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About myself
I am woman who is in love with life.) I ama confident lady with lots of feminine energy: bright, creative and affectionate.)) I am a kind and gentle lady with a romantic soul. I love being around people and people feel happy, peaceful, comfortable and relaxed by my side. I love being in the nature and traveling. In every walk or trip I am getting more than I seek. ) There is no Wi-Fi in the garden, but I promise that you will find more connection, flow of peace, refreshing energy, healing and joy there. The beauty of nature brings me joy. I like reading interesting books. I am fond of psychology and neuropsychology. Cosmetology is my passion and my work as well. I adore organizing retreats in the nature, picnics, brunches or tea ceremony for women. I am sure that there is a beautiful Goddess in every woman. And I like to help women to discover themselves, become happier and more beautiful.) It is making me happier, younger and prettier.))
My biggest pleasure is time with my family. Feeling of togetherness, true connection with close people is so valuable for me. It will be a big pleasure for me to discover, share and support interests and hobbies of my beloved man. I am looking forward to such a pleasant adventure. And you? )
About him
I want to meet my man who is intelligent, confident, responsible, yet he is kind, sincere and understanding. He is frank and open person who knows what he wants from life and what kind of relationship he is searching for. I believe that if there is a man by my side who treasures me, who loves me with his whole heart and who accepts me as I am, he will get a loving, inspiring and sweet lady.) The man of my dreams is generous to himself and people. He respects and loves people. He is genuine, supportive and protective to his family. It is true, that there is no ideal partner or ideal relationship. But I know that there is a man in this universe who is matching me as all elements of a puzzle. Love is an amazing phenomenon that can happen if we allow it, right? )