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Brunette WomenBrunette Woman - Meet Beautiful Brunette Women Online

Wonderfully attractive and seductive brunette woman! Who is she? So, no wonder that Ukrainian girl is famous all over the world for her bright appearance and hot temper. Despite the fact that nowadays the Ukrainian nation combines features of many neighboring folks, there are still a lot of women with typical traits inherited from ancestors.

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What Does Brunette Woman Mean?

Traditionally, a natural brunette is a dark-haired girl with dark skin and dark eyes. However, it should be noted that this is not always the only correct definition, since variations are possible here too:
✔ black (any shade);
✔ chocolate;
✔ all shades of chestnut from dark to light;
✔ brown;
✔ coffee.

It is important to distinguish between the types, cold and hot are inherent in this color. The first includes dark-haired beauties with tarry black hair, the color of a raven wing (bluish-black) also belongs to this type. Beautiful brunettes include dark-haired women with chocolate, chestnut, or golden-copper hair. As a rule, these are sensual women with a playful look. These attract the most attention from the opposite sex. 

Typical Appearance of Pretty Brunette Women

Hundreds of folk songs are devoted to the outstanding look of brunette women. Brunettes were always surrounded by a halo of mystery and evoked a feeling of involuntary respect only because of their appearance. Black-haired women are provocateurs by nature. In their strength and temperament, brunettes can be compared with men. Meanwhile, the patience, determination, and insight of black-haired ladies can only be envied. Difficulties won't stop them, they always go forward, persistently striving for their goal. Brunettes often occupy leading positions in large companies and successfully realize themselves in the diplomatic and political field. 
Classic appearance implies natural brunette hair, dark thick eyebrows, and shining brown eyes framed by gorgeous silky eyelashes. Scientists say that 60% of Ukrainians possess these facial features is present. What concerns typical stature, as a rule, these girls are tall. All this makes Beautiful Ukrainian women really stunning and desired. 

By the way, every year on May 28 is the Day of the brunettes. Dark hair color is actually the most common hair color in the world. Statistics show that 70% of the world's population is brunette. These women are characterized by such qualities as elegance, cold mind, passion, and attractiveness.

Pretty Brunette WomenPretty Brunette Women

Choose The One's Beautiful Brunette Woman You Like

Men from dozens of countries dream to tie the knot with beautiful brunette Slavic women. You are lucky to have found this site as a Ukrainian dating agency that offers a huge choice of pretty brunette girls for your consideration. Just try Ukrainian Dating Online, or start talking to a girl online and we guarantee that you’ll be charmed by the beauty! They are so magical that you may want to use their snapshots as a wallpaper photo. But be careful not to tell this to the lady until you find out she is fine about it ;)

Please try to support the girl's initiative and be friendly towards those who paid attention to you!
Realize how exciting or sometimes even scary is to talk to a completely new person. Treat with understanding, sympathy, and support those girls who decided to chat with you. Smile and cheer this girl up with kind words!

If this girl clearly does not suit you, with your kind attitude you will at least acquire another friend.

Interesting Facts About Brunette Women

Fact 1. Black hair cells have the highest content of eumelanin pigment and carbon. It is the presence of these pigments that gives the color saturation and brightness.
Fact 2. The most beautiful people in the world are brunettes. The study shows that women with dark hair color have an appearance close to ideal.
Fact 3. According to psychologists, brunettes are very vulnerable and most often expose themselves to inner experiences and depression.
Fact 4. Brunettes have thick and luxurious hair. Dark hair looks much stronger and thicker than the rest. But this is also a small drawback. Brunettes are very bright and noticeable women, so they attract not only men's attention, but also the sun and, according to statistics, get sunstroke much more often than fair-haired beauties.
Fact 5. Girls with violet eyes and dark hair are considered unique.

Beautiful Brunette WomanBeautiful Brunette Woman

Real Meeting with Cute Brunette Woman is a Secret to Success

No doubt, it is easy to get lost among all these hot brunette women. To prevent this use the chat rooms on our site to get to know the ladies of your choice. Online dating is a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with each other before you decide to travel to Ukraine.

Cute Brunette Woman

Meet Brunette Lady while Brunette Dating

We are proud to be among the best dating websites offering real meetings with brunette ladies personally vetted by the SlavicGirl team. Just contact us to order a type of journey that fits you best: romance tour, dating weekend, or individual tour. We are sure that going for a love date with a brunette girlfriend will become an unforgettable experience for you!

When we speak about typical Ukrainian beauty, we can’t but mention Brunette ladies. Yes, dark eyes and dark hair are typical national features of central Ukraine's woman. You can look at the photos of ladies on this page and you will agree that the beauty of Brunette Women is very bright, passionate, and somewhat wild. Such ladies are usually smart and have outstanding personalities. You can impress such a lady with your intelligence, your ability to listen to her and act like a responsible person.

  Nowadays that is easy to change hair color but it still not possible to change traits of character;) If you want to date a Brunette Girl, let her appearance be a  nice reason to start communication, but also pay your attention to the lady's manners, life goals, and how much she appreciates your attention. You will be happy with a hot loving tender woman, no matter what color her hair is!

 Our Matchmaking advisers will help you to choose the brunette lady whose character will be matching yours. Ready to try? Start your search right now!

TOP 10 Most Beautiful Brunette Women

The most beautiful women in the world are brunettes? Can you believe it? If you are not sure, then get acquainted with the statistics of the two main beauty contests - "Miss World" and "Miss Universe": 90% of the winners are brunettes! Or remember the goddesses of the world screen Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardner, Liz Taylor, Sophia Loren - did they have many competitors in the fight for the title of the most beautiful women of the era? Psychologists say that brunettes are passionate, temperamental, sensual, and uncompromising women, which is why their sexual charisma is so strong. Our TOP of modern brunette beauties is proof of this!

1. American Brunette: Megan Fox

TOP 10 Most Beautiful Brunette Women - Megan Fox

On May 16, Megan Fox celebrates her birthday - one of the most feminine women in modern Hollywood. Everyone forgives her just for her beautiful eyes. Skeptics and critics tend to believe that Megan owes her beauty not by nature, but because of plastic surgery. Well, in that case, it was a brilliant plastic! The features of the face and body of the most desirable woman on the planet were even measured by scientists in a special program. And they have found out with the help of mathematical manipulations that here it is - the ideal proportion! Almond-shaped cat eyes, sensual lips, accentuated cheekbones, luxurious curved eyebrows, and long dark hair -  Megan definitely is a number one in our TOP list.                                             

2. Italian Brunette: Monica Bellucci

TOP 10 Most Beautiful Brunette Women - Monica Bellucci

For the past 20 years, Monica Bellucci has officially held the title of the most beautiful woman in the world. Ultra-feminine, without a hint of unisex, with luxurious forms, sensual lips, and intelligent eyes, Bellucci conquered the world with pure beauty, understandable in all languages. Without exception, all men's magazines recognized her as the most attractive and desirable of living women. The world beauty companies like Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, Hollywood directors, and art-house geniuses flood her with offers to appear. Worldwide, she is now out of competition - even in her 50s.

3. Indian Brunette: Aishwarya Rai

TOP 10 Most Beautiful Brunette Women - Aishwarya Rai

The main beauty not only of India but the whole world! The girl who won the Miss World crown in 1994, Aishwarya Rai has an atypical appearance for Hollywood actresses - olive skin, light eyes, a slender figure. However, even when the actress gained 30 kg after giving birth, fans around the world continued to insist that she was the most beautiful woman on the planet. Today, a gorgeous brunette shines on the Cannes red carpet - traditionally, the Indian beauty is the main decoration of the European movie ceremony.

4. Spanish Brunette: Penelope Cruz

TOP 10 Most Beautiful Brunette Women - Penelope Cruz

A sultry Spanish and Hollywood fatal femme, Penelope Cruz performs in her most typical role - a temperamental brunette. She so brilliantly managed to embody the image of the expressive Spanish woman Maria Elena in the movie "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and she received an Oscar for this role. In real life, Cruz is recognized as a calm character. In matters of appearance, she prefers to avoid experiments - dark skin, brown eyes, and black hair have become her brand, and she emphasizes the natural flavor with the help of timeless classics.

5. Brazilian Brunette: Adriana Lima

TOP 10 Most Beautiful Brunette Women - Adriana Lima

The most feminine of the Victoria's Secret "angels", Adriana Lima is considered a real predator - men literally fall at her feet. As befits a true Brazilian woman, the beauty has amazing proportions - with all the harmony and graceful parameters of her forms are surprisingly feminine. Add dark hair and a languid look to the above - you get a portrait of one of the most desirable women of our time.

6. American Brunette: Angelina Jolie

One of the most famous and influential Hollywood stars, Angelina Jolie is famous not only for her amazing beauty but also for her capricious character. Angelina the producer, mother of six, and UN Goodwill Ambassador and also collects knives and has about twenty tattoos.

7. British Brunette: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones (Catherine Zeta-Jones) was born on September 25, 1969, in Swansea, Wales, UK, into the family of a seamstress and confectionery factory owner David James Jones. The future actress took the prefix to the surname "Zeta" from her great-grandmother, who, in turn, was named after her ancestor, who sailed on the ship Zeta. After graduating from regular school, Katherine attended the School of the Arts in Chiswick - since childhood, she planned to become an actress.

8. Mexican Brunette: Salma Hayek

9. Armenian Brunette: Kim Kardashian

10. Chinese Brunette: Fan Bingbing

If you still have doubts, read more about the distinctive features of Ukrainian girls in our blog!

Frequently Asked Questions about Beautiful Brunette Women

❤️  Is that true that Brunette Women are Smarter and more Intelligent than Blond Ladies?

We do not have such statistics, it is difficult to imagine that color of hair can influence the level of intelligence. But that is true that each man has his favorite type of lady. Some men prefer hot brunette women, that is obvious and we are ready to make their search easier;)

❤️  What is the Best age Difference for Meeting Russian Brunette or Ukrainian Brunette?

Most Ukrainian ladies think that is perfect when the man is older, as it means being maturer. But they are careful with a big age difference as well. So we recommend concentrating your attention on ladies who are 4-15 years younger than you.

❤️  Are These Pretty Brunette Women Looking for Marriage?

We register here only ladies who are not married and can prove it with official papers and who are interested in serious relationships with a decent (we are sure!) man who is reading these lines now;)

❤️  Where do Cute Brunette Women Prefer to Go for the First Date?

That is a natural wish to talk to the person and ask him/her many questions about life when you see him/her for the first time. So the best choice for the first date is a cozy silent place where you can talk and look at each other's eyes. This can be a cafe, a restaurant, or a guest room in our office.
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