Slavic ladies and their unique beauty

Slavic ladies and their unique beauty. how-ukrainian-women-differ-from-the-russian-ones-2mS.jpg

It is widely known that Ukrainian, Russian and Belorussian peoples are closely related. Nevertheless, these nations have been influenced by many factors which determined their appearance greatly. All the Slavic women have their own unique style of beauty which helps them to stand out from the crowd. Let me introduce you the most common features so highly estimated by foreign men.

Historical background of Ukrainian beauty

Main differences in appearance arose due to genetic mixing with peoples living in the neighborhood. "Being at the junction of Europe and Asia, Ukraine was subjected to captures by various nations. Here the blood of Slavic peoples, Persians, Mongols, Turks and many others is present. As a result of a blood intermixture, for example during the Turkish conquests, a unique beauty was born," - explained one make-up artist.

Bright contrasts predominate in the shades of the eyes, skin and hair of Ukrainian women. Typical are chestnut or burning-black hair. Thick black eyebrows stunningly combine with pale skin and black, brown or deep green eyes. An iridescent cornea is common among Ukrainian women. Believe me, you may not resist looking at those eyes for hours!)

Foreigners say that Ukrainian women are overall very bright. Although, Ukrainian women like to wear make-up, they look great without it.

Typical appearance of Russian ladies

The beauty of a Russian woman tends more towards the northern, Finnish-Baltic type. A common feature is blond hair (light blond, fair hair, dark blond) and light eyes (blue, gray, green). They have proper, but in relation to the type of southern beauties, smaller, refined facial features. Their appearance is more cold, light and tender. Smooth features of oval and round faces give Ukrainian ladies a true feminine look.

Blonde Russian brides have become a prototype for many national fairy-tales. They all say that a girl with a white skin, fair hair, rosy cheeks and red lips is the most beautiful in the world. Doesn’t it seem similar to the Sleeping Beauty image?)

Classic Belorussian beauty

The ladies from Belorussia are known to be very attractive and tall. Their ancestry is a controversial one, but most likely they also refer to the Finnish-Baltic type. They have bigger facial features than the Russian ladies. Their distinctive traits are chubby lips (which win so many hearts!), a snub nose, long blond or dark blond hair and beautiful eyebrows. As well as Russian ladies they often have big blue eyes which create a wonderful image together with fair hair. These ladies prefer to wear minimal make-up. Bright and tender Belorussian women attract men from different countries very much.

Who is more beautiful?

If a Russian woman can be compared to a crystal-cold winter or a shy early spring, then the beauty of a Ukrainian woman is undoubtedly the sunny August heat. Each of the Slavic types is good in its own way) Every man should choose in accordance with his personal preferences. Regarding the answer to the question, which is better, as they say, so many people so many tastes!)

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Do you know any other national features of Slavic ladies? Feel free to share your experience with us in comments to the post! :)

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