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About myself
I’m a kind, loyal, honest and inspiring lady. I like to maintain the balance in my life between active lifestyle and relaxation. Starting the day with yoga and meditation calm and relax my body and mind. I do like healthy food and prefer fish, salads, fruits and nuts rather then meat, sugar or wheat options. Reading and good movies are entertaining for me as well. Travelling gives me special energy and vibes.
Nature is very precious for me. Even a small walk on the beach in sunset inspires and brings the long-lasting satisfaction.
About him
For me, to be kind-hearted, reliable and strong are very important for a man. Likewise to be the one who knows exactly what he wants from life, has integrity and who is self-directed as well. It might be said and done. Having shared values and the same outlook, being supportive in one another’s careers are very important too. It would be great if he enjoys travelling as I do, so we can share and experience all special moments together.
I am looking for a person who wants to receive all my care, faithfulness, loyalty, tenderness and love. My man should be confident that he can tell me about anything. I will be not only a wife but also a good friend who can listen, understand and help.
My dream is to create a wonderful happy family!