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Dating in Stamford, Connecticut 2024. How to Find a Girlfriend in Stamford? Meet Single Mature Girls and Women in Stamford

Last updated on February 8, 2024

     Stamford, being one of the biggest cities in Connecticut State can by right be called a city full of mystery and surprises. Though this city is rather big, with a population of more than 135 thousand people, it is part of a really enormous New York agglomeration with a really enormous population of more than 22 million people! So, if you are looking for a really urban city with many places of interest, but you wish to be a little bit out of crazy New York, it is better to go to Stamford. There you will see exciting and beautiful places. Though this city became the biggest center of corporations out of New York, people there are able not only to work, but also live a calm and peaceful life, enjoy it, and take care of nature around them. This city is surrounded by mysterious legends and it has a rich historical background. There you will feel like the legends of Native Americans come true. You will be able to get in touch with them by visiting several parks and museums.

However, you can find museums in any big city. You can see big modern buildings of corporations, you can meet nice people in different places. But what makes Stamford a really special place? The answer is simple. Women from Stamford can win the hearts of any man and make him fall in love. It is sure that you have heard about Salem, right? Well, Stamford has been the second biggest center of witch-hunting. A lot of people believed that beautiful Stamford women had special power to seduce men. And it is sure that women there have special magic powers. They work a lot, they are strong, independent, and, at the same time, weak and feminine, warm and tender. So, there is no wrong magic in this place, just a magic of the hearts of Stamford women which attracts men from different states and countries. Would you like to come there and check if it is true? Go on reading and you will know more about this place and charming single women from Stamford.

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Traditions and Dating Culture in Stamford, Connecticut

     Connecticut is a small state and it has a lot of specific traditions and habits which you should know before starting to date somebody from this place. Stamford is a pure example of Connecticut's life. Their motto is “Innovating from 1641” and they firmly believe in it. Take a look at some interesting dating habits or just features of local inhabitants and perhaps it will help you to understand the mysterious soul of one local girl.:)

  1. Be able to appreciate small things. Living in a rather big city, in noise, in a hurry, and in deciding a thousand questions per day, a girl from Stamford is absolutely able to see and enjoy small things. They have special romantic natures and coming there you will be able to see how people suddenly stop to watch the sunset or admire the water view. Don’t be afraid to show a local girl your romantic part of character, she will appreciate it.
  2. Taking care of others. Unlike many others, girls from Stamford like taking part in volunteering. So, don’t be surprised if she invites you to a meeting where they save animals, take care of leftover cats or dogs, or even prepare manifestations to support whales’ protection or anything like that. Yes, Stamford women have big hearts. If you don’t do anything like that in your life, well, it is better to remember some stories from your childhood about how you saved a neighbor’s hen or a little dying cat. It will be a plus.:)
  3. Family and friends. Though Stamford’s women seem to be very busy, they always find time for family and friends. They like to socialize, and meet in groups, and don’t be surprised if instead of the third date you will be invited to family meetings with sports games, BBQ, and so on. Don’t think that she doesn’t have time for you and for relationships. Local women are able to plan their time well and they find it for everything.:)
  4. Be on time. This part can continue a previous one. Usually, Stamford girls plan their time well and they get used to being on time for meetings and dates. Don’t disappoint her and be a little bit earlier (not too much of course, nobody asks you to come 30 minutes before the date). Before coming to her, it is better to carefully watch the plans for her city and the cities around it. Don’t forget about traffic jams in the morning and in the evening, it will help you to plan your time well.
  5. Learn at least something about their favorite sports teams. Stamford girls love the sport. They go to gyms, to fitness clubs and they also love watching big sports games. Local people adore discussing different teams, so, if you don’t want to keep silent for a rather big part of the date, you should know how the Red Sox played vs. the Yankees.:) Or who played last weekend? By the way, inviting her to a sports game can be a good idea for a date, just don’t take the worst seats.:)
  6. Traveling. Stamford girls like traveling. As they live in a rather small state, they often go out of it. They got used to spending a weekend near the water, somewhere far away from the big city, relaxing in nature, hiking, and sometimes even fishing or hunting. They agree to travel easily and they are able to make a bag for one hour. So, be spontaneous and when your relationships develop, surprise your Stamford beauty with little voyages, no matter, by car, by train, or by plane.:)

Prices in Stamford

     When you plan your traveling it is more than important to plan your budget. At least nobody wants to be in an uncomfortable situation because of a lack of money. Of course, as Stamford belongs to the New York agglomeration, it cannot be called the cheapest travel destination in the world. However, as for people living there, they have rather good salaries, so they can afford all the expenses. Don’t worry too much, this place is called rather expensive mostly because of the rent.)) Take a look at some prices and you will be able to make certain impressions regarding the cost of living there.

  • Coffee. Morning coffee became almost a cult ritual for Stamford girls. Walking in the business area you will be able to meet a lot of amazing women during business lunch. If you see a beautiful lonely Stamford woman, don’t hesitate, to propose to her to share these calm moments together and enjoy coffee. If you prefer cappuccino, it will cost you about 6,2$. Espresso costs about 5,3$. Of course, the price depends on the place, but we would recommend you choose nice cozy places with a home atmosphere. In such places, people relax much more and they are much opener to the dialogue.
  • Water. No matter if you plan to visit Stamford in summer or in winter, water is always an essential thing. Especially if you are a sporty person and you can’t imagine your days without sport, you should always have a bottle of water with you. Of course, it is much less expensive to buy it in the supermarket. The price for a 1L bottle is about $1,9. If you take it in the restaurant, it can cost you up to $2,5 for a little bottle, depending on the mark that you prefer. If you like Pepsi or Coke, 0,5L costs about $2,4. In any case, don’t forget about your comfort and take water with you. Maybe you will need to propose it to a beautiful stranger?)
  • Beer. Many people in Stamford like to relax with a bottle of cold beer in the evening. Eating out, especially on the weekend, is a usual thing for locals. So, if you are looking for the girl of your dreams, you can find her even in the pub. As Stamford girls are often sports fans, you can easily meet a single girl in a pub. Just ask her to recommend the beer that she likes most of all and the conversation is already started. Beer in the pub will cost about $7,3. If you combine romantic goals with business trips and you wish to relax with a bottle of beer, it will cost you about $5,4.
  • Lunch in a non-expensive café. Stamford is ready to show you the best places in the city and there you can find an incredible number of nice cafes and restaurants. Of course, for a dinner with a charming Stamford singleton we would recommend a good restaurant, however, if you plan to have lunch alone, it will cost you about 17 dollars. If you hurry up a lot and you have absolutely no time for waiting a fast food meal will cost you about 8$.)
  • Dinner for two. If you come to Stamford in order to find the woman of your dreams, don’t forget to enjoy local tasty food. Local inhabitants like good quality food and know how to enjoy it. So, you can not worry and invite your lady to one of the popular restaurants. Be sure that you both won’t be disappointed. A dinner for two with wine in the middle range will cost you about $80. Later you will be able to take a look at our little list of possible places for a successful first date.:)

Hotels to Stay Before Your Date in Stamford

     As Stamford is one of the successful business centers with big corporations, as you understand it can offer the traveler a lot of comfortable places where people can live, work, and not worry about comfort. Of course, if you come there only with romantic goals, it will be even more pleasant to relax in the elegant spacious room and maybe even invite your girlfriend to watch a film together one day, right?:) Take a look at our little list and choose the one which seems the best for you.

  • One of the best places to stay is, without any doubt, Residence Inn by Marriott Stamford Downtown. It is situated 150 meters from the center (honestly, it is difficult to imagine something closer to the center). All the guests state that rooms are spacious, with very comfortable huge beds, elegantly decorated, and with a good modern bathroom. There you can enjoy a tasty continental, buffet, or even vegetarian breakfast. If you are hungry later, no problem- there is a good restaurant with Latin food. If you worry about the kilos that you can take in this place- the fitness center, swimming pool, and hot tub are at your disposal. By the way, in the hotel, they can even offer you a bicycle for Stamford discovering. What can be better? Prices start from $362.
  • If you wish to have a good level of comfort and you would like to be reasonable regarding your budget, it is better to stay at Hilton Stamford Hotel& Executive Meeting Center. There you can enjoy a clean room with a huge TV and premium channels, a work desk, Wi-Fi, a hairdryer, and so on.:) This hotel offers guests a fitness center which is open 24/7, a swimming pool, and a tennis court. This hotel is situated 1,4km from the city center and, if this distance scares you, they propose free transfer to the City Center, Center Mall, and railway station.:) In any case, this hotel is worth the price of $175, it is sure.
  • If staying in the city center is important for you, don’t worry, Stamford offers numerous hotels which are very close and which can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. The Lloyd Stamford, Tapestry Collection by Hilton proposes elegant cozy rooms, a super modern fitness center, and a comfortable lobby with nice sitting areas and a fireplace where it is so pleasant to sit in the evening and relax watching something on an enormous TV. This hotel is described as a very clean place with friendly staff and a very pleasant interior design. Prices start from 263$ and for this price, you can also get a free transfer service.
  • The Stamford Hotel is the place that can offer you a good location, good quality of service, and… low price. Yes, in Stamford you can find places for any taste and budget. There you get nice rooms with flat TV and workspace, a fitness center, an indoor swimming pool, 24-hour access to the business center (if you need to organize business meetings and conferences) and all that just for $122. By the way, good news for people who can’t live without coffee. You have a coffee maker in your room, but also there is delivery from Starbucks.:)
  • If you like to relax and feel like a king, perhaps it can be a good idea to stay at Stamford Marriott Hotel& Spa. This hotel really offers full -spa service. By the way, in your room you also can relax very well on a comfortable bed, watching a big flat TV or lying in the bathtub. In this hotel, you can enjoy a meal in an American Bistro or you can invite your girlfriend to join you in the Lounge Bar and enjoy wine degustation. They offer a wide choice of wines and the atmosphere is very nice. Prices start from $258

Restaurants in Stamford

     Stamford offers a big choice of hotels, but as for the restaurants and cafes, it is possible to get lost in this variety. You can find cuisine from different world countries, from popular Italian food to rare Peruvian cuisine. We just give you the list of possible places where you can surely invite your Stamford girlfriend.

  • If you like delicious and various food, you can invite your beauty to Trips Restaurant. All the people state that there you can have a delightful dinner in a very friendly atmosphere. They offer a variety of Italian and American cuisine, plus a good card of wines and cocktails. This place has the reputation of a family restaurant which guarantees you the necessary calmness during the first date when it is so necessary to discuss a lot of things.
  • If you want to be treated like a king and queen with your lady, one of the best places for you is Capital Grill. This place has a reputation as a restaurant of high cuisine, so, if you are a demanding person- you can go there and compare the food there with famous restaurants where you have been before. In any case, this place can offer you the food of high quality and don’t worry, of course, it is necessary to go for a date well dressed, but nobody will ask you to wear smoking.:) It can be your decision if you want to impress your lady or if you go to this restaurant at once after the opera.:)
  • If you are not too hungry, when you just take a look at the dishes in Olio, you will want to taste them all. In this place, the staff pays attention to decoration, so their dishes are not only tasty but also very good-looking. Of course, it is better to look not only at your meal but at your lady’s smiles also, right?). In any case, this is a place which will give you the possibility to know each other better, talk a lot and enjoy something tasty. They have a big choice of dishes and special options like Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-free menus.
  • If the best restaurant is a fish and seafood restaurant, you should visit Fish Restaurant + Bar. They have an outdoor terrace, so, if you wish to enjoy your dishes in the fresh air, you will have such an opportunity. All the dishes are described by guests as excellent and very fresh and delicious. Just it can be a little bit noisy as the tables are a little bit close to each other, so, perhaps it is better to save this place for the second or for the third date. But in any case, you should visit it as the food is really great there.:)
  • If you like Southern food and you want to feel the warm vibes of the South, invite your woman to Cilantro Restaurant. There you can enjoy Latin, Spanish, and South American food. As it is situated in the heart of Stamford, you can find it with tasty smells.:) It can be a very good place for meeting and then, you can invite your lady for a walk or ask her to show you Downtown. It is just better to order a table beforehand, it is a rather popular place.:)

Of course, it is up to you to decide where to stay and where to eat. Stamford can satisfy even the most demanding travelers. But the most important is who you can enjoy all that with, right? If you are alone, even the most luxurious restaurant can seem boring and uninteresting. If you wish to find a woman of your dreams in Stamford, go on reading and you will know what kind of women you can meet there!

Women's Demographic in Stamford

     Stamford is a city that attracts people from different countries. This is the best place to live in Connecticut, so it is not surprising that the city population is constantly growing up. Women population is 51% of all the population, however, certain statistical data states that the adult women population is even 53,5% of all adult population. As you understand, this fact makes Stamford a very attractive place for dating as there are more women there than men. What also makes Stamford a unique place is that in this city you can meet people of different races, ethnicities, and origins. There are people who have been born in this state, there are those who have been born in the other states of the USA, but there are a lot of people who have been born in other countries, if I can tell exactly, 33%. And all these people live in peace with each other. As data states, the level of crimes in Stamford is very low for a city with such a population. So, Stamford is an extremely tolerant and safe place where people look at international dating as something usual. There, it is sure that you will feel comfortable, no matter what country you are coming from. As for the races of the inhabitants, there are 48% of white alone people, 27% Hispanic, 13% of black people, and 8,5% of Asians. There are rather a lot of people who belong to two or more races, so, if you dream to meet a beautiful black girl or a tender Asian girl, you have a big chance to meet her there.

     Speaking about Stamford women, they are bright and very smart. In this city, 53% of all the people have higher education. If you are looking for a smart woman who is successful at work and who you could speak about absolutely anything, Stamford is the right place where you can find her. Stamford single women appreciate family values and dream about happiness. You have a very big chance to meet your love there as among all the adult people just 49% are married. 38% have never been married and 9% are divorced. With a median age of 38 years for women, Stamford can be certainly called a very good place for finding there your dream girl.:) It is just necessary to know where to find her and we will be glad to give you certain tips.:)

Places to Meet Girls & Single Women in Stamford

     As Stamford is a very popular place for business, you can have the impression that people can only work there. Not at all! This city has everything for a nice and comfortable life and it has a lot of interesting things to propose to the tourist. However, if you wish to come to this city in order to meet a single woman for marriage, you should go to the places which are popular with local people, not tourists. Don’t worry, later you will discover all the tourist sights of this amazing town with your lady! So, take a look at our little list:

  1. Stamford girls work a lot and where do people prefer to have rest from the office? Yes, having contact with nature. Coming to Stamford Museum and Nature Center you get into a large space which is divided into different sectors where all the people can find something interesting for them. There is a part that is like a little zoo, there is a part that presents an active working farm, there is space for children and for games, and there is a part for hiking and sport. It is up to you to decide what seems to be more interesting for you. When you notice a good-looking single woman, ask her how to get to… and continue the conversation.:)
  2. If you look for a woman who loves theater or opera as you also love them, you should surely go to any performance of The Palace Theater. It is a wonderful place which can offer you entertainment of high level to any taste. Very often world stars come there with shows and you will be able to feel the magnificent atmosphere of this place. Just during the break don’t forget to ask a beautiful stranger what she thinks about the performance and charm her with your sense of humor and knowledge of the art.
  3. In the age of the Internet, many people read on their phones, on computers. However, there are many people who are tired of monitors at work and they like to read a good paper book. Coming to The Ferguson Library you will meet there a lot of women who come there to take books or DVDs, socialize, meet with friends and, why not, meet new people.:)
  4. If you like beer and simply having fun, you should go to Half Full Brewery. This place is as positive as its name. They organize a popup tent in Downtown and there are many people who gather there for not only to drink beer. There people play different games, have fun, and laugh with friends. There it is possible to drink wine if beer is not your drink. In any case, the atmosphere there is very positive and relaxed and in such an atmosphere it is possible to find new friends and a new girlfriend.:)
  5. If you adore painting and you dream of meeting a single girl with a sensitive soul, you should visit at least one of these places or both of them. As you know, Stamford is a multi-cultural place and if you dream of finding a beautiful Ukrainian girl, you can find her in Ukrainian Museum and Library. If you wish to meet any single girl, just if you wish her to like painting, you can meet her in Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery. Both of these places will help you to meet smart girls with a certain cultural level. How to attract her attention? It is already up to you!)
  6. What can be better than relaxing in summer near the water? Of course, this water is not the hottest, but in any case, West Beach is a very popular place in the summertime and there you can meet a lot of beautiful single girls. Join her team for beach volleyball playing and help her to win! It will already be the best start to a romantic relationship!

Please, don’t forget that it is possible to meet a woman of your dreams in any place, even in your hotel. Be open, keep your eyes open, and be positive as life adores positive people and gives them unexpected presents. However, in any case, we would advise you not to wait for gifts of destiny and leave your hotel.:)

Online Dating and Dating Sites in Stamford

     Some Stamford girls have very active social lives and it is easy to meet them. But what if you are looking for a good shy woman who doesn’t meet strangers on the street and who rejects such meetings? What if you are looking for a bright and smart Stamford girl, but she works a lot and in the evening she has a million things to do and you won’t meet her as she is too busy? Finally, what if you are a rather shy person who can be very successful and confident at work, but who cannot easily approach a beautiful single and start a conversation with her? There are a lot of IFs that can separate you from a woman of your dreams who is single and who dreams about a man like you. Online dating is the best instrument that can help you meet many single women in any place, any city, and any country. It is sure that you have heard about it, it is sure that you know somebody who met a girl this way. Online dating and dating sites help people to chat, communicate, and meet each other. However, there are so many dating sites… how to choose the necessary one that will help you to approach your dream? Take a look at some important things that you should pay attention to when you choose a dating site for you.

  • To pay or not to pay. Of course, people want to use free services, and very often they look with doubts at dating sites with paid services. In reality, everything is the opposite. When you see paid services on the site and you can see clearly what you are paying for and how much, it is a good dating site. They have nothing to hide and of course, such sites also have free services and bonuses that make your communication with women much more pleasant. What about free sites? Why are they free? Just because they are getting money in other ways. Very often it is publicity without any end, hidden paid services that will be a bad surprise for you. So, what you should pay attention to is a clear page with payments!
  • Clients check. If you easily join a dating site and nobody asks you anything… It is necessary to think well about how it happens for women on this site. For the security of both sides, a good dating site checks clients’ data. For men usually everything is easier and the site just encourages you to fill out your profile and place fresh photos. For women, a good dating site makes careful checks, asking for their documents which prove age, children data, and if a woman is free. And a very good dating site meets women in person and makes certain interviews. So, a responsible person or manager knows all women are people and can give you good advice. If the site checks nothing, there you can meet really no matter who. So, you risk communicating with an old fat man from China instead of a beautiful Stamford blond.:)
  • Success stories. Of course, when you see any dating site, almost all of them state that they are the best and that they have many marriages. But as you understand, it is possible to write anything. Take a look at this page with attention. You should see photos of real people and not any pictures from wedding magazines. Plus, a good dating site should surely have videos of marriages and testimonials of real people! Maybe not very numerous as not all the clients want to give them, but at least some you will see. It should look this way: if you don’t see such a page it is better not to trust such a site.
  • Various services. Many dating sites are focused on communication and of course, communication is a key to understanding each other and relationships. However, if you are looking for a serious woman for family creation you need only a serious dating site that is focused on helping people to meet each other. So if in dating services (you should see such a page) you don’t see the organization of the meetings, translation services, assistance during the meeting, transfer services, help in booking hotels, and so on, it is better to avoid such sites. How can they help you to meet the woman of your dreams if they propose that you only communicate in chat and write letters? It should look this way More services- better site.:))
  • Security is our everything! Unfortunately, many people avoid dating sites as they have heard a lot of stories about how a man communicated with a woman and she wasn’t real/ she took his money/ she was married in reality/ she didn’t look the same way as in her profile, and so on. It is very sad, but there are real dating sites that make dishonest policies and ruin the reputation of dating services in general. Choosing a good dating site for you pay attention to the anti-spam policy (a good dating site surely has such a page) and privacy policy. You should have the possibility to contact a real person from the administration in different ways which are comfortable for you. It shouldn’t be just a phone number as it can be a paid line! It is better to check good ways like Skype or Whatsapp or any other application that you know and trust. And the administration should be able to answer all of your questions (of course not about the phone number of one of the clients).

Choosing a dating site for you, pay attention to all these points, and let yourself relax! Be yourself and start conversations with women. Of course, by choosing an international dating site you are making your choice bigger and your chances to meet love increase. Let yourself fall in love as you really deserve it!

Looking for a woman exactly from Stamford, you should know some dating apps and sites that are popular there. Of course, the list is bigger and all of the dating sites from the list have pros and cons:

  • eHarmony
  • Match
  • Elite Singles
  • Silver Singles
  • Zoosk

Choosing a dating site it is better to choose the site which you can trust and which answers your needs. If you are a truck driver, Elite Singles is not for you. If you are 35, Silver singles are also not the best variant. So, think well and choose the site with your brain and a girl- with your heart!

Matchmaking Services in Stamford

     Matchmaking is one of the best and most efficient services in online dating. This is the service for the people who appreciate their time and who want to get results as soon as possible. This is the reason why matchmaking is so popular in Stamford. People there work a lot and sometimes it happens that they don’t have too much time for the search of the partner online. As it is true, sometimes meeting somebody and falling in love takes a lot of time. If you wish to avoid meeting the wrong people (not because they are bad or something isn’t right with their behavior, just they don’t match you), it is better to address a professional matchmaker and he or she will search for you based on your criteria. Of course, for efficient work, you should be absolutely honest with the matchmaker and with yourself. You need to understand well what exactly you want from a relationship and from your future partner and, based on your description, the matchmaker will recommend you some profiles of the girls who can perfectly match you by character and lifestyle. Of course, nobody will meet girls instead of you and nobody will make a woman fall in love with you. However, matchmaking is so popular as it helps to save a lot of time and, if you address a good matchmaker, very often he or she really recommends you to a person who looks like your dream.;) Everything else depends on you. Show your charming lady the best features of your personality and it is sure that she will answer your feelings.

Falling in love is the best adventure in the world. Let yourself love and be loved. And why not make it exactly in Stamford?:)


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