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Ireland Dating

Dating in Ireland — Meet Girls and Mature Irish Ladies

    Ireland is a vibrant island in the North Atlantic. It is divided into two sections, the Republic of Ireland which occupies the majority of the island, and Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom. With a population of over 6.5 million people, Ireland is the second-largest populated island in Europe. It has vast, green planes, low-lying mountains, and fast-flowing rivers and is surrounded by many beaches. The climate is mild and frequent rainfall gives this island its lush vegetation and attractive appearance. Tourists from all over the world visit Ireland every year to see such places as Bunratty Castle, Cliffs of Moher, Rock of Cashel, Holy Cross Abbey, and many amazing attractions that this island has to offer.

    One of the most popular cities in Ireland is Dublin, situated on the east coast at the mouth of the River Liffey, it attracts many tourists each year. Dublin Castle, dating back to the 13th century, and St Patrick’s Cathedral are the most visited places of this bustling and romantic city. Belfast, being the capital of Northern Ireland, is also an incredible city to visit and is famous for many things including the foundation of the RMS Titanic, which famously struck an iceberg and sank in 1912.

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Transportation and Airports in Ireland

    If Ireland is the country you have definitely decided to visit and nothing is going to stop you from finding that special someone then you need to learn a little bit about different means of transport in Ireland. Although it is only an island, it has lots of different ways of getting you to your Irish love.

  •   Airports. Ireland has many airports with hundreds of local and international destinations. You can choose Dublin Airport, Belfast Airport, Shanon Airport, Cork Airport, and many more. If you meet your Irish love online always make sure you arrive at the airport which is nearest to your lady’s hometown to save yourself any further travel on land.
  •   Train. When traveling around Ireland you have to decide what it is that you are looking for while traveling across the country? If you are looking for the fastest way to get from point A to your Irish lady then train travel is definitely the best way for you. It is fast, economical, and straightforward. Once onboard a train you can surely enjoy beautiful Irish landscapes zooming past your window. Trains are calm, comfortable, and speedy. They run on a schedule, so don’t be late. Booking a train ticket online could save you even more precious time to spend with your beautiful Irish lady.
  •   Car. Some people prefer to have more freedom with getting to their destinations so they choose to travel by car. Hiring a car in Ireland will cost you from as little as £27 (32 Euros) per day. There are endless agencies you can hire a car from in different cities and towns in Ireland. It is even easier if you arrive at the airport and look for car hire options there.
  •   Buses are the other option of traveling as there are many different routes. Timetables are clear and visible at many bus stops across the country. Buses are fast, easy, cheap, and often have routes best suited for you. Traveling to get to your date once in Ireland? Get a one-way bus ticket for only 2.60 Euros. With a variety of stops and routes, buses could be quite an easy and economical option to move around. Do you need to get to your date quicker?
  •   Taxi. Get a taxi for only 1.33 Euros per kilometer. Why not use a comfy taxi at the end of your date for delivering your love home safely with room for sweet kisses at the back seat?

Prices in Ireland 

     When going to any new place it is important to make sure that you have the right amount of funds available to spend during your visit. Dating does not have to be expensive but in our modern world and plenty of entertainment offerings, it is hard to resist simple little pleasures.

  •   Coffee Inviting your Irish date to stop for a quick hot drink is something anyone would enjoy and could afford. What could be better than a stop at a cozy coffee house with the lady of your dreams? A regular cappuccino in a restaurant will cost you on average 3.27 Euros. Looking for something cooler to quench your thirst? A bottle of water will cost you 1.39 Euros.
  •   Beer If stopping at a pub for an alcoholic drink you will find no difference when it comes to the price of beer, both local and imported beer will cost you on average 5 Euros. Fancy a bottle of wine to share with your date? This will cost you around 10 Euros. A soft non-alcoholic drink such as Coke or Pepsi will cost from as little as 1.77 Euros per bottle.
  •   Meal Going out for a lovely romantic meal with your Irish date? A three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant will cost you on average 60 Euros. Looking to save your pennies for some other adventures? Enjoy dining in an inexpensive restaurant with meals only around 15 Euros per person.
  •   Ice Cream. Does your Irish lady fancy a sweet treat? Why not stop at one of the inviting ice cream parlors? Tasty ice cream of the flavor of your choice will cost you approximately 1.50 Euros. If your love is even more of a sweet tooth, try impressing her with a box of cheeky chocolates that you could feed each other with, which you could purchase from 10 Euros per box.

Hotels in Ireland

    When traveling to an unknown country it could be slightly uncomfortable because of the lack of knowledge of the area. It is completely natural to feel that way and therefore it is essential to do a little research beforehand. One special thing about traveling to Ireland is that you will never feel lost as people in Ireland are extremely friendly and helpful. The majority of people all over Ireland speak the  English language. The Celtic language is becoming used less and less but you must not worry, any Irish person will try their best to help you, guide you and make sure you are a happy guest.

  • ✅  When traveling to meet your Irish date in Dublin, why not book a room and stay in one of the highly-rated hotels, Hyatt Centric The Liberties, Dublin? Bookings start at only £111 for a double room with free cancellation and a large variety of amenities. Rooms offer mountain or city views and include high-speed WiFi so that you could stay in touch with your Irish lady at any time. If you fancy a little workout before your date visit a well-equipped gym and fitness center located in the hotel building.
  • ✅  If you are traveling on a budget then the Ibis Belfast City Centre Hotel is the best option for you. It is one of the highest-ranked hotels featuring prices as low as £56 per night. Ibis hotel is only a five minutes walk from Belfast city center and its amazing nightlife, which is great if your Irish lady is meeting you in the heart of Belfast. A cozy coffee shop located in the hotel is always a lovely start to your romantic day. Enjoy this modern accommodation in the buzzing and historically fascinating capital.
  • ✅  Fancy something more exquisite and luxurious for a few nights in Dublin? Why not stay at The Merrion Hotel. With prices of £328 per night, this Georgian townhouse offers a choice of 142 rooms and suites overlooking landscaped gardens. You could even invite your Irish love to dine in the 2-star Michelin restaurant, Patrick Guilbaud, or The Cellar Restaurant and Bar. The intimate No 23 cocktail bar awaits as does the Tethra Spa which boasts an 18m pool, steam room, fully equipped gymnasium, and two private treatment rooms. Why not spoil your Irish lady to a Spa day at your hotel?

Dating in Ireland - Attractions & Date Ideas

    If you are looking for a romantic adventure then Ireland is certainly the place to go. It offers a vast variety of dating ideas, from kayaking down a river to mountain climbing, kite surfing to romantic walks in picturesque nature. You can enjoy cozy nights by the fire in forest cabins or the crazy after dusk life of the many nightclubs, restaurants, and famous Irish pubs.

  • Impress your date with the best scenery. Ireland has to offer Moher Cliffs known for their breathtaking beauty, peaceful walks, and rich flora and fauna all year round. A quiet conversation, getting to know one another in the most romantic natural place will create an unforgettable memory for the both of you to cherish and remember forever.
  • Does your Irish sweetheart also have a sweet tooth? Treat her to an unforgettable visit to the Chocolate Garden of Ireland, the most famous place for anyone with a taste for luxurious, hand-made chocolate and premium ice cream (Tiperrary ice cream brand). This family-run business offers the most indulgent, chocolate treats using only the best quality, natural ingredients. Take your future love to one of the chocolate-making sessions which run all day until 4.30 pm, costing only 12 Euros and lasting for 30 unforgettable minutes that you could spend together creating unique chocolate and even more unique memory of your own. Booking is required so don’t forget to give them a call to secure a date and time of your visit. Chill at the cafe on the grounds and enjoy hot chocolate delight with the lady of your dreams.
  • Do you think you are courageous enough to promise your love a star from the sky? Take her to the mesmerizing Astronomy Centre and Planetarium. What could be more romantic than to look at the stars together and dream about your future adventures that might be starting under this brilliant sky? It is proven that showing an interest in cosmic activity makes men more attractive to women as they admire intelligence, curiosity, and open-mindedness. Make a wish together as you spot a shooting star and who knows… it might just come true in the form of a cheeky kiss and a loving embrace. Dare to reach for the stars!
  • Is your Irish princess interested in fauna? Don’t hesitate and take her to the Cork-Fota Wildlife Park and take a walk on the wild side together. Situated on 100 acres of land this beautiful zoo has different animal species in danger of extinction, such as the Amur tiger, white leopard, and red panda. Have a laugh together while watching adorable penguins do water tricks and take a bite at wild dining Savannah cafe or romantic Oasis cafe. Treat your loved one to a yummy ice cream from Carte D’Or parlor.
  • Is your date more into dancing and partying the night away? Take her to one of the best nightclubs in Belfast - The Limelight. This popular place offers entertaining live shows, tasty food, a vast variety of drinks and, of course, only the best music. Share a cocktail in a cool cafe/bar in Wigwam, Dublin, which is one of the most popular nightclubs with live hip DJ music. Dance the night away in the Lifestyle Date night club in Limerick and impress your date with those special moves!

 Dining in Ireland

  Irish people are known for being welcoming and hospitable. They love their national cuisine and are open to embracing different cuisines from all over the world. No matter the taste, Ireland has it all to offer. Pork and chicken, thick fatty strips of salty bacon (known as rashers), and the use of salted butter have been central features of the diet in Ireland. This country once dominated the world’s market for whiskey, producing 90% of the world’s whiskey at the beginning of the 20th century. Other famous types of alcohol are Baileys cream-liqueur, Guinness beer, and Stout.

  • ✌  If you are after a real taste of Ireland and some local cuisine, Davy Byrne’s is definitely a restaurant for you and your Irish date. With a variety of local recipes, vegetarian-friendly dishes, and traditional European meals Davy Byrne’s is one of the best and most popular places in Dublin. With excellent customer service and a friendly smile, you will definitely savor a real taste of Ireland with its wholehearted hospitality and extremely tasty food.
  • ✌  Are you up for something spicier with a bit of heat? Take your Irish love to an Apoema Bistro. They serve traditional Brazilian, Portuguese, and Mediterranean dishes while being tucked away down a backstreet in Galway city center. Apoema Bistro is a true gem, hidden away for a more romantic atmosphere. Your Irish beauty will definitely enjoy the kaleidoscope of flavor and feelings sharing a meal with you.
  • ✌  Prefer oriental cuisine? Try stopping by at Himalayan Nepalese and Indian restaurants in Belfast. They are rooted in old-age traditions that will go far beyond your expectations. Himalayan preparatory methods include the core traditional Nepalese grilling style of Tandoori with the modern concept to extensive experience. Spoil your loved one with an exciting meal and your charming company.

Irish and Ukrainian Women in Ireland

    Searching for an Irish love? You have to know that if you are lucky to meet an Irish beauty you will find directness, friendliness, honesty, and 100% devotion to her man and family. Irish girls are not only very attractive and feminine redheads, but they are also known for an unusual mix of dark hair and blue eyes (Galway girl) look. Meeting a single Irish girl can be done through many online dating platforms, in a pub, nightclubs, shopping centers, nature walks, and even common interest activity centers, such as kite surfing lessons, hiking, or canoeing. Don’t worry if your Irish lady is late for her date, give her plenty of time as she will want to look her best for you and perhaps spend a bit too much time trying to impress you with her beauty. Be yourself, be honest- every single lady will appreciate your honesty and true personality.

    If you are looking to meet a Ukrainian lady living in Ireland, is one of the best websites for it. It has many women who migrated to Ireland including many Ukrainian beauties. Good luck in your Irish love search. It will definitely be worth it! Upon finding that special someone in Ireland you might also fall in love with this beautiful island.

Dating During Covid-19 in Ireland

    Covid-19 is a large part of our lives and has had a negative impact on many people but its hold on the world is slowly lifting despite some countries bringing back some measures to stop the spread of the virus. It is vital that we all stay as safe as possible and keep those around us safe. Ireland is no different and the venues within Ireland have all done their best to ensure that all tourists, and local people, are kept as safe as possible. Here are some of the measures put in place to ensure you are as safe as can be during your visit.

  • ✅  Cleanliness — all venues work hard to ensure rooms, tables, etc are kept as clean as possible. They are sanitized regularly. Cleaning stations are also available for you to sanitize your hands.
  • ✅  Face coverings — while they are now optional in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland many venues will prefer guests to wear face coverings (unless sat eating).
  • ✅  Staff — all staff take regular Lateral Flow tests and respond accordingly. They also sanitize themselves regularly and wear face coverings to ensure the safety of all guests.
  • ✅  Vaccines — the majority of the adult population of Ireland, and Northern Ireland, have had both vaccines and are therefore less likely to catch or transmit Covid-19.

All appropriate measures are being taken in accordance with government and scientific advice to ensure that all visitors to Ireland are kept safe and the spread of Covid-19 is minimal. Updates on these measures can be found on official government websites and are updated regularly.



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