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Chat with Russian Women OnlineChat with Girls Online

Caution! The most gorgeous Russian women are online now! :) Are you interested to know why so many Ukrainian beauties are on-line on the site? We want to uncover a few of our secrets to you :)

Meet Russian Women Online

All the women that register in SlavicGirl agency are actively willing to start a new page of their life. Our team wants them to get a maximum result which means better opportunities for men as well. Therefore, we have added a special bonus to help women in their search.

Special bonus for on-line women

We have set up a new feature for our female clients: their popularity rate depends on how long they stay on-line. The most active and responsive ones get to the top list called “most popular girls”. You may easily find this category on our site. This increases their chances to be noticed and find their love soon.

Really interested Russian Women Online

In “girls on-line” section you may find the most active ladies willing to create a family. Online ladies are interested in live chats and messaging. You have a unique opportunity to chat with a lady and get to know her better. You can ask questions that are important to you.

Chat with Girl benefits

Don’t waste your time and invite ladies into a chatroom to uncover their identity. Chatting is similar to a live conversation, it helps you to get answers on the most essential questions. People often discuss in a chat such topics that otherwise would make them feel shy or uncomfortable.

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Chat with Girls - How to Get Started

How to Chat with Girls

Girls like to talk a lot, who does not know about it? However, it can be difficult for men to figure out what to talk about with the girl and how to start a conversation.

Introductions and first message

The first message should be informative and positive. Say "hello" and introduce yourself shortly:
"Hello, Yana! My name is Alexander. I saw your smile on the photo and decided to write. "
“Hi Olga, this is Jack. I would like to talk when you have time, don't you mind? "

Best Topics to talk about with a girl

Your chat communication can be divided into two areas:
Stories (mostly about yourself) and Questions.

Avoid having an interview situation. Don't ask direct questions such as:
"What's new?", “What did you do today?”, "What is your specialty?", and so on.
All the answers suggest that girl should report to you for the work done. It is annoying, isn't it?

Unfortunate questions also include silly types:
“Do you like to watch movies?”
“Do you like to receive presents?”

 The answer to these questions is obvious.

Ask questions that will cause emotions and as a result, encourage further communication. 
If a girl is interested, then she will start to write more often and informative, include more smiles (an indicator of a good mood).

Examples of open-ended questions:
“Tell me, how did you choose your specialty?”
"What brings you here?"

Most open-ended questions contain interrogative trigger words “how (do you think)”, “why”, “where”, “what”.

Tell interesting stories about yourself
To make your story exciting, there is a little secret. Tell your story emotionally. If it's funny, smile during the story. The girl will catch this wave and also will have fun.
If the story is simply exciting, then stop in the middle of the conversation, take a pause, keep the intrigue. Keep 2-3 funny stories in advance.
“We had a situation at work here on Friday. I still laugh when I remember... "

1. Not all questions should be open-ended. Some simple questions " yes-no" are also necessary for a natural conversation.
2. Communication is a two-way road. It is abnormal if only a man keeps talking and asking, but a woman condescends to the answer and keeps silent.
If that happens, then there are several options:
- you two just start a conversation;
- her English is pre-intermediate level - she is trying to use short and simple words;
- she is busy right now and can't focus on chat;
- she is interested in conversation with another man and not sure about you;
- she is just not good at conversation.

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Get vital answers

Using the chat tool you may discuss with girls the following:

- her view on life after marriage;
- her desire to have more children and her view on their upbringing;
- find out her health condition and her relatives’;
- get to know woman’s habits and temper;
- lady’s desire and ability to relocate and to get a job abroad;
- her idea of sharing household chores with her husband;
- lady’s desire to visit her homeland after moving to your country and its frequency.

russian girls chat

Useful tips for a chat with Russian Woman

Don’t fix on writing letters to the woman of your choice, use every opportunity to chat with her, when she is online! Chatting is a more effective means of communication similar to talking. Get to know each other better before your trip to Ukraine! :)

chat with girls

Frequently Asked Questions about Chat with Girls

❤️ I want to meet Russian Women online (or Ukrainian Women online), how can I do it here?

All ladies you can see on this page are now on-line so you can talk to them right now. Choose the age range of the ladies you are interested in, find the lady you want to contact and press button “free chat”. After a quick registration, you can send messages to that lady and she will get them in real-time mode.

❤️ How to start to Chat with Girls?

​You can start your conversation with a greeting, compliment and simple “how are you?”. You can also exchange photos during the chat. Feel free to ask ladies questions about their life and try chatting several ladies to feel the difference in their characters, this way you can find your best match.

❤️I send messages to girls on-line, what if they leave their computers and my messages get lost?

Do not worry, all your messages will be saved and ladies will see them when they are on-line again.

❤️ How efficient is Russian women online dating?

Chatting (sending short messages to each other when you are both on-line) is a great way to get acquainted with the lady if you do not like to write long letters. When you feel your contact is developing in the right way, choose video conversation for closer communication. This will inspire you to come and meet your lady in real life. And such meetings have worked well for hundreds of happy couples of our agency!