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Attractive blond women

Attractive pretty russian women and Odessa Ukraine women.

Blondes became rare

Beautiful blonde women make hearts of men across the world melt. They look tender, feminine and induce desire to protect them. Scientists say that in the second half of the XX century the number of naturally blonde women in Earth decreased from 49% to 14%. Nowadays this number lowered for another 2%.


Choose blonde Ukraine girls

Despite this statistics, on our site you may find lots of pretty blonde girls. Many of them don’t even dye their hair! You definitely heard that fair hair is known as a feature of typically Russian appearance. You, probably, wonder how we managed to collect such a number of beautiful blonde flowers on slavic-girl.com?:) The answer is in Ukrainian ancestry and historical background.


Bilingual beauties

South of Ukraine is a wonderful place where you can meet Slavic ladies of Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian origin and others. Mykolaiv, “the city of beauties”, is a hometown for many girls with multi-national roots. Ukrainian ladies with Russian ancestry unite the best features of both nations. Get to know them and make sure! If you want to know more about the features of both nations, feel free to read this article in our blog.


Why do they attract men?

Fair-haired ladies beautifully attract men with their sexy appearance and natural charm. Many men in power dream to have a beautiful blonde girl as their life partner. They are ideal lovers and wonderful actresses and attract men by their mild and a bit naive character.


Find your destiny with us

One of our blue-, green- and brown-eyed women with pretty blonde hair is willing to become your future life-partner. Your primary goal is to find this one and only. Listen to your heart and make your choice. Why don’t you ask several ladies for a video-chat or come to meet them in Ukraine? The more ladies you initially choose, the better the chance of success will be. Don’t waste your time on writing letters. Only a real meeting can show whether you are compatible

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