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Bulgaria Dating 2024— Meet Single Girls & Mature Women. Dating Sites in Bulgaria

Last updated on April 15, 2024

    Bulgaria is a country on the Balkan Peninsula, where mountains descend directly to the Black Sea coast. The nature and ancient history of this country created a variety of attractions. And the Bulgarian traditions have absorbed the features of the Slavic, Greek, Thracian, and Turkish cultures. 10 sights of Bulgaria are included in the register of the world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Of these, 7 were created by man and cover a grandiose period of history - from the Paleolithic to the 19th century. Another 3 objects are nature reserves.
The cleanliness of the beaches in Bulgaria is rated quite high and takes 5-6th place in the ranking of the EU countries. Most of the beaches are sandy, but there are also rocky ones, appreciated by divers and snorkelers. You can relax both on equipped beaches with excellent service and on wild beaches remote from civilization.
You can come to Bulgaria both in winter and summer, for recreation and recovery - everyone will find something special for him in this beautiful country. And if to consider the hospitality and Slavic mentality of the inhabitants, this may be exactly the country where you can meet your soul mate. In this article, you will find everything you need to clearly understand the features of Bulgaria dating and plan your visit.

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Ready to Go Out with Your Date? Prices in Bulgaria

    The official currency of Bulgaria is the lev (BGN). 1 lev is equal to about 50 euro cents. In some resorts, Bulgarians accept euros and dollars in souvenir shops and cafes. But it is always more profitable to pay in national currency because it's cheaper than dollars or euros. To get 100 Bulgarian lev you have to pay on average 56$ or 51 Euro. You can buy Bulgarian leva in your country before traveling or change money at the
airport or bank upon arrival.
Here we try to give you some ideas of prices in different areas which you'll face when spending time in Bulgaria:

  • ⏩  Meal. It is worth noting that food prices in Bulgaria are among the most moderate in Europe. Bulgarian cuisine combines Turkish, Slavic, and Greek gastronomic traditions. So it would be a perfect idea to invite your lady to a restaurant where you can enjoy Bulgarian national dishes like tarator, banitsa, Kapama, and others together. The average bill for two with lots of food to eat will be about 40 BGN. If you are walking alone and just want to satisfy your hunger, you can do it in an ordinary cafe at an approximate cost of a lunch of 9 BGN or order a combo set with a Big Mac for 10 BGN.
  • ⏩  Drinks. If you want to start from a short date you can invite your lady for a cappuccino or latte in the cafe, where for 1 cup you will pay about 2,3 BGN. Or you can arrange a romantic evening for two on the beach, or in your room with a bottle of wine and fruit. The cost of these efforts will be about 14 BGN (in the supermarket you will buy a bottle of wine for 7 BNG, 1kg of apples — for 2 BNG, 1 kg of bananas — for 2,3 BGN, and 1 kg of oranges — for 3 BNG). If you prefer beer to wine — you can buy a bottle of good beer for 1,5 BGN. A healthy lifestyle and thirst-quenching with ordinary water will be even cheaper — you will pay only 0.7 BGN for a bottle of water of 0.5 liters.
  • ⏩  Transportation. Now let's talk about how best to get to the meeting point or travel between cities. It should be noted that the prices for all transport in Bulgaria, despite the country's belonging to the European Union, are extremely low. The easiest way to do this is by bus because bus transport serves 95% of the entire country.
    The cost of a ticket on an intercity bus for one person is 12 lev. Getting around the city will cost the
    cheapest — the ticket price is one lev and is valid for one hour for all types of public transport. If you prefer more comfort, then you can order a taxi (costs 2 BGN per 1 km on average), or easily rent any car of your choice. The rental price without gasoline is from 25 lev per day for a regular sedan, insurance is included. The price of a liter of gasoline, for example, A-95, is about 2 BGN.

Best Hotels to Stay Before Your Date in Bulgaria

     No sights, national dishes, excursions, and especially dating women in Bulgaria won't please you if at the end of an eventful day you don't have a wonderful place where you can rest, relax, and recharge your batteries. Therefore, the choice of a hotel must be taken with all responsibility. First, you must decide for yourself what exactly you expect from your temporary shelter and decide on the location.

  • ✅   If you want to book a hotel-resort complex right on the Black Sea coast, with an all-inclusive food system and a wide range of entertainment, then it is better to stop your attention in Sunny Beach or Golden Sands. For example, HVD Club Bor is situated in the center of Sunny Beach and provides a clock system Ultra All Inclusive, which means that alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks are already included in the price as well as traditional and international dishes served in the a la carte and buffet restaurant on the territory of the hotel. Besides the perfect sandy beach and clear blue sea about 150 meters from the hotel, HVD Club Bor suggests to its guests a huge swimming pool, wellness center, spa, gym, and volleyball court. The location of this hotel near the Flower Street promenade is ideal for visiting local clubs and bars where you can try to make new acquaintances.
  • ✅   One of the best hotels in Bulgaria is situated in Golden Sands resort 4 minutes walking from the perfect beach. Melia Grand Hermitage Hotel ( ) is a 9-story building with 700 rooms, half of which have a sea view. The building is surrounded by a vast area with swimming pools, restaurants, spas, parks, green terraces, and gardens. It accepts guests on the " All Inclusive" system.
  • ✅   If you are planning an active trip to Bulgaria, going on excursions, spending the day in a water park, or lying down, you should not overpay for lunches, or the all-inclusive system in the resort, you can always find the place with included breakfasts and also a small mini kitchen right in your hotel room. An example of such a solution is the DOLCE DELUXE-Dolce Vita 2 Apart Complex in the city of Saint Vlas. ( ) Here you will find comfortable apartments for the price of a hotel room. Apart from Hotel Dolce Vita 2 provides accommodation in a well-equipped apartment with a kitchenette, with all necessary appliances (iron, washing machine, TV, toaster, and kettle) in short, everything we use every day. Add here - a modern design and a large balcony with beautiful sea views, a wonderful garden, and tasty breakfasts included in the price, and you will understand why this place is so popular for visitors. 
  • ✅   If you prefer to stay in the capital of Bulgaria — Sofiya will suggest a thousand interesting options with different prices and locations. So it's up to your taste. Here we decided to describe Hotel DITER ( in the heart of the city, close to the main government offices of Sofia, the National Palace of Culture, and the main shopping street Vitosha. It's not a fashionable or luxurious place but a very cozy and friendly one. Hotel DITER is located in the recently renovated house of the famous Bulgarian writer and politician Todor Vlaykov. The building belongs to the architectural monuments and embodies the charm and spirit of the Old Sophia.

These are just some examples and recommendations and of course, in Bulgaria, you will find a huge variety of hotels depending on the place, price, and your requirements.

Typical Bulgaria Singles

      So now you know a little bit about the food, prices, and places to stay in a sunny Balkan Peninsula country. And you ask yourself the main question - is it really worth visiting? Even if you are not a fan of historical sights and beautiful resorts the answer is unequivocal - yes! You should come to Bulgaria only to see and date the beautiful ladies of this country.
Bulgarian girls and women are definitely beautiful. Oriental figures with elongated thin waists, narrow chests, and thin-boned, long graceful hands predominate. Bulgarian women have magnificent hair, curly or straight, whole shocks; beautiful thin, smooth, and dark skin. Almost no one has a problem with it. High air humidity helps maintain the skin's moisture balance. Bulgarians keep to traditional ideas about femininity. They know how to take care of themselves, dress beautifully and look amazing. In addition, Slavic roots made these girls excellent housewives. Bulgarians inherited the best qualities from Ukrainian beauties, but there are quite a lot of Ukrainians themselves here.
In general, the Ukrainian diaspora is the third-largest in Bulgaria. The number of diasporas today is approaching 20 thousand people but after Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, a lot of Ukrainian women were forced to flee Ukraine and seek refuge in neighboring states. Already ten days after the start of the war in Ukraine, about 25 thousand Ukrainians entered Bulgaria through Romania. A week later, their number had grown to almost 70,000, and almost half of them would stay in Bulgaria for a long time. In a word, if you are a man visiting Bulgaria you will have a really difficult time concentrating on anything else but the beautiful girls around you.

Dating Women in Bulgaria

      Bulgaria women dating is not much different from dating in another country and always starts with only one question: "How? How will I meet her? 
Thousands of thoughts run through your head:

  • ⏩  should I come to the capital of Bulgaria — Sofia and just wander around the street in search of my destiny?
  • ⏩  or should I come to a nightclub and maybe find a hot beauty there for a relationship?
  • ⏩  or maybe get acquainted with a Slavic beauty right at the resort — on the beach and offer her swimming lessons in the sea together?

      Of course, you can choose any of the methods above or come up with an even more sophisticated method of dating in real life, but to be honest, the chances of successfully completing this plan are low. Most reasonable men and women in today's world prefer online dating in Bulgaria. It's a site or application for your phone where you can meet ladies "sorted" according to your criteria. You can choose a particular age and other parameters, such as height or weight, having children, or bad habits. This greatly simplifies the search, because on any Bulgarian dating site, you can find a girl with similar interests and goals in life, this will provide an opportunity to find mutual understanding from the first minutes of communication.
The good thing about online dating in Bulgaria is that you can actually be anywhere, in any place in the world chatting with a beautiful girl from Bulgaria and planning your trip there and meeting when it suits you and circumstances allow. There are a lot of dating apps in Bulgaria, you will be surprised how many of them you can find on the internet. Some of the applications can work only for Bulgaria, others are international sites that offer dating girls from around the world, including Bulgaria. All of them have some common features but also many
differences that distinguish them not only in the process of use but also in the result itself. These can be world-known famous free dating apps like Badoo, Mamba, Tinder, etc., or paid-using applications of well-known international dating sites with a proven reputation and quality such as The last one is a really popular application with a clear interface and administrative support that helps you to meet amazing Slavic ladies, who physically can be in any country in the world because of the war in Ukraine.
So actually the main task before you start your search is to find the best dating app in Bulgaria for YOURSELF! As we already mentioned - there is a great variety of them and probably the most obvious difference between them for any user is that some sites are free, while others will have to be paid for. Is there still a difference between them and is it really worth spending money on, let's try to make out below.

10 Dating Ideas in Bulgaria

Dating in Bulgaria offers a unique blend of rich history, breathtaking natural landscapes, and vibrant cultural experiences. Here are some recommendations for dating in Bulgaria:

  1. Explore Historic Sites: Bulgaria boasts a wealth of ancient ruins and historic sites dating back to Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman times. Visit landmarks such as the Rila Monastery, the ancient city of Nessebar, and the Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo.
  2. Relax on Sunny Beaches: Bulgaria's Black Sea coast is famous for its stunning beaches and vibrant seaside resorts. Spend a romantic day lounging on the golden sands of Sunny Beach, exploring the historic town of Sozopol, or taking a boat trip to the secluded beaches of the Bulgarian Riviera.
  3. Discover Nature's Beauty: Explore Bulgaria's diverse natural landscapes, from the rugged mountains of the Balkans to the tranquil beauty of the Rhodope Mountains. Go hiking in the Pirin National Park, skiing in Bansko, or horseback riding in the picturesque Rose Valley.
  4. Indulge in Traditional Cuisine: Sample Bulgaria's delicious cuisine, which blends Balkan, Mediterranean, and Ottoman influences. Try dishes like banitsa (a savory pastry), kebapche (grilled minced meat), and Shopska salad, paired with local wines and rakia (fruit brandy).
  5. Experience Cultural Festivals: Immerse yourself in Bulgaria's rich cultural heritage by attending traditional festivals and events. Don't miss the Kukeri Festival in Pernik, the Rose Festival in Kazanlak, or the vibrant celebrations of Baba Marta Day in March.
  6. Visit Charming Towns and Villages: Explore Bulgaria's quaint towns and villages, known for their well-preserved architecture, cobblestone streets, and traditional crafts. Wander through the cobbled lanes of Plovdiv's Old Town, visit the charming village of Koprivshtitsa, or admire the colorful houses of Balchik.
  7. Relax in Thermal Springs: Unwind together at one of Bulgaria's thermal springs and spa resorts. Enjoy a relaxing soak in mineral-rich thermal waters, pampering spa treatments, and wellness activities surrounded by stunning natural scenery.
  8. Attend Folklore Performances: Experience Bulgaria's vibrant folk music and dance traditions by attending a live performance or folk festival. Watch colorful folk dances, listen to traditional music, and immerse yourself in the country's cultural heritage.
  9. Explore Wine Regions: Bulgaria has a long history of winemaking, with several wine regions producing high-quality wines. Take a wine tour of the Melnik region, visit vineyards in the Thracian Valley, or explore the wine cellars of the Danube Plain.
  10. Enjoy Outdoor Activities: Whether it's hiking in the mountains, kayaking on pristine rivers, or cycling through picturesque countryside, Bulgaria offers plenty of outdoor activities for adventurous couples to enjoy together.

With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, Bulgaria provides the perfect backdrop for romantic adventures and memorable experiences while dating in this beautiful country.

Free Dating Site in Bulgaria vs Not a Free Dating Site

  • ✅  Contingent: free dating sites are something like a social network where you can meet anyone - from teenagers who are having fun to bored pensioners, this is just a platform to talk that doesn't really care if you meet your soulmate, while not free dating site is more interested that you will create a couple, so they are more scrupulous in registering candidates. The number of couples for them is an indicator of the quality of their work and they will care about their own reputation. 
  • ✅  Reliability: Free dating sites cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. When you write to a 30-year-old blue-eyed blonde, no one can guarantee you that this photo does not hide a 60-year-old gray-haired bored woman or even a man. While not free dating sites register only real girls, check the documents of candidates, and also conduct preliminary questionnaires and interviews. In addition, many agencies directly recommend video chats so that you can make sure that the photos of your chosen one are up to date.
  • ✅  Language: when you want to start online dating in Bulgaria and don't know the language — it might become difficult for you on a free dating site. Automatic translations sometimes bring serious misunderstandings, especially at the beginning of communication. Not free dating applications usually provide "in-built" qualification translations or even online interpreters with whose help even your first contact with a Slavic lady will become direct, easy, and unconstrained. In any case, it is up to you to decide which dating site to choose, but sometimes the banal desire to "save" leads to the collapse of hope for a happy relationship. Maybe it was after such a disappointment the saying "Miser pays twice" appeared?

Matchmaking Service in Bulgaria: Do You Really Need It?

    When it comes to dating — men are always sure that they will not need help, and professional matchmaking services — are even more so. But for some reason, those who were not afraid to use one of the best dating apps in Bulgaria and other countries — or even turn to their team for personal matchmaking — have been happily married for a long time already now. Why is this happening so soon? Do they know any special secret to success?
    Often, when a man gets to a site with Ukrainian girls, it is difficult for him to concentrate, after he manages to choose a lady (or several ladies) to communicate with, the user of the dating site does not know how to proceed further so that virtual communication grows into a real relationship. It is here that professionals in their field will help — they will tell you how to become closer to your chosen one, help you to please her with a gift, or discuss plans for the weekend in a real video chat. But the main difficulty lies not in this — many men, once on a dating site, fall into virtual relationships for many months or even years. Not everyone dares to meet in person even after months of gentle correspondence. Sometimes it is the fear of destroying everything and sometimes fear for your own safety. An experienced agency, such as Slaviс Girl (with a history of 22 years and more than 700 couples), will create all the conditions for you to meet your chosen one as soon as possible. Agency staff will make sure that your first meeting is comfortable and safe, help you to purchase tickets and book a hotel, provide you with an experienced interpreter if necessary, help you with choosing a place for a first date, and even choose a wardrobe. In addition, on this site you will find support in all matters regarding your communication 24/7, you will find a system of pleasant bonuses and you will simply be sure that your search will stop very soon because you
will enjoy life with your soul mate.


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