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Kryvoy Rog Girls — Date Beautiful Ladies in 2024, Chat with Women from Kryvyi Rih Online

Last updated on March 4, 2024

Krivoy Rog Women and Girls

The City Kryvoy Rog and the Women

   The city of Kryvyi Rih is a large industrial center, where the most expensive enterprise in Ukraine, Krivorozhstal, is located. It is considered the longest city in Europe, although the maximum length does not exceed 80 km.

 The city's history dates back to the 17th century when it was a small settlement located near rich iron ore deposits. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Kryvyi Rih experienced a period of rapid growth and development, fueled by the expansion of its mining and steel industries. The city arose in the middle XVII century at the confluence of the river. Saksagani and Ingulets, where a long cape or "horn" was formed. The date of foundation is considered to be 1775 when a postal tract station was opened in the Kryvyi Rih tract. At first, it was a military settlement, then, with the development of iron ore mining, it turned into an industrial center, the impetus for which was the construction of the Catherine railway in 1884.

 Before the war in Ukraine, Kryvyi Rih was a major industrial center, known for its mining and steel production.
The actual center of the city is "Quarter 95" (the area of ​​Gorky Square), where the City Council, most of the offices, shopping malls, nightclubs, cafes, and restaurants are located. The landscape reserve "Northern Chervona Balka", the rocks of the MOPR, and a botanical garden are located within the city. A special feature of the transport system is the metro tram - an 18-kilometer semi-underground tram line, of which 11 stations are underground. 

   In addition to its industrial importance, Kryvyi Rih is also an important cultural center, with a number of theaters, museums, and galleries located in the city. The Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University is one of the oldest and most respected institutions of higher education in the region, offering degrees in a variety of subjects, including engineering, economics, and humanities. Kryvyi Rih is also an important transportation hub, with a major railway station and an international airport serving the city. The city is home to a number of parks and public spaces, including the City Park of Culture and Recreation, a large park located in the heart of the city. Overall, Kryvyi Rih is a bustling and dynamic city, with a rich industrial, cultural, and economic heritage, attracting visitors and tourists from all over Ukraine and beyond.

In the Article "Krivoy Rog Girls & Single Women"

Prices in Krivoy Rog

  • ⏩  a cup of coffee — $ 2-3
  • ⏩  а bottle of water — $ 0.3 -2 
  • ⏩  an Icecream — $ 1-3
  • ⏩  a beer — $ 1-5
  • ⏩  food delivery — $ 2-3
  • ⏩  traveling by taxi — $ 2-3 per 1km (depending on the car, weather, and time)
  • ⏩  bus ticket — $ 0.3

The City Krivoy Rog and Its Girls

    Krivoy Rog /Kryvyi Rih is a Ukrainian city with a wondering mixture of old Ukrainian traditions (it was founded by Cossacks in 1775 like a fortress) and an overwhelming impact on later industrial development. Though it is a big city with a population of over 600,000 people, it is not an administrative center of the district but is a part of the Dnipropetrovsk district (oblast’)

   The destiny of the city was predetermined by discovering deposits of iron ore at the beginning of the 20th century, with further fast urbanization and development of metallurgy there. Such industry is still the main source of the financial success of the city, with sad consequences for the environment and abilities for different kinds of business. So, the psychological portrait of the typical Krivoy Rog Girl is very similar to the inhabitants of other industrial giants. They are simple, direct, open-minded, and can be very determined in their wish to change their difficult life circumstances. 

    Ladies in Krivoy Rog are industrious, down-to-earth, and realistic when it comes to everyday routine,  but dreamy when it comes to their future love and family life. For most of the ladies, the man should be the breadwinner in the family but while waiting for such a prince, the ladies casually found their own businesses or worked on well-paid jobs to fulfill their financial needs.

Meet Women from Krivoy Rog

   Work on the plants should attract many young men to the city, but the gender situation in the city doesn’t show it. According to statistics from 2018, there are only 800 men for 1000 women in this city. That is why Krivoy Rog Girls/Kryvyi Rih Girls are active members of different dating sites which gives them access to meeting men from other regions. The ladies are active, not shy, they are easy to get acquainted with and to lead the conversation with. 

   Ladies in Krivoy Rog understand that men love their eyes, so they pay attention to their appearance and follow all modern fashion news. There are plenty of beauty and spa salons, and the service massage is also well-developed in the city. If you are a tactile person, and massage can be the best present for you, Krivoy Rog Girls/Kryvyi Rih Girls do not mind taking a special course for masseurs to be able to bring you that kind of joy at home. 

Date Ladies from Krivoy Rog — Where to Go

    For these lovely ladies manicure before the romantic date is a must;) Most of the ladies know how to represent themselves and impress the man – you can hardly find a lady who will put on a sports suit for your first date.;)

    One more common feature for ladies here – they are easy to pick up and go, and they are more eager to change their city to a new one if compare with ladies who live in more comfortable cities. As you can imagine, this can be a great advantage for international relationships.

    Krivoy Rog Girls love their red terricones but understand that there are better places on earth for giving birth to and raising kids. It’s interesting but there are many religious and spiritual ladies in such a center of human abuse of nature. 

    There are several local Universities in the city and plenty of departments of National Universities. More likely your Krivoy Rog beauty will be an educated lady and will not have difficulties with English or learning other languages. Higher education is easily accessible in the city.

Because of the special long shape of the city, it is difficult for public transport to serve all districts of the city well. Driving a car in Krivoy Rog is a very useful skill. We haven’t found official information but it seems there are more women who drive cars in Krivoy Rog than in other cities.

   Like all Ukrainian women, ladies in Krivoy Rog can cook well. The local cuisine is a mixture of Ukrainian, Russian and Jewish food. Its main features – are simple, tasty, and quick-to-cook food. With such skills, the lady from Krivoy Rog can make a delicious family dinner no matter how much money she can afford to spend on it. By the way, the catering business is well-developed in the city and you can be confident in adding visits to local restaurants to your wish list.

    Another unusual way of spending time in the city is “industrial tourism”. It includes entering working enterprises, submerged quarries, collapsed zones, and fantastic landfills. That is not a good idea for a romantic date but there are very few places on earth where you can make such tourism, so if you like some extreme impressions, do not forget such activities while you are in Krivoy Rog.

All in all, Krivoy Rog is not the city where Ukrainians dream to live but it is the homeland for many wonderful kind family-oriented ladies who can make their men happy. It is interesting to look at the modern emblem of the city – it is a powder flask made of horn (“rih” in Ukrainian) that symbolizes the great potential and abilities of the city, and a leave of the oak tree like the symbol of power and spiritual renaissance. Actually, modern Krivoy Rog Girls/Kryvyi Rih Girls is the reason for its better future and the charm of its present.

Do's and Don'ts on a First Date with Krivoy Rog Girl

✅  Choose the proper place for your first date. If you haven’t chatted or exchanged letters before, that is reasonable to invite your lady to a traditional place for the first meetings all over the world — the local café or the restaurant. If you have been in touch already, and you know what your lady might like — you can choose some extreme ways of spending the first meeting like going horse riding, bowling or skating together.
✅  Try to show you are a true gentleman and do not be embarrassed to make small things for your date like helping her with the coat off, getting out of the car, opening doors, and letting her enter the hall first. Most of the ladies adore this kind of behavior. It is winning not only for the first date.
✅  A small gift can help you "melt the ice". This can be a bouquet of flowers, a bar of chocolate, or a small souvenir from your homeland. Though flowers or sweets are a win-win and you'd better not make experiments(wink) Let this be a sign of your care and serious preparations for the date. Details are important for ladies.
✅  Try to keep the balance between asking questions and telling stories about your life. Firstly, a smart lady will make her judgments from your actions, not words — but if you keep silent about your life this can be suspicious(wink) Secondly, your questions show you are interested — but if you ask question after question, the date can be turned into a job interview and that is not pleasant.
❌  Never ever suggest the lady in high heels and an evening dress to stroll along the streets of Kryvyi Rih. That is a good idea to call for a taxi so she can get home safely. Also, if you plan an unusual date with an active pastime, let your date know this beforehand, so she will be able to choose a proper outfit. Going to the theater in a sports suit or trying horse riding wearing a mini dress can be very annoying and stressful (wink)
❌  If you smoke and your lady doesn’t try to spend dinner time without a cigarette or at least ask for her permission to smoke at the table. If the situation is the opposite, and you do not accept such habits from your spouse, find out about smoking habits before inviting the lady on the first date.
❌  Do not bring cosmetics or perfume as a gift on your first date. Even if it costs you a fortune and the shop assistant persuaded you that all the girls dreamt about that one. (unless you got the exact title and clear instructions from your date about what you can buy for her — although that would be strange for the first meeting).
❌  Do not press if the lady is not ready to answer some of your questions. Also, that is marvelous you try to make jokes but be ready to explain them to the girl if she doesn't get it - there can be differences in mentality or culture and difficulties with translation. Make sure she does understand your language. (Nodding her head is not always a proof sign, she might be too shy to confess)


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