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Blonde Ukraine Girls Dating — Pictures and Videos of Blond Women from Ukraine. Chat with Beautiful Ukrainian Blondes Online 2024

Last updated on April 9, 2024

  Natural Blondes are girls & women with light hair color, due to the low level of dark pigment melanin and the high level of light pigment in their hair. Blond hair is distinguished both by the saturation of the light pigment and by the shades.

Blond Ukrainian womanBlond Ukraine woman


Blonde Girls Became Rare — Disappearing Blonde Gene

   Beautiful blonde women make the hearts of men across the world melt. They look tender, and feminine, and induce a desire to protect them. Scientists say that in the second half of the XX century, the number of naturally blonde women on Earth decreased from 49% to 14%. Nowadays this number lowered by another 2%.

In the Article "Blonde Girls & Women"

Meet Cute Blonde Ukrainian Girls Online

    Despite these statistics, on our site, you may find lots of pretty blonde girls from Kyiv, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kherson, PoltavaZaporizhzhia WomenRivne Women, Kryvyi Rih Women, etc. You also can meet blond Ukrainian Girls in the USA: New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, and in the UK: London, Manchester, Birmingham, in Ireland. Many of them don’t even dye their hair! You heard that fair hair is known as a feature of typical Slavic appearance. You, probably, wonder how we managed to collect such several beautiful blonde flowers on dating site?:) The answer is in Ukrainian ancestry and historical background.

Blond Ukrainian Girls Pictures

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Pros and Cons of Meeting Blonde Girl from Ukraine

✅  You can meet on our website blonde girls over 25 years old. We created pages for you for an easy search like dating over 30 yo, 35 yo, 40 yo, 50 yo, etc from all over Ukraine.
✅  All the blonde girls on our site are looking for a serious romantic relationship or marriage, so you will not meet random users here.
✅  You have the opportunity to specify preferences or descriptions about your partner in your profile. You can use the services of a professional Matchmaker.
✅  You can use additional services such as transfer from/to the airport, booking an apartment, romantic tour, and interpreter support.
❌  You cannot meet blonde girls from other countries on our website. At the moment, the girls on our website are from Ukraine, but in most cases, they are interested in moving to the country of their future partner.
❌  You will not find on our website girls of blondes of easy virtue or who are currently married.
❌  You cannot upload inappropriate or too nude photos to the profile or send them to a girl. Girls are interested in finding a partner for a long-term relationship, so photos from everyday life of good quality are more relevant.
❌  As a precaution, you cannot share your personal contacts in emails or chat. Such contacts are requested separately.

Bilingual Blond — Date Pretty Ukraine Girls with Blonde Hair

    South of Ukraine is a wonderful place where you can meet Slavic women of Ukrainian, Russian, and Belorussian origin, and others. Mykolaiv, “the city of beauties”, is a hometown for many girls with multi-national roots. Ukrainian Girls with Russian ancestry unite the best features of both nations. Get to know them and make sure! If you want to know more about the features of both nations, feel free to read this article on our blog.

Pretty Ukraine Girls with Blonde Hair

Blue-eyed Ukrainian Blondes

    There is an opinion that men prefer blondes. And only recently have scientists found out that cavemen had exactly the same preferences. A report from researchers at the University of St Andrews says that women with blonde hair and blue eyes began to appear in Northern Europe at the end of the Ice Age and for a very specific reason. The results of this research were published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

    Three universities in Japan have carried out detailed studies of the genes of people in northern Europe. It was found that the genetic mutation that led to the appearance of blonde hair occurred about 11,000 years ago. According to the Japanese report, due to food shortages some 11,000 years ago, men were increasingly forced to go on risky and long hunting expeditions. At that time, they usually hunted mammoths, bison, and reindeer. Quite a few male hunters returned from these expeditions, which led to a banal lack of partners for procreation.

blue-eyed ukrainian blondes

    It is easy to guess that the men who came back home were in great demand among the women in their settlements. And when a person is faced with the fact that he needs to choose from several potential partners of "equal value", he will tend to choose the one "that stands out from the crowd." Therefore, due to the sudden change in the ratio of the number of women to men, blonde hair emerged as a genetic necessity.

    Men were attracted by women with golden curls and blue eyes, so blue-eyed blondes appeared in this area, and they were the same children. Before that, all people had brown hair and brown eyes.

Why do Blonds Attract Men?

     Fair-haired ladies beautifully attract men with their sexy appearance and natural charm. Many men in power dream to have beautiful blonde Russian women as their life partners. They are ideal lovers and wonderful actresses and attract men by their mild and a bit naive character or in other words "Blonde stereotype".

    Do you find blonde Ukraine girls attractive and charismatic? Then you are welcome to check girls on this page. You can choose several ladies of your age range you like more and start communicating with them.  They say that blonde girls have their female side of character at its height so they will appreciate your efforts to show your interest in the rites of courtship. You can impress such a lady with flowers, small surprise presents, and tender compliments. Keep doing that even when you are in a relationship and about to marry. And never forget that being married!;))
    Of course, blonde Ukrainian girls on that page are very different, with various life stories, wishes, desires, habits, and tempers. That is reasonable to choose several ladies to start talking to, so later you will be able to choose the one that matches you better. 
    If you want to make the acquaintance process quicker and more effective, choose International Matchmaking Service and mention to your adviser you are looking for a blonde woman;) Good luck with your search!

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Blond Girls

The Most Iconic Blondes of All Time 

Iconic Blonde Girl Marilyn Monroe

Blond girl Marilyn Monroe

  •   Marilyn Monroe (original name Norma Jeane Mortenson, later called Norma Jeane Baker).The world's most famous blonde, American movie star, model, and singer. Even after decades, this blonde is iconic. Sensual lips, seductive shapes, platinum blond — the sex symbol of Hollywood haunts men even after her own death. As for modern beauties, some of them try to repeat the image of Marilyn, but there are no others. She was truly unique.

Blonde Woman Grace Kelly​

Blond Girl Grace Kelly

  •   Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly is the complete opposite of Monroe. The blonde lady has a cold, Nordic beauty. Unlike the playful and slightly hooligan Monroe, Grace prefers restraint and aristocracy.

​Blond Girl Brigitte Bardot

blond girl brigitte

  •   Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot. A daring image with rebellious hair, a shirt on a naked body, and a cigarette in her teeth was at one time a symbol of the sexual revolution. She was also characterized by carelessness in clothes and makeup, smoky ice, as well as burnt-out curls. Bridget has always been different, but she remained herself.

​Blonde Woman Kim Basinger

Blond girl Kim Basinger

  •   Kim Basinger. The most coveted blonde of the 80s. Full lips, angelic smile, and perfect proportions were very reminiscent of Victoria's Secret models. In her life, there were different roles, ranging from the girlfriend of Bond ending with Oscar nominations.

​Blonde Woman Sharon Stone

Blond girl Sharon Stone

  •   Sharon Stone. This blonde woman knew how to awaken the basic instinct. Surprisingly, how the image of the femme fatale and Einstein's IQ created a harmonious combination. 

​Blonde Girl Pamela Anderson

Blond Girl Pamela Anderson

  •   Pamela Anderson. Pamela is a Canadian-American actress, model, television personality, and author. Many men remember her as a star from Baywatch, where her impressive charms were pulled together by a red one-piece swimsuit.

​Blonde Girl Britney Spears

Blond Girl Britney Spears

  •   Britney Spears. At one time, this blonde was a princess of pop culture.

​Blonde Woman Charlize Theron

Blond Girl Charlize Theron

  •   Charlize Theron. Charlize Theron is called the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. And the Dior brand agrees with this. Remarkably, she won an award for the role of an unpleasant woman — a maniac. 

How to Start a Chat with Pretty Girl with Blonde Hair

    Experienced men are advised to praise the girl for any of her efforts. For example, a pretty face or beautiful eyes she got from nature, so a compliment on this subject will not be so valuable. But a good figure, clearly supported in the gym, or well-made hair is worthy of attention and praise. 
There is no reason for arrogant or pathos words. It is good to make simple and honest compliments, just not bland or boring. Lying is out of the recommendation list. Many girls instinctively feel falsehood, so why do you need insincere flirtation? Straight admiration for her virtues is such a better. 

Blond Girl

   Be bolder! Blondes love confident men. When you decide to chat with a beautiful blonde, try to overcome your usual shyness and, some stiffness.
All educated people are characterized by the obsessive thought that at the moment of your acquaintance you may distract the girl from something very important. Be sure, if the girl is online, she is expecting an invitation, or, at least, she will answer a little bit later!

Pretty Girl with Blonde Hair

      You have all seen them in the movies. The beautiful blonde bombshells played by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansson, and Jennifer Anniston portray beauty, elegance, grace, and intelligence. Men seem to fall at their feet with great confidence and an ability to converse with these beauties with ease. Other times the blonde beauties are portrayed as lacking intelligence, ditzy and superficial. This latter portrayal is definitely not a true reflection of all of the beautiful blonde ladies out there. It is also true that it is not as easy as the films make it look to just approach a blonde bombshell and flirt away, wooing her in the process.  It is important to remember that a woman’s hair color will not completely define her or her personality but it could be worth considering a few things in relation to this when chatting with her! Here are a few common stereotypes and/ or characteristics of blonde ladies to think about (remember though, these will probably not be true for all blondes!).

Tips for Chatting with Ukrainian Blonde Girl

Tips Explanations
1. Don’t listen to the media: Films, books, and other forms of media often portray blondes as dumb, ditzy, and completely superficial. This is not the case at all and you must remember this when chatting with a beautiful blonde lady. If you make a comment linked to any of the portrayed traits or begin using her hair color as a subject of ‘banter’ or jokes you will probably lose this beautiful lady….and fast. Having blonde hair does not define anyone’s intelligence or feelings about themselves. Your blonde lady will respect you a lot more if you do not mention the topic. They will definitely appreciate you putting down the stereotype but do not do so in a derogatory way such as saying “I thought you’d be ditzier because you are blonde”.
2. Earthy: This is not necessarily a term you may have come across but blondes tend to fit the bill. Being earthy, when used as an adjective, means that a person is open and direct…what you see is what you get. These beautiful blondes will often discuss subjects that others may avoid or even feel ashamed to talk about. Do not be put off by their direct nature in your chats, embrace this trait and feel comfortable knowing that your online date is always open and honest.
3. Obedient (don’t take this the wrong way): We must stress that this does not mean that blonde ladies will do anything you tell them to or just listen to what you have to say without question. Being obedient could also be seen as being loyal and your blonde lady will certainly be this. She will be loyal to you and honest if she is also conversing with others. Just make sure you don’t take this trait as a way to manipulate her…you will regret it!
4. Centre of attention, not superficial: It is quite common for the beautiful blonde of the room to be the center of attention with all eyes on her. However, just because she is blonde it does not mean that she wants all eyes on her all of the time. So, don’t think that by chatting with a beautiful blonde that she will want to parade around like a trophy. One thing you must remember is that all blonde ladies, in fact, all women in general, want to be the center of their partner's attention. When chatting with you she will want to feel like she is the only person in the world you want to talk with and, in the long run, spend time with. Don’t worry, she doesn’t want to steal you from your family and friends, she just wants to be the only woman for you!
5. Relaxed and carefree: Blondes tend to be far more relaxed than most other women. There is no particular reason, at least that we can think of, as to why this is the case. When chatting with them this could cause you to think they are not interested or are just floating along in the conversation. This is not the case, they are just content!
6. Feminine not ‘into themselves: All women love to be feminine. They all want to be treated like a princess and have their very own prince. However, when blondes act feminine or behave in a feminine way they are often labeled superficial or deemed to be far too ‘into themselves’. You must see that these beautiful blondes just love and enjoy being feminine, taking the time to look good. They know in their hearts that if they think they look good then they will feel good. Embrace and comment on their femininity and compliment them on their beauty during your conversations. Just make sure this is not done in a creepy way or is too over the top!
7. Fun-loving: The idea of the ditzy blonde is ridiculous but the portrayal of being fun-loving is generally accurate. Most blondes love a good time (e.g. having fun, socializing, etc) and enjoy spending time with someone with a good sense of humor. Remember this when chatting with them. Try to keep the conversation light-hearted and fun. This does not mean they cannot be serious, it just means they prefer the fun times! Make sure to have those serious moments too so that they do not feel you only want a laugh and joke. A relationship is built on a balanced combination of both!

These are just a few things to consider. Just make sure to be yourself, honest, and open….and do not make blonde jokes!

Find Your Single Blond Girl from Ukraine With Us

   One of our blue-, green- and brown-eyed women with pretty blonde hair is willing to become your future life partner. Your primary goal is to find this one and only. Listen to your heart and make your choice. Find a lady online and start a conversation. Why don’t you ask several ladies for a video chat or come to meet them in Ukraine? The more ladies you initially choose, the better the chances of success will be. Only a real meeting can show whether you are compatible! Try Ukrainian Dating Online and plan your meetings the sooner — the better!

Ukrainian Blond Girl



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Frequently Asked Questions about Blonde Girls and Pretty Ukrainian Women with Blonde Hair

❤️  Where Can I Meet Blonde Russian Women or Blonde Ukrainian Women?

You can choose the photo of a pretty blonde woman here and check her profile and what city she is from. Our head office is in Mykolayiv (Nikolaev), south of Ukraine, but we also work with ladies from other towns and we interview all of them before they join our agency.

❤️  How Can I Get Acquainted with a Pretty Ukrainian Girl with Blonde Hair?

You can start by writing to the lady you choose here, on the site. Another option - you can travel to Ukraine, visit our office and meet the ladies whom you choose even without writing to them before.

❤️  I Want to try Blonde Ukrainian Woman Dating and Want to be Sure the Lady I Talk to is Interested in Me, Can You Help?

You can try our matchmaking service. Our professional matchmaking adviser will help you to choose ladies that make you feel special and with whom you have more chances to fall in love without spending time on numerous dates.

❤️  Can I Invite a Pretty Blond Woman from Ukraine to my Country to Get Acquainted with Her?

That is a great idea for the second meeting, when you have already met each other in real life, felt mutual sympathy for each other and now you want to develop your relationships.

Blond Girls from Ukraine


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