't try to pretend to be someone else. You can't pretend forever, so acknowledge who you are and be yourself. Confidence attracts.
  • ⏩  Good communication plays a key role in any relationship, whether with your best friend or with a work colleague. When you are in your 30s, you must communicate honestly and openly on dates. Your partner should behave the same way. The first fight happened? Discuss it in an adult way. If you don't start discussing the relationship early on, it will get harder later on.
  • ⏩  But do not be suspicious as well! Act with your date like with the lady whom you can trust but if she betrays your trust, make your conclusions.

4. Do Not Tell Long Stories about How Awful Your Ex Was

   You can mention the sad experience but a decent and responsible man would not blame his ex for everything. Obviously, this is not a very good dating mindset. "Such thoughts only spoil your mood and limit your chances of finding love." Keeping your negative thoughts in check will soon develop the habit of thinking optimistically, which in turn will prepare you for dating.

5. While Dating Inspire the Lady to Talk about Her Life and Listen Attentively ;)

   You will be surprised how well you can understand the woman after the first date.

6. Dating Women Over 30 is Easier

   As well as you, your date knows what kind of man she wants, which qualities are important for her and which are not. She will not be shy to tell you about her needs and share her opinions with you. A mature lady will not pretend she is the woman you want to see and will not hide her nature. Yes, you both are smarter now and in 2-3 dates, you will know if you want to continue or not. 

7. There Are Not Many Singles After 30

   Your friends say that all lovely ladies are married already and you can’t find one? That is not true, the best dating sites for 30-year-olds usually have more single ladies than men so you will have a good chance to find your love there.

   Four out of five new acquaintances you meet will disappear — a pattern in the dating world. Someone may simply lose interest, another may have unforeseen problems that you will never know about. Don't take it personally, just try to remember that the more people you meet, the more likely you are to find the person you want. And don't be afraid to meet with several partners at the same time, don't put all your eggs in one basket. We are, of course, talking about courtship and the initial stages of communication, you will have to decide before the relationship with one of the applicants becomes serious. You shouldn't cheat partners. Just say, "I enjoy meeting you, but I want you to know that I am also meeting others now."

8. Online dating sites for 30-year-olds

   Perhaps, when you were in search of a romantic relationship the last time, there was no internet yet, let alone internet dating. But the world has changed a lot since then, now applications and sites for finding a partner have become a part of everyday life. The prejudice that only losers or perverts are sitting on such sites is worth leaving in the past.

   Try online dating even if you haven’t done that before. Now your life is settled down and that is more difficult to meet new people. Dating sites for those over their 30s can help you to get acquainted with ladies whom you would never have a chance to meet without a net. 
30-plus dating sites unite single people who are eager to create new relationships and start dating again. So you will not have any doubts about the goals of the ladies there — all of them have the wish to meet a good man and forget about the sad experiences in the past. 
  How do choose the best online dating sites for 30-year-olds? Actually, all dating sites have a search engine where you can choose the age of the ladies you are interested in. So also check other possibilities of the site – does it suggest local dating or dating in a special country you might be interested in? Does it have clients’  feedback with real stories of success? Does it give any anti-scam guarantees to its members? 

9. Choose the proper age of your date

   Of course, that is so tempting to start again with a younger partner. But if you are from different generations, sooner or later this will cause problems even if you are madly in love at the beginning of a relationship.

10. Don't Let Kids Stop You

   Of course, if you have a child, dating at home or introducing them to a new partner is only worthwhile if the relationship has become serious. But this does not mean that the fear of receiving disapproval from children should stop you. Too many parents hide behind their children as an excuse not to meet new people. Be sincere and respectful, but don't apologize for wanting to improve your personal life. Most children just want their parents to be happy, and most likely won't get in the way.

Good luck with finding your partner!

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Dating over 30

Frequently Asked Questions About Dating After 30

❤️  Is Dating Harder in Your 30s?

Dating in your 30s is not harder, it is different than in your 20s;) Anyway, you have other needs and goals now, you are more confident and you have less time. You know what you want from life and what kind of lady can make you happy. You are immune to emotional swings and manipulations now. So start courting the lady you choose — now you know how to do that, don’t you?

❤️  How Is Dating Different in Your 30s?

When you are single in your 30s and want to change that, obviously you will be pickier and you will act in a relationship according to your experience in the past. If that experience was destroying, take care of minimizing its influence on you – go to see a psychologist or read some books about relationships. Now you know what to suggest to your lady and how to care about her. Make a habit to discuss what you want and what you need in relationships – now you are able to do this.

❤️  Is It Okay To Be Single in Your 30s?

It is okay to be single in your 30s. You, only you, decide what is comfortable for you and what kind of life you want to choose. But if you want to create a family and have kids, that is high time to think about a reliable partner. Family is a long project and you will be busy with it for the next 20 years. So start now to be able to enjoy your kids’ adulting to the fullest.

❤️  Where to Meet Singles in Your 30s?

Life has many ways to make you meet your love. But if you want to control that process and you do not trust the intentions of destiny, try a matchmaking service or Internet dating. Maybe in spite of this, you will fall in love with your new neighbor but being active in your search is a good way to make hints to your destiny;)


Dating over 30


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