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Dating in Meridian, Idaho, USA 2024. How to Find a Girlfriend in Meridian? Meet Single Girls and Mature Women in Meridian

Last updated on February 8, 2024

     Coming to the cities of middle size you always feel their special charm. They are calm, people there don’t run but live. They are urban enough and you can get everything that you need for comfort. However, when you come to such cities, you always feel at home as you are surrounded by smiling people who seem to know each other. When you date a woman from a middle-sized city, it is always a romantic adventure as women in such cities do appreciate family values. They see happy couples around them and they dream of marrying somebody who they love and not somebody who earns a lot of money. If you wish to meet such a woman, come to Meridian, Idaho and you won’t be disappointed as this city will be able to surprise you (of course in a positive way).

Meridian is the second city in Idaho by size after Boise, the state capital. It is called one of the fastest-developing cities in the USA. The population there is really growing very fast with the development of companies and corporations in this city. Just in 2010, there were just 75 thousand people and now they count more than 130 thousand inhabitants! So probably it is a very good place to live as people come there voluntarily. The history of this city has never been easy. People there knew economic difficulties, they overcame the Great Depression thanks to hard work and finally, they always overcame everything as they worked all together! The motto of this city is “Built for business… designed for living” and really, the people of Meridian know not only how to work, but also how to enjoy life. Women in this city win hearts with their calm grace and positive attitude to life. If you are living in a middle-sized city or in a small town, you should try dating in Meridian and find the love of your life!

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Dating Culture in Meridian, Idaho

     When you start dating a girl, of course, the most important thing is to be sincere with her, be yourself, and try to show your best qualities. It comes naturally and step by step you fall in love with each other. However, when you date somebody from another state or another country, there are some cultural differences that you can meet with and that you should take into consideration if you wish to avoid some uncomfortable situations. Take a look at some dating particularities and good luck in dating a beautiful girl from Meridian!

  • Get ready for adventures. Yes, girls from Meridian are romantic and charming. However, do not think that she will spend all the evenings at home or that a walk by the street is the maximum of her desires. Meridian is surrounded by wonderful nature spots and all the people who spend their whole lives are used to being involved in hiking, hunting, camping, and so on. Of course, your first dates will be sweet and romantic but after a little development of your relationships, you should be ready for real action! And don’t be surprised if your sweet Meridian girl shoots better than some soldiers.:)
  • Be ready to enjoy every day. Girls from Meridian are very positive and sometimes this positive attitude can seem a little bit crazy. You have never tried walking in the rain? You will! You have never grilled meat on the BBQ in January? You will! Paintball, water parks, having fun like kids- all that is waiting for you if you decide to date a local beauty. If you come there in any season, be ready to have a lot of fun with your girlfriend. But you should be very attentive. Sometimes it seems that everything is perfect in her life which is not really so. If you notice shadows of sadness in her eyes, ask her about it as local girls have sensitive souls.
  • Surely you can meet her parents. As we mentioned, family relationships are very important in Meridian and very often adult children tightly communicate with their parents. Maybe your Meridian woman doesn’t live with her parents, but it is almost certain that she communicates daily with them. Of course, you don’t need to come to her dad and ask permission to date his daughter, but be ready that after some dates her family may want to meet with you. Don’t forget to bring flowers to her mother, something sweet for dessert and perhaps a bottle of wine (it is better to ask your girlfriend what her father prefers to drink). Don’t worry too much, usually, such family meetings are easy and fun.;)
  • Don’t forget about manners. If in the other states, it can be not so important, in Idaho good manners is a must. Parents raise kids with traditional values and for boys good manners, it is something natural. Of course, if you don’t open her door it won’t ruin your relationship, but you will lose some points in her eyes. For local people, manners are a way to show care and respect. Also, pay attention to the weather and if you feel that it is cold or windy (it can be rather often in Meridian), propose to your girlfriend your jacket or you can propose to her to drink something warm in the nearest café.
  • Sport is life! For all the people living in Meridian, it is important to support their sports teams. Sort events are not rare there and your girlfriend can easily propose to you to go together to watch a game of her little brother or nephew. They join a lot of people and you should know that you shouldn’t say anything bad about Boise State Broncos or Idaho Vandals even if you absolutely support other sports teams! It is a good tradition to watch all the big sporting events together with friends and family in a local pub. You can feel how great it is to be a part of this crowd.:)

Ready to Go Out? Check Prices in Meridian

     Going to any place you surely plan your budget. Though Meridian is not as visited as New York or San Francisco, this city attracts visitors and for some goods and services prices can be high, and for some- very comfortable. In any case, it is the second most livable place in Idaho. Take a look at our list of prices for certain things that you can need and plan a budget to come to a beautiful Meridian woman.

  • Coffee. Local people love coffee and in general hot drinks. Coffee is a common morning drug no matter when you come there, but in winter people drink it a lot. When you come to the city to meet local single women it is better to use all the opportunities. Take your favourite hot drink in different cafes or restaurants and surely you will meet a beautiful singleton who you can start a conversation with. A cappuccino can cost you about $4,45. If you prefer espresso, you can pay about $3,8 for it. In any case, enjoy your favourite drink and it is better to do it not alone!
  • Water. Discovering the beauty of local nature it is always necessary to take a bottle of water with you. The most reasonable will be to take it to the nearest supermarket. a 1L bottle will cost you about $1,22. If you wait for your beauty in the restaurant and you feel thirsty, you can pay for a 0,33L bottle for about $2, depending on your favourite mark or on the restaurant where you order it. If you like Pepsi or Coke, it can cost you about $2,16. Refresh yourself and never forget to take water for a walk! Meridian can offer a lot of hiking sports!
  • Beer. Local people like to drink some beer especially if in the evening there is an important sporting event. If your girlfriend also likes sports very much and she has a favourite team, it is a good idea to watch it in one of the local pubs. Beer in a pub will cost you about $5,02. Or if you decide to watch the game together at her home or in your hotel and you take beer from the supermarket, a bottle will cost about $2,58. By the way, if you haven't met your Meridian girlfriend yet, it is a good idea to meet such a girl in a pub.
  • Lunch in a non-expensive café. If you come to visit your girlfriend, in any case sometimes you will need to eat alone. Local food is known as very tasty. People in Meridian prefer simple, but very tasty dishes, like steak with potatoes and you will be pleasantly surprised by the portions. The lunch menu in a local café will cost about $16,5. If you hurry up too much, but you need to eat something quickly before going to any event, a fast food meal will cost about $8,73. Yes, the quality is not the same, but it is true that we all eat such meals sometimes.:)
  • Dinner for two. One of the most pleasant expenses during a romantic trip is when you pay for a romantic dinner for two. Later we will give you the list of possible romantic places which can help you to make the heart of your beauty melt. Prices for dinner in Meridian are rather comfortable and such a dinner will cost you about 60,2$. It includes entries, salads, main dishes for two, wine, desserts and coffee. Of course, we mean average price, so, if you go to a restaurant with an “expensive” reputation, be ready to pay a little bit more.:) However, in any case, a happy evening with your charming lady worse it!

Travelling to Meet Your Date? Check Hotels 

     Staying in another city is very important to plan well where you will live during your trip. The hotel is not only a place where you can spend nights. A good hotel can be a place for entertainment, sports and even dating. Meridian can offer you several good hotels and we propose you take a look at the list of really comfortable hotels which won’t steal all your budget.

  • If you like to stay in a calm place which is known for its cleanliness and comfort, you should stay in WaterWalk Boise-Meridian. It has an excellent location and very nice spacious rooms. For $200 you will get an entire studio with flat TV, satellite channels, air conditioning, a nice kitchen, toiletries and linen. The hotel offers the guests access to a fitness centre and plus, if you need to work, you can use a good business centre with everything that you can need for work. You can invite your local girlfriend to a BBQ and impress her with tasty meat grilled by you.:) What can be better than enjoying a fresh evening on the open terrace together?
  • If you adore swimming in the morning and if for you a good hotel means only a hotel with a swimming pool, it is better to stay in Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Boise West, ID. This hotel offers high-quality service, a fitness centre and a tasty continental breakfast with a large choice of dishes. Rooms are spacious and elegant. They are decorated in calm colours so nothing will prevent you from relaxing after an active day. If you need to work, you can address the business centre of the hotel. If you like to relax by reading a good book, you will be glad to know that guests of the hotel have free access to the on-site library. This hotel is an excellent place for relaxing and good rest. Prices start from $264.
  • If you would like to stay not far away from the centre and at the same time be in a quiet place, you should choose Courtyard by Marriott Boise/West Meridian. This hotel offers clean, nice rooms in southwestern décor style. There you will have everything that you need: a microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker and big flat-screen TV. The hotel offers the guests access to a fitness centre and swimming pool. In the hotel, there is a restaurant and bar which serves American cuisine dishes for breakfast and dinner. You can invite your girlfriend there and enjoy good wine together with fresh salads.:) Prices for rooms start from $214.
  • If you prefer to be as close to the centre of Meridian city as you can, it is better to stay in Best Western Plus Meridian. This hotel can help you also to save some money as prices start from $165. Don’t think that for less money you will get less comfort or less of services.;) In this hotel, you can enjoy an indoor swimming pool and hot tub, business centre and dry cleaning service. In every room, there is a flat TV and free toiletries in the bathroom. Many guests like tasty breakfasts in this hotel and many local attractions are really not far away.:)
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites- Meridian- Boise West, and IHG Hotel are always ready to welcome guests and provide them with an excellent level of service. No matter if you come there during the day or at night, the staff is always helpful and friendly. You can relax in elegant rooms, watch large, relax in the swimming pool and hot tub, and train in the fitness centre when you wish. You can choose from continental or buffet breakfast. Some living rooms have a fireplace and you can invite your girlfriend to listen to music together and watch together at the fire. Sounds very romantic, right?:)

Restaurants for Your Perfect Date in Meridian

    Now you know where you can stay to feel comfortable. Now take a look at the little list of places where you can eat good tasty food and where you can invite your Meridian beautiful girl. If you like steaks or seafood, modern cuisine or good classic home-made dishes, Meridian has restaurants for any taste.

  • For people who like a warm home atmosphere and who like tasty food and good portions, it is better to go to Epi’s A Basque Restaurant. You shouldn’t wear your best suit when you go to this place, but the food is excellent. They offer dishes of Basque cuisine and there you will find a wide range of traditional dishes, gluten-free options and a lot of tasty food for Vegetarians and Vegans. If you or your girlfriend keeps one of these diets, it is difficult to find a better place. It is certain that all the dishes are not only delicious but also good-looking looking which will give you both an additional appetite.;)
  • If you cannot live without a good piece of freshly grilled meat, you should surely go to Texas Roadhouse. By the way, Meridian girls often like hiking and hunting, so many of them also like a good steak. Some visitors state that they tasted the best meat outside of Texas.:) They have a simple wooden interior, so you and your girlfriend will feel at home. Just pay attention, this place is rather popular and sometimes in the evening it is necessary to wait a little bit. But good food and big portions worse it!
  • Some people state that nothing can be better for a romantic dinner than going to a restaurant with seafood. Of course, beautifully serviced shrimps or oysters look amazing and they create a special atmosphere for your date.:) Lucky Fins Meridian is a restaurant which will satisfy even demanding seafood lovers and for you, it will be very pleasant to see a real masterpiece on every plate that you command. Surely your beautiful girl will also like this place and you will be able to enjoy tasty seafood or sushi and… each other’s smiles.:)
  • If your girlfriend proposed to you to share breakfast, of course, you should agree and propose to her to meet in Moe Joe’s Breakfast Eatery. Of course, it is possible to eat in this place during the day, but they are famous for their delicious breakfasts. This place can seem a little bit simple for the dame, but the most important thing is that the food there is really more than tasty and you and your girlfriend will enjoy every piece.:) A lot of people state that it is a real treasure of Meridian. It is up to you to check it!
  • If you or your girlfriend like good Italian food, you should go together to Gino’s Italian Restaurant. In this place, you will have the impression of being in real Italy. The decoration is very positive, in a bright Southern style. They offer a wide range of traditional Italian dishes. If you like good healthy food, fresh salads and the tastiest pizza, this place is right for you. By the way, don’t forget about desserts, people state that they are really the best!

Now you know where to stay and where to invite your girlfriend to dinner. It is great if you already have a girlfriend from Meridian. But if you still looking for your happiness, you should know what kind of women you can meet in this charming city. Go on ready and find out what kind of beautiful single women are waiting for you there!


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