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Dating in Naperville, Illinois, USA 2024. How to Find a Girlfriend in Naperville, Illinois? Meet Single Girls and Mature Women in Naperville

Last updated on February 8, 2024 

   Many people understand well that it is very good to work in a big city, but live in a small one (or at least in a suburb). Naperville, Illinois State, belongs to the Chicago agglomeration and it can be called a perfect city to live in. With a population of more than 150 thousand people, this city offers a lot of sights, adventures, and services. Without any jokes, this city has been called the second most liveable city in the USA in 2006. Well, at least “Money Magazine” states it based on their research.:) Even if the representatives of the other cities do not agree, we believe that this city is an amazingly charming spot where urban life has an atmosphere of calmness and the ability to enjoy life. It is not surprising why on the official city site it is stated: “Come and experience big city styles with small town smiles!” It is true that local people are positive and smiling. They are always ready to have a little adventure or a little party (or even not a little one).:)

If you dream of meeting a girl who will be nice, sweet, and positive, who will have family values, and who still believes in love (no matter if she is 20 or 50), you should come to this amazing city. Women, there are caring, attentive, and very family-oriented. If you are lucky enough and you follow certain recommendations that you will read next in this article, you can find the love of your life. If not- well in any case you will have amazing vacations there and you will be able to learn and experience a lot of new things in this hyper-positive city!

In the Article “Dating in Naperville, Illinois”

Dating Culture in Naperville, Illinois

Surely different countries and different states are unique and it is necessary to know some local habits and traditions if you don’t want to risk getting into an uncomfortable situation. In any city or state, it is necessary to be yourself and accept most things with humor. However, when dating a beautiful girl from Naperville pay attention to the following things:

  • Be ready to pass through any storm with her. Naperville is a very nice city with unpredictable weather. If you decide to come there in summer, of course, you can count on a little bit better climate conditions.:) However, during the other seasons, if you think that sudden rain or snow can scare your local girlfriend and she won’t go for a walk with you, you are a little bit wrong. Maybe it will be necessary to think about the other date scenario and quickly reserve the table in a café (as all the people will surely go indoors), but she will come to the date even in a storm. By the way, if you wish to make a good impression on her it is better to say nothing about the weather, like if there is nothing impressive for you in it.:)
  • Family values. In Naperville, people love and appreciate their families. Even if relationships in the family are not too perfect, people call each other, meet during the weekend, and support each other in difficult times. If on the date her mom calls her, don’t think that your girlfriend is not mature enough. Just family love means a lot in this city and this way people are strong together. During the date, it will be accepted absolutely normally to talk about family and ask your girlfriend about her relatives. If after a couple of dates, you will be invited to family lunch, don’t be surprised if there you will see not just her mom and dad, but all the family with grannies, uncles, aunts, and a lot of kids. Don’t try to remember all of them at once (just don’t confuse her parents with the other people and in the beginning, it will be OK).:)
  • Calculate your time well. Girls from Naperville are often easy-going in their personal life, but very serious in their professional ones. They appreciate their time and they have a tendency to be on time to the dates. If the weather is terrible and there are a lot of traffic jams, local people get used to going out beforehand to be on time. You should also be very attentive with your time counting and if you see that the weather is not perfect (or just when all the people are coming back from work), it is better to go out beforehand and maybe wait a little bit for your local beauty if you came too early. Making her wait will not be seen very well.
  • Don’t compare her city with Chicago and don’t mix them! Yes, Chicago is the state capital and it can offer a lot of sights, interesting events, shows, and so on. However, Naperville inhabitants are very proud of their city and they will never agree with you that a city nearby is better than anything. It belongs to the Chicago agglomeration, but it is better to accept it as a separate city with a lot of beautiful things in it. Ask your girlfriend about local traditions, legends, and nice places to see and she will be very glad to share with you her little world!
  • Be ready for a little bit of unusual food traditions. Of course, in the city of Naperville, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants that offer dishes of cuisines from different parts of the world. However, there are some interesting local food habits that you should know about. If you don’t mind street food, be ready that local people almost never put ketchup in hot dogs. Maybe for you, there is nothing too interesting in this fact, but if you are invited to a family BBQ and they grill sausages for home hot dogs, it is better to do like other members of her family and put mustard into it. Plus, weekends are often pizza time for many families. Some people make richer local cafes, but many families have a tradition of making it at home when all the people gather together and they make a lot of different kinds of pizza for any taste. If you are afraid that this way you will have some extra kilos, don’t worry. After long walks or hiking with your girlfriend, you will be in wonderful shape!

Prices in Naperville

     Naperville is a very comfortable city to live in. The median salary of local inhabitants can cover 2,5 months of living there, so local people can let themselves enjoy life. Preparing to travel you should know how much money you can need during your visit, right? As you come to Naperville to look for the woman of your dreams we provide you with some useful information.:) Take a look at the little list above and plan well your budget!

  • Coffee. From October to May tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are hyper-popular local drinks. And of course, during the entire year, people like to drink tasty coffee before going to work. If you haven't met your Naperville singleton yet, it is better to take your morning coffee in one of the nice local cafes. This way you will be able to meet new people and start new relationships which can lead to something amazing! The average price for a cappuccino is about 4,05$. If you like espresso, you will need to pay about 3,4$. Taste it in different places to choose your favorite one.:)
  • Water. Even though the climate is not too hot in Naperville, it is always necessary to have water with you. Local girls are very active, so if you like sport, you will surely find a lot of beautiful young girls (and not very young), who also like to keep themselves in shape. If you come to Naperville in the summer, you should always have a bottle of water with you if you discover this nice city. A 1L bottle will cost you just 0,79$ in the supermarket. If you order water in a restaurant, it can cost you about 2$, depending on the mark that you prefer and the prices in the café where you order it. If you like Pepsi or Coke, it will cost you about 2,2$ for 0,5L in a local café or bar.
  • Beer. If coming to another city you like to taste local sorts of beer, you should know that there are a lot of nice pubs in the city where you can do it. It can also be a date idea (of course not for the first one) as local girls often like sport and they do support their favorite sports teams. Local beer in a pub will cost you about 5$. If you want to relax in the evening with a bottle that you bought in the nearest supermarket, it will cost you about 2,3$. By the way, in winter it is rather popular for local people to drink mulled wine. You can invite your lady and prepare it for her. You will need a bottle of red wine (average wine from the supermarket will cost about 9,5$), an orange, an apple, and some cinnamon. And of course, you will need a good movie to watch together.:)
  • Lunch in a non-expensive café. Local people like good food and mostly they prefer to have business lunches in good cafes. This way, if you come to any of them, you can meet a charming local girl who came there to take a lunch break. Lunch in such a café will cost you about 15$ and be attentive, portions are often rather big! If you hurry up too much before an important event and you don’t have time to wait for food, the fast food lunch menu will cost you about $9,1$. By the way, local girls often don’t mind taking it, but only if it means rest time, like festivals, street concerts or sports games.
  • Dinner for two. In Naperville, you can find many nice restaurants where you can invite your girlfriend. They have different prices, but in a middle-range restaurant, you will need to pay about 70$ for dinner for two. It includes appetizers, salads, main dishes, coffee, desserts, and middle-age wine. Of course, if you like to taste something unusual and expensive, or if you wish to impress her with old wine, it is better to take with you a little bit more money.:) In any case, relax, smile at each other, and enjoy a romantic evening without thinking about dinner price!

Hotels in Naperville

      When you decide where to go one of the first things that you should think about is a good place to stay. Your hotel’s choice depends highly on where your local beauty lives, but of course, not only location is important, but also the level of comfort. Take a look at the list that we made for you. In all of these hotels, you will always feel the desired guest.:)

  • Hotel Arista is one of the very good-level hotels with a very welcoming environment. They offer to hotel’s guests spacious rooms with flat TVs and walk-in showers and wardrobes. You will be able to enjoy sports training in a modern fitness center and then relax in a spa and wellness center. After that, you will look great and be ready for any date. In the hotel, there is a cozy cocktail lounge where you can invite your girlfriend before going to the theater, for example, or you can dine in on-site dining. You can order dishes from CityGate Grill or American-Mediterranean fusion restaurants. Prices start from 308$.
  • If it is important for you to stay in the hotel right in the city center, you should choose Hotel Indigo Naperville Riverwalk, an IHG hotel. This fabulous hotel offers guests a river view and it is situated 300 meters from the city center. It is difficult to imagine anything closer.:) They offer good breakfasts and you can choose between a buffet, American and Vegetarian options. In the hotel, you can eat in the restaurant at any time or relax and eat in a snack bar. You can do your morning exercises in the fitness center and enjoy massage in the spa and wellness. The rooms are decorated in a calm modern style with a comfortable sitting area and private bathroom. Prices start from 317$ and it is a very good option if you wish to be in the heart of the city.
  •  If you wish to stay in a good-level hotel, but you would like to save your budget, it is better to stay in Hampton Inn Chicago-Naperville. It is situated rather close to downtown, but in a rather calm area. In this hotel you get a comfortable and clean room, good fitness center and spacious outdoor swimming pool. If you come to Naperville in the summertime, this variant is excellent. In the morning they offer a fresh hot continental breakfast and many guests state that it is very tasty. During the day you can use their snack bar and lounge zone. Plus, the prices start from 151$.
  • If you are a bright person and your interior design is very important, it is better to stay in Fairfield Inn& Suites Naperville/Aurora. This hotel is situated about 6 kilometers from the city center, but for only 114$ you get a really high level of comfort and service. An indoor swimming pool with a hot tub is at your disposal. Every morning you can enjoy a tasty hot breakfast and during the day you can enjoy fresh coffee in the lobby. In the room all guests have coffee and ironing facilities, a flat TV with cable channels and, if you need to work, there is a business center at your disposal.:)
  • If you come to Naperville during the warm time of the year and you like to spend time in the fresh air, you should pay attention to Courtyard by Marriott Chicago Naperville. The hotel’s rooms are nice and clean, decorated in calm colors. In the hotel there is an indoor swimming pool and outside they offer a spacious lounge where you can organize romantic dates in the evening. If the weather is not too nice, they also propose an indoor sitting area, with separated cabins where you and your girlfriend will feel an intimate atmosphere. They propose a good choice of breakfasts, including a healthy lifestyle menu. If you need to work, they also have a business center and conference hall. Prices start just from 149$.

Restaurants in Naperville

     Now you have an impression of good accommodations in the city where you can stay and feel good. What about the other essential needs? Take a look at the list of nice restaurants where you can calmly eat without worrying about food quality and where you can surely invite your Naperville’s beautiful girl.:)

  • If you wish to impress your girlfriend you should invite her to Meson Sabika. In this restaurant you can stay inside in a beautiful classic interior or, if you enjoy traveling in summer, it is better to dine outside, in a beautiful garden where you will have a really aristocratic dinner. They offer dishes of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine which are all really beautifully served. You and your girlfriend will surely like the warm atmosphere and romantic view of the fountain. There are evenings when in the restaurant it is possible to listen to live music. It is better to ask about available seats beforehand as this place can be popular for weddings.
  • If you are a simple guy and you like a cozy atmosphere and Italian food, it is better to invite your girlfriend to Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria (of course, if she shares your likes). People state that it is the best pizza not only in this city but even around. Plus, the staff has been able to create a really warm ambiance. Everything there is breathing with Southern hospitality. You can stay indoors or outside, on the nice terrace. Maybe in the evening, it will be necessary to wait a little bit as people love this place, but every minute is worth it!
  • If you like untypical restaurants, one of the best choices can be Cooper’s Hawk Winery& Restaurant- Naperville. This place has a wide range of wines and a large dishes menu. They often organize interesting events and evenings of different kinds of food. Plus, the interior is very interesting and you have the impression of being in a real winery, with a lot of bottles and wine barrels. The staff is friendly, helpful and always ready to give you good advice. If you both like wine- go to taste some at this restaurant.
  • If you like Asian cuisine, sushi, and seafood, invite your charming lady to Shinto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Lounge. There you can have a really good time and not only enjoy tasty food but see a real show and all the dishes are cooked in your presence and sometimes the chef makes a real fire show cooking something for guests. This place is good for both, lunch (in this case it is better to sit outside in the fresh air) and dinner. In the evening in the main dining room near the bar they have particular lighting and your evening will become at once mysterious and romantic.:)
  • If you adore tasty American food and it is important to have high-quality food in a nice atmosphere, invite your girl to dine with you at The White Chocolate Grill. They offer a rich menu and you will surely enjoy not only food but the presence of each other as tables in this restaurant create an atmosphere of isolation. Calm light, massive comfortable wooden furniture, delicious food, and a beautiful girl next to you. What else to wish for?:)

Now you know where to stay and where you can invite your beauty. However, what if you only plan to meet her in Naperville? If you wish to know what kind of beautiful single girls for serious relationships you can meet there, go on reading and we will tell you some interesting facts about single women from Naperville.

Women's Demographics in Naperville

     Naperville, as a quickly developing city, always attracted a lot of foreigners. At least, it is so pleasant to live and work in an urban, but rather quiet place. Most of the people living there have successful work and in this city, you will find a lot of people with bright education. If you are looking for a smart and bright woman with family values, this city is ideal for your search. More than 70% of the population of Naperville has a Bachelor's degree or higher, impressive, right? Plus, the biggest corporations and institutions that give people work are Edward Hospital, Indian Prairie School District, and Nokia. If you always dream of creating a family with a beautiful nurse or maybe an engineer from Nokia, Naperville can be an ideal place for your search for love.

As for the women population, you will be glad to know that there are a little bit more women there than men, about 50,5%. As for racial background, there you will find more white girls- about 69%, Asian women- 20,6%, Hispanic women- about 6,5%, and Black girls- about 4,3%. In any case, this city is very friendly and tolerant. About 21% of the population of Naperville are foreign-born people, so, they look very positively at the tourists from the other countries or people who come there by work. If you decide to come to find your single beautiful woman from another country, you have a very big chance for success. The median age of Naperville’s inhabitants is 39 years which means that most of the women that you will meet there are at the perfect age for family creation. In Naperville most people are successfully married, about 65% of the people have families, however, there are 25% of single women with no family and 7,5% of women living without husbands. In such a city where people appreciate family, it is easier to find love, just be active, and positive, and look for the woman of your life in the right places. Which ones? Go on reading and you will know the best places which are loved by local people!

How to Meet Girls and Single Women in Naperville

     Though Naperville seems to be a calm city in comparison to Chicago, it has a lot of attractions that can surprise even demanding tourists. However, we will recommend places where you can meet local girls as this is your goal, right?:) Sometimes they are the same as some tourist destinations and recommendations, sometimes not.:) The most important is to choose the places which are interesting for you as it is easier to start a conversation with a woman who you have the same likes. Take a look at our list and good luck in your search!

  1. The first thing that you should do when coming to Naperville is to make Riverwalk. A picturesque river crosses the city (well actually there are two rivers that join in one of the city parks) and this is a favorite place of local inhabitants for walking, shopping, and meetings with friends and family. During your walk, you will see a lot of shopping centers, nice cafes and restaurants, and just beautiful statues. If you see any beautiful local single girl, ask her about anything and propose to drink something hot or refreshing (depending on the season). Most importantly, don’t forget to smile and approach a woman who you have eye contact with or you risk meeting a woman who is not too interested in relationships.
  2. If you love smart and educated girls, visit the Naperville Public Library. Maybe it seems a little bit old-fashioned, but there are rather a lot of local people who come there. This is a space where people come not only to take books and disks but also for certain literature events and meetings. If you like reading, there you will be able to find a smart local woman who can answer your feelings. For taking books or participation in the events it is just necessary to have documents with you for inscription. Everything else is up to you!:)
  3. If you adore everything connected with water or just like swimming and you are lucky to come to Naperville in summer, you should surely go to Centennial Beach. Yes, you are not in Florida, but on nice summer days, there are a lot of local people who come to this beach for swimming, sunbathing, and having fun. If it is a little bit colder, but not too much, people come there for family picnics. Don’t hesitate, it is a good place where you will meet a lot of local people. Yes, there are a lot of families with kids, but you can also meet somebody’s free sister or niece, right?:)
  4. Many of Naperville’s women love art and especially theatre. There is an amazing place where you can enjoy classic plays, modern shows, comedies, and plays that will make you think about life. BrightSide Theatre always has something interesting to show and it is a favorite time for many local women. Go to any evening show and ask a beautiful woman who is sitting near you what she thinks about actors. Conversation has already started and you are not strangers anymore! Just don’t address women who come they're not alone.:)
  5. Very often when people hear the word “museum”, they think about something long and boring. Naper Settlement is an open-air museum that is unlike the others. They brightly represent the life of local people in the 19th century and very often they organize some interesting events like real open-air rock concerts. Have you ever been to a rock concert in a museum?:) You should surely try to go there and meet a beautiful lady who is interested in both history and good fun.:)

Please, remember that you can meet the love of your life in any place if you wish! The most important thing is to have a little bit of self-confidence and luck. However, if you want to know how to find a Naperville girl in the most efficient way, go on reading and we will open to you some secrets of success in search of love!

Online Dating Sites in Naperville

      When you prepare for your traveling, you do it beforehand. You book flight tickets and hotels, plan your budget, and make a list of the places that you would like to visit. If you wish to find a woman in your life it is possible to make it also beforehand. The most reasonable way to find a girl nowadays is online dating. We are using technologies in everyday life. At least for going to work you don’t ride horses and for sending a message to your mom you don’t use paper and plume. Why not use technology for the most important search in your life? Of course, you have probably heard that some people on dating sites are not very serious. Perhaps you also think that paying for dating services is not a good idea as there are a lot of free sites. The most important thing in online dating is to make it in a reasonable way and if you do everything right, you have a very big chances to meet a lovely and serious single girl from Naperville. Take a look at a little list of recommendations that we prepared for you and following this advice, you can be successful.:)

  1. Choose only serious dating sites! A serious dating site should have some important features: various services, client checks, success stories of real people, organization of meetings in real life, an anti-spam policy, clear payment page. All the sites, even those that call themselves “free” have paid services which is absolutely normal. However, it is better to address sites that can guarantee your security as only this way you can relax and feel protected. At least, you want to know for sure that you are communicating with a real woman and not with a teenager who just wants to have fun, right?:)
  2. Don’t forget about your security! This point is especially important if you join a free dating site. Don’t click on external links if anybody sends them to you in a letter, don’t give your credit card details and don’t give too expensive presents or money. If your virtual girlfriend has troubles in life and you wish to help her, do it only after meeting in real life. This way at least you will know that she exists. However in any case we don’t recommend sending material help to any person until the development of your relationships of engagement. When you go to see your girlfriend for the first time, always choose a hotel with a good reputation and meet first in a public place. Even if you had long communication, don’t go to unknown places far away from the city center. Don’t take any taxi in the airport, choose only official taxi services. If there is a representative of a dating agency in the city, it is better to meet first in the presence of a representative or interpreter. At least these people serve to help you and they can guarantee your safety.
  3. Show your seriousness. When you start communicating with girls, it is better not to start communicating with too many women at the same time. This way you can confuse important information and get into uncomfortable situations. It is better to register on the dating site, it is better to make it 2-3 months before your vacation. If you know that this year you won’t have any possibility to come to meet your woman, it is better to wait with your search for women it is important to see your real actions. Of course, some women can wait for you and enjoy communicating with you during the year, but very often people get tired of virtual relationships without meeting in person. Any girl will appreciate it if, after 2-3 months of communication, you say that you can come to see her.
  4. Show that she is important to you. In the beginning of communication, you can start with sending letters or text chat. Then, it will be necessary to have video conversations and see each other. If this conversation has been successful, it is a good idea to send your lady a gift (not too expensive, a bouquet of flowers or candies, just to show that you like her). This way you will show that for you this communication is serious and you can spoil her even from a distance. Even if your communication is more friendly, on the first date it is better to come with a little flower or gift from your city or country.
  5. Be the best version of you! It is very important to be attentive to the details. If you come to two or three girls, be attentive and don’t confuse their information. When you go on dates, show attention to your woman, but be gentle not only to her. Yes, it can seem weird, but a woman is very attentive not only to how you treat her but also to how you treat other people. If you are impolite or too demanding of a waitress it will only be a bad sign for her. Even if at work you control the work of hundreds of people, on vacations try to relax to the maximum and be positive and smiling. If the service in another state or country is not the best, accept it with humor and as just an experience.

Looking for a beautiful single woman from Naperville, you should know that some dating sites and dating apps are more popular than others. Take a look at the list below, but don’t forget that quantity doesn’t always mean quality.

  •  eHarmony
  • Zoosk
  • Match
  • Tinder

We are really proud to be one of the most popular dating sites in this state and we always try to help the maximum of people to find their happiness. If you are still looking for a good dating site or the best dating app to start your search, choose it carefully, and then, relax and let yourself fall in love!

Matchmaking Services in Naperville

     When you choose a good dating site, of course, you take a look at their services and prices. A good dating site should offer you such services as a Romantic tour or Matchmaking service. To understand better what it means by Romantic tour, click here: and if you prefer to take the maximum of result in minimum time you should book Matchmaking service.

Matchmaking is one of the most efficient dating services. You should just book a free consultation, have a conversation with a matchmaker, and then relax and look through the profile that the matchmaker will send you. You will need just to relax, listen to your heart, and choose some profiles that seem to be the closest to your taste. Then you will have some video conversations with the women of your choice. The best in this service is that matchmakers can recommend to you the girls who are really close to your ideal character. When you search on the internet you are based mostly on appearance and really, it is not the most important thing in relationships, right?:) Try this amazing service, book a free consultation here:, and let yourself be loved!

Naperville is called even by people from other states an “amazing little city”. Try to discover it and open your heart to new feelings, as wonderful as love!


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