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How to Talk with a Woman to Impress Her? 

The Power of Communication: How to Talk with a Woman to Instantly Impres

 How to Talk with a Woman to Impress Her

Last updated on April 27, 2024

     Unfortunately, in the world we live in now many people feel that they are judged more on their appearance than they are on their intelligence, wit, or general personality. This has put many people off talking to someone new or trying to impress them as they already feel they have lost. You must remember that this is not the case! Many, many women are more interested in the personality than the looks and are desperately looking for a man who will engage them in interesting conversation rather than showing off abs or a chiseled chin. 

When you have found a lady that wants someone to impress her with what they say rather than how they look this does add a little bit of pressure. However, you must accept and even embrace this pressure. The pressure we speak of is that you now need to talk in a way that impresses her and keeps her attention. To do this you can do a few things during your conversations that will help her realize that she likes you more than just a friend and that you are a lovely, intelligent, and interesting man! Here we outline a few things you can do to impress a woman while talking with her, whether in person or via an online service such as ours!

  1. The first, probably most important, thing to remember is to be yourself. Do not talk to the woman in a way that is not you, especially if talking with her online. The truth will out eventually and you do not want the lady to feel she has been lied to all this time. Make sure to always be you and she will respect you more for it. Women are very clever and intuitive. They will spot if you are talking to them in a way that is not you.
  2. Another surefire way to impress a woman is to talk respectfully to her. Every woman appreciates being spoken to in a polite, respectful manner. Any woman you talk to will not want to hear crude jokes, lude stories, or foul language. If you want to impress a woman then you need to talk to her in a way that she feels comfortable, safe, and respected. If she feels you are not doing one or all of these things we can guarantee you that not only will she be UNimpressed but she will probably not want to talk with you much anymore!
  3. In a conversation, it is not always what is said that can impress the other person. If you really want to impress a woman then you actually need to stop talking and start listening. There is a stark difference between hearing what she has to say and actually listening to it. You need to make sure you really listen to what she has to say. She will know whether you have listened properly or not when you answer her questions or make comments about what she says. If your responses are not relevant or miss blatant details out she will not be very impressed. Make sure to always listen carefully to what she has to say and respond accordingly. Women really want to be listened to, this is vital for them and so you need to show you do this, not just once, but all the time. She will not mind if you sometimes ask for clarification, as long as it is not every five minutes!
  4. Don’t talk about yourself all the time. This is one way to frustrate a woman and make her lose interest in you very quickly. You need to make sure that you talk about yourself, her, and other subjects in equal measure. Talk about yourself if she asks you questions or if the subject lends itself. While you should not always talk about yourself you should also not insist on talking about her all of the time. If you want to impress the lady make sure the topics of conversation vary, are relevant, and are interesting! You do not want to bore her!
  5. Another way to impress the lady is to make her laugh. If you can make her laugh you will certainly help your chances of her being more interested in you. Many women value a sense of humor and make her laugh far more than good looks. It is scientifically proven that laughing is good for us and makes us happier, healthier people. Women are impressed by a man who can make them laugh as they will see you as someone with they can have an enjoyable time. Women do not just want someone they are attracted to but look for someone they can spend time with, talk to, and laugh with. 
  6. Asking questions is another way of impressing a woman. Now, make sure you do not focus on questions such as ‘What is the weather like there?’, ‘What did you do today?’. These should be used sometimes, especially in the beginning, as you do not want her to feel you are just making small talk. Make sure to ask insightful, relevant questions about what she has said to you, her interests, or as a way to find out more about her (not too personal!). She will be impressed that you are genuinely interested in her and who she is as a person. 
  7. NOT showing off is another way of impressing her. She will not be impressed if you talk about, or show photos of, how much money you have, the designer clothes you might be wearing, or the amazing car you have. While she may like knowing you have an incredible body (good for you) she will not want any of this information dictating your conversations. Stay humble, keep some information for when a more serious connection is made and she will be impressed!

In short, make sure you are respectful, listen carefully, and be relevant!


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