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USA Dating 2024 — Meet Single Girls and Mature Women. USA Dating Sites

Last updated on June 12, 2024

      The United States, US, USA is one of the most powerful, visited financial centers in the world. The United States comprises 50 states, and the District of Columbia, and is the third biggest country in the world! Washington D.C. is the capital and is home to the world-famous White House which is the main residence of the President, currently Joe Biden, and the setting of many films. The current population of the United States is estimated at 329.5 million people so finding a date in the US should be very easy! America gained independence on 4th July 1776 and the country has gone from strength to strength ever since with incredible advances in technology. Now famous for the FRIENDS sitcom, eclectic history of Presidents, and the devastating events of September 11th, 2001 the United States is known everywhere and is constantly being watched by the eyes of the world. With the bustling blocks of New York, the beautiful beaches of Miami, the entertaining Disney World in Florida, and the breathtaking Grand Canyon in Arizona it is no surprise that an average of 80 million people a year visit the United States. Fly from state to state or drive your way around the country and discover the many incredible parts of the US. It is certainly a very good idea to do your research before you travel. Read on to find out more about this diverse, vibrant, and popular destination!

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Dating in the USA

In the Article "Dating in the USA"

Prices in the USA

    Being the third-largest country in the world, the USA’s prices don’t vary too much from state to state. No matter where you would like to take your American date, prices won’t bite you and you will be able to find an activity or meals to fit your budget. The choices are incredible, diverse, and extensive and we are going to look at a few different options.

  • ⏩  Meal. Are you thinking of taking your USA love out for a delicious meal? A three-course meal for two, the classic first date idea, in a mid-range restaurant will cost you around $60. Perhaps you are on a tighter budget but don’t get disheartened as you can always find cozy, lovely restaurants that offer a variety of different cuisines for approximately $15 per meal.
  • ⏩  Snack. Thinking of a quick snack on the go and a hot drink as you are chatting and getting to know each other better before moving on to your next date activity? McDonald’s restaurant chain can be found in every corner of the United States of America. For as little as only $8 per meal, you could satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst with your American sweetheart.
  • ⏩  Wine. Possibly you and your USA date are looking for something a little stronger? Then you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that an average bottle of red wine can be found for as little as $15 per bottle. If you are thinking of a slightly more extravagant wine option, you could order a very good bottle of wine for as little as around $33 per bottle. What could be more romantic than to enjoy a smooth glass of wine together while looking into each other"s eyes?
  • ⏩  Beer. If your American beauty is into drinking beer or you prefer the hop over the grape then you are looking at spending only $5 per 0.5l bottle or $6 for an imported 0.33l bottle. There is nothing like a refreshing, cold beer on a hot summer’s day.
  • ⏩  Bottle of water. If your USA date doesn’t drink alcohol you can both always refresh yourselves with a chilled bottle of water for as little as $1.55 per 0.33l bottle.
  • ⏩  Ice cream. Does your USA lady feel too hot? Why not treat her to a refreshing and cooling ice cream? These can be found almost anywhere in the USA, from cozy cafes and local ice cream parlors to supermarkets and fridge stalls in the street. A single scoop costs, on average, $2.79, and a double scoop will cost as little as $3.99.
  • ⏩  Chocolate. Treat your American sweet tooth to a chocolate treat for a small price of $2.27 per bar. Chocolate does contain a number of compounds associated with mood-lifting chemicals. Who knows, perhaps your USA lady will fall for your charm much faster if she is in a sweet, playful mood?

​Transport in the USA

  • ⏩  Bus, train, subway. Would you like to take your date on a day out in a busy and bustling American city or maybe a smaller, picturesque town? The cheapest way to travel would be to use local transport with the price of a one-way ticket costing, on average, $2.25.
  • ⏩  Taxi. If your route is a bit more precise and you can’t find a convenient one with the local transport system, then your best option will be to take a taxi. They charge on average $1.64 per kilometer and the starting price for a pick-up is $2.50-3.50. The choice of the route will be yours and many local taxi drivers know the best and quickest way to get you to your romantic destination with your American dream lady.

Dating in the USA

Hotels in the USA

    When visiting a new place it is important to know where to stay and to feel comfortable and safe in your accommodation. There are very many different hotels in the USA. You can find places to stay to suit all of your requirements, such as budget, location, facilities, and much more.

  • ✅  The biggest and most popular hotel chain in the United States of America is the Wyndham Hotel Group, boasting around 9280 properties in the world. Many Wyndham hotels also include spas, swimming pools, gyms, and other resort activities for their customers to feel really relaxed, refreshed, and comfortable during their stay. Spacious rooms include free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, room service, multiple amenities, and friendly and helpful staff. With Covid striking the world and affecting the way we all live and travel, the Wyndham hotel chain introduced new, very flexible policies and safety protocols. Rooms start from as little as $90 per night and on average cost around $200 per night  (depending on location and preferences). If you choose to bring your American date back to your hotel for a cheeky drink there are beautiful bars and restaurants on each of the Wyndham hotel premises, which offer a wide range of refreshments to suit any taste and preference.
  • ✅  Another very popular hotel chain in the United States is the Choice Hotel International chain which boasts over 1600 properties in America and over 5000 globally. Second, only to the Wyndham hotel chain, the Choice chain is a proven popular choice with Americans traveling within the country and tourists visiting from around the world. With hotels in California, Washington, and New York you are sure to find a Choice hotel in any state you wish to visit! Prices range from around $51 per night to $180 per night (depending on location and preferences) you are sure to find the right price for you! Many of the hotels have free WiFi, air-conditioned rooms, and swimming pools. There are also complimentary breakfasts, restaurants, and bars to make your stay perfect. Why not meet your date for drinks in the hotel bar before heading out for the evening. 
  • ✅  The third most popular chain is one of the most well-known, the Marriott-Bonvoy Hotel group. With over 300 properties in the United States and over 7000 hotels globally, it is certainly a chain you will want to visit again and again. The Marriott-Bonvoy Hotel group has hotels in nearly every state from Los Angeles to Texas, Wisconsin to Nova Scotia. This world-famous hotel chain's prices start from as little as $50 per night to $380 per night (depending on location and preferences). Common amenities range from swimming pools to restaurants, bars to fitness centers. Rooms are spacious and include air-conditioning, TV, and drinks facilities. It is important to remember that many hotel brands fall under the Marriott-Bonvoy umbrella. Brand hotels such as The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, and EDITION fall under their luxury hotels group. If you’re looking for a longer stay you may visit a Residence Inn, Element, or TownePlace Suites hotel. All of which form part of the 30 different brand hotels that are operated by the Marriott-Bonvoy hotel chain. If luxury is one of your priorities when heading to the United States of America then look no further than the Marriott-Bonvoy hotel chain.

Female Demographic in the USA

    So, you’ve now got a secure knowledge of the price range in America, and the many wonderful hotels you can stay in, and are set on traveling to the United States of America in search of love. Maybe you are searching for your American dream. It will be easy to find the one with over 166 million women currently living in the US. You may be visiting from Europe, Australia, Asia, or other parts of the world and are looking to meet someone with the same heritage and background as you. Traveling from Ukraine? There are just under 900,000 Ukrainian American people living in the United States. You are sure to find your Ukrainian or Slavic women in any state! Maybe you are traveling from parts of Asia and looking for a lady who shares your cultural beliefs and morals. The Asian-American population is estimated at around 10,100,000! You will have no difficulty finding your Asian-American love. America is certainly a culturally diverse country with a population that has roots all over the world. Whatever background you are looking for during your search for love you are sure to find it in the United States of America.

How to Meet an American Girl Online?

     Online dating is one of the most popular and successful ways of meeting a future love interest. Most people head down this route now because of the way it easily fits in with everyday life, being able to talk to more than one person at a time without being judged, and the way it takes the pressure off! The other incredible part of online dating is the potential to narrow down your search. When dating in real life you cannot go and ask a few questions first and then decide you would rather not keep talking and just walk away. In real life, it is a bit strange if you go out actively hunting for American girls/women. However, in the online dating world, you can refine your search using their onsite questionnaires. If you are searching for your American dream girl you can refine your search to online find American ladies on the site or app you are using. Finding an American beauty online is a relatively easy thing to do, even if you don’t live in the United States! However, once you have found one and decide to talk to her there are things to consider. This section will not only look at how to meet American ladies online but how to talk with them when you do!

TOP 5 Tips to Meet American Women Online:

Tips Description
1.Dating Site Now, we will look at different sites/apps for finding American girls or women in more detail later but here are a few of the best to look out for. These sites don’t restrict you based on your location because of their superb process of finding perfect matches. Some of the best sites to use, whether in the United States or not, are, InternationalCupid, eHarmony, Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder. When it comes down to which is the best site to use this is down to your personal preference and, possibly, location. Whichever you decide to use, you are sure to find your perfect American lady.
2.Pictures When using an online dating profile you need to think very carefully about the profile picture you use. The movies might portray American women as only interested in chiseled good looks, muscles, and displays of wealth but this could not be further from the truth for the majority of American ladies. When choosing your picture you want to display your whole body where possible, suitably dressed and in a relatable situation such as with family, playing with a pet, or out and about. Most American ladies will not be impressed to see you pulling a moody expression while standing next to an expensive sports car. One key thing to remember is to not post a semi-naked or fully nude picture! This will either repel most women or attract the wrong ones!
3.Information Once these American girls have looked at your profile picture they will venture into your profile information. Key part — don’t lie! Be honest when answering their profile questions or writing comments about yourself. Lies will get you nowhere as you will be found out eventually. While honesty is extremely important you must also remember to not give away too much! Do not use your profile to pour out every last drop of information about yourself. Your American lady will not want to read an essay about you. They will want a bit of mystery, something to discover about you. You want your future American lady to WANT to find out more, not know everything straight away!
4.First Message Profile picture, check, great profile information, check…now for the most nerve-wracking bit…your first message! This can be a hard message to compose as first impressions count for everything, especially in the online dating world. One mistake will cause this American beauty to look elsewhere! Opening with a simple ‘hello, how are you?’ is okay but not ideal as this is a bit….well…boring! Opening with a joke is a good idea as long as it is not rude! If you open with a question, make it an open one. The best way to approach this is to base your question or opening comment on her profile picture or information. We don’t mean you should say ‘Wow, you’re pretty’ or ‘ So, you’re from Washington’. Find something interesting about her and ask an open-ended question. For example, if her profile says she likes to travel you could ask ‘I see you like to travel, what has been your trip abroad, and any information you can give me?’ This will show her you have looked into her profile in detail and are showing interest.
5.Videochat If you enter a site that links potential dates together via video chats or you and your lady have decided to move on from typing to talking then you need to consider a few things. While your American girl does not expect you to be in a suit and tie she will not want to see you looking scruffy on a webcam. Make sure you are presentable! Think carefully about your background. Make sure it is tidy! The most important aspect here is to be present and give the lady your fullest attention! Remember, she can see you and will not want to see you with half an eye on the television or looking at your phone every few seconds. Meeting your American girl in a video call will show her how you would be meeting in real life so make sure to make an effort or she will walk away!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating an American Woman

✅  DO be direct and upfront about how you feel. New York City is a very busy place and people have no time for being messed about. If you feel a connection then let the other person know! The same goes for a lack of connection too.
✅  DO be independent and not rely on her completely. American women like men who can take care of themselves. She will want a man who can take care of his own well-being and finances! If you both can survive independently it will make your relationship much stronger!
✅  DO be strong….no, not physically but emotionally. Make sure you are in touch with your emotions, American women appreciate this as it demonstrates your ability to express your emotions without shame and has control over them as well!
✅  DO be chivalrous. No, that does not mean that you have to pay for everything but make sure you are polite and charming. She looks cold… offers your jack, holds open doors, and offers to pay will show your American woman how respectful you are.
❌  DON’T shy away from expressing how you feel. American women prefer it if YOU make the move and do not wait around for them. If you hold back from making a move or letting her know how you feel she will see this as you have no interest in her and you will lose her!
❌  DON’T get drunk, or at least too drunk! You can enjoy a drink during your date without getting out of control. American women will be completely put off if they get too intoxicated, either before or during your date! Take it steady and drink in her company, not too much alcohol!
❌  DON’T make fun of or blame them for, the perception of Americans in the media. Unfortunately, many people forge an opinion about others based on what they read or watch. Get to know the American she is, not what Americans are portrayed to be.
❌  DON’T follow the rule of waiting to contact her or waiting for her to contact you first. American women, and most women around the world, will find this ridiculous and assume you have no interest in them. If you like her, do not wait to let her know!

Where to Meet Women in the United States

    You’ve booked your ticket for a road trip around the United States or a longer visit to one area and now there is that burning question …where can I meet women in the United States of America. In reality, the list is endless! With each state boasting many different hot spots for singles to meet, an enormous variety of different activities, and one of the biggest populations in the world it is impossible to list all of the possibilities here! However, here are some of the places, and ways, to meet women in the United States of America (without focusing on Online Dating, which will come later!).

Dating women in the USA is a fast-growing network that is allowing people to find numerous ways of meeting other like-minded people. If you are visiting an area or you have moved to an area and do not know anyone this is the perfect way to meet people with the same interests as you. Some of the many (and we mean many!) different groups you could search for are exercise groups, dinner groups, painting meets, and social events. You can literally find anything on this site and it is the ideal way to meet others. Who knows….you may arrange to join a local painting group and find more than a group of budding artists. While this is not a dating website it could be the pathway for you to make new friends and, possibly, start the process of finding romance.

    The United States is renowned for the many incredible athletes that call the USA their home. Exercise and fitness are a key part of all of our lives as we all need to stay as healthy as possible. It is also a wonderful way to meet women who are interested in the same sport or exercise as you. You could join a local cycling group, a spin class, or just go to the gym in the area you are visiting and meet your American dream. Remember, you are there to get fit and maybe meet someone to invite on a date, not to find a date! Don’t go hunting in gyms for the “fittest” woman around, make sure you are both genuinely interested!

    As cliche as this may sound you could meet the woman of your dreams in a bar or nightclub. The films make this look easy but, as we all know, it can be far from easy! However, this is not to say that is impossible. The United States has some of the most exclusive nightclubs, decadent wine bars, and homely bars in the world which will help you on your quest to find true romance in America. Your eyes could meet across the bar, you could send a cocktail to her table or spend the evening dancing into each other's lives. The night scene in America is amazing and, if you are feeling confident, you could find romance under the twinkling stars!

    Feeling like a fun night out where you get to meet many different women in one night, in a controlled environment? Speed dating is still very popular in the United States and is a proven way to meet a potential romantic partner. These events are safe and secure and allow you to meet a variety of women and have a quick conversation with each of them. Feel a spark? You can let the organizers know and they will help you both become acquainted properly. It is scientifically proven that all we need is five seconds to make a judgment about someone for the first time. In speed dating, where every second counts, those five seconds could be the difference between finding true love or continuing your search for longer.

    As easy as this sounds you could meet a woman anywhere in the United States of America. Whether you are shopping at Walmart, visiting a mall, or just walking down the street you could meet the woman of your dreams. Now, it takes confidence to walk up to a complete stranger and start a conversation but you could take the leap of faith and find the woman of your dreams…..worth the risk? Most definitely!

Online Dating in the United States

    Online dating is a worldwide phenomenon that changed the dating game with its introduction to the internet in 1995. Since then there have been great adaptations to ensure that online dating is as safe, secure, and successful as possible! The United States of America is well known for always being on the go. With that in mind, many American singletons turn to the online world to find romance. With many sites proving popular in the United States, there is no shortage of ways to find your American date! Visiting sites such as eHarmony, Elite Singles, or The League will guide you on your way to finding love in America. Why should I enter the online dating world? Isn’t it all fake? (NO!) Don’t people only make choices based on appearance? (NO!)

Below are just some of the many reasons to create that online dating profile and begin searching the web for your American dream date!

  • ⏩  Get to know each other before meeting in person. You can use this time to discover your similarities and differences. The conversation is key and asking questions is of vital importance but is also something many people find difficult, especially when meeting for the first time. This will be time well spent when you get around to arranging your first date!
  • ⏩  No awkward silences on the first date. Is there anything worse than this? Many people feel more confident talking via email or instant messaging. Allow yourself the opportunity to get to know someone without the added pressure of them looking at you across the table, especially when the conversation isn’t flowing! Online dating gives you the opportunity and time to think of questions and partake in conversations at a slower pace.
  • ⏩  If you realize that a connection is not being made or that you are too different you can part ways easily and amicably while continuing your search. This is not always easy to do when dating face-to-face as letting someone down is not an easy thing to do.
  • ⏩  Chat with more than one person without worrying about offending others. Many people in the online dating world are getting too numerous people before meeting face to face. This is definitely frowned upon when done in ‘real life’ but online dating is more a conversational tool allowing different people to get to know each other, meet in a chat room, or video chat before taking their romantic journey to the next level.
  • ⏩  Refine your search — most dating sites allow you to make your searches quite specific. Looking for blondes, brunettes, redheaded, Christians, Catholics, Geeks & Nerds, Single Parents, Seniors, or Mature Singles? It will help you. Looking for an artistic person? You can find them for yourself! Looking for that Ukrainian-American romance? they will surely do the job! It could not be easier to find exactly what you are looking for!

    Online dating provides you with the perfect environment to find potential dates and get to know them in detail before taking the leap and meeting face to face. Covid-19 has, although it feels odd to write this, had a positive effect on online dating as increasing numbers of people have made their way into the virtual world of finding love….and found it!

       A very popular site for searching for the Ukrainian Woman of your dreams is This site allows you to search for your ideal Ukrainian woman, and find information about dating and the office-based team will assist you in any way they can by helping you talk with women, aiding in the sending of gifts and arranging your first meeting! Slavic-Girl offers the option of free chat and paid services. No matter which option you choose, the team will definitely help you on your romantic journey. Their primary goal is to find the one for everyone! You can also read about their many success stories with over 700 happy couples being formed and many relationships leading to wonderfully happy marriages.

     Here is the question many people face when it comes to starting online dating….should I join a free site or use one that requires payment? This can be a difficult decision to make as many people may find it a concern to pay for online dating with the old question… I being scammed? One thing to remember is that it is vitally important that you research any dating site, whether free or paid, before using them.

So….Paid Dating Sites Vs Free? Which should you use?

  • While free sites don’t require any payment this does leave them open to people using them for the wrong reasons. It is well known that many free dating sites have more problems and singletons that struggle to find love due to the unpredictable nature of a free dating site. On a paid online dating site the people that you are talking to will genuinely want to be there, why would they pay to mess about? Paid sites give you the peace of mind that the people you are conversing with are looking for love, not a cheap laugh or just a one-night stand!
  • Security is key. Paid websites offer much tighter security and, more often than not, a dedicated team that will help you throughout your romantic search. Your subscription fee paves the way to finding love by giving you the opportunity to seek assistance and know that who you are talking to is who they say they are. On free sites, it is commonplace that people will often pretend to be someone they are not! It is highly unlikely that someone will pay for the opportunity to pretend to be someone else!
  • Paid websites often screen their members to ensure they are suitable for others to contact. This means that their history etc is explored and if they are deemed to be unsuitable for using the site they are not permitted to do so, thus protecting those who are looking for love.

Ultimately, the decision is yours but who can put a price on love? 

American Girl Dating Sites & Apps

     Venturing into the online world in search of love can be a daunting prospect for some people. Many people are put off when trying to decide which site to use, whether should they pay or use a free site and, the biggest question of them all, are whether these sites are legitimate or a scam. These worries or concerns are completely understandable but should not put you off using online dating platforms to find your American girl. Often people struggle with where to start and unless they have heard or seen success stories from people close to them are reluctant to try different websites or apps. Luckily for you, we have done the hard work for you and have found some different websites you could use in search of your American love. Some of these are based in America or are to be used in areas of Europe/ the UK. Take a look and decide which is best for you, first, we’ll focus on sites for those living in America:

American Dating sites and apps

Site Description
eHarmony This is one of the best sites to visit in your search for love with a wonderful American girl or woman. Their algorithm matches singles based on a variety of factors such as age, location, or personal goals. They also have a 24/7 customer support team to help with everything from profile completion to technical support. It is free to sign up but you can only respond to one first message. The premium cost depends on the duration of your membership but ranges from $35 - $65. This provides you with unlimited messaging, video date features, a detailed personality profile, and much much more!
Elite singles If you are looking for a platform that specializes in matching well-educated individuals then this is the place for you! Awkward small talk won’t be a problem when you meet other singles with high IQs! You will be matched with people with similar passions and interests. Another positive is that they update their algorithm regularly, ensuring your matches are perfect for you! The longer your subscription is the cheaper it will be - $31.95 per month for 12 months, $44.95 per month for 6 months, and $57.95 per month for 3 months. Boasting over 25 years of experience they are one of the most established dating platforms in the world. Over 300,000 messages are sent each month and over 1.6 million people have used the platform. You can be creative with your biography to make sure your profile gets noticed! Each user has a virtual dating coach to help them with dating advice, conversation starters, etc! They offer standard or premium plans ranging from $45.99/ $50.71 per month for one month to $18.99/ $19.99 per month for 12 months.

While there are many, many more dating sites in America, these are the three most popular with the most success stories! If you are living elsewhere in the world such as in Europe or the UK but still looking for your American beauty then you need to try the sites below! The aforementioned sites are also popular outside of America but here are a few more!

Worldwide Dating sites and apps

Site Description
POF (Plenty of Fish) this was one of the first free dating sites when it entered the game in 2003. Featuring match-making through a personality test, forums, games, and in-depth profiles makes this site an excellent place to start. For £9.99 a month you can pay for premium features such as scrapping adverts, sending virtual gifts, and becoming more visible. Use their search feature or read profiles carefully to find your American girl!
Telegraph dating this is a straightforward site that allows you to meet like-minded singles. A free membership allows you to read messages and reply with a one-liner. Unfortunately only paying subscribers can start conversations and write personal messages. Standard subscriptions are £12 per month while premium costs £22 per month and anyone can reply to your messages for free.
Bumble While the profiles on this site are not as detailed as others you do have the option to make video calls, allowing you to see your American girl in the flesh. Don’t hesitate with Bumble. Once a match is made you only have 24 hours to initiate a conversation before the match expires! While the site is free there is a ‘bumble boost’ whereby you can see who has ‘liked’ you, for £11.16 per month for 6 months or £2.49 for a day! The most fascinating part of this site is that the power is in the ladies' hands as only women can start a conversation! In their words, they want to ‘level the playing field and change the dynamics of dating’.

     There are quite literally hundreds of different online dating platforms that can help you find your American date. If you have your heart set on finding an American girl but are unsure if a site can help with this then you can always contact them to find out. In matters of the heart, these companies are always happy to help! At the end of the day, the only way you will discover if a dating platform is for you is to do some research, read its FAQs, and explore its pages. You can also read through their success stories or reviews online in places such as Google or Trustpilot. Whichever website you choose to find your future American love, we wish you the best of luck!!

USA Girls Dating

     While, as humans, we all appear to have the same basic needs and traits it is very true that people from different cultures, countries, and backgrounds all act in different ways. Let's say that you have met an American lady and have started dating (in person, not online) and you want to make sure you do everything right. Here we have tried to collate the most important things to consider/remember when dating an American lady. If you are American we suggest you still read on…it could help!

Tips on Dating an American Girl

Tips Description
⏩ Be direct Many other cultures, especially the British (please don’t take offense!), often avoid being direct. American women love a direct attitude! They are normally direct and open people and love their dates to be of a similar ilk. If you are dating an American lady and feel it is going well then let her know how you feel. Making physical contact, as long as it is appropriate, will show her that you are interested in her and want the relationship to progress. However, if you become shy and wait for her to make the first move she will more than likely assume that you are not interested in her! While being direct about how you feel or using physical contact may feel awkward, to begin with, you will soon realize how normal it is and how much your American lady loves it!
⏩ Be independent No, this does not mean ignoring her for days on end. American women appreciate a man who can look after himself. This is about more than just money, they want a man who can take care of his finances and well-being rather than just someone who rolls over and can’t manage his own life. Show her that you are a well-balanced individual who keeps their life together. Independence is a big part of American culture so American women will look for someone independent.
⏩ Be strong We are not talking about physical strength. Here we are talking about emotional strength. Don’t take this as meaning that you should suppress your emotions. On the contrary, someone who is emotionally strong is someone who is in touch with their emotions. An emotionally strong person cries when they are sad, explains their anger when they are cross, and will express happiness when they feel it. Emotional strength is being able to express your emotions without shame while having full control over them. American women love a man who is emotionally strong!
⏩ Be chivalrous This does not mean you have to pay for everything but it does mean you need to make an effort to be polite, charming, and gentlemanly. Hold doors open for her, offer to pay for drinks, and offer her your jacket if she is cold. This is not about being sexist or about being in control but showing some respect to your American lady and treating her well. If she wants to pay for her own meal or offers to pay for drinks it is okay to accept…she wouldn’t offer if she didn’t mean it!
⏩ Don’t get drunk American women tend to drink far less than many other cultures around the world. The whole idea of ‘Dutch courage’ is something you should erase from your mind before heading on a date with an American lady, she will not appreciate it! If you get too drunk or turn up drunk she will lose interest as she will feel that you do not respect her enough. Make sure you enjoy a drink without getting out of control.
⏩ Go on a variety of dates Heading out for a drink is not an American lady's idea of a good date, whether first or fifth. You should take her on a variety of dates such as museum trips, art gallery visits, or picnics in the park. An important thing to remember is to consider her interests when planning a date. If she is an outdoors girl don’t take her to the cinema, head for a hike or a boating lake.
⏩ Be respectful If you are an American yourself you will probably not need to read this next part. If, however, you hail from somewhere else in the world then you definitely need to take notice of this next piece of advice. Do not mock her accent or belittle her country. While flirty mockery is sometimes okay, it is probably best saved for when your relationship is a little more secure. If you start moaning about American culture or complaining about the country's politics, people, or culture you will definitely lose her respect and, most likely, lose her.
⏩ Conversational topics Think carefully about these. You want the conversation to flow and not feel like you are interviewing your American date. You also don’t want her to feel she is interviewing you as her questions are answered with one or two-word answers. Stay away from controversial topics such as politics or religion, at least to begin with! It is completely normal to have different opinions but if this becomes apparent at the start your ‘friendly arguments’ could actually break a potential relationship. Save these topics for when you and your American lady are in a more secure, long-standing relationship. However, do not hide away too much. Be honest but reserved in this area.

At the end of the day, your American lady will want a man to treat them respectfully, fairly, and courteously. Be kind, caring, and attentive and you are sure to win your American beauty's heart!

Dating During Covid-19 in the USA

     Covid-19 has been such an enormous, negative, and life-changing part of our lives for almost two years now and it has affected every aspect of our lives, especially dating, as we have been unable to go and meet people in the same way as before. Restrictions are being lifted or eased all over the world and the ability to travel is becoming easier. However, America is taking many precautions to prevent the spread of the virus and make sure America is safe for visitors and locals alike.

  • ✅  Nearly all travel restrictions to America were lifted in June this year as 56% of Americans have had their full dose of a Covid-19 vaccination.
  • ✅  In response to the Delta Variant, there is a new requirement in many states. Patrons and employees are now required to provide proof of vaccination for the many cities' indoor dining, fitness, and entertainment venues. This would include restaurants, nightclubs, concert halls, museums, theaters (movie and performing arts), bowling alleys, casinos, fitness centers, coffee shops, and all other forms of indoor dining.
  • ✅  Testing three to five days after arriving in the United States is recommended to travelers that are not fully vaccinated.
  • ✅  To enter any part of the United States you will need proof of a negative test result taken three days prior to their flight departure or provide.
  • ✅  Wearing face masks is recommended although not mandatory.
  • ✅  Many venues have hand sanitizing stations for your use.

     The many tourist spots and popular places are keen to continue welcoming visitors at all times and are doing their very best to ensure that all visitors, and employees, are safe and have an enjoyable experience. If we work together against Covid we can all help create a safer, positive environment.

So, you are now fully informed about the United States of America and what this great nation has to offer. All that is left to do is to decide……do you visit one state for a longer visit or take the road trip of a lifetime? Whichever you choose we can guarantee one thing….you will definitely be back!

Frequently Asked Questions about Dating in the USA

❤️  How Do You Date in America?

Dating in America is not really any different from dating in any other country. People tend to meet in the usual places, nightclubs and bars, or (more often than not) online. It could be said that Americans are more open about their feelings and will not shy away from letting the other person know their romantic dreams and desires for the future.

❤️  What Is The Dating Culture in the USA?

It could be said that there are three aspects of dating culture in America. 1. It is not considered improper or wrong for a woman to ask a man on a date. There is a culture of equality when it comes to the dating rules, not just the man has to ask. Why should a woman hesitate if she knows she finds a man attractive or sees a potential partner in a man? You must remember that if you ask a woman on a date in America, or anywhere for that matter, and she says no…do not keep asking! 2. Online dating has lost a lot of its stigma in America. Online dating appears to be the new dating culture in the United States. Most 18-to 24-year-olds in America use online dating to find a new romantic partner. 3. Independence is a very important aspect of dating in America. People strongly believe that you should love yourself, be independent, and respect your partner's personal space. Be understanding of their need to have time alone. They will respect you a lot more for this!

❤️  What Is The Best Site for Dating in the USA?

There are many amazing online dating sites/ applications in America that will help you on your romantic journey. Elite singles, and OkCupid are a few of the incredible sites you can use. The number one site/ application in America is Tinder. Its popularity in America echoes its popularity across the world. Tinder does have an upcoming rival in a site called Bumble. Bumble only allows women to initiate conversations making them the lead role in starting a conversation.

❤️  Why Is Dating So Hard in America?

It is true that dating in America has become much harder over the years. There appears to be one main reason for this happening. Many people, especially the younger generations, in America have very unrealistic expectations and many of them are not on the same page when it comes to romantic ideals. However, you must remember that this is not the case for all Americans!

❤️  How Can I Meet US People Online?

If you are looking to meet Americans online you can visit one of the many different online dating websites or applications. If you already live in America you can use websites such as which helps you find like-minded people online. If you live outside of America you can visit different online dating sites or join American online social platforms.

❤️  How Can I Meet Someone in the USA?

We have already mentioned how to meet someone online in America. If you are looking to meet someone in ‘real life’ in America you can do so in many places. If you are confident enough to go up to a stranger and strike up a conversation then the many amazing bars and nightclubs are the spots for you! America has some of the most amazing beaches in the world and you could catch some rays while catching someone's eye. Museums and art galleries are also wonderful meeting places if you are looking to meet someone who loves history and art as much as you. In short, in order to find someone in America you need to head to venues that interest you and have the confidence to talk to the people you meet along the way…..or head online!

❤️  What Are the 5 Stages of Dating?

Many people say that there are a particular number of stages when dating, 5 to be precise. Below are those stages and a little description of each:

1. Attraction — for romance to blossom an attraction has to be made. The attraction stage is normally very new and exciting and lasts a few months. This is the period when you and your new partner find out more about each other.

2. Reality — This is the point you may start seeing flaws in your new partner. The honeymoon phase slowly disappears and reality sets in. You will both become more aware of each other. This is normally the harder stage as you may start to notice things that annoy you but, good news, if you get through this stage then good things will come your way!

3. Commitment — At this point, you express your desire to be with each other exclusively and have grown to accept and recognize the flaws that come with your new partner. This is also where you both start to understand and accept each other's dreams, goals, and desires for the future. You may start deciding where to live or plans for the future.

4. Intimacy — This does not just relate to physical intimacy, but connects beyond the superficial as well. This could be the first time you let your guard down and let yourself become vulnerable. Intimacy is also the time you find out more about your partner's deep past and deeper feelings for each other.

5. Engagement — This is the stage in which you stop dating and become more serious, the final declaration of blissful love is made and you enter into the exciting world of engagement.

❤️  What are Dating Rules?

The dating rules differ depending on your situation. However, there are some key ‘rules’ to follow to ensure your dates are more successful!

1. Be upfront, but not pushy, about your feelings and desire for a relationship.

2. Avoid talking about your exes. This is a surefire way to put someone off dating you further!

3. Do not rush into sex. It is better to wait and get to know each other much better before entering into anything physical.

4. Stick to plans you make …..unless you really can’t! Do not make plans you are not going to follow up on.

5. Be honest. Lying about yourself is one way to cause a relationship to end. You will be found out eventually and this could cause huge rifts in your relationship. Be yourself and be honest about who you are.

6. Be honest if a connection isn’t being made. You should definitely not string someone along. It may not be the nicest experience but make sure you tell the other person if you feel the relationship isn’t going anywhere.



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