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Dating in Birmingham — TOP Date Ideas. Meet Single Women in Birmingham

Last updated on December 5, 2021

  Birmingham, ‘The city of 1,001 different trades’, is one of the major cities in England’s West Midlands region (and is Britain’s second-largest city), and with its deep history rooted in the period of the Industrial Revolution, it is known as a manufacturing juggernaut. The population of Birmingham is around 1.2 million people so finding singles to date should not be a problem at all! Birmingham is famous not only for its manufacturing roots but for its heritage in the world of food, the starting place of some legendary rock music, and its bustling nightlife. Birmingham is also known for its cultural impact on the United Kingdom and the many canal networks. You and your date can explore Birmingham together as you discover your romantic destiny. Birmingham is definitely the place to find singles and enter the dating world so read on to find out more!

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Prices in Birmingham

  Whether looking to warm up on a cold day, getting some water to stay hydrated as you explore Birmingham, or buying ice cream for you both on a hot day we all need refreshment from time to time. Birmingham has numerous places for you to buy yourself a drink or something to eat.

  • ⏩  Whether visiting a big chain coffee shop like Costa or Starbucks or taking yourself to a small cafe or coffee shop the price of a cup of coffee is nothing to worry about! The average price of a coffee is £2.86 with this rising depending on your choice! You and your date could enjoy a hot drink and a cake without worrying about spending the rest of your date money!
  • ⏩  Just looking to pick up some water while you and your date take in the city sights? For the small (lowest) price of 13p per bottle, you can save those pennies for the more exciting things Birmingham has to offer.
  • ⏩  Looking for some dutch courage or taking your date out for drinks? The average price for a pint of beer is £5.33 and a glass of wine will cost around £5. You and your date can enjoy your favorite tipple at a reasonable price.
  • ⏩  Exploring Birmingham on a hot day can be hard work without partaking in a sweet treat! For as little as £2 you and your date can enjoy a delicious ice cream while walking through Victoria Square or as a small break in your shopping trip.
  • ⏩  Looking for something to eat? With so many restaurants and cafes situated in Birmingham and its reputation for amazing food, it is easy to find a place to eat an amazing meal at a price that suits you! Search the internet and you are sure to find your perfect spot!

Hotels in Birmingham

As with all big cities, Birmingham has many hotels for you to stay in as you search for your Birmingham date. Find the perfect place to stay is extremely important in keeping you relaxed and providing you with a comfortable space to rest and, who knows, even share with a date one day (maybe a 5th or 6th date idea!). Here are some of the hotels Birmingham has to offer!

  • ✅  Genting Hotel - situated near Birmingham Airport, the NCE, and the International Station. This amazing hotel has a pool, excellent fitness center, restaurant, and private parking! Each room features free WiFi, TV, toiletries, and drinks facilities. With prices starting at around £160 per night you will certainly be living in luxury! 
  • ✅  Hyatt Regency - situated in the city center this hotel offers the perfect location for you and your date. With a stylish restaurant and bar, health spa, and fitness equipment it can attend to all of your needs during your stay. For around £154 per night, this is definitely a wonderful place to stay. 
  • ✅  The Edgbaston - Just a 7-mile walk from the Botanical Gardens you can plan to stay near one of our recommended date locations. With a restaurant, bar, and free WiFi this is a wonderful place to stay. From as little as £125 per night, this could be the perfect location for you and your date to revisit in the future! 

Looking to visit Birmingham on a budget? Saving those pennies for your date?

  • ✅  The Premier Inn, located on Birmingham City Centre Bridge Street is the place for you! With rooms starting at just £39 per night you can save that extra money for your trips out with your Birmingham singleton! Each room has a TV, free Wifi, and Tea and Coffee facilities and there is an on-site restaurant and bar. Visit here for more information!

There are many amazing hotels in Birmingham and a quick search on Tripadvisor will help you find the best hotel for your visit!

Transport and Airports

Getting around Birmingham is easy thanks to a wonderful network of buses, trams, and trains. Walking and cycling are also very popular choices! Below are some of the choices of transport for you to get to your ideal date.

  • ⏩  Buses — one of the best ways to take in the sights of Birmingham while traveling to meet your perfect singleton. One of the most popular choices of tickets is the 5-day bundle that allows you to travel around Birmingham, Black Country, and Coventry for just £19 (£3.80 per day!). This is the perfect ticket for you and your Brummie date!
  • ⏩  Tram/ Metro — One of the quickest ways to travel around Birmingham and get to your destination. With a day ticket costing £6.30, this is a cheap and fast way to travel around Birmingham and get to your date as quickly as possible.
  • ⏩  Taxis — a quick, direct way to travel to your date or to take you and your date to your special location. The basic fee is £2.20 with the price per kilometer ranging from £1.12 - £1.45. Taxis are definitely a wonderful choice at a fantastic price to get yourself around Birmingham or to take you back to your hotel.

  Birmingham International Airport is situated 8 miles outside of the city center and so is very close if you wish to travel with your date to an exotic location or if you are flying in to meet your Birmingham single! You can fly out to over 25 different locations. This is ideal if you decide to whisk your Birmingham date away on a romantic holiday.

Attractions and Date Ideas in Birmingham

  Planning the perfect date is of vital importance and something we all want to make sure we get 100% right. This includes the best outfit and the best place to visit. Finding out your date's interests in advance will certainly help with this as you will know which avenue to take when whisking your single date off on a Birmingham adventure. Below are just some of the places you could take your Birmingham date.

  • ✌ In the heart of Birmingham lies Victoria Square, an area that many explore via the Birmingham city center path. You will see the attractive old Town Hall that was built in 1832. With Romanesque columns and looking like a Roman temple, this historic area is perfect for you and your date to start making history of your own. Take your date to the amazing Symphony Hall where many famous singers have performed. Take your date to a concert or visit to listen to the incredible Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Get lost in the music as you get lost in each other.
  • ✌ If you and your date enjoy exploring the past or perusing the artwork of contemporary artists then The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is the place for you! With works by Pre-Raphaelite painters, sculptures by Rodin and James Tower, and artifacts found in the area dating back to the Stone Age this is definitely the place to visit with your history-loving date. An on-site gift shop provides the perfect opportunity to buy a little memory for your date. You can also book an incredible high tea experience at the Edwardian Tearooms. Interested in visiting here with your date?
  • ✌ 15 acres, situated in Edgbaston, of over 7000 plants, and a Bonsai tree that is over 250 years old, from around the world await you and your date at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Help your romance spread its wings as you admire the amazing butterflies and visit the rare tropical birds. Walk the paths of the traditional Victorian glasshouses and observe the beautiful plants as you and date create a blossoming connection. Want to help your romantic life grow with a date here?
  • ✌ They say diamonds are a girl's best friend so why not take your date to the Jewellery Quarter. Here you will find more than 200 workshops and silversmiths that produce around 40 percent of the Jewellery in Britain! While this may be a 4th or 5th date idea it is certainly one you should keep in mind! 
  • ✌ You and your date got a sweet tooth? You MUST visit Cadbury World, Bournville. It is one of the area's largest and most popular attractions. Find out about the history of chocolate and the manufacturing process through a series of fantastic interactive exhibits. You and your date will love to make your own confectionary. Become sweet for each other as you make sweet treats. Don’t forget to spend some time in the world’s largest Cadbury’s sweet shop and get you and your date something tasty to enjoy later!

  As with any city, there are also a plethora of restaurants and coffee shops for you and your single date to meet for coffee, drinks, or dinner. It is well known that Birmingham is home to some of the most amazing, culturally diverse restaurants in the United Kingdom. Wine and dine your Birmingham date and create your very own recipe for romance!

Places to Meet Women in Birmingham

   Every town or city has particular areas that are hot spots for meeting other singletons. Birmingham is no different! There are many different places where you could meet the love of your life. With Birmingham being such a multi-cultural area you are sure to meet women from all walks of life. With the Ukrainian population in the United Kingdom estimated at 100,000, you are sure to meet Ukrainian singles. You will be able to spot a Ukrainian single lady by her stunning looks, kind heart, and traditional values. Read on to find out more about where you can meet women in Birmingham.

  • ✌ Parks are not always the most obvious of places to meet another singleton. However, with statistics showing that singletons are more likely to take walks or exercise in their local park, you may find romance when you least expect it! Visit Cannon Hill Park for a stroll or attend a festival at Handsworth Park. Who knows, you may find your new jogging partner or festival buddy just from taking a scenic walk through the park.
  • ✌ Birmingham is known all over the United Kingdom for its nightlife. Many people may find meeting a singleton to date in a club a daunting prospect but for those who enjoy meeting people this way Birmingham is the place for you! Visit PRYZM, Reflex, or the Nightowl. Dance the night away and meet a date who can share all your last dances with from now on.
  • ✌ Birmingham is also known for its shopping area, the Bullring, and Grand Central. With thousands of people passing through here every day you are inevitably going to bump into another singleton. A simple hello or holding the door for a single lady could be enough to spark a conversation that changes your romantic journey forever.
  • ✌ Music events are taking place all over Birmingham throughout the year. What better place to meet a single lady than at a gig you both paid to see. You will immediately have one thing in common. Sing along to your favorite tracks as you start the symphony of your romantic destiny.

Birmingham Online Dating

  Life can sometimes pass us by in the blink of an eye. This can often make it very difficult to meet that perfect singleton. In our online world dating has become easier than ever, with just the click of a button and a few details you could find the Birmingham date of your dreams! Birmingham is the second-largest city in the United Kingdom and so is home to one of the biggest online dating communities in the country. With location settings being so accurate you are sure to find a Brummie date near you with ease!

Some of the positives of online dating in Birmingham are:

  1. You can get to know each other before meeting face to face. Use this time wisely to see if you’re a match on paper before taking the leap to meet in person!!
  2. There is nothing worse than an awkward silence, especially on a first date! People, by nature, are more confident to talk over text or messaging. This enables you to keep the conversation flowing without your nerves getting the better of you!
  3. Connection not being made? Realized you definitely aren’t meant to be? You can part ways easily and amicably while continuing your search.
  4. Dating more than one person in ‘the real world’ is definitely frowned upon! With online dating, it is the norm as people use the approach to broaden their horizons to find the one without hurting anyone’s feelings.
  5. Narrow your search - most dating sites allow you to make your searches quite specific. Looking for Birmingham singles? Dating sites have will help you. Looking for an artistic person? You can find this info in the users' profiles! Looking for that Ukrainian romance? They will surely do the job! It could not be easier to find exactly what you are looking for!

Online dating provides you with the perfect foundation to begin searching for your special someone without the pressure of the face-to-face dating scene. Whether using free sites or the more secure paid sites you are sure to find romance in Birmingham via the online dating world.

Dating in Birmingham During Covid-19 

  Covid-19 is such a large part of our lives and has had a very negative impact on many people but its hold on the world is slowly lifting. It is vital that we all stay as safe as possible and keep those around us safe as restrictions are eased. Birmingham is no different and the venues within Birmingham have all done their very best to ensure that all tourists, and locals, are kept as safe as possible. Below are some of the measures put in place to ensure you are as safe as can be during your visit.

  • ✅  Cleanliness - all venues work hard to ensure rooms, tables, etc are kept as clean as possible. They are sanitized regularly. Cleaning stations are also available for you to sanitize your hands.
  • ✅  Face coverings - while they are now optional in the United Kingdom many venues will prefer guests to wear face coverings (unless sat eating).
  • ✅  Staff - all staff take regular Lateral Flow tests and respond accordingly. They also sanitize themselves regularly and wear face coverings to ensure the safety of all guests.
  • ✅  Vaccines - the majority of the adult population of Birmingham, and the United Kingdom, have had both vaccines and are therefore less likely to catch or transmit Covid-19.

  All appropriate measures are being taken in accordance with government and scientific advice to ensure that all visitors to Birmingham are kept safe and the spread of Covid-19 is minimal. Updates on these measures can be found on official government websites and are updated regularly.

  Ask anyone in Birmingham and they will tell you what a diverse, vibrant, and friendly place it is to visit. Meeting singles in Birmingham will be a wonderful experience and you should start planning your visit…now!