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Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer in Ukraine

  In most Ukrainian cities like Kyiv Borispol, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Kharkiv, Dnipro airports are located a bit far from the city center, usually outside city limits. That’s why the most convenient way to get to the city from the airport is renting a car or booking a taxi. 

  Nowadays renting service is not very well developed in Ukraine. It means renting a car in the airport is not always available and is connected with many papers, time spending and is rather expensive. For fast and comfortable transportation, you’d better use a taxi service. Still, using a local taxi service can cause some worries and difficulties. Booking airport transfer on our site will help you to avoid such worries. 

10 Reasons for Using Our Airport Transfer

  1. We provide an individual service, so we will always help you to plan the shortest and most comfortable route in Ukraine, recommend to you what airports to use, how to get to the place you want, and where to exchange your money.
  2. You get the fixed price – very often taxi drivers in the airport charge more when they deal with foreigners.
  3. You feel safe – we control the process of transportation. Our driver will meet you in the airport hall and will take you to the place you need without long explanations from your side.
  4. You avoid language barrier problems. Our drivers have some English, besides you will be connected with the English speaking person with the help of driver’s phone if needed.
  5. You can relax during your trip. Very often foreigners are surprised with the poor conditions of Ukrainian roads and somewhat crazy drivers on the road. When you rent a car, you will be stressed by these factors plus the necessity to find an unknown place. It can be rather difficult, especially after an international flight and before a fateful date;)
  6. You get a comfortable, safe and modern car. When you try your good luck with the taxi service, you might get an old dirty car and bad mood after such drive.
  7. We are not a travel agency, but a marriage agency and we do our best to help people meet! In case your date wants to meet you at the airport, our driver will take her there with no additional fees.
  8. You get a fast and safe trip. Our drivers are experienced, they drive fast when it is allowed and know how to avoid traffic jams.
  9. Our driver will give you true information about available places of currency exchange and safe food shops on your way to your accommodation.
  10. Needless to say, when you book our Romance Tour package, you get accommodation and transportation service included. Maybe for that reason, such a package is always in demand;)


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