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How Can I Talk to Girls? 

The Language of Attraction: How Can You Talk to Girls and Leave Them Intrigued?

 How Can I Talk to Girls

Last updated on May 23, 2024

       We have all been there, you find a woman very attractive on a dating site or offline and then the worst thing happens…you don’t know what to say! Sometimes it can be very hard for us to attract someone else through conversation. Some people find talking to someone they find attractive a very difficult thing to do. They want to attract the other person but end up going silent or mumbling over their words causing the other person to either be put off or lose interest in you.

If you want to attract a woman through the art of conversation it can actually be made quite simple. That is not to say that you win over a woman really easily but it is certainly not that difficult. If you follow our tips below you should find it easier to attract a woman in a chat through your words rather than trying to impress in other ways.

  • The best way of attracting a woman through conversation is through being you. You need to make sure you always talk in a way that represents the truest version of yourself. This can be done in a variety of ways. The first is to always talk in the way you would usually, do not try and talk in a way you think she wants to hear. In order to be attracted to you she needs to hear (or read, if talking online) the real you. Another way of doing this is to always talk in a polite, respectful manner. If you are always polite and talking in a respectful way she will be attracted to this wonderful personality trait. Women want to be treated with respect and do not want to hear rude comments or rude jokes.
  • One of the most important aspects of any conversation is to listen. There is a stark difference between hearing and listening. You need to show you have really listened to what she has to say by responding accordingly, asking relevant questions, and making appropriate, relevant comments. She will be attracted to the fact that you actually listen to what she has to say and are genuinely interested in what she tells you. It is no good being able to talk the talk if you cannot listen properly! Women are attracted to men who actively listen to what they say and demonstrate this accordingly!
  • Questions, questions, questions! Questions are one of the most fundamental aspects of any conversation and, believe it or not, can cause a woman to be attracted to you. This does not mean you should ask her questions about what she finds attractive or ask personal questions. You should also AVOID all questions of a sexual nature as this does not attract women but is more likely to push them away. To attract a woman with questions you will want to choose them carefully. A good idea is to ask her about her hobbies and interests. This way you learn about her while making sure she knows you are genuinely interested in her. You could also ask her about her career, but not about her pay, and discuss this. Again, she could then potentially be attracted to you as she will see that you are interested in the more serious aspects of her life as well as the fun, more social side. When used in the right way, questions can create attraction as they demonstrate a genuine interest and desire to learn more about someone. 
  • Compliments are a wonderful thing but make sure you are not too cheesy or too risque. You need to make sure you pitch your compliments at just the right level. If you go down the “you have beautiful eyes” route you are more likely to make her feel that you are just using cheesy one-liners. You also want to stay away from saying things like “I love your curves in that dress”. This gives the impression that you are only interested in her physical appearance. Your compliments can be related to her physical appearance but must be clean such as “Wow, your hair looks beautiful”, and “The color of your jumper brings out the color in your eyes”. These are not intimidating but at the same time compliment how she looks. You can also make off-the-cuff comments that are compliments, for example, “....that’s true, you are very clever” or “You make such interesting points”. These compliment her intelligence, insights, and view of the world. Women not only want to feel physically attractive but also mentally. She will be attracted to your compliments as they don’t feel like a way of getting her into bed but a way of showing her how much you genuinely like her as a whole person.
  • Show an interest in how she is. Now, you need to be careful that you do not come across as needy or clingy with this one. If you constantly ask her how she is or if everything is alright she will be put off and think that you need constant reassurance or that you cannot think of anything to talk about. However, you can ask her how she is doing today or how her work has been. Ask about her well-being at least once a day but in a way that is not annoying. If you ask about how she is she will be attracted to the fact that you ask and are genuinely interested in her welfare.

At the end of the day, the best way to attract a woman through conversation is to treat her with respect, be honest, and listen to everything she has to say!


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