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How to Tell if a Woman Likes You
Reading Her Signs: A Guide on How to Know If She Likes You

How to Tell if a Woman Likes You

Last updated on February 21, 2024

     The laws of attraction state that there is someone for everyone, we just have to find that someone! This can be quite a difficult task as you never want to appear too confident that someone is interested in you while you also do not want to appear too afraid or distant. More often than not people are more concerned with knowing whether someone else actually likes them (in a romantic way). The reason this causes such concern, we believe, is for two reasons. The first is that we all want someone to like us and therefore worry about whether they do or not! The second, and more worrying aspect, is that we cannot always tell if someone likes us or not. Unless the woman lays it all out on the line and actually says they like you it can be a bit difficult to know whether she likes you or not. 

Have no fear, you can discover if she likes you or not by certain things she will do. Now, it must be noted that not all of the things we mention here are a categorical signal that she likes you but they are definitely pointing you in the right direction. Just remember that if you see one, some, or all of the signals we mention below it does not mean you should suddenly act differently or assume that she is ‘really into you’. You should only take the below-mentioned signals as a sign that she possibly likes you more than just a friend or someone that she speaks to on the internet. Your behavior should not change at all! So, let’s get to what you came here for. Below are some of the ways you should be able to tell if a woman likes you.

  1. She talks to you. Now, first, let us be very clear. Just because she answers your first messages or engages in conversation with you does not mean she is madly in love with you. However, she must either like you or be at least a bit interested in you if she engages in conversation with you. A woman will not waste her time talking with someone she is not at all interested in. Take it as going in the right direction if she talks to you over a long period of time. Even more of a bonus is if she sends you a message first. If it is always you making the first move then it could be that she is not as interested in you as you thought.
  2. She will ask questions about your family. We do not mean that she will ask lots of very personal questions. This is more that she wants to find out more about your upbringing and who your family consists of. They may ask you about your siblings, what your parents are like, and what your childhood was like. They will not just want to get to know you but will want to know about the people close to you. They will also ask you about your friends and want to know a bit about them.
  3. One key aspect to look out for, but not solely rely on, is that she will remember key facts about you and your interests. If she genuinely likes you she will not forget things that are important to you. She also will not forget your interests and will actively discuss them with you. This is her way of showing you that she understands your interests and that she is interested in discussing them with you. Now, as with all of the points we make, you should not think she really likes you just because she remembers what you have told her. Women are, by nature, very caring and will remember what is important to those around them.
  4. She finds you very funny. Now, she will not laugh at everything humorous you say just because she likes you and she will not fake this laughter. However, if she likes you she will genuinely find you very funny or at least find your jokes and wit funny. Believe it or not but most women find a sense of humour far more attractive than chiselled good looks. Making a woman laugh is far more important to her as she will then know that spending time together is going to be fruitful, and enjoyable and make her life more positive. 
  5. You may find this next one a little strange but trust us, it's true! If you find that your new lady friend teases you then she probably likes you. However, if you find that your lady friend is teasing you but with what seems like an air of truth or in a way that feels like she is criticizing you then this is not a sign she likes you but that she is actually bullying or mentally abusing you! Let’s hope this doesn’t happen. She will make jokey, flirty remarks that tease you. This will make her smile while probably making you a little shy but at the same time smile and happy!
  6. If you are talking on camera or face-to-face you should be able to see by her body language that she likes you. If she has a genuine interest in you there will be lingering looks, a constant (sometimes small) smile, and may also play with her hair while talking to you. Now, this is quite hard to see if you are communicating in the written form but you would hopefully meet one day and see this for yourself.

At the end of the day, it can be difficult to definitely know that a woman likes you unless she actually says it. This doesn’t happen very often as people tend to naturally move from friends to more than friends. The important thing to remember is to not make assumptions just because you see one or two signs, take it slow and make sure she does actually like you!



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