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Dating in Anchorage, Alaska — Meet Single Girls and Mature Women in Phoenix.
Date Ideas in Phoenix 2024

Last updated on June 4, 2024

     Have you ever heard the expression “Cold climate-warm hearts”? It is exactly about the state of Alaska. People are friendly there and every person should see the incredible beauty of these places. If you dream of meeting a charming woman and you want to see something exceptional, you should come to the biggest city in Alaska — Anchorage. This city has almost 300 thousand people and it is more than easy to get there as the airport accepts flights from different states and countries. Anchorage is bigger than the smallest US state- Rhode Island and this city will be able to surprise you. By the way, if you hesitate, to go there or not to go because of the severe climate, you should know that the weather there is not as cold as you might think. Thanks to numerous mountains, Anchorage is protected from the severe Northern winds and the ocean gives this territory a rather pleasant climate. The lowest temperature in winter is only -10. Summer is rather fresh, but it is warm enough to enjoy long walks. If you decide to come there in summer, be ready for +15 +17 degrees. Not too scary, right?:))

 Anchorage has been called this way because famous sailor James Cook, discovered Alaska and looked for the easiest way from America to Asia, anchored exactly in the place where now we can see this beautiful town. First, this place has been called Anchor Point, and then, Anchorage. In Anchorage, you will be able to discover real city life surrounded by something pure and wild as the city is surrounded by three national parks. If you dream of meeting beautiful Anchorage women — you should just join one of the nature excursions (and there you will have a VERY big choice) and you will be able to meet new people, experience new feelings, get new impressions, and…. Probably meet a new love.

Dating in Anchorage

In the Article “Dating in Anchorage, Alaska”

Dating Culture in Anchorage, Alaska

     Coming to Anchorage you should understand that you are coming to a very special place. Native inhabitants are very proud of their origin, history, and connection with nature which is impossible to see in other places. Native art, heritage museums, and native traditions are carefully preserved and many tourists come to admire them. However, if you are coming to Anchorage with romantic goals and you are going to meet local women you should understand certain rules and traditions that will help you to win the hearts of local girls and get the happiness of your life.;) Go on reading and we will give you some important tips

  • Accept her as equal to you. Yes, it is true that Alaska is a state which is very proud of its traditions. You will see that this state is unlike the others. However, people, there are the same as in the other places. So, don’t think that your Anchorage girlfriend is living by hunting bears or salmon in local rivers. They have internet everywhere, they have all the goods, clothing, shoes and restaurants which you got used to (OK, maybe restaurants can be just a little bit better as meat and seafood there are very fresh). So, your girlfriend won’t wear a slip of fur.:) And her education and knowledge can be bigger than yours.
  • Be active. We understand that when you are coming to an unknown place it is not too easy to play an active role. However, women in Alaska have a traditional vision of relationships where the man is the winner and his task is to be a little bit more active in relationships. Women in Alaska are active, they like walks, hiking, and active rest. You won’t be able to show her this region as you are a stranger there, but you can learn a little bit about her land and invite her on an easy walk (inviting women to extreme tours on the first date is not recommended).
  • Accept with humor the stereotypes. Local inhabitants like tourists as tourism gives the state a lot of money. A lot of people in Anchorage built businesses thanks to tourists or investing in transportation companies. But it is also true that many people accept tourists as kids who don’t know real wildlife and who should be protected like children. You shouldn’t accept it as an offense and you can just joke and laugh together about white beers, inexistent mortal frosts, living in an igloo and not her real apartment, and so on. Just joking without exaggeration.:)
  • Be brave, but reasonable. Of course, you want to impress your woman. It is sure that you have a strong character and you are a real man. However, be very careful in the organization of your spending. It is better to discover nature with the help of professionals and take part in organized tours. Even if you are an experienced hunter in your state or country, you should understand that nature in Alaska is very rich and we don’t recommend meeting with beers in a wild place. One thing is to admire them from a distance and take beautiful photos, another thing is to meet wild animals when you and your girlfriend enjoy a picnic together. Protect yourself and your girlfriend and join organized groups.   
  • Don’t forget to act like a gentleman. If you think that this time has already gone and it is necessary to win a woman's heart with something else, well, of course, it depends on the woman, but in general, women like to be treated like real women or like ladies. So, if you hesitate, open a door for her or not- open it. If you think, come to the date with a little flower or bring just yourself—bring flowers with you. Women will always appreciate the attention and even if she is a strong and independent feminist- don’t worry, you will surprise her because you, unlike all the other men she knows, see in her a beautiful woman.

Ready to Go Out? Check Prices in Anchorage

     Well, Anchorage is a very popular place. People who like nature and extreme tourism are coming there to discover this amazing place all year long. Plus, it is rather easy to get there. On another hand, this Northern state is separate from the main part of the USA, and transport expenses make the price of numerous goods rather high. So, don’t be surprised, sometimes people compare the prices in Anchorage with the prices in Paris, which are rather high.  Don’t let them scare you off. Nowhere else in the world, you will have such impressions, nowhere else you will taste such fresh and tasty food and nowhere else you will meet such special women.;) So, take a look at our list of the most necessary things that will help you to plan your budget.

  • Coffee. When you discover the town, it is so pleasant to have hot coffee in a local café and enjoy it! Or when you meet with your Anchorage girlfriend, it is nice to drink it while waiting for her and thinking about your common plans. If you prefer cappuccino, you should be ready to pay about $5,10. Espresso costs a little bit less, about $4. Of course, prices depend on the café or restaurant of your choice.
  • Water. It is always better to have water with you as Anchorage is a city that should be discovered. During long walks, it is necessary to have something to drink and of course, in the restaurant, where you will invite your local girlfriend, you will need to buy some water. In the local supermarket, you will need to pay about $2,30 for a 1.5L bottle. In the restaurant, it will be about 2,75$ for 0,33L. By the way, in any case, don’t forget about water during your walks, especially in summer as the weather can be rather warm.
  • Beer. Alaska in general and Anchorage, in particular, can offer you a large number of nice places and very pleasant pubs with a warm atmosphere. Even if you prefer classic restaurants for dates, it is necessary to visit a local pub at least once to make your own impressions and taste local beer. In the pub, it will cost you about 7$. If you just want to enjoy a domestic beer in your hotel and relax in the evening after a long walk, it will cost about 2$. For imported beer, it will be necessary to pay about 3,50 for a 0,33L bottle. However, don’t hesitate, it is necessary to spoil yourself with little pleasures.:)
  • Lunch in a non-expensive café. Of course, Anchorage has a lot of cafes and restaurants and though you will need to discover good places with your girlfriend, sometimes it will be reasonable to have lunch in a little non-expensive café and enjoy home food. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you about $18. However, it is necessary to try at least one of them as local inhabitants often have a family business and you can have a chance to enjoy fish which were in the ocean just one hour ago. If you don’t have any time and you just want to have a quick meal, the menu at the equivalent of McDonald's will cost about $11.
  • Dinner for two. Of course, one of the most important things to know if you plan a romantic trip is the price for dinner for two in a nice restaurant. Price often depends on the choice of dishes and wine, but the average cost for a dinner for two will be about $75. Such prices include dishes, salads, desserts, coffee, and wine of average price. Try different places as local food will pleasantly surprise you and of course, you will need to impress your woman and share incredible moments with her.:)

Hotels to Stay Before Your Date in Anchorage

     For a successful trip first of all you need to know where to stay. The wrong hotel can make your voyage terrible or a good one can offer very pleasant memories even if in other spheres your trip has not been too impressive. Take a look, please, at our list of hotels that will give you the necessary level of security and comfort. Of course, as Anchorage is a big city, the choice is much bigger, so, you can take a look at the other variants, of course.

  • One of the most popular places in Anchorage is the Hotel Captain Cook. Incredible popularity is caused not only because of comfort, but mostly because of the excellent location. Can you imagine anything closer to the center than a hotel which is situated 40 meters from it?)) There you will find everything that you need: spacious elegant rooms, 4 restaurants, a museum that you can visit on foot, a fitness center with a massage service and an indoor pool… Sounds really like a dream for any traveler. Prices start from $269 and for this price, you are getting exceptional comfort, room service, Wi-Fi, a flat TV with a big choice of channels, a fridge, and richly decorated carpeted floors. This hotel is ideal for meetings with your girlfriend as many parks and places of interest are very close.
  • Don’t think, please, that Anchorage can offer you only super expensive accommodation. There are places that can give you a good level of comfort for a very reasonable price. One of many recommended places is Maria’s Creekside B&B. It is a little bit farther away from the center than the previous variant, however, the location is rated as excellent. The hotel is surrounded by Campbell Creek Park which is an excellent place for walking and hiking. All the guests appreciate the pleasant atmosphere of this hotel and the very tasty full English breakfasts. All the rooms are traditionally decorated and have well-equipped bathrooms with free toiletries. You can also enjoy spending evenings in a shared lounge and sun terrace. The price will pleasantly surprise you as it is just 133$. Very nice, right?:)
  • If you like privacy, space, luxury comfort and you prefer to live in absolute calmness, we recommend taking a look at the whole apartment Peaks of Alaska Minimalist Home& Art Gallery. You can enjoy a garden and parking at your disposal. Plus, you have a living room and 3 bedrooms. All the rooms are very beautifully equipped in a modern style and if you like privacy, it can be a perfect place for you. By the way, Anchorage offers many houses and apartments for tourists who appreciate privacy. By the way, for a romantic trip, it can be a good idea as there you can feel absolutely alone with your girlfriend and have a romantic dinner together.:) The price for such a nice place is 573$.
  • Embassy Suites Anchorage is a hotel that can offer guests everything necessary for a rather reasonable price. It is a very good place if you wish to discover the Alaska Art Center or Anchorage Museum, Alaska Zoo, Anchorage Golf Center, and many other places where you can invite your local girlfriend. All the rooms are comfortable, with fridges and microwaves. Plus, if you like sports, you can enjoy their fitness center and indoor swimming pool. A very good place for only 199$.
  • If you want to combine your romantic tour to Anchorage with business or you will need to do some work during your trip, it is better to stay in Staybridge Suites Anchorage and IHG Hotel. For 223$ you will get a good location, excellent comfort in the rooms and a well-equipped business center. Of course, all rooms have flat TVs with satellite channels, free toiletries, linen, towels, and so on. By the way, if you see that everything is good in your relationship with a beautiful Anchorage woman, you can invite her one day to relax together in a hot tube before dinner in a local restaurant.:)

Restaurants for a Perfect Date in Anchorage

     Invite your girlfriend to a romantic dinner… What can be more exciting? Of course, you need to choose a place which is the best for this goal. Or, if you just start a relationship and you don’t want to press on her, maybe it is better to invite her to lunch together in a pleasant place. In any case, you should know what Anchorage can offer you. Take a look at our list of possible restaurants and cafes with good food and enjoy tasty meals and the presence of your queen near you.

  • Anchorage is known as a place with very tasty food and a large number of good cafes and restaurants. However, for the first date, it is better to choose a place which is romantic enough and which is rather calm as you will need to talk a lot with your beauty, right? One of the restaurants with magnificent views is The Crow’s Nest. They propose good local cuisine, especially very tasty seafood. Even if you or your girlfriend do not like them, they have a very big choice of dishes and both vegetarian and vegan options. However, there you can be sure to enjoy amazing views, especially in the evening. So, for the first date, it can be a very good place.
  • Kincaid Grill and Wine Bar opened doors in the heart of Anchorage and many people state that it is the best place in the city! Even just looking at the photos of dishes, it is possible to get hungry as they look really great. If you like seafood and you want to taste the best cuisine of Anchorage, you should come to this place and discover crab cakes or oysters. People state that they are really excellent and really, where else to taste such food? Only in Anchorage!
  • Ginger is a café with a calm atmosphere, very tasty food, and pleasant prices. If you don’t want to hurry up with romance or you wish to enjoy local food alone, you cannot find a better place. All the dishes are beautifully served, however, this place can be called one of the best options for lunch with your Anchorage lady. If you like Asian food, this place is created for you as though they have various menus and options, Asian food is their specialty. 
  • If you wish to impress your Anchorage woman, you should invite her to Seven Glaciers. This is the restaurant out of town and it is highly recommended if you decide to discover not only Anchorage but Alaska. View from this restaurant is really fantastic and everything there is breathing the charm of native nature. The restaurant is modern, and all the tourists state that the food is excellent. However, some people state that it is a little bit of a pretentious place and it is better to go there beautifully dressed. However, why not impress your woman completely?:))
  • Many people highly recommend Jens’ Restaurant. This place is known for its excellent food and pleasant atmosphere. Such a place is very good if you wish to invite your woman to eat something before or after a nice walk together. Many people choose this place for family celebrations and as this place is a little bit out of tourist paths, it is very pleasant and calm. Your local woman will appreciate it!

Women's Demographics in Anchorage

     Anchorage became a really big city just after the 70th. From the 70th to the 90th population, Anchorage grew up and Anchorage became a really large and developed city. Of almost 300 thousand people 49% are women and, by statistics, also about 49% of all adult people are married. As you understand, in Anchorage you can meet a rather high percentage of unmarried women. Women in Alaska appreciate family and family values, however, there are rather a lot of women with college degrees who successfully make careers. Coming to Anchorage be ready to meet bright and independent women who like active rest and self-development. By race, most of the population of Anchorage belongs to the white race. There you can meet rather a high percentage of Native Americans and Pacific Islanders. You can also meet beautiful Asian women as there are about 10% of Asians in Anchorage. If you dream of meeting a charming black girl, Alaska is not the best place as the black population is only about 5%. Though before Alaska belonged to Russians, only museums and old churches remind us of that time. Most of the ancestors of the people in Alaska came there from Germany, Ireland, France, and Scandinavian countries. In any case, coming to Anchorage, you will meet a lot of charming American women who dream about family and marriage. It is just necessary to know where to meet them and how to make it in the best way. To find out how to make it, go on reading.:)

How to Meet Single Women & Girls in Anchorage

     Anchorage is a specific place as it is very popular with tourists. So, coming to the most popular places of interest, you risk finding women from other cities, states, and countries. Of course, it is possible that on different excursions and tours, you will find the woman of your dreams. However, if she is coming to Anchorage for a little vacation it is not too easy to develop your relationship. If you are looking just for light travel romantic adventure, OK. However, if you dream of meeting a woman from Anchorage in order to create a family, it is necessary to know the places that are popular with local inhabitants.

  • Coming to Anchorage you will see a lot of propositions to visit glaciers, various national parks, and so on. However, as you understand, all these tours are for tourists. Of course, you should enjoy them, but when you have already met your local beauty. In this case, you can share these wonderful emotions together. If you wish to meet girls who relax after a long working week, come to Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. This place has amazing scenery and local people like to go there for hiking, biking, walking with the children, rolling, and skiing in winter. So, there you will easily meet local girls. Just ask her to take a photo with a beautiful view and start a conversation!
  • The Anchorage Museum is a large cultural center where you will see almost everything about Alaska and its history. Yes, it can seem like a place for tourists, but, believe it or not, in a 4-stored building, you will meet a lot of charming women working there, going on excursions with relatives. Plus, except for the main exposition, there are various expositions that change and women of Anchorage who are interested in art are going there to discover something new. If you are interested in history, there is no better place to meet a woman who you have common interests with.
  • All the local people of Anchorage adore Anchorage Market & Festival. First, in 1992, it was a small market with about 20 vendors. Now it is a large space where you can find almost everything. You can find their magnificent craft decorative staffs, furs, objects of native art, or simply clothing, shoes, and things for the children. If you don’t like crowds, maybe it is not the best place for you, but if you want to meet local beautiful women, you will meet a lot of them. Ask her advice and then don’t forget to invite us to drink coffee together.:)
  • There are “tasty tours” which are popular not only for tourists but also for local people. One of the most popular is the Downtown Anchorage Food & History Walking Tour. You will surely learn a lot of new things, you will taste a lot of new things and plus, you will meet not only tourists but local women who decide to spend the weekend in unusual ways. If you won’t meet your local girl this way after you will be able to impress your Anchorage girlfriend with local legends and anecdotes. She will surely be impressed!
  • The people of Anchorage are proud not only of the beauty of their land, the richness of their culture, and their tasty food but also of their tasty beer. If you like this drink, you can join the Half-day Anchorage Craft Brewery Tour and Tasting. When you join a group and share emotions with people, it is much easier to start a conversation and then continue pleasant communication. Just take a look around you and don’t hesitate to ask the opinion of the beautiful stranger about one of the sorts of beer. By the way, you can also meet a nice girl who is working there. Just keep your eyes open and smile at a girl who attracts your attention.

Anchorage has a lot of places to visit. But don’t forget that you can meet your local beauty going out from your hotel, on the train, on the terrace, in the nearest local supermarket. Be brave and if you see a single woman of your dreams, start a conversation with her. 

Online Dating Sites and Apps in Anchorage

     It is good advice to start a conversation with a woman, smile at her, invite her to coffee, lunch, or walk… However, is it so easy? Almost all the people in the world surely know that meeting somebody on the street and starting a conversation with a stranger is a very difficult task for any person. Even if you are very successful at work, you have a lot of friends and in general, you are a popular and attractive person, you cannot know for sure how the conversation will flow when you meet somebody new. Is this person interested in you? If she is free or she has a boyfriend? Or maybe she is single, but she has five kids from a previous marriage? If you are a kind, but shy person, starting a conversation with a beautiful woman seems to be a really difficult task. We are afraid to be rejected and we don’t want to have additional disappointments in life. If you also want to meet a nice woman, have feelings for her, fall in love, and have serious relationships, but you want to avoid the risk of failure, the world of online dating is created for you. If about 25 years ago it was unusual- meeting somebody online and creating a family this way, now it is absolutely normal and even a usual thing. Thousands of people in the entire world are chatting, communicating, and finally… meeting in real life to meet the happiness of their life. Online dating has a lot of advantages and if you still think “to be or not to be”, take a look at our little list))

  • Right place and the right time. On the street, you can meet the woman of your dreams. It is absolutely so. However, if she comes back, very tired after work, her head is full of plans for the evening, and she thinks about her problems, is hungry, and dreams about a shower. Probably you also had a situation when romance was the last thing you thought about. At another time and in another place she would be happy to communicate with you, but not right there and not right at that time. When you are on a dating site in a chat room, all women are there to communicate with a man. Maybe with you, maybe she already communicates with somebody, but in any case, she is free and interested in flirting and romance. And all your winks, smiles, and phrases will be accepted in the right tone and in the right mood. There you can relax and feel more confident — you are already a man who she wants to meet.
  • Comfort. Real communication demands certain efforts. You need to look well, smell good, and be attractive (at least more or less). Plus, you need to be ready to give time to this communication. Online dating is a great thing because you can do it when you wish and for as much time as you wish. You can have dinner at your home in your favorite T-shirt and chat with your girlfriend. Or you can write to her when you have a little coffee break at work. Of course, before leaving her, it is better to warn that you do not have too much time, but even such short communication is positively accepted in the online world. If you just want to send her some short phrases, she will know that you think about her which is positive for your communication. Of course, from time to time it is necessary to choose the time which is comfortable for both of you and to have longer conversations. Sending just winks and hello seems to be not too serious.
  • Variety. Some people know for sure if they want to meet a blond woman or a girl with dark hair. Some men know that they want to meet a woman from France, a woman from Ukraine, or a girl from Australia. But most people don’t have exact criteria in their heads. They search the Internet and suddenly see an attractive girl who makes hearts beat quicker. When you walk in your city or when you look for a girl in another city or another country you are limited geographically. Online dating gives you absolutely unlimited freedom. However, in this case, it is better to choose an international dating site with a good reputation.
  • Safety. Many men think that online dating is not for them as many sites need payments for their services. When you are using a well-reputed dating site you can feel absolutely protected and you understand well what you are paying for. You pay for comfort and for a big variety of services. Good dating sites always offer members different kinds of services. Good dating sites always have anti-spam policies and clear rules. They always check their members and you can be sure that you are communicating with a real woman, a woman who you see in the photo. You can be sure that she has the same number of kilos that you see in the photo and the same number of kids that you see in her profile. Such safety is very important as, unfortunately, there are people who use the Internet for money making. This is one more reason why it is important to choose an international dating site with a good reputation.
  • Popularity. Online dating is very popular. Why? It is very simple. Online communication is much easier and you can communicate with a girl who looks like a top model without shyness. You don’t see her face, you don’t hear her voice, and so, if she politely writes that she has serious communication with somebody else and she wishes you the best in your search, you accept it easily. And in a couple of minutes, you find another woman who is not worse at all and who is interested in you. You can be sure that you are not the only one who uses online dating. At your work it is sure that somebody chats on dating sites, some of your friends do it, maybe even some of your relatives. International couples are not surprising to anybody. This way people can make each other richer not only with love and care but also with cultural exchange.

There are many factors that make online dating popular and it is possible to continue the list of benefits. However, it is necessary to choose the site which is the best for you. There are a lot of international sites. Take a look at the list of the most popular Anchorage dating sites:

  • Zoosk
  • Match
  • Eharmony
  • Elite Singles
  • OurTime

Looking for the site that is the best for you? Take a look at some important features that you should see if you wish to use a really good dating site:

  1. Various services. Only chat and letters it is not sufficient
  2. Only checked women's profiles.
  3. Anti-spam policy.
  4. Organization of meetings in real-life
  5. Communication with the real administration in different ways which are comfortable for you. Not chatbots!
  6. Clear page of payments
  7. Feedback from real clients
  8. Numerous success stories.
  9. Service in different languages

To take a look at what kind of services you should count on, take a look at Our Services.

You deserve the best! So, be careful and find your love with a serious dating site.

Matchmaking Services in Anchorage

      Matchmaking is one of the most efficient ways to find the woman of your dreams. Anchorage is a city that appreciates traditions and matchmaking is one of the eldest ways to find love. Before, when a person worked a lot and didn’t have too much time for the search for love, they addressed a woman in the village or in the town, who had an excellent reputation and who knew many people. She knew the life obstacles of all the people and she could join a man and a woman who had the same values, and who have been looking for the same things in the family. If you like gardening, you live in a village near a big town and most of all you like calm music and growing your tomatoes, probably you won’t be too happy with a businesswoman who runs a Transport Company. Maybe she is beautiful like an angel, but she has an iron character, which is much more important than her appearance. The matchmaker will help you to find her perfect woman. She will propose different profiles after a conversation with you. You should be honest talking about yourself and that’s all. Matchmaker will make everything for you. Of course, the final choice will depend on you and on the feelings that you will have with the woman of your dreams. To find out more about how it works, please, take a look at Matchmaking Services.

Anchorage is a real pearl of America and any person should see it at least once in his life. This traveling can offer you not only meeting with bears, but it can also give you incredible love. Just prepare yourself for this voyage and open your heart to new feelings! 


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