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Online Dating Profile

How to Make a Good Online Dating Profile

 When you are looking for your love online, you want to have fast positive results and chat with girls, not to lose your time reading messages from the women who are out of your range of interest. You want to impress the ladies you are interested in and the badly chosen photo or wrong words in your profile can scare them away. So get ready and study some tips about.

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How to write an effective online dating profile?

To be effective and to attract your type of lady, an online dating profile should give a hint of what kind of person you are. 

  • ✅   Mention your strong sides and good qualities but avoid long odes about what a great man you are
  • ✅   Be short. Your description should be easy and fast to read
  • ✅   Be sincere about your interests and expectations
  • ✅   Be honest about your intentions and life circumstances
  • ✅   Choose reasonable age ranges for your search
  • ✅   Make good photos
  • ✅   Write in a positive manner – instead of writing “I hate lies” – use “I appreciate honesty”

If you have more questions about creating your profile at, ask your Personal Matchmaker or contact us

Tips for a Great Dating Profile

  1. Start with preparing a good photo.
    Of course, smart girls will appreciate your witty mind, cleverness, and ability to take care of her more than a glamorous look in photos. Nevertheless, photos give them the first impression of you. Profiles with photos get more attention from ladies surfing on the site. So, find the photo where you are neat, shaved, your face can be seen well and there are no other ladies hugging you;)) The photo from the passport taken 20 years ago or selfie from your bed will also not be well enough for your purposes. You can ask your friends to make a special shot for you when you hang up together or you can use the service of professional photographers. Usually, you can upload several photos on your profile, so add your holiday photos or office photos and avoid photos that need special comments (like photos with kids, parents, ladies, friends, and so on). You can share such photos later, during your letter exchange.
  2. Try to fill in most of the fields of the dating profile bio.
    For first, this will give your pen pal a better view of who you are. For the second, most dating sites have an option to choose certain fields in the search engines. So, if you miss writing you are Scorpio or you do not want to have kids, your profile will not be seen by the girls who are looking for men with such criteria.
  3. Be honest.
    Most of the sites will not check your passport for your real date of birth or other items. But imagine if you have a special connection with a girl, you come to see her, and then she gets to know you are 10 years elder than you mentioned in your profile or you have 3 kids instead of 1. This will give a bitter taste to your dating experience, lies will never help in searching for love. You will not get higher points on the dating market pretending to be someone you are not. There is a good saying – There is someone for everyone
  4. Avoid long descriptions of your character and the character of the lady you are looking for.
    Just mention what is really important for you in a few words.  The lady will make her own conclusions about your personal qualities while your conversation goes. As for the description of your perfect lady – real women can afford themselves to be changeable and not understandable even for themselves. You can be attracted to the woman who will be very far from the perfect image you drew in your mind.

Dating Profile Examples for Males

  Let’s imagine Pete, 53 years old, Portugal, is looking for a lady for a serious relationship. Usually, the member’s profile on the site starts with short general information that is easy to complete, sometimes you have to choose a variant of your answer from suggested. We will use the variant of profile that is used on 

  • First name: Pete 
  • Last name: You write here your last name
  • Country: Portugal (you write the country where you live most of the time)
  • City: here you put the name of the place where you live or the city close to your place if you live in the countryside
  • Time zone: here you choose your time zone, this field is not visible for other site members but the site uses it when you book a Skype call to fix the proper time of the date.
  • Phone: information about your phone will not be seen by other site members, site administration can use it only for sending you urgent information if needed and if you do not mind.
  • Preferred language: now our site is available in 2 languages, English and French. You can choose one of these languages to interact with other site members and to get info from the site administration. 
  • Date of birth: Here you write your date of birth, on our site you start with the day, then the month, and then the year. We have pleasant surprises for your birthday and also lady clients will be glad to send you birthday greetings so do not skip that field;)

  When it comes to your height, weight, hair, and eye color, marital status, kids - you just choose the right description from the list. As well as education, profession, and level of your English.
 Then it comes to the list of your sports interests and hobbies, you just tick the box near those items you chose.
Preferred partner age: that is your right to put any numbers here but we would recommend you to look for the ladies with about 10-15 years difference. For our fellow Pete, 53, it will look like “from 38 to 50”

Dating Profile Bio

  • About myself: You can write here any information that is important for your possible soulmate to know. Try to stay short and positive here, avoid negative descriptions. Pete could write here “I am here not playing games. I want to find a good woman and see if we can be a good match. I do not like going out and weekend trips.” After reading such a description the lady will suspect that Pete is always annoyed and he is a boring person. Pete could write the same information but in positive words like “I am here for serious reasons and want to find a good woman to make her happy. I like gardening and silent calm evenings at home with my beloved lady”
  • About her: If you start listing numerous features of the character of your future spouse here, this will look boring and pretentious. But mention here what is really important for you, Pete could write here something like “I want to meet a nice Ukrainian lady whom I can trust, who has one kid and does not plan to have more children as I have got my 3 kids already”

 Pete could upload 3 photos to his profile. One is his portrait photo, then the photo of him standing in his garden, and the photo from his office. Such profile will be informative, interesting to calm ladies from 38-50 who like the householding, slow rhythm of life, and gardening and are happy with their one kid. Pete has good chances to meet his lady, hasn’t he?
We can share more short dating profile examples for males but with all tips, we have shared with you, you can easily write your own profile, the one that will reflect your personality and wishes.

Short Dating Profile Examples

  The main rule here – be yourself and mention details that are important for you.
Meet our fellow Pete who is looking for serious relationships and lives in the countryside

  • First name: Pete 
  • Last name: Passo
  • Country: Portugal 
  • City: Alcochete
  • Preferred language: English
  • Date of birth: 12/01/1968
  • Age: 53
  • Preferred partner age: 38-50
  • Hobbies and interests: horse riding, gardening, watching detective series
  • About myself: I am here for serious reasons and want to find a good woman to make her happy. I like gardening and silent calm evenings at home with my beloved lady
  • About her: I want to meet a nice Ukrainian lady whom I can trust, who has one kid or no kids and does not plan to have more children as I have got my 3 kids already

What Should I Write in My Dating Profile?

  Usually, it is easy to write a dating profile, dating sites take care of detailed and understanding instructions. All you do – respond honestly to questions you are suggested or just choose one of the proposed variants of answer... You might have an opportunity to write a few lines about your own character, hobbies, or wishes. In that case, do not try to write your autobiography and describe your whole life – the task of your profile is to attract ladies attention, you can lead a deep and sincere conversation later while talking to each other. Choose to mention 2-3 things about your life that are really important for you. Your work, your hobby, or the way you spend vacations. Then the lady will have what to ask you about. She will be able to make her own conclusions about how clever, generous, hot-tempered, or kind you are, so that is no sense to enumerate your features of character in your profile.

How Can I Improve My Dating Profile?

  • Check if you have recent photos of good quality in your profile. Good quality of the photo means you smile and your face is clearly seen;)
  • Reread your profile and think if it is appropriate for your goals on the dating site. If you are 60 and you are looking for serious relationships, choosing ladies from 18 to 25 is not the best decision, is it?
  • Try to avoid romantic rubber stamps and love quotes like “I am looking for my second half”, “I am looking for the one whom I can’t live without” and so on. Instead, write about your dreams or your everyday life.
  • Do not focus on your profile only or how you look in others' eyes. Ladies appreciate when the man courts her, asks her questions, and shows his interest in her. While you can fall in love with a pretty face in the photo, the lady will fall in love with your actions. So be active on the site and do not doubt to initiate communication with the lady you like.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dating Profile

❤️  What is a Good Online Dating Profile and What is it For?

A good profile will help you to present your person favorably and invite girls to the conversation.

❤️  How to Write a Dating Profile for a Man?

When you register on the dating site, most of them will suggest a list of questions, and answering them you fill your profile. When you have free space to write about yourself or about the lady you are looking for, just 2-3 sentences will be ok. Try to avoid general romantic phrases that mean nothing. If you want to mention that your hobby is cars, try to be more detailed like “repairing old cars”, “watching car races”, “visiting car exhibitions”, “driving to new places for a weekend” and so on. If you think you are a kind person, write how you show off that quality “I can’t pass a homeless dog without helping”, “I work on a charity project”, etc. Such details will help you to stand out from other men on the site and create a catchy profile.

❤️  How Do I Make My Dating Profile Stand Out?

 The first thing the lady notices about your profile is your photo. So do your best to find a decent photo of you, where you smile and where your face is seen clearly. Try to fill in all suggested lines in your profile, this shows you are open for communication and do not have anything to hide. When the site proposes to describe your character or hobbies with your own words, be short and positive.

❤️  What are Good Online Dating Profiles to Copy?

If you want to copy a good online dating profile, this means you have no time or inspiration to create your own one. Then you’d better leave your profile uncompleted. When you copy lines to your profile that is far from your real life, this means you will be looking for the lady to that unknown guy, not for you;) You can also ask your friends or your kids to write your profile, this can be a nice discovery of what people really think about you;)


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