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Dating in Italy — Meet Single Women in Italy 2024. Chat with Girls from Italy

Last updated on June 13, 2024

     Italy is one of the most popular traveling destinations and you can easily try to combine admiring sights with Italian dating. No matter if you decide to choose as your destination a little village on the sea border or you are attracted by bright Rome if you wish to see romantic Venice or mysterious Verona if you hesitate among artistic Florence or enigmatic Portofino, you will fall in love in this country and its hospitable inhabitants. Italians are like their country: bright, expressive, with open hearts and minds. They are in love with their lands and families, they are honest and generous, and if they love, they do it deeply, if they dislike, they will tell you about it at the same second without hiding and lying. Everything in Italy can seem a little bit “too much”, but we love this country exactly for that as there is no other place like that in the world.

    When we hear “Italy” it is already like a synonym for love. Perhaps not for all life, but it is sure that all the people have in their mind sun, warmth, beautiful southern architecture with red roofs, and the most charming and expressive brunettes in the world when they hear this word: Italy... Vacationing in Italy promises unforgettable impressions and it is no wonder why so many men are attracted to beautiful Italian singles. If you decided to try your luck and you decided that Italian dating is surely the thing that you wish to try, this article is just for you as we will discover together some simple rules which will help you to win the heart of a proud Italian single girl or mature, but no less attractive Italian woman.

In the Article “Dating in Italy”

Prices in Italy

     The first thing that we do when we go traveling is plan our budget (of course after watching beautiful photos and dreaming about future dream vacations). Italy is a member of the European Union and it has the third-best economic level among the European Union countries. Prices there depend on the place, of course. If you visit one of the most popular traveling destinations or sea resorts, be ready that prices there will be higher than in other towns. If you wish to improve your economy a little bit, maybe it will be a good idea to see less popular places, however, in any case, it will have a lot of interest in it and you will be able to see the real life of Italians and not just a beautiful postcard showed to all the tourists. Well, while you are thinking about where exactly to go in Italy, just take a look at the average prices)

  • Water. No matter where you stay, hot weather will demand you to drink a lot. In the restaurant or café, you should be ready to pay about 1,10 € per bottle of 0,33l. If you go for a walk, it is more reasonable to go to the nearest supermarket and buy yourself a good bottle of water for 1,5l. It will cost you just 0,47 €. Yes, in Italy it is not too expensive to stay in shape and save yourself from the Southern sun.
  • Coffee. Italian coffee is something particular. Maybe it is because of the sun, or the coffee grains have a special aroma. Here even those who prefer tea, want to be like Italians and they surely taste local coffee. The price depends on the type of drink that you like. If you wish to be like Italians, take an espresso. The average price of the espresso is about 1,10 €. The price is not high at all just because of the extreme popularity of this drink. The cappuccino will cost you about 1,45 €. Then, it is up to you what kind of drink you prefer. J In any case, you should surely try coffee in different cafes just to compare the taste and who knows, maybe you will be noticed by an extremely attractive Italian single who also came to enjoy her favorite drink?:)
  • Beer/Wine. Mostly we provide our readers with the prices of beer. It is very pleasant to drink cold beer on a warm sunny evening. However, wine is so popular in Italy that we decided to give you prices for wine as who knows, maybe you will decide to invite your beauty to enjoy local wines and cheeses.:) Let’s start with beer. Domestic beer will cost you About 5 € for 0,5l. Imported beer will cost about 4 € for 0,33l. A bottle of wine will cost you about 15 € per bottle. Of course, prices differ, depending on the type, year, restaurant, and city where you take it. However, in Rome, the most expensive city, a glass of wine with cheese will cost about 10 €. Not too much for sharing it with somebody very special, right?
  • Ice-cream. It is a very popular dessert in Italy and you can not only enjoy it in a restaurant after a meal but buy it in numerous street food cafes and just continue to walk with it. Friends and not only friends meet very often to have cold dessert together and drink coffee after it. You can propose to your Italian beauty to meet in such a place and just have ice cream before going for a walk. Cold dessert will cost you from 2,5 to 6 €. As Italian ice cream is known everywhere as a very tasty one, pleasure is guaranteed.:)
  • A meal in the restaurant. When you are in Italy, it is surely necessary to eat tasty Italian food. Plus, Italian restaurants know how to create a special atmosphere with good music, beautiful flowers everywhere, and candlelight…. They know perfectly what romance means and even if you have dinner alone, you will be glad to enjoy an atmosphere of calmness and relaxation. A good dinner for one with a big pizza, large pasta, a bottle of wine, dessert, and coffee will cost about 40 € in Rome. In other cities, it can be even cheaper. A dinner for two with two first dishes, pizza, pasta, 2 fish meals, 2 coffees and a bottle of wine will cost you just 60 €. So, just find a good company for dinner and enjoy!

Of course, the most important thing is not a glass of wine or coffee, The most important is who you share it with and after looking at the hotel prices, we will speak about how not to stay alone in one of the most romantic countries of the world.;)

Hotels in Italy

     Italy is a very touristic country and it can offer an enormous choice of hotels for any kind of tourist. If you are a student and, it is OK to stay with other people in the room (there are rooms just for men, rooms just for women or mixed, well, it can also not be a too bad way to meet women in Italy), you can stay in numerous hostels. Very often they offer good rooms and comfortable beds for very low prices (about 40 €). For this price, you can enjoy a good location and rather comfortable conditions, but… you will share a room with other people. If you do appreciate privacy, well, it is better to look at the hotels with a little bit better conditions. However, in Italy, it is not complicated to find a good hotel for a not very high price. As we have no idea where you are going, we will give you examples of the hotels in Rome, Florence, and Venice as these destinations are the most popular.


  • Domus Domas. This hotel in the heart of Rome will spoil you with comfort and an excellent location for a rather reasonable price. All the rooms are decorated in a modern style and provide clients with air-conditioning, a flat TV, free Wi-Fi, and a mini-bar. In the bathroom, of course, guests can use hairdryers and toiletries. All the clients say that breakfast is very tasty there and it is served in the room. You can choose rooms with a city view, inner yard view, or garden view, but all of them will give you a good mood in the morning when you will enjoy your coffee-making plans for the coming day. The best thing about this hotel is not just its comfort, but its great location. Meeting a beautiful Italian woman, you can invite her to join you in admiring the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore as you are just 200 meters from this place. Numerous restaurants around your hotel will help you to continue your romantic Italian date. The price of a room in Domus Domas is 245-273 € depending on the room choice.
  • UNAHOTELS Trastevere Roma is open for guests 24/7 and if you also like to enjoy a great location and you want to feel the original Italian style, this hotel is just for you. Entering this hotel, you will feel at once that you are in a beautiful Italian palazza. It is situated just 400 meters from Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, which is a great place to start your Italian vacation. In the hotel, you can enjoy a restaurant, room service, and very comfortable rooms in Italian style with amazing bathrooms and bidet. All the rooms are with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, and a wardrobe. In the morning you will be spoiled with a tasty continental or Irish breakfast. Good start for the day which will bring you a lot of positive emotions! The price is about 245 €.
  • Rome. It can seem that all the prices in Rome are more than 200 € and tourists who want to make some economy just don't have any other choice than going to the hostel and sharing a room with strangers. Not at all! There are many hotels that can surprise you with comfort and price. They are situated a little bit far away from the center. Among them, you can see GH Hotel San Giusto. Just for 79 €, you get a good room with all the necessary comfort in it. Air conditioning, flat TV, Wi-Fi, minibar, free toiletries, breakfast, modern Italian-style rooms. What can you desire? Yes, if you wish to see all the sights, it is better to use public transport or a taxi. But everything is not far away at all. For example, the famous Coliseum is just 5 metro stations from your hotel and 3 stops from Termini Train station. This way you can stay in very good conditions and economy for some bouquets of flowers for your Italian beauty.
  • Florence. If you decide to visit Florence and enjoy not only the beauty of Florence's single girls but also some art museums we would recommend Hotel Degli Orafi. When you look at this hotel, the word “Elegance” comes to your mind. Comfortable rooms, excellent location, and absolutely incredible view are in your disposition for a rather reasonable price. For 156 € you can enjoy all that and even invite your Italian girl to join you in the sunset to admire the view of the Cathedral from the garden on the roof. The rooms will spoil you not only with standard comforts such as flat TV, air conditioning, and a good bathroom but also with carpeted floors and wooden beams. As for breakfast, have you ever had breakfast in the ballroom of the 19th century and the view of the River Arno and Via dei Georgofili? If not, maybe you should really think about staying in this hotel. By the way, personnel will be glad to help you with advice on where to go and what to see in their beautiful town.
  • What can be more romantic than Venise? If you have already found your Italian beauty, you should go there together. If you are just looking for her, maybe it will be a good idea to go at once to one of the most romantic places in the world. Prices for the hotels in this city can seem higher than in other cities of Italy, but it is possible to find a good hotel right in the heart of Venice and enjoy real Venetian comfort for a reasonable price. Hotel Santo Stefano is situated in the watchtower of the 15 century and just looking at the square of Santo Stefano, you will feel “I am in Venice''. Elegant rooms in Venetian style will surprise you with modern equipment, minibar, room service, etc, but if the weather is fine, you can invite a beautiful senorita to join you at the breakfast which is served just outdoors, in the square. After it, you can walk together to Piazza San Marco as it is just a 10-minute calm walk. The price is 364 €, which is rather comfortable for the center of Venice.

Women's Demographics in Italy

     Italy's population is a little bit over 59 million people. There are 30 million women and 29 million men there. Statistics state that women in Italy are very educated, more than half (if say exactly, 59%) of all people with higher education are women. Also, Italian women pay much more attention to their cultural development such as reading books, going to the theaters, art galleries, museums, and so on. Numbers state that 47% of Italian women have the habit of reading books (in comparison to 30% of the male population). The population of Italy has not had too many immigrants, a little bit more than 8% of the population are immigrants. So, you have more chances to meet an Italian woman in Italy than a woman from another country. However, most immigrants prefer to live in big cities with opportunities for work, so, if you wish to meet not only Italian women, but beautiful women from other countries, it is better to go to the big cities. There you can meet attractive women of other nationalities living in Italy or you can meet beautiful tourists there. Now, because of the difficult situation in Ukraine, many people have escaped from the country to different countries of the European Union. About 142 000 are currently living in Italy, of course, most of them are women. So, if you are looking for a single Ukrainian woman, you can easily find her in Italy.

Dating Traditions in Italy

     In general, all people see dating as pleasant meetings when two people try to know each other better and get closer. General rules are the same. However, every country has certain particularities which are caused by the national character and common traditions. Take a look at some dating traditions in Italy to find out what to expect or what is expected from you:

  • Romance!!! Yes, exactly with the exclamation points. In other countries, like the USA or some other countries in Europe, dating now is like spending time with a friend, but just for two, in Italy, romance and a romantic atmosphere during the date are very very important. Flowers, compliments, and romantic dinners are more than welcome. Italian men spoil women with hundreds of pleasant words and Italian women are used to that. If she is beautiful, don’t hesitate, to say that she is the most beautiful in the world. Maybe she is not a top model, but the most important is that she is so in your eyes and Italian beauty should see the admiration in your eyes when you look at her.
  • Family respect is a must! Italians are known as a nation where family relationships are very close and even if your Italian girl is adult and independent, don’t be surprised if you meet her mum sooner than you expected. If in the USA people very rarely ask their parent's opinion about their future beloved, in Italy family opinion is important. So, if after some dates you are invited to a family dinner, it is just normal. Try not to worry, be yourself, speak calmly and honestly about yourself, and do not forget flowers for her mum and wine to the table.
  • Honesty in everything. It doesn’t mean that you have the habit of lying. Just in other countries people very often do not express their thoughts. Just we get used to keeping them and we share our thoughts only when it is really necessary. Italians express their feelings and opinions without hiding. It is one of the frankest nations in the world. They are expressive and it can seem too much, but it is a part of their particular charm. We don't state at all that you should try to be like them. It is very important not to play. But just try to be a little bit more open than you usually do.
  • Some little advice. Italians believe in the first impression, falling in love at first sight and the first date is exactly the time to impress your woman. So, wear your best clothing. Not the most official one or not the most expensive one, but the one which matches you the best (clothing which makes you attractive). Of course, Italian women work and have a salary. They also have heard about women's rights and surely they fight for them, but not on the date. In Italy, men pay the bill, and even if a woman says that she would like to pay half, don’t hesitate, gently insist, say that it will give you pleasure. It can be a little hidden test from an Italian girl.:) In the same way, they insist on calling and paying for a taxi for her. This way you will show that her safety and comfort are important to you and you are ready to take care of her.

How to Meet Italian Women and Italian Girls

     Italian women are passionate and educated. They respect themselves and they demand to be treated like ladies. If in some other countries (we won’t tell where exactly), women can go to bed with a man on the first date, for Italian women it is very important to make it with strong feelings. On the first date, people in Italy are more interested in getting closer emotionally and they do not hurry up with intimacy, enjoying conversations. So, important advice: don’t hurry up with sex. If an Italian girl is open to relationships with foreigners, she knows where to find them and she goes to popular tourist destinations. So, you can easily meet local women in famous places of interest, near monuments, famous fountains, art galleries, and theaters. Or, even if an Italian girl is not looking there for a foreign man, it is very pleasant to meet a girl who is interested in art or theater, right? If you are fond of sport, you should visit soccer games (In Italy it should be called football) and there you can meet a great funny girl who is as interested in this sport as you. The most important thing is just to enjoy your vacations and not hesitate to start conversations with single attractive women.

     However, what if your character is a little bit shy and you don’t feel comfortable enough to start a conversation with a stranger? Especially if this beauty is in the company of her friends, it should not be too easy, right? In this case, we would recommend you take care of your vacation beforehand and use dating apps or sites to find beautiful Italian singles even before you come to this charming country. Now there are thousands of couples who formed their families this way and it is a very good possibility for the people who are not too confident or who work too much and they just don't have time to visit different clubs, cafes or other places of entertainment in order to meet there a single who you could make a couple with. Using a dating site or dating app is also an easier way as when you meet a beautiful woman on the street, she can be engaged, have a boyfriend already, can be not interested, or even can love women, who knows. Using dating sites or apps you can be sure to meet women who came there with the same goal, meeting somebody for relationships, more or less serious, depending on the site or app. But they are so numerous nowadays, which one to choose? Let’s compare!

Free Dating Sites in Italy vs Paid Dating Sites

     First of all, let’s check what is better, dating sites or dating applications. Dating apps seem to be easier as they are always with you on your phone, so you can just download them from the App Store, register, and enjoy conversations. However, most dating sites have a mobile version, so, it is more reasonable to use exactly dating sites as they provide customers with a much larger range of services. If in dating apps you are mostly communicating with other singles, in dating sites you can use a lot of additional services such as translated video conferences, organization of the meeting in real life, matchmaking services, different packages, romantic tours, gift delivery, and so on. If you wish to meet an Italian woman for marriage, you can check how such services can look like here Mostly the sites with different services have much more personnel who will be glad to help you with all your questions and there you can always have online consultations with real people and not just with chatbots. If you are looking just for flirting and communication, you can easily stop dating apps. If you wish to find something more serious, it is better to address to dating site with a mobile version.

Let’s take a look at some popular dating apps in Italy:

  • Destined for people who are looking for serious relationships. Services are not free, however, it helps to limit people who are looking just for unserious entertainment.
  • Lovoo. A German dating app that is very popular in Italy. Principe of use is built on the “Match game” when profiles are chosen blindly. There is also the option of “Love radar” where you can choose the profile of the person nearest to you.
  • Tinder. World famous app is also popular in Italy. However, it is most popular with people from 20 to early 30. It is rarely used by elder people.
  • Happn. Search is often built on distance, so, it is more reasonable to use it when you are already in Italy. You can limit your search by 90 km and this way meet the nearest beauties.
  • Badoo. Popular app all over Europe, so, there you can meet not only Italian beauties but also girls from different countries.

In general, most of these apps are considered free, however, almost all of them have paid packages, which give you access to a bigger choice of services. Like “find out who added you to favorites” or “be able to communicate first with popular profiles”. However, check carefully. There are sites with are considered paid with the same options for free like

Pay or not to Pay

It is even not a question. Let’s analyze, what people pay for and why people do not want to use paid dating sites. Of course, it is not because they are greedy, right?:))

  • I don’t want to pay for love! Nobody wants! It is absolutely normal to desire to be loved just for who you are and not for your account in a bank. On paid dating sites people pay for their services. In the same way, we all could buy a special machine and never go to the hairdresser. However, we do it as we know that professional will make it better, easier and you need just to relax and enjoy. You could repair your car or ask your friend to do it. However, you cannot be sure of the quality, and if anything happens with your car on the road, who will be guilty? In the same way, when people are using free sites, they meet scammers and then think that ALL women from this site are like that. They lose communication with girls that they like because of language misunderstanding. They are attacked by numerous advertisements and promos and, accidentally clicking on one of them can get the virus to the computer or phone. Most people address paid sites because they just want to avoid such unpleasant things.
  • Free sites also have teams that I can address in case of problems. Of course, they have. Any site or application is a difficult mechanism and there are always people who work for your comfort. However, paid dating site gets money from customers. They are interested in your comfort and well-being as if you leave their site, they lose good clients and if you are not satisfied, it is not good for their reputation. The reputation of such sites is the most precious thing for them as this way they get new clients. Their goal is to make clients happy, engaged, married, and so on. They are proud of their results and they show them only if customers allow them. If you leave a free site, it is not too important for the administration. If you give your money to a beautiful woman for traveling to you there and she suddenly disappears (yes, it happens rather often), they will just say, “Sorry, we can do nothing in such a situation”. Paid sites know personally all the clients. On paid sites, women do not disappear without explanations. They have an anti-scam policy that protects you and your pocket and they have professional advisers who protect your heart. Of course, if you wish it.:)
  • Trust, but verify. When we start a relationship, all we want to believe to our future date or partner. On free sites, there are always doubts. Is this really a woman and not a man who wants to get money this way? Or is it just a man or teenager who wants to laugh after work or school? If it is a woman who is really interested in you, is it really her in the photos? Or maybe it’s really her, but 10 years ago? Or maybe her photos are taken 2 years ago, but after, she took 15 kilos after the divorce? Unfortunately, there are many situations like that on free sites. Registration is easy for all, men and women, and this facility is attractive for all people, honest and not too honest. On the paid site, all the clients are carefully checked. They look the same way as in the photo, they are really the age that you see in the profile, they have surely a number of kids stated and they are surely not married and not in serious relationships. Everything is checked and you can have a pleasant feeling of trust from the beginning.

Matchmaking Services in Italy

     We have previously mentioned that good dating sites usually have various services. One of them is Matchmaking. What is it and why many people are using this service? For some people who choose online dating, it is very pleasant to spend a lot of time looking at and reading women's profiles. They try to guess what kind of character this beautiful woman, what she dreams about, how she spends her days… In reality, very few people can really imagine the character of another person just by photos, and very often in imagination we give another person qualities or lacks that this person doesn’t have in reality. A woman who has the appearance of an angel can be not too clever a doll who thinks just about her nails or a woman with a very ordinary appearance can surprise her man with a lot of inner qualities and hidden sexuality that was not expressed by the photos. If you don’t wish to waste your time on non-existing fantasies, you should trust professionally.

     What is very good in matchmaking services is that you address the person who knows all the clients personally. Usually, matchmakers are very good psychologists, and talking to you, he or she makes at once certain conclusions. If you are using such a service, you should just tell what kind of woman you dream to meet and the matchmaker proposes some variants of women who answer your criteria. Then, you meet them, have conversations and of course, the final choice is made by you and your woman. This way is very popular in Italy as for hundreds of years, especially in little townspeople have found each other that way. In Italy, matchmaking services can have different prices, and certain matchmakers are not cheap. And plus, as they work with people and their feelings which is a very delicate sphere, there is no matchmaker who can give you a 100% guarantee. It is much better to order such service on an international dating site as most such teams have a wide variety of clients, they have years of experience and there you can be sure of the neutral position of the people working there. If you don’t have time to make a long search alone, just take a look here and let professionals guide you the best way they can.

     Italy… A hot country with charming women is ready to give you unforgettable impressions. Who knows, maybe if you decide to buy a ticket there right now, this decision can change your life forever. Try and just don’t forget to open your heart to new feelings and romance!


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