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Report Scam

Anti Scam Policy

  Slavic-girl is a trustful site and we care about our reputation and credibility of the information we pass to our members.

Slavic-girl site works with ladies who are over 18 years old (lawful age in Ukraine), who are not married and are not in relationships. The goal of the ladies we register is to create a sincere long-lasting relationship or marriage with the man from the site. We carefully check the lady’s papers, her social network information, and if she has ever been to scam lists before the registration.

Therefore, if you think you have been scammed, contact us and provide us with evidence of dishonest behavior from the lady’s side. We will make our own investigation, and in case your claim is proved, we will refund you the credits you have spent for communication with this lady.

What are the red flags for scams?

1. The goal of the lady on the site is to receive financial support or other material advantages from communication with the man.

2. The lady lies about her marital status or family circumstances in order to get some benefits from the penfriends. For example, the lady tells you that her grandmother or her pet dog is very ill, and she needs to pay for expensive treatment for them, but in fact neither of them is sick or even doesn’t exist.

3. After having long communication in letters and chats with you the lady refuses to meet you in real life without a serious reason.

4. The lady asks for money and expensive presents while you are still not in a relationship.

5. The lady doesn’t know of being registered in a dating agency, and her photos are used without her permission.

What is not evidence of a scam?

1. The lady’s profile is on several dating sites. When the lady comes to the dating agency, she intentionally agrees to post her profile on more than 1 site to increase her chances for success.

2. The lady refuses to interact with you within the first 5 letters without explanation. If the conversation is longer than that, then there must be a serious reason for her to stop responding to you.

3. The lady doesn’t answer all your questions and explains why.

4. The lady decides to stop communication after meeting you in real life.

5. The lady doesn’t agree to communicate with you out of the site before meeting you in real life.

6. The lady doesn’t find the possibility to meet you if you haven’t discussed the dates of the meeting comfortable for you both in your correspondence beforehand or you have arrived at her city without notice.

7. The lady wears a ring on any finger. Ukrainian women often wear rings on the fingers that fit the size, this is not necessarily evidence of marital status.

8. The lady has photos with her male relatives or ex-partners on her social media pages. Since May 17, 2017, social networks such as Vkontakte,, and were banned for Ukrainian users by the presidential decree. Lots of users left their social network pages “as they were” and never got back to correct or update the information.

9. The lady communicates with several men before making an engagement decision.

How to Avoid Scamming

1. Do not send money to the members you talk to until you meet in real life and start a relationship.

2. Try to exchange photos from everyday life and to have video conversations if possible to be sure you are talking to a real person.

3. Organize your first meeting with the help of the site. We do not take any responsibility for your communication with the lady out of our site.

4. If your communication has any red flags mentioned above or you have any doubts, questions, or suspicions, contact the site administration. We will look closely at all the details of the case.

Refund Policy

When your claim of scamming behavior is proved, we refund you the credits you have spent for communication with that lady. When we have enough evidence the lady is a scam, we remove her profile from our site without the possibility of renewal.