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The lady in red is dancing with me cheek to cheek...” Do you remember this lines from a famous song by Chris de Burgh?) Why women impress men so much? The answer is in the man’s subconsciousness… and in the woman’s one, besides, as well! The woman in the red sundress or red shoes seems to be more seductive. This color awakens in men primal instincts that associate color with sexual desires.


Magic of red

Red is an exciting color, meaning both prohibition and permission. This distinctive combination gives the red such a strong influence. On the one hand, “beware” - it's a stop sign, but on the other hand, “pay attention and come closer”. This duality excites and intrigues.


Hidden meaning of the red

Marquis de Sade particularly loved red lipstick as the main woman’s attraction. It shows woman’s hot temper and desire in man’s mind. Indeed, girls in red are passionate, sexy, bright, seductive and sensitive. They attract attention and know how to look gorgeous. It is not just clothes, girl’s red dress is a state of mind: if a lady is brave enough to wear red clothes or red lipstick, girl is ready to be looked at. These women want to attract attention, they enjoy it.


Red bombshells

One of the interesting scenes of the “Matrix” movie shows Morpheus explaining to Neo what the Matrix is while walking with Neo, but while listening, Noe gets distracted by the beautiful woman in red frock. Morpheus then asks, “Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?” In the next moment agent Smith is pointing his gun in the man’s face... So, what was this all about?)) Ladies in red are dangerous! :)


Why to choose women in red?

If after reading all this you got an impression that women in red are unearthly, then you’re wrong) They are ordinary women with one small but important detail. They know that they are real Women: companions, lovers, seductresses, and they know how to turn on this role when desired. Choose one of them as your life partner, and you’ll never get bored together!

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