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Rovno Girls — Date Beautiful Ladies, Single Women from Rivne Online. Chat with Rivne Girls. Date & Night Ideas in Rivne 2024

Last updated on July 9, 2024

Rovno girls

About the City Rovno and the Women

   The regional center Rivne (Rivne) is a city in northwestern Ukraine located on the Ustye River. The area of ​​the city is 63 km², and the population is about 244 thousand people. One of the largest highways Kyiv — Zhytomyr — Rivne — Dubno — Lviv — Chop passes through Rivne.

Rivne is a city in western Ukraine, located in the historic region of Volhynia. Before the war in Ukraine, Rivne was a regional center with a population of approximately 250, 000 people.

The city's history dates back to the 13th century, and throughout its history, Rivne was an important cultural, economic, and political center in the region. The city was known for its beautiful architecture, including the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a stunning example of Baroque architecture built in the 18th century. The first written about Rivne was mentioned in 1282 in connection with the battle between the Lithuanian and Polish troops. The XV century passed into the ownership of Prince S. Nesvitsky. His wife Maria Nesvitskaya (Rivenskaya) built a wooden castle in 1479, Rivne received the Magdeburg right and the privilege of holding a fair. Throughout the XVI-XVII centuries. the city belonged to the princes Ostrozhsky, then Zamoysky, Konetspolsky, Walewsky, and since 1723 — Lubomirsky, who restored the castle, turning it into a luxurious palace (now the territory of the Hydropark and the city stadium). 

     Rivne was also an important industrial center, with a number of factories and enterprises operating in the city. The city was particularly well-known for its textile industry, with a number of textile mills and factories located in and around Rivne. In terms of culture and entertainment, Rivne is home to a number of theaters, museums, and galleries, including the Rivne Regional Museum, which houses a collection of artifacts and exhibits related to the history of the region. The city is also known for its music scene, with a number of popular music festivals and events taking place in and around Rivne throughout the year.

Rivne is also an important transportation hub, with a major railway station and an international airport serving the city. The city is home to a number of universities and research institutions, including the Rivne State Humanitarian University and the Rivne National Technical University. Overall, Rivne is a bustling and dynamic city with a rich cultural and economic heritage, attracting visitors and tourists from all over Ukraine and beyond.   In the Article "Rovno Girls and Single Women"

Prices in Rovno

  • ⏩  a cup of coffee — $ 2-3
  • ⏩  а bottle of water — $ 0.3 -2 
  • ⏩  an Icecream — $ 1-3
  •  a beer — $ 1-5
  • ⏩  food delivery — $ 2-3
  • ⏩  traveling by taxi — $ 2-3 per 1km (depending on the car, weather, and time)
  • ⏩  bus ticket — $ 0.3

The City Rovno, Its Story and The Women

      As citizens of a small (according to Ukrainian understanding) town, Rovno Girls/Rivne Girls were able to save respect for the old family-oriented style of life. The history of the town is long enough to remember Magdeburg's rights and be proud of its origin. While the east and the south of Ukraine are a total mixture of cultures, and people there lived for centuries under the constant attempts of hostile governments to destroy their historical memory, the western regions of Ukraine witnessed less pressure from empires, and the connection between generations was not cut. Because of this, girls from western parts of Ukraine show more confidence in their life principles, they have a bigger percentage of deeply religious people and more respect for their country and people as a whole. Also, the gender roles are not blurred in the mentality of the people there. 

Meet Rivne Women

      So, if you are looking for a loyal, understanding wife and a decent respectful lady, it is a good idea to concentrate your search in Rivne city. What will you find there? Lovely, modest, clean ladies and many wonderful romantic locations. 

     Well, maybe the most recognizable romantic place in the region is Love Tunnel in Klevan, Rivne region. It is famous worldwide because of movies and YouTube shots there. But you can take the hand of your date and see everything with your own eyes. The landmark is really remarkable, you can plan your first kiss there or choose this place to propose – this will be unforgettable.

    The main language spoken in Rivne is Ukrainian, not Russian. So, if you think about taking some language lessons before traveling there, Ukrainian will be more appropriate. 

Restaurants & Bars in Rovno

  • Ribs House — Restaurant
    address: Kavkaz'ka St, 2, Rivne
  • Melange Restaurant — Restaurant
    address: Kyivs'ka St, 36, Rivne
  • BarMaky Restaurant — Restaurant
    address: Kostroms'ka St, 41 Б, Rivne
  • New York Street Pizza — Pizza Restaurant
    address: Knyahyni Ol'hy St, 1А, Rivne
  • Pizza Celentano — Pizza Restaurant
    address: Slovats'koho St, 4-6, Rivne
  • La Riva — Restaurant
    address: Naberezhna St, 1, Rivne
  • Chaplin — Restaurant
    address: Kyivs'ka St, 10, Rivne
  • Ventotto — Restaurant
    address: 16-ho Lypnya St, 71, Rivne
  • Myla, Tse Ya — Restaurant
    address: Peresopnyts'ka St, 3, Rivne
  • Kant — Brewpub
    address: Kopernyka St, 9, Rivne

Dating Women from Rovno

     As a small town, Rivne doesn’t suggest to you the entertainment of a Million-Plus city. It is a calm, home-like, quiet atmosphere there. But the town is clean, well-maintained, and has everything necessary for a comfortable life. As the population of the town is not big, that is reasonable to get acquainted with several ladies online before coming to the town in person. You can still find some nightclubs in the town and local restaurants will surprise you with a tasty menu and low prices. 

     If you want to go sightseeing and enjoy the wonderful architecture of the 16th and 18th centuries, you’d better rent a car as many of the sights are in the countryside. If you come from a village or a small town, you can easily find Rovno Girls/Rivne Girls who are interested in gardening or country life. Then be ready to plant tomatoes in your backyard ;) A good reason for such a hobby is the department of the National University of Agriculture in the town which graduates hundreds of students every year.

     Due to the closeness to the western border of Ukraine, many Rovno Girls/Rivne Girls can try seasonal jobs in the countries of the European Union, most of them have a foreign passport and can travel abroad on short notice. Nevertheless, we recommend you insist on having your first meeting in Ukraine — this will allow you to see the girl in her surroundings and better understand her nature, wishes, and hopes. 

     For many people, summer or late spring is the most comfortable time for traveling but this region has also winter attractions as well. Famous Ukrainian skiing resort Bukovel is only a 5 hours drive from here. Most Rivne Girls/Rivne Girls have tried skiing and do not mind doing this activity from time to time. If it is important for you to do something together with your spouse, skiing or summer hiking in the mountains can be a good idea if you date Rovno Girls/Rivne Girls.

    Of course, Rovno Girls/Rivne Girls are wonderful cooks. But the main attraction of the region – sausages or as they are called “Matzyk”— is difficult to make in the ordinary town apartment. So you can try them in restaurants or buy them at fairs (they are delicious), while your girl can treat you to her version of Ukrainian borsch or “kartoplyanyk”s.

    Rovno Girls/Rivne Girls usually do not display their sexuality in the aggressive way of southern girls but while dating them you can feel how sensual and passionate these ladies are with their chosen ones.

     Some foreign men are especially interested in the girls from such small towns as Rivne – big enough to have cultural attractions and provide a good education for citizens, and small enough to avoid a high level of crime and moral decay in the cities. 

     Also, Rivne is the capital of the amber region, you can even visit the Museum of Amber in the town. And of course, one can buy souvenirs made of amber for friends and family. In the Amber Museum, you can find not only masterpieces made of amber but also many embroidered books, including the Bible. Such tedious handwork is the best description for the ladies of Rivne – hard-working, creative, and spiritual. Their hearts are like pieces of amber that have saved and preserved the smiles of the Sun to be given later to people they are in love with.

Do's and Don'ts on a First Date with Rovno Girl

✅  Start in a traditional way. Of course, a wish to impress your date is natural. But the first meeting is not the right time for being too unpredictable. Our advice is to start with a talk in a cozy place like a café and be absolutely sure the English level of your lady is enough to understand your witty jokes. Otherwise, you’d better have an interpreter for the first meeting.
✅  Try to look great. Taking a shower and changing your clothes before the meeting is a good idea(wink) Some tourists prefer to look untidy not to attract the attention of frauds who can take advantage of foreigners. But the lady will not appreciate your safety tips of that kind.
✅  Speak about her. Or what you are ready to do for her. Of course, you should show your intelligence and sharp mind. But leave long talks about politics, your business ideas, and sports for later. Otherwise, you can seem too boring which is not true.
✅  Show you are a gentleman. Such small things as opening the door, helping to leave the car, and taking her coat will show the lady your level of dignity and education. Also, you can watch and make your conclusions — if the lady neglects such small pieces of your care, will she be a tender and loving companion for you?
❌  Do not add additional stress to the first meeting’s worries. Do not ignore general recommendations of timing and place. You can think about special, crazy, romantic ideas of spending time with the lady of your heart. Then, when you feel a special bond with each other, you will be able to suggest sky diving, horse riding, or hot-air balloon trips which are available in Rivne.
❌  Do not forget about flowers. Sounds banal but it always works well. If you add chocolate from your country, it will look like a more personal gift. Do not start dating with presents that you consider expensive — you will think the lady will owe you something but she will not.
❌  Do not take your friends or relatives with you to your first meeting. It will be spoiled. Even if your friend is the life of the party. Choose the "social" variant of dating if you find the idea of a “2 for 2” meeting exciting.
❌  Do not make fast judgments about the lady’s interest. Do not forget about cultural differences, the understanding of “normal” behavior and showing interests can be different in your countries. You’d better save contacts and not refuse second meetings, even if you are going to meet other ladies during your stay.



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